Smartphone: #301 Drakliff Island, and The Silver Dragon

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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 301: Drakliff Island, and The Silver Dragon



On the sandy beach, the big brown dragon before me pours a deafening angry roar at us.

Though I somehow understood what he meant without having to ask, let’s ask just in case.


「…What did he say?」(Touya)

『Well, putting it frankly, he said  “don’t disturb me, I will kill you”』(Ruli)


Sitting on my shoulder in a child dragon form, Ruli sighs in amazement.

Currently, we are at a nearby fishing village overlooking Drakliff island.

I intended to collect some information about the island, but there was also the objective of summoning Ruli through the summoning magic.

The summoning itself was a success, but just when I was pleased that I was able to summon Ruli from the Surface World, a brown dragon came flying from who knows where and started to attack the village.

And as Ruli and I who were unable to remain indifferent tried to interfere, it poured the aforementioned angry roar.


「This guy, does he have a reason to attack the village? Did the humans perhaps do something bad?」(Touya)

『No, he said “Don’t disturb me playing”, so I think it was completely a whim.』 (Ruli)


So it’s playing. The black dragon we previously encountered was the same, but I wonder if the dragons really do tend to look down on the other species that much? Well, it’s not like I couldn’t understand it, with them being called the strongest species and all, but…


「Guess this guy is young?」(Touya)

『Yes. Maybe around 16 in human terms? He’s at that age where they have too much power for their own good.』(Ruli)


Even if that’s the case, getting attacked as a plaything with no apparent reason at all isn’t something I would endure. Although there are several houses that are burnt to cinders already, it seems that there are no casualties.


「Could you tell him to obediently return to the island?」(Touya)

『I think it would be useless…』(Ruli)


When Ruil squeaked in dragon’s language to the brown dragon regardless, an even louder angry roar from the one a while ago resounded throughout the beach, and a flame was gushed at us from the dragon’s mouth.




The flame breath emitted at myself, Ruli, and the “Etoile” girls vanish like a mist on the spot, being absorbed by me. The non-attribute magic 【Absorb】is a magic that assimilates magic to make it into my own magic power.

Excluding the special cases, the regular dragon’s breath is a conversion of the internal magic source that is then spat out as magic. Thus, assimilating it with 【Absorb】 will be possible as well.


「Guess that means talking with it is useless, huh? Then maybe we also don’t need to hold back?」(Touya)

『It seems so』(Ruli)


Rule flies away from my shoulder and returns to her original size. Suddenly, a beautiful shining sapphire dragon manifests herself at the sandy beach.

At the sight of the huge azure dragon that suddenly appeared, the brown dragon slightly backs away.




The brown dragon roars, this time even louder as if to threaten her, but Ruli nonchalantly ignores it… was how it looked like, but the area around her eyes twitched. Huh, are you angry?

“Suu” Ruli inhales and breathes a flame several times greater than those that the brown dragon shot earlier.

The brown dragon instantly gets charcoaled, with its carbonized body crumbling down. Oooh, scary…….


「Didn’t you go too far?」(Touya)

『As I expected, I couldn’t bear with him. For him to mock my master, there is a limit to how much one can be ignorant of their position』(Ruli)


Ah, was he bad mouthing me with his last roar or something? Though Ruli pretends to be calm and intellectual, she has a considerably explosive personality. Otherwise, she wouldn’t quarrel with Kohaku that much.

Nevertheless, I’m glad she was angry in my stead, but I wonder what I am going to do now…

Well, there’s no use worrying about it. There is a matter of the village that he was burning, so I will put this matter aside for now.


「Let’s go to the island for now. There may be an understanding guy to talk to, like an Elder Dragon 」(Touya)

『That is so. I hope all the dragons there aren’t like this one』(Ruli)


I get on the back of the grown Ruli, and, along with the three Etoile, we headed off to Drakliff island.

After flying for a while, a faraway island comes into view. So that’s Drakliff island, huh?

Oops, looks like a considerable number of dragons are flying… They are coming this way, aren’t they?

“Gyaagyaa”, annoying voices are being raised, and we get surrounded in no time.


「This doesn’t look like a friendly atmosphere no matter how I think about it……」(Touya)

『They came to intimidate us. It seems they are friends of the dragon from before. All of them are just youngsters』(Ruli)

「Can you tell them that I would like to talk to a representative of this island if they have any?」(Touya)

『As you command』(Ruli)


After Ruli turned toward the surrounding dragons and made one squeal, the surrounding dragons started roaring once more. Ah~, muu noisy!


『「There is no reason to let you meet the chief Elder Dragon, go back strangers!」is what they are saying』(Ruli)

「They are really a bunch of fellows that cannot hold a proper conversation…」(Touya)


Ruli was originally an existence that stood at the summit of the dragon kind. However, she didn’t manifest in this world for a long time, so her existence seems to have been forgotten. In addition, divine beast’s manifestation from the spirit world is a rare occurrence in itself, and conducting a summoning in the world where magic hasn’t been accordingly developed makes their manifestation even more unlikely.

And yet, the elder dragons should know of their existence, but right now we are being obstructed by youngsters.


『What shall I do?』(Ruli)

「For now, go full speed to the island. Let’s meet with the elder dragons by force」(Touya)



Facing Ruli who starts flying again, various type of breaths like blocks of ice, electric shock, fire and flame bullets come flying. I nullify each and every one of them with 【Absorb】, allowing Ruli to land on the island.

As soon as we do, several dragons that resemble Tyrannosaurus swarm us and start assaulting us. They are Earth Dragons, the dragons that cannot fly.


「Target Lock. 【Gravity】」(Touya)


Having locked on with “Multiple” from my smartphone, I apply the weight magic “Gravity” on them.




Immediately, crushed-like voices are raised as the earth dragons collapse on the ground. I didn’t add enough weight to kill you. So behave yourselves there for a while.

When I was keeping the earth dragons company, a large dragon had descended in front of Ruli. Its green body, from the shoulder down to its back and tail, was covered entirely with sharp thorns. If I am not mistaken, this is a Spike Dragon, right? I have seen it before in a book I read in a reading room in the guild.

However, it’s huge. It’s even larger than Ruli.





The Spike Dragon roars and Ruli responds with roar of her own. Like I said, my ears are buzzing…

The Spike Dragon starts inhaling. It’s preparing a dragon breath. As if accepting its challenge, Ruli also takes the posture to unleash her own breath attack.

Scorching breath is then shot off at the same time by the two. The two breaths clash at the center and maintain an equilibrium for just a moment. Immediately after, the Spike Dragon is defeated and grilled by Ruli’s breath.

The smoke is puffing, and the spike dragon collapses on the spot.


「Was this fellow the Elder Dragon?」(Touya)

『No. It’s even younger than the brat whom I charcoaled a while ago. It cursed us quite badly as well.』(Ruli)


It was a young dragon? I really can’t tell just by its look alone. Being big doesn’t seem to be a way to tell their age either.


Another dragon comes over to us from the central mountain, further deep into the island. Looking at it, the other dragons that were making a ruckus and shouting in the sky instantly halted.




Seeing the dragon who has eventually arrived, I involuntarily let know the surrounding know of my amazement. It surely is an elder dragon, no, it might as well be an ancient dragon.

The dragon, which got down in front of us gently and elegantly, was a shining silver dragon.


『On this occasion where her highness the Azure Emperor appeared before us, I am overjoyed』(Silver dragon)


The silver dragon expresses itself fluently in human words, lowering its head. Seeing that, the surrounding dragons get down and lay their bodies on the ground all at once.


『My name is no longer the Azure Emperor. You should call me Ruli, for it is my new name that was granted to me by my master here, Mochizuki Touya』(Ruli)


Hearing those words, the silver dragon opens its eyes wide for an instant before turning to me and lowering his head once more.


『I beg of you mercy for our rudeness on this occasion… 』 (Silver dragon)

「Ya, oh umm, I guess it’s fine. Are you the dragon in charge of this island?」(Touya)

『Yes. I am the one governing this island. I have no excuse for not stopping the selfish actions of the young dragons…』(Silver dragon)


? This silver dragon, it doesn’t look well. Why, I wonder? Come to think, when it was flying here a little while ago, its speed was fairly slow. Is it hurt somewhere? Is it unable to unify the dragons of the island because of that?

Suddenly, I notice a wound on the tail of the silver dragon, near the tip, it has the purple color. Or rather, small purple spots can be seen throughout its tail.


「What is with your tail?」(Touya)

『……It is a shameful of me to say, but approximately 200 years ago, the wound was put up by a human who manipulated a mechanic doll, it remains as a curse that eats into my body even to this day. I considered biting off my tail, but I decided that having it this way is better rather than being unable to fly…』(Silver dragon)


The silver dragon lowered its head further and cast down its eyes. What does it mean by not being able to fly?


「Are you saying that you won’t be able to fly if you cut off the tail?」(Touya)

『It will become impossible to balance during the flight. A dragon that cannot fly is the same as an earth dragon. In the case of the earth dragons, they have the leg strength to make up for it, but a type the can fly doesn’t have even that. Not being able to fly, and not being able to run on the ground. Something like that can be called a dragon no longer』(Silver dragon)


I see. However, doing something like this to a dragon…. By mechanical doll, the dragon probably means a golem. Say, a golem that could do fight a dragon….


「That golem… what color did the said mechanical doll have?」(Touya)

『It was purple… is anything wrong?』(Silver dragon)


Purple, huh? That fellow? The purple crown “Fanatic Viola”. Saying that it was 200 years ago, I believe the master at that time wasn’t Luna though.

No, there might as well be other purple golems. It’s not set in stone that it was the “Crown”. Besides, even if it was Viola who injured this dragon, it doesn’t matter to me.


「I will heal you for now. Don’t move, okay?」(Touya)

『Huh?』(Silver dragon)


Going around to where the tail is, I examine the wound. The source is probably a curse of poison. Though normally it would’ve been instant death but it was probably the dragon’s vitality that allowed the silver dragon to endure it for more than 200 years. Let’s erase the poison first.




After I touch the tail and invoke the magic, the purple spots begin to quickly disappear, and the beautiful scales regain their silver brightness.


「【Come forth light, Goddess of healing, Mega heal】」(Touya)


The tail’s wound is then cured completely by the recovery magic.


『Ooh…the power in my body…! Such a refreshing feeling, it’s like I have become young again!』(Silver dragon)


The silver dragon raised a war cry-like howl towards the sky. As if following after it, the other dragons as well raised a roar one after another.

I heard the howling of a dog before, but compared to a dragon, the scale is a little too huge. It’s so loud that it feels like the air itself is ripping and trembling.



《They are praising my lord. Please forgive them》(Ruli)


I then heard Ruli’s telepathic talk. Since you say so, then I have no choice but to stay silent.

I continued hearing the dragon howling for a while after that, and, eventually, the silver dragon bowed his head to me.


『Mochizuki Touya-sama, I can never thank you enough for today. May there be something I could do?』(Silver dragon)

「You don’t have to really mind that, but there is a little something I would like to request of you. I would like you to lend me a bit of land on this island. I want to build a house」(Touya)

『Something of this scale is a trifling thing to achieve. How about the hillside leading up to the mountain ahead? You can overlook the entire island from there』(Silver dragon)


Un, that would be very nice. I would like him to guide me to there then.

Unlike a while ago, the silver dragon powerfully flaps its wings, soaring into the sky. Being guided by the dragon, the Etoile girls and I get on Ruli until we arrive at the hillside.

Once there, the silver dragon emits a dazzling light as his appearance gradually changes. After the light settles, there is a young man with silver hair which grew till his waist standing there.

Horns are protruding from his head, and he has some scale patterns on his skin, very much like a dragonkin. The clothes on him are a plain pair of pants and a shirt with a matching jacket. He’s a quite good-looking guy. Damn it, listen here I am not mortified here or anything!.


「It’s surprising. You can even become a human…」(Touya)

「Yes. We, silver dragons, are a type that likes human beings, which is why we have been endowed with this ability」(Silver dragon)

「Ruli, can you do it?」(Touya)

『I see no reason to. The silver dragons are just weirdos』(Ruli)


Ruli said so and changed with a poof to a chibi-dragon form. If that’s also a form of transformation, then couldn’t she change to a human? Could it be she doesn’t want to rather than cannot?

Either way, Ruli and the other divine beasts seem proud of this appearance, so changing into humans might not be necessary.


「This place is certainly good. The whole island can be seen, and the view is good too」(Touya)



Ruby imitates me and looks around. Following her, Sappha and Emera similarly start looking around. Do they like it?


「Okay, then shall I first prepare the land?」(Touya)


I level the slope using earth magic and harden the crust to make a foundation. If the ground here isn’t solidified, it would’ve been liable to suffer a landslide, after all.

After leveling the land enough, a residence makes its appearance from 【Storage】.



『Pi』『Po』『Pa』(Ruby & Sappha, Emera)


Beside the surprised silver dragon, Ruby and her group observe the sudden appearance of the mansion. Would this really be that surprising?

I had purchased this residence in the Surface World beforehand. Originally, it belonged to a noble from the Regulus Empire, but they ended up parting with it, so I bought it cheaply.

Then I place the residence on the leveled ground and harden the ground tightly once again with 【Modeling】. Though the garden looks dull right now, I decided to eventually plant a lawn and such, so I should ignore it for now.


「Is it okay for other humans to go in and out of this residence by means of the transfer magic? Of course, we don’t intend to cause troubles to the dragons of the island」(Touya)

「There should be no problems. I will instruct the others to make sure not to interfere with the residents here」(Silver dragon)


The silver dragon promised so, but well, I still sat up a defensive barrier within the range of the residence. Let’s say it’s just in the worst case scenario. No one said there were no foolish dragons as well.

I install the dimensional gate mark-2 taken out of 【Storage】 into the center of the garden. Though I actually planned to install it in the basement, there are no humans around on this island, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

……Now I think about it, since there are no people around, wouldn’t that mean the residence is unneeded as camouflage? I feel it would be fine if I just plop the gate here.

…Well, a place to relax would still be necessary, I suppose.

All that’s left is to leave the mansion management for Ruby and the rest… can I really leave it to them? It isn’t possible yet, right. Besides, I must take them along to the doctor’s place temporary.


「Hmm, don’t tell me I have to bring Raim-san along to this world as well…」(Touya)


I suppose our super butler would surely be able to manage it without any problem, but it would really hurt if he disappeared from the Surface World.


『In that case, I think it should be fine if you leave the management to this silver dragon. Silver dragons like him are a rarity among dragons, they are quite knowledgeable in terms of human’s world and so they should know a thing or two』(Ruli)

「Is that so?」(Touya)

「Yes. Occasionally, I turn into a human, go to towns and study their life…」(Silver dragon)


Somehow it appears the silver dragons are very curious and yet strong. The transformation into a human form might as well be an ability brought by this curiosity. Could it be by any chance, he got cursed by the purple crown as a result of this curiosity…


「Then, may I ask you of that? You can use the mansion as you like, and you can arrange things like furniture or the food as you desire」(Touya)

「Yes, I understand. At one time, I wanted to live in a human house like this one, so the pleasure is mine」(Silver dragon)


I take out the money I collected previously from 【Storage】 and hand them to the silver dragon. I also ask him to buy the household furniture, goods and various stuff with those. I also pass him the magic carpet for movement. He probably wouldn’t be able to fly with dragon’s appearance into a town.


「Huh? Come to think of it, Silver Dragon is the name of the species, right? Don’t you have a name?」(Touya)

「I have none. If it is fine with you, I couldn’t possibly be happier than to receive one from Touya-sama, as Ruli-sama did…」(Silver dragon)


Silver dragon….silver, umm. The “Silva” name was used by Yumina for her summoned “Silver Wolves” if I am not mistaken.

A dragon might not like to have the same name as a wolf.


「Shirogane… Is it fine? It was a name I used in the past」(Touya)

「To be able to receive such name…I am very grateful. From now on, please call me Shirogane」(Shirogane)

(TLC: Shirogane – onyomi reading of “silver”, word-by-word: “white-silver”)


The silver dragon, er rather, Shirogane bows.

Alright, could I say I’ve finished my duty in the Reverse World with this?


「Then, we will head back for now. I will bring my friends along when I come back, so please take care of us then」(Touya)

「Yes. I will look forward to it」(Shirogane)

Shirogane respectfully bows. His movements started to look even better. It almost became doubtful whether he was really a dragon.

I pour magic power to activate the dimensional gate mark-2 installed in the garden. I really should prepare a power tank here as well at some time.

Far from the original dimensional gate of the Palerius Island, the meter becomes full with far less quantity.

Neither Ruli nor the Etoile girls exceed 50 kilos, so there’s no problem to pass through.

Going through the connected gate, we safely return to Babylon’s sky garden.


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TLC: greujnik, Mabbo
ED: Emelia-tan

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