Smartphone: #306 Secret maneuvers, and a magic motor

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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 306: Secret maneuvers, and a magic motor


According to the newspaper that Sancho-san showed me, the details in regards to Jiore village’s accident were as follows:

A golden monster appeared suddenly in a place called Jiore village which is close to the saint royal capital. The monster attacked the villagers one after another, slaughtering them without mercy.

Several people barely escaped with their lives, and they requested help from the knights’ order of the saint royal capital, who then responded with a corps of golem knights that headed to the village.

What this corp witnessed upon their arrival to the village were the crystal skeletons wandering around the village alongside a golden monster. It’s said the knight order immediately tried to subjugate them, but the attacks of the “Ability Holders” golems were completely ineffective against the unusual hardness of the monster, so the fight turned into a defensive one.

Around that time, the prince of Panashes Kingdom happened to pass by some chance, and he somehow managed to kill the golden monster with his golem from the “Crown” series.

However, all remains of the monster completely dissolved, leaving behind the yet unanswered question of what the hell was that monster. It seems the Saint Kingdom is hurrying to come up with countermeasures in case of a similar accident happening again…




I had Sancho-san buy golden ingots, then had a meal with everyone in a nearby cafe while rereading the newspaper I got multiple times.


「I understand your feelings but, please, don’t eat while reading. It’s bad manners, you know?」

「Eh? A-aah-sorry……」


Being rebuked by Rin for currently having a newspaper in my right hand and a sandwich in my left at the same time, I let go of the newspaper. Apparently I was frozen still in that state for some while, and everyone almost finished eating their meals.

Having done with her meal, this time it was Yumina who took the newspaper and run her eyes over it.


「As I feared, it’s a mutated species of Frazes… isn’t it?」

「In all probability, I don’t think it’s a mistake. Furthermore, according to the newspaper, it conducted a 『Soul Eating』as well」

「I guess the question is why it wasn’t the usual Fraze, but a mutant type who appeared in this world?」


Luu tilts her head a little in puzzlement. I could imagine the answer to some degree.


「The purpose of Frazes is to find their “King”. Therefore, the Frazes appeared in our world, indiscriminately murdering people, since their “King” is currently residing in a person from our world. However, the mutated specie is different」


I saw how the ruler class, the one standing at the summit of Frazes, was attacked by those variants. They are already separate entities from beings known as Frazes.


「In other words, Frazes will not appear in this world. They have no reason to. However, the variants are different. Or rather, they may have some different objective here…」


Let’s assume they have some sort of purpose here. I dare say that the one making them appear here is the fellow that reigns above them… It must be the evil god who had consumed a Neet god.

These variants must have appeared in this world due to evil god’s scheme, but there is still one doubtful point.

Our world — The Surface world — it will be invaded by the Frazes at the same moment the tattered barrier that isolates it from other worlds comes undone. The Reverse World, in comparison, should have a properly functioning barrier. This might not be the case anymore.

But the reality is that the variants have already appeared here. After appearing in our world, this time they have appeared in this one. Has anything happened in the worlds’ gap… the dimensional threshold? I feel gloomy to consider that this evil deity, or possible Yura the ruler class, is planning something unbelievable.

Moving secretly in two worlds, what the hell…


「…Touya-san, Touya-san」

「Eh? Aah, what?」


Not good, not good, I ended up lost in thought. While apologizing to the worried-looking Yumina, I persuade myself that there’s nothing I can do right now.

I toss what remained of a sandwich on a plate in my mouth, and wash it down with a tea that has completely cooled down.

Come to think of it, It was a “Crown” which brought down the variants, but it wasn’t Nia’s “Red” or Luna’s “Purple”. The newspaper mentioned a “Prince” after all.

I wonder what price does the prince pay for using “Crown”…? Being able to defeat a Fraze, could it be that it has a very strong ability, or perhaps not direct but a peculiar ability?

Either way, he should’ve paid an appropriate compensation for that. If I am to believe Nia’s words, none of the “Crowns”, except for “Purple”, can be life-threatening as long as you’re careful. Even if it isn’t life-threatening, I would’ve probably cried if the pay was, for example, so that “The feet become stinky each time the ability is used”.

By the way, when I tried using the map search, the Panashes Kingdom turned out to be located where Paluf and Rynie kingdoms should be, on Parunie Island. In here, the whole island is one country.

I’d also taken this chance to search for Frazes and the variants, but there was no reaction.

I felt fuzzy but it couldn’t be helped.


「Since we’ve made a great effort to come here, let’s look around various stores for the time being! They may sell something rare. We’ve already secured the war funds, so leave the luggage holding to me!」


Hoping to wipe out the various uneasiness, I deliberately talk in a light voice. Oh well, even though I call it “luggage holding”, I will just be throwing it in 【Storage】.


「That’s right! I want to buy souvenirs for my father and mother, and also Jiji!」


Suu said so with a smile, but, I should explain to her later not to expose where she got the presents, just in case.


「That’s right. Then, shall we go around various shops together?」(Yumina)

「I wish for a new teacup」(Yae)

「I, I want to go to bookstore」(Linzie)

「I am interested in this world armors and such」(Hilda)


Everybody spoke about where they wanted to go, so, after attaching pointers to some stores in my smartphone’s map, I left the cafe with everyone.




I underestimated it…… I underestimated the shopping of girls.

The luggage carrying in itself wasn’t painful because of 【Storage】, but I was made to wait quite a while they’re earnestly choosing merchandise. I was also asked for my opinion all the time. There was no way I could answer suitably each time, so I puzzled over each question and gave whatever answer that would make the other party happy as much as possible. Just so you know, everything was multiplied by 9 as well, it’s ridiculous.  

Furthermore, a reset happened each time we entered a new store. Though it wasn’t like my opinion was required for everything, but I was definitely made to wait each time. Everything related to clothing was especially long.

Umm, if I remember correctly, we were at shoe stores, hat stores, accessories shops, weapon shops, bookstores, furniture stores, general stores, musical instruments’ stores, green groceries, gem stores, cloth stores, cosmetics stores, pastry stores… where did we go as well?… I cannot remember…

And right now, we’ve come to the store specializing in women’s undergarments, but there’s no way we could come in all together or that I could be asked for my opinion, so I am currently waiting outside.

Speaking of which, it seems like I was being seen as a pervert for standing in front of this store by the passersby, which is why I moved to the edge of the street with a blacksmith store.

This blacksmith store was offering simple repairs of golems, as the worker was repairing the crooked detached armor plate of a golem that was carried in a while ago.

The golem’s upper body was similar to a minotaur, and the lower body was like a tank. May you could call it a “mino-tank”? Its lower catepillar-like part and a tough-looking upper part gave it an impression of a power-type of golem. Equipment wise, it was equipped with a huge double-edged bladed ax.

I’ve received the permission of the master blacksmith to watch him working, so I am in the middle of looking at how the golem is being fixed.


「Say, how much can you repair golems in here?」

「You see, we are not golem engineers, so we deal with the outermost layer of armor at best, I guess. And if the golem is a “Factory” made… it’s not like we cannot somewhat fix its legs or arms. Of course, we also do golem weapons or armor ornaments 」


Hmmm, so the blacksmiths here can do even such a thing? It is terrific.

As I avert my eyes from the golem, my eyes catch an object placed in the corner of the workshop.

It looks like a lump of some apparatus. Its sizes are about forty centimeters, making me remember a certain something. Say, isn’t that a magic furnace?


「This is…」

「Ha? Aah, a magic motor? It’s an auxiliary system of the golem carriage I dismantled earlier. It’s unnecessary for us, and I thought about selling it at low price since it’s old already」


I confirm the same with 【Analyze】. Yup, it resembles the one loaded into Dverg. Its power output doesn’t seem to be high due to a simplistic structure which doesn’t make use of the magic stone and it’s more compact in size, but couldn’t we find a use for it even if it’s not created by the dwarves? Hmm…..

I then attempt to test the device (Though I would be worried if it broke like Dverg)  to check if it’s working properly, and it moved a little once I poured a tiny bit of magic power into it.


「Boss, could you sell this so-called magic motor to me?」

「This? Ah well, I don’t mind…」


He was originally planning to it at low price, so I bought it rather cheaply… in theory. I cannot say for sure since I don’t know the market price but I don’t think it’s expensive.

With this magic motor, I may be able to build something like a car that several people can ride even if it’s impossible to install it into Dverg.

Honestly speaking, we have an armored car in “Hangar” which is capable of running  with a terrible speed, but I would say that I am hesitant to foolishly mass-produce and put them to sale. Only “Workshop” can produce them after all.

However, this device can be made even by other countries. Oh umm, perhaps this magic motor will only be powerful enough for one or two seater car.

Suddenly, I look towards the street, and see everyone coming here from the opposite side.


「We kept you waiting. I apologize」 (Yae)

「Nah, I don’t mind, I also managed to get something unexpected」(Touya)


I put the magic motor inside 【Storage】 while replying to Yae. Incidentally, I was rejected when I proposed to put everybody’s luggage inside as well. Could it be perhaps because it’s an underwear……? So even I cannot look at it?


「There was quite the line up there, Linzie was troubled between daring and a prim ones, and in the end she went for both…muguuu!?」(Elzie)

「O-neechan!? What are you blubbering around!? What for!?」(Linzie)


Linzie turned bright red while blocking the talkative Elzie’s mouth with her hand.


「Elzie-dono was also troubled. That single-size push-up… fuguu!?」(Yae)



This time it was Elzie who blocked Yae who tried to blurt out something. What’s going on with you girls…

Although I’ve understood the contents to some extent, I still deliberately let it pass as it would backfire no matter what I could’ve said. One should become as stone at such times. I should become stone.


「Ou-sama, do you want to see…?」(Sakura)


Swarming around me despite my desire to become as stone and asking such questions, please don’t do that, Sakura-san. It would be a discourtesy to everyone if I had said I didn’t want to see, and I would be considered a lecher if I had said that I wanted to, it’s a checkmate for me!


「What’s with you, Touya? Do you want to see our underwear? Even though we would show you this much anytime you like. Isn’t that right, Luu?」(Suu)

「W-would you please not pull me into that! N-no, it’s not like that I don’t like showing it to Touya-sama, but umm, ummm! Auuuuuu, wouldn’t Hilda-san be better than m-mee?!」(Luu)

「Fueeh!? Why me!? Uum-ummm, I bought a plain stripe, so… oops, aaah!? P-please forget what I said just now!」(Hilda)


A terrible bomb was thrown by Suu, making Luu and Hilda flustered with beet red faces.

Though what Suu meant was innocent, I believe she lacks shyness when she speaks of bad things. What happened to the education of her mother Ellen-san… but Ellen-san was blind for a long time, so such education perhaps ended up being neglected.


「Okay-okay, that’s enough. It is not something to speak of in a street. Be a little more prudent」


Seeing as others were about to go out of control, Rin clapped her hands and stopped them. As expected of the Eldest. Though her outer appearance isn’t that different from Yumina or Luu.

Maybe due to surrounding eyes, the rebuked group started leaving the place with quick steps and visible embarrassment. I also sigh in relief, and thank Rin.


「Everyone is only a little shy, you see. Darling, please be stoic. You will be able to see us in our underwear anytime you want in the future」



While I was at loss at how I should answer, Rin entwined my arm and we started to walk.


「By the way, mine is a high-quality black lace. Do you want to see?」

「Eeeeh, I’ve told you already…」


How would such underwear generally look on someone with eternally child figure? I will be hit if I say that though. However, it will be a reward for me no matter what she wears. Though it might not be particularly sexy, I have no problems with that.


「Do you want to see?」

「… it will be a lie at the very least to say that I don’t want to see, and it’s not as if I am not interested, but I am somewhat hesitant to assert to that. I have the determination to not stop you and accept it if you decide that you want to show me, but I am reluctant to admit such a thing on my own」

「…good grief, our darling is quite a difficult person」


It’s a lie. I am not a man of virtue at all. I am not confident that I can stay firm after seeing a girl that I love in such clothes! Not in the slightest! I wish you wouldn’t tempt this much. As it’s Rin, she may perhaps just teasing me since she knows as much.


「Fufu. However, this is so much like you, isn’t it?」


Rin firmly clings to my arm. Noticing this, Sakura swiftly run back to us and clung to my other arm.


「Doing it only with Rin is not fair. Me too」


Muu-muu. I feel awkward even though I am happy, it’s embarrassing…. Hey you, Pola. Stop doing that “Oh my my…” pose.

You, you really are full of expression despite being just a stuffed doll. I really want to see what 【Program】 was done on you.

I open 【Gate】 in the back alley, and we transfer to the living room of the residence on Drakliff island.


「Welcome back」



Shirogane respectfully raise his gaze along with the professor, who was reading a book on a sofa, and turned to us.

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