Smartphone: #305 The Two Worlds, and a Point of Contact

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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 305: Two Worlds, and a Point of Contact

「Pirates, you say? That’s terrible」

「Indeed. The trade season is just about to start. We will suffer a great loss if we miss it. Really annoying.」


Alba-san the merchant grumbles an idle complaint while his fox ears twitch.

Having dropped by Brunhild’s Strand company for a short visit, I was invited by Alba-san who happened to be present, and now we’re having a tea break in the back room.

Although the Strand company is quite a large-scale commercial business, the head office is located in the capital of Misumido, Bellju.

As Alba-san isn’t a state merchant of Misumido, he has been predispositioned to able to trade with various countries, and the transportation of products seems to be done mainly with ships.

Countries like Belfast, Regulus, Ramisshu, Rodomea, Lail, Ferzen, and Restia are connected through the Great River Gau, so he dispatches the ships via that route. The other countries like Referees, Rynie, Paluf, and Elfrau have no such connection, so the ships are said to proceed via sea routes.

The aforementioned routes became occupied by pirates recently, he said, and numerous merchant ships had already fallen victim to them. It really was something troubling.


「Though it’s assumed that their hideout is on the island in the coastal waters of Reefrees, they are quite the cautious guys about not getting themselves be caught by the tail」

「Does Reefrees take any countermeasures?」

「The navy is tightening their surveillance, but…. it’s not like they can guard our ships all the time」


I take the smartphone out from my pocket, and display the map of the sea area from Rynie till Misumido.  


「Search. Pirate’s hideout」

『Searching…… Search completed. Displaying』


“Suototototooo” the pins drop onto several islands. Six, huh? Are those six places are the bases of a single pirate band, or are there multiple pirates bands?


「This is…」

「All of the pirates’ hideouts. I can’t imagine that they even considered installing a protection barrier, so those are probably all of them」


I take a photo of that map by using the camera function, and make a call to the Monarch of Reefrees.


「Ah, Moshi-moshi. Is this His Majesty The Monarch? I have something to talk, it’s about the pirates. Yes……yes, that’s right. O-of course. I’ve discovered a few of their hideouts, so I’ll send their locations through an attached email. …Not at all, please don’t mind it. Is that so? Then I will gladly receive it at a later time. Yes. Then, excuse me」


There, the case is closed.


「It seems Reefrees’ Navy will head for all the hideouts immediately. This should make things a little safer for us, right?」

「Ah, well… I give up. To solve a problem that troubled us greatly in only a couple of minutes…. Oh dear, you are just as usual」


Alba-san sighs with a slightly amazed face. I’ve already become accustomed to such reactions, so I just drink the tea while feigning ignorance.


「By the way, I have a tempting proposition to Alba-san …」

「Hou-hou. Any discussion with his majesty is never a miss ~after all. It’s a delight to be able to cooperate with you」


I play the video on my smartphone, showing the image of the Dverg from the other day. Of course, the machine was the one that Rosetta’s and her group repaired.

Under Rosetta’s control Dverg walked with slow steps, lifted a big rock and carried it around.


「What is that? Frame gear… but it doesn’t seem to be one?」

「It is a magic worker machine called 『Dverg』that the dwarves made. Though it’s inferior to the frame gear, I believe it could be used for public works, and although it’s still on the experimental stage, I actually want to discuss whether Alba-san can become its investor」

「An investor… you mean that I will provide the funds to be used in the development, right?」

「In exchange, the sales of the final product will be entrusted to the Strand company. I believe it is not a bad deal」


I came with the dwarves in regards to those negotiations. I told them that there was plenty of market in the land, but they said that they weren’t concerned with money, and that their aim was to spread the the craft bearing dwarves’ pride throughout the world.

Did they not amuse the thought that a single country could monopolize their technology if they handed it to them?

The condition they set though was to sell the machine to any person or country for the same price.

Oh well, the price will become quite high because of the raw materials alone, so no one should be able to mass produce them that easily, since only I possess “Workshop”.

It may happens so that the dwarves living in other countries will try to create something similar as well if “Dverg” becomes known throughout the world.


「Umuuu… this will certainly lead to a big profit if we are the only ones entrusted with them」


Alba-san leaned forward from the chair, and gazed earnestly at the video of Dverg.


「…I understand. I’ll consider it in a positive light. However, I am worried about just how much is the development cost」

「How about you talk about it with the other party? The dwarves are staying in the second inn of “Silver Moon” right now. Since I already told them about Alba-san, they should meet you if you introduce yourself」


Alba-san showed a little surprise in his face, but he immediately put on a smile and opened his mouth.


「Again with the fine arrangement. Did you not even considered that I may refuse?」

「Cease the thought. There is no way Alba-san would’ve declined such a quick profit idea, right?」

「I see. You are not wrong」


Alba-san narrowed his eyes and laughed. My role was only to mediate between him and the dwarves. There was no profit for me, but  “Dverg” could eventually develop as a convenient heavy industrial machine which a person incapable of using earth magic would be able to use. If it’s useful to the world, isn’t that for the best?

I said my thanks to Alba-san who would go and to meet the dwarves tomorrow, and left the company building.

Once I transfer to Babylon’s “Garden” with “Gate”, I see that the Professor and Rosetta are still finishing the adjustments of the dimensional gate.

At the upper part of the triumphal arch-like gate, two winders are installed on the left and right.


「Have you finished it?」

「More or less, I suppose. It will be possible to activate it with a lot less magic than before, and there is no weight restriction anymore as well, so anyone can pass through. I could reinforce it more if I had more time, but it should be fine for now」


The professor answers so while putting away the tools in the toolbox.

After I touched the gate to test it out right away, and poured the magic, it certainly became full with far less amount. The upper winders were turning slowly like an electric meter.


「You’ve already finished a magic power tank that’s to be installed on the other side, haven’t you?」

「It’s completed too. Not a problem. Both gates are linked by the space-time magic, so the one on the other side should operate with lesser amount of magic as well」


Then should we come over to the other side? I’ve promised to bring along everyone after all.

I must cast the deciphering magic 【Translation】 on everyone before that though.

The good point of this magic is that once someone absorbs a language they can share it with another person.

If only I could understand what the lower class Dragons were saying with this. They’re communicating with telepathy rather than language though, probably.

Oh well, it may instead be troublesome if I come to understand even the words of animals and magical beasts. I definitely can’t take chicken and other livestock into account.

Well, nah. I should call everyone for now.




While everyone gather, I go to “Laboratory”, collect the magic power tank, and reactivate the three Etoiles. The three were dressed in children maid clothes before I noticed it. It was Tika, wasn’t it? Oh well, it’s fine as the clothes suit them.

When I returned to the “Garden” along with the rebooted Etoiles in maid clothes, everyone had already gathered.

Even Suu has come from Belfast, huh. Adding the Professor, I wonder how it will go if we set out with a group of ten (with the addition of Etoiles and Pota as well).

Just in case, I should inform Kousaka-san so that he wouldn’t worry. I want to return in the evening, but I might arrive tomorrow morning because of the dimensional gap.

According to the professor, she apparently managed to amend that gap by remodelling the gate, but we won’t know by how much unless we try to go through.

I poured the magic into the tank, and the dimensional gate opened as usual.


「Well then, let’s go… Umm, if you could…」


Everyone except the professor were grasping my coat. I understand the uneasiness though.


「We might get thrown off to some unknown place if we are separated from Touya-dono…」

「J-just holding it would be fine!, wouldn’t it?」


Elzie and Linzie are clinging to my right arm while Luu is holding onto my hand, Hilda and Yae are taking my left arm while Yumina is grasping my left hand, Rin and Sakura are on my waist from left and right, Suu in on my back, and Pola is on my head. They turned into a set of unbelievably heavy equipment. Look,… Oh well, it would be fine after we pass through the gate.

Along with everybody, I pass through the dimensional gate while being jam-packed. Though there’s the usual sense of passing through a rubber film, I’ve felt less resistance than before. Could it be thanks to the improvement?

Once we are through the dimensional gate, we end up at the garden of the residence on Drakliff island residence. However, looking at that garden, I unintentionally blink with a snap.

The flowers are profusely blooming in the flower beds, and the stone pavement leads through a beautiful lawn rugged towards residence. There’s a great difference compared to the tasteless garden from before. It has been reborned into a garden that’s  considerably cared for.


「Isn’t it a wonderful garden?!」


Suu jumps  down from my back and runs to the flower bed. Yumina and Luu follow after her as well, and even Pola has gotten off my head.

Ummmm, it seems everyone looks fine. There doesn’t seem to be any problem with the dimension gate.


「Yae-san, so many dragons…」

「It is certainly the island of the dragons…」


A lot of wyverns are flying In the skies of the island which Hilda and Yae surveyed.

This is most certainly Drakliff island, and this residence is also something I’ve installed, but I wonder what’s happened with the garden? Ah, could it be the work of the silver dragon… Shirogane?


「Everyone, it is great to welcome you」


As if to answer my question, Shirogane appears from the entrance of the garden on the opposite side of the mansion.

Unlike his previous appearance, the long silver hair to the waist are tied with a string, and he’s wearing white gloves with black butler clothes. “Ununnu” damn handsome! He looks so cool, damn it!

Shirogane comes before us and silently bowes his head. His figure looks good too. While repressing the slight jealousness of my heart, I introduce him to everyone.


「Everyone, he is Shirogane, the manager of this residence. Even though he appears like someone from a dragon clan, he is a silver dragon who’s taking a human figure」

「I am Shirogane. Pleased to meet you」


Everyone looks at each other when Shirogane greets them with puzzled expressions.  Ah, that’s right. I haven’t cast translation magic on them yet. They cannot understand the words of this world.




Once I cast the deciphering magic on everyone, they seem to come to understand the words of Shirogane properly.

We greet each other, and I explain that everyone present is my fiancess, with the exception of the professor. Though the latter has obstinately insisted that she’s a mistress, I will not admit that.


「So, what’s going on with this garden?」

「Ah, yes. I was told I could freely do whatever I wanted, so I colored it a bit」


So it was Shirogane after all. What a dexterous dragon. What an unusual thing for a dragon to be doing a gardening, the silver dragons really seem to be quite the oddballs.


「Now then, I will guide you toward the mansion. Please madams, come this way」


They weren’t madams yet, but they still didn’t show dissatisfied faces and followed Shirogane. He surely is quite capable butler.

The residence, which should’ve only had the minimum necessities, was filled with various bought and brought furniture. A luxurious carpet, magic light stone chandelier, cupboard, tableware, decorative plants, paintings, beds with futons, even curtains in the windows. Everything is set all over with a good sense.


「Look like you are still psyched…」

「It was enjoyable to shop in human town, so I unintentionally…. I thought it would be better to prepare things with good quality after all」


He’s right, everything seems nice. Yup, I have no complaints.


「Touya-san, there’s even a library!」


Linzie discovered a room filled up with books, which raised her tension. Rin also picked one book as well, and flipped through it with amused-looking gaze. The professor looked interested as well.


「You even bought the books?」

「Yes. As I didn’t contact with the world of humans for about 200 years, I purchased a lot in order to learn various things」


Indeed. Certainly, it seems there are lots of various genres. From history books to technical books, war chronicles and academic books, there are even cookbooks. Do dragons even cook?

When I left the library and arrived to the living room, there was a big sofa and table, flowers decorated in a vase which is placed in an expensive-looking chessboard. There is even a splendid clock on the wall.

Somehow it felt comfortable when I casually sat on the sofa. This might be a good thing too.


「Please feel free to relax. I will serve a tea right away」


Shirogane bows and leaves the room.


「Isn’t he quite the excellent butler. Though I guess, our old man will not lose」


Suu plumps down next to me and pleasantly says. That’s of course, he might as well be a pretend in comparison to Reim-san. Our household Raim-san wouldn’t lose though.


「And, what are we going to do from now on? I plan to return in the evening because I don’t know the difference in time with the other side」

「Isn’t it so. I’ve been thinking about visiting a capital on this side」


Luu says so while sitting down on the sofa on the opposite side from Suu.

When she says “capital on this side”, the ones I can immediately go to are the capital Allent of the Saint Kingdom Arendt, and Goldes, the casino city of the Strain kingdom. Say, I haven’t been anywhere aside from those two places.

If our goal is to play, Goldes is an obvious choice, but there was that accident with black market there, and now it’s not unlikely that I would get involved in a troublesome things. In that case, Allent is the only choice.

It would be nice if we didn’t meet Nia from the “Red Cats”… She probably wouldn’t come out from that hideout in that forest near the capital. What would everyone say if it’s exposed that I saw her panties?


「What’s wrong? Touya-dono?」

「Ah-no, it’s nothing」


I return a smile to deceive the suspicious Yae.

Should we head to the capital Allen for now? There should be no acquaintances of mine there aside from Sancho-san and the “Red Cats”, and I guess even just strolling around the town will be interesting.

When I express my idea to everyone while having the delicious tea that Shirogane brought, only the professor said she would stay here in order to install the magic tank at the dimensional gate and do final adjustments. She said she wanted to finish it by this evening.

I also decided to entrust the three Etoiles to Shirogane for the time being. It’s not like they have been trained as maids, but he shouldn’t teach them anything strange.

It’s not as if the golems don’t follow any orders except those given by their master, so I just instruct them to properly follow what Shirogane tells them.


「Then, we will got out for a bit. we will return in the evening」

「Have a good day」





Mimicking Shirogane who bowed his head deeply, the Etoiles bowed similarly. Un, entrusting them to him seems to be the right choice.

I open “Gate” and transfer from the residence’s garden to deserted back alley of the capital Allent.

When we came out to the main street, everyone could see golems mixed with passerby here and there.

A person was riding a golem that looked like Dverg (though it was considerably more compact), pulling something that looked like a luggage cart. When I was thinking of that comparison, an armored golem about two and half meter appeared from the opposite side, while following a knight who seemed to be its master, and passed in front of us.


「Fuwaah…. It actually feels that I really came to another world……」

「…I was surprised」


Hilda and Sakura are gazing at the passersby and the golems as they voiced their impressions.

The others also looked around restlessly while following after me, looking like country bumpkins.

Such us were being followed by Pola with a pitter-patter, but it only attracted the attention of the people in the town for a little while before being ignored altogether. The possibility that this fellow is being treated the same as a golem is high. Well, it’s better than standing out in a strange way.


「Shall we go to Sancho-san’s place first? I am slightly unease about money after all」

「Is he the merchant who got indebted to Touya-san?」

「Yep. I will have him buy things like gold or silver again」


The money I received from “Red Cats” for selling orichalcum were mostly used to purchase the “Etoile” after all. Even so, there is still enough to have a meal, but everyone would like to buy souvenir after this for sure. There is no doubts that having more funds is better than having none.

When we arrive to the storefront of the “Sancho Company”, I notice Sancho-san and men in merchant clothes talking with difficult faces.


「Oh, if it isn’t Touya-san! Are you in need of some necessities? … Has something happened?」

「Good day, Sancho-san. There are things I would like to buy again bu… is there anything going on?」

「Err, it is about an incident in Jiore village, they are telling there is a person who luckily got away……」

「An incident?」


Did something happen, I wonder? While I was speechless, Sancho-san opened his eyes a little as if he was surprised.


「You don’t know? It has become a hot topic in the capital of the holy kingdom. It even appeared in the newspapers…」

「I’m sorry. I didn’t come to the capital recently, so……」


Or rather, there is a newspaper in this world? Come to think of it, there was a communication machine in the “Red Cats” hideout, the information transmission technology might have developed considerably in this world. The surface world only has correspondence artifacts and swift horses for communication.

I guess, even if there’s no newspaper, the surface world has tile block prints as substitutes.


「If you were not in the capital, it is no wonder that you didn’t know. Look here, it is this」


Sancho-san showed me the folded bunch of papers in his hand. Ah, is this the newspaper? It’s a stiff, and not very good paper, and the size’s only half of the newspaper which I am familiar with, but the letters are printed neatly.

I saw an entry that was especially printed greatly, I instinctively held my breath,


『A golden magic monster appeared』


I couldn’t take my eyes off the realistic drawn illustration underneath the headline. Though it’s my first time seeing the rounded form that looked like a ladybug, I couldn’t make mistake looking at it.


「A variant…!」


A golden monster. This’s without doubt the mutated type of Fraze, created by the evil god.

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