Smartphone: #302 The world alliance, and the railroad project

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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 302: The world alliance, and the railroad project


「Oooo! So these are the rumored golems! I see I see, they are wonderful!」


As I’ve led the three Etoile to “Laboratory”, professor Babylon rushes up to us with a smile covering her whole face.


「Hou-Hou, Are they of the same model? And a female one at that? Ueeee, I will be really happy checking them out. Oi, girls, it won’t hurt, I promise. This onee-san will open your bodies a little and look inside, ah~ooouch!」

「Won’t you stop it!? Those sexual-like propositions」


I land a swift chop on the head of the perverted little girl professor. All three golems somehow looked afraid of her words and behavior.


「It hurts. It’s a merely a curiosity of mine running wild a bit, okay? Getting attracted to unknown things, this is an obvious outcome for me as a magic engineer, isn’t it?」

「It’s not like I can’t understand you, but the golems have consciousness. Those three especially, they seem to be capable of learning, so don’t teach them anything strange」


I warn the doctor who’s still rubbing her head. I would be troubled if Ruby and the girls turned out to be perverted. As I feared, we will need a proper person to handle their education.


「Haaa-haaa… with their sizes, cute clothes may suit them quite well. Underwear will also be necessary. Professor! Can’t you make their bodies even more squishy!?」


With a rough breathing, Tika the manager of “Laboratory” is staring at the trio of golems. Was this fellow here too…? Damn lolicon, are those girls within her strike zone as well?

Though if we do a very rough comparison, both those girls and Babylon Numbers are golems in a way that they fall under the same category of artificial lifeforms.

There’s no helping with how things are going right now either way. I temporarily stop the functions of three Etoile, putting them in the dormant state.

After that, I imparted everyone present with the fundamentals I heard from Nia. I also told them I wanted them to touch neither the G-Cube in the heart nor Q-Crystal in the head.




The professor examines the trio with analysis magic. If it’s her, she should be able to understand things that eluded me, like their functions or the raw materials used.


「Fu…mu, there are some materials that are unknown to me. They may not exist in this world, but I think I can substitute them with others. Whether those three are what you call 『Ability Holder』or not, I don’t understand even now」

「The other world also has golems called 『Crown』 with outrageous abilities. There is some slim chance that it was a “Crown” who came to this world 5000 years ago and made contact with old man Palerius」

「Interesting theory, but it doesn’t go beyond the level of possibility just yet. If we assume that this golem repaired “The World’s Barrier”, what happened to that golem afterward? Don’t tell me it is still in this world?」


It’s not impossible… However, I couldn’t locate it when I tried doing a map search on this side. Said golem probably returned to its former world.

It might be that this golem possesses “Ability” which is similar to End’s ability to cross the worlds.


「Oh well, I will start with a thorough analysis of these kids. I may understand something out of it」

「Got it. Seriously though, please do not indoctrinate them with excess stuff, okay?  Also, don’t do any strange modifications」


I remind the two and leave “Laboratory”.

Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t buy any souvenirs this time. So many various troubles had occurred in succession that I forgot…

While thinking about such things, I open “Gate” to my room in the Brunhild castle.




Several days passed since then, it was decided that, after a long time, a world conference was going to be held which would gather the rulers of each country.

Though I call it “The world conference”, it will really be just a gathering to eat delicious food, play around, and get along with each other. Essentially, I cannot deny that it will have an aspect of a home party to it.

It’s also been decided that the Demon Kingdom Zenoasu, the Paluf Kingdom, and the Ferzen Kingdom will join the ranks of the East-West alliance, henceforth changing the name of the alliance to “The World Alliance”.


Zenoasu will be represented by the demon king, Zelgadi Fon Zenoasu.

Paluf will be represented by the boy king, Ernest Din Paluf.

Ferzen will be represented by the magic king, Boulange Frost Ferzen.


It’s decided that the three kings will be participating in the next meeting.

Following after them, the Elfrau Kingdom, the Hanock Kingdom, the Lail Kingdom are planning to join as well. By then, I would like to somehow pull in both Ishen and Palerius as well though.


『Uwaa, t-the shaking is too much!』

『What are you doing, Eru! Stand up quickly!』

『Hahahaha! I got you! Don’t think bad of me, Paluf king!』


Three frame gears are being projected on the screen in the game room.

The king of Ferzen and the king of Plauf, and as well as the latter’s betrothed Rachel who recently joined the alliance are playing with the frame gears. It already has a game-like feeling, isn’t it?!

The room is split between several groups of people, and it seems everyone is enjoying themselves. The meeting itself was no longer of any importance.

Ferzen king’s fiancee Elisha-san is talking with her father the emperor of Regulus and her younger sister Luu about their current circumstances, the demon king of Zenoasu is earnestly asking his daughter Sakura for her phone number (I’ve already passed a mass produced smartphone to the representative of each country)… or rather, he’s begging her for it.

Hey, you should mind your surrounding, demon king-sama. Well, no matter how much Sakura dislikes him, she will eventually tell him her email address or something… probably.

At the opposite table, Statewide governor of Rodomea is talking seriously with the knight King of Restia about something. Come to think of it, Cloud the Rynie king and Lucienna the Paluf king’s sister are enjoying the good mood on the balcony.

Making satisfied smiles, our household’s Love Goddess and Hunter Goddess are watching over them alongside Her Eminence the Ramisshu pope.


「Thinking carefully about it, things have turned out to be somewhat amazing」

「Well, the idea of gathering the rulers from throughout the world looked like something unthinkable just a couple of years ago by itself, so it’s understandable… and, here is Riichi」


While replying to the muttering of the King of Misumido, the king of Belfast declares Riichi, throwing a point stick.


「Cross-national problems have been mostly solved, which is why we can also enjoy ourselves like this. I can’t help it that recently I have been looking forward to this day more and more」


The Monarch of Reefreez performs Anpai. Hmmm. Is it my turn now? Drawing from the wall tiles, I add a new tile to my hand. Here we go! Single-colored green 《Ryuuiiso》 Yakuman!

All that’s left is to discard a tile…. However, it would be dangerous. No, here is where victory and defeat are decided!



「Ron. One-shot riichi, all simples, a set of identical sequences, two dora, haneman」


Uguuu! My face unintentionally falls on the mahjong board because of the merciless words uttered the Belfast king.


「Ooo, scary. I was saved thanks to Touya-dono’s interference」


The king of Misumido exaggeratedly pats his chest in relief. Damn it. I lost! These people, they’ve become stronger than me in both Shougi and Mahjong in no time, It’s frustrating!


「And Touya-dono. About what we talked about the other day…」

「Aah, the railroad project? Please wait for a minute」


Having put away the mahjong tiles, I open a simple map on the top of the mahjong table.


「 I’ve been wondering whether to lay the railway tracks from the capital of the Reefreez Empire till the capital of the Belfast Kingdom first. Just the other day, I thought that it would be way more convenient to have a train going between those two places, you see」

「By railway tracks, you mean that, right? The tubes underneath the trolley you showed us before…」

「Yes. Etto, this’s a miniature which I made as an experiment… it is just a model though」


I take out 80 centimeters of straight railways and a train that resembles a steam locomotive from “Storage”. Of course, this train doesn’t run on steam.

I put the model on the rail and set up everything.


「Please pour magic power into this model and watch」

「Like this?  Ooh!?」


When the king of Belfast pours a bit of magic power, the steam locomotive model begins to move slowly on the rail.


「It is a magic train that amplifies the magic power and changes it to dynamic force to run. This model moves with little amounts of magic power, but in reality, a much bigger amount of magic power will be needed to power it」


After processing multiple crystal fragments (Fraze’s fragments) with the engravement magic, they are filled with Ether liquid which results in producing a battery for magic power. The end result is a simplified version of the magic tank located in Babylon.

Of course, it’s not disposable, and rechargeable… Or rather, refillable with magic power. It contains the magic power of approximately 20 magicians.


「The base design of the train is made after the basis researched in Ferzen. In addition, there are a few revisions done by me, so I believe any country can produce about 90% of necessary functions」

「What about the remaining 10%?」

「It is our household’s trade secret」

「How shrewd of you, Touya-dono 」


Well, there is no need to teach others how to produce ether liquid and magic power battery just yet. There will be money entering our country soon.


「First we connect Reefreez and Belfast, next we extend the railway to Misumido if possible, and then to Regulus. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? However, that will happen after a proper discussion is held between the connected countries, of course. This is pretty much it」


Bottom line, my role will consist of making and selling those magic trains. Even so, sooner or later each country will be able to build them, with the exception of the magic battery.

After that, it would be nice if each country drew a rail project themselves. If they have at least a dozen earth magicians, it wouldn’t be much of a labor to fulfill it.

As matter of fact, I may begin to build magic automobiles as well. They will be a downgraded version of the one in “Hangar” though. I wonder if selling them to only royalty and nobility will be okay.


「Fumu, in that case, we would like to invite several engineers from Ferzen for them to teach us this technology」

「Or possibly, let the promising ones study abroad…」


The king of Belfast and the monarch of Reefreez start discussing the future.

Meanwhile, the beast king of Misumido rests his chin on his hand while gazing at the map atop the mahjong table.


「I wonder what should our Misumido do? There is the Great River Gau between us and Belfast, after all. It’s not like we could just build a bridge」


His Majesty the beast king glances at me.


「…I may build the bridge 」

「My baaad, it sounded like I pressed you. Well, I will pay the fee properly」


It’s not that it “sounded like” you pressed me, you really pressed me…


「Leaving that aside, Touya-dono, the model of this magic train… a souvenir for Yamato…」

「Aah, I will give it to you. Please wait a minute. I will take out the other, non-straight rails too」


I nod at the request of the king of Belfast and take out curved rails, S-sections, junctions and so on from “Storage”.

Of course, it would be turn out like that. In the end, it’s just a toy. Prince Yamato, it would be good if he liked it.

Though I’m not married yet, it’s for my future brother-in-law. Easy task.

This model of the train itself is made with a small magic stone and simple engravement magic, so I can likely mass-produce it with the help of Alba-san’s connections? Not only the rails, but it might also be popular if I made a diorama-like thing out of it. Let’s talk about this another time.

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