Smartphone: #298 The Purple Crown, and the Lunatic

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 298: The Purple Crown, and the Lunatic

「There are a lot of golems here, aren’t there~? It’s a waste, but should I destroy them all~? Should I kill everyone~? Anyone I don’t kill, Luna will, okay?」(Luna)


The smiling girl bathed in blood, who introduced herself as Luna, folds her umbrella.


「Viola, will you do the honors?」(Luna)



The small purple golem jumps off into the bowl-shaped venue. As it lands, a disproportionately large scythe is swung and one of the exhibited large golems gets bisected into its upper and lower halves. What cutting power!




The storekeeper, whos selling the golem, opens his eyes wide in surprise while standing still in his place. The purple golem then transforms the scythe into something resembling a halberd and stabs the storekeeper’s chest.




With a thud, the storekeeper collapses as blood spurts from his chest. At the same time, screams from the surrounding customers echo throughout the place.

One of the screaming women has her head cut off and is sent flying. Panic engulfs the area as people try to run away.





By Nia’s command, the Red Crown faces the Purple Crown. Rouge unleashes its fist, which the golem named Viola stops with the handle of the scythe.


「Eh-eeh? The Red one is here? Why? I wonder」(Luna)


Luna tilts her head while doubtfully looking at us.


「You Bastard! The purple!  What are you planning!!」(Nia)

「Ehh eeh? If it isn’t Nia-chan. What a coincidence. Or could this be fate?」(Luna)


The girl called Luna displays an exaggeratedly surprised look while Rouge and Viola are continuing their fight.

However, Rouge is in an overwhelming disadvantage against Viola who’s holding a specialized weapon. To make matters worse, Rouge can only fight at short range. The same goes for Viola, but the latter having a weapon gives it a decisive advantage.

Whenever the purple golem swings its halberd, either the golems that have been left behind or the people trying to run away from the hall get chopped into pieces. It seems Rouge is trying to lead Viola into a place where there are few people as possible while keeping its enemy at bay.


「Stop that guy! Why are you doing this?!」(Nia)

「Why? What do you mean “why”? You’re saying things I don’t get, Nia-chin. I’ve only decided to participate in this event because it’s so fun」(Luna)


Again, Luna tilts her head to the side. This fellow…… her behavior is weird since a while ago.


「Its enjoyable, you know? Scooping those beautiful eyes. Each person has different eyes. Red eyes, Blue eyes. It’s regrettable how they rot immediately though. Gouging them out is so-o-o exciting that I get aroused whenever I do that」(Luna)



This conversation is going nowhere. Im not sure if she’s serious whenever she says that nonsense, but the situation is definitely bad regardless. Despite everything that’s happening around, that girl continues to come down while waving her umbrella.

The moment that I’m about to make my first step with the intent to take care of this Luna girl in the meantime, the ground shakes and men leading huge golems go in front of the girl. WaitThose are the large golems that were at the gate of this casino. In that case, those men must be the bouncers of the “Black Butterfly” group.


「Hey, you!  Stop that golem immediately!」(Bouncer)

「And if I say I don’t want to~?」(Luna)



Following the man’s order, the steel golem throws its fist at the girl. Receiving the punch of the large golem that’s over three meters, the girl gets magnificently banged into the wall. Afterward, her delicate body rolls to the floor. That blow was on the level of an instant-kill.


「That fool…. Hey you. That purple golem is next! Take care of it quickly!」(Bouncer)


While slightly shaking the ground, the huge golem walks toward where Viola and Rouge are fighting.


「…It is useless. Viola doesn’t break because its Viola ~okay?」(Luna)



Covered with dust, Luna stands up. Her arms and the shins of her legs are bent in strange directions. Despite her bones being definitely broken, both her arms and legs completely recover in the next moment and are followed by a strange smoke rising up from her whole body.


「What is that…?(Touya)

That’s the ability of the Purple Crown. It grants the master of the golem an indestructible body… The main body of the crown also possesses a high level of regeneration(Yuri)


Invulnerability, huh? Is this girl an undead?

While I’m surprised by Yuri’s explanation, Rouge gets blown off with a hit from the scythe during its fight with Viola. Nia then screams afterward.




Nia runs toward Rouge.

Viola, the opponent who has blown him away, disregards the master/servant pair and sets up its scythe against the huge golem rushing to it.

Viola smoothly dodges the large fist and easily cuts the body of its opponent with its scythe. With a clattering sound, the separated body of the huge golem mercilessly falls on the ground.


「No matter how many enemies there are~ Its always boring~ It seems you uncles cant kill Luna as well~」(Luna)

「You bastaaard…!」(Bouncer)


One bouncer makes a thrust with his spear. Having sunk inside Luna’s chest, the spearhead exits on the girl’s back.


「E-eeee…… I killed you as you reque…sted?!」(Bouncer)

「Like I’ve said, its boring, isn’t it?」(Luna)


She grips the spear from the front as if being pierced by it is nothing and breaks it with one hand. Where did she get that power from?

No, undead monsters have their body’s limiter removed, giving them power that’s not known during their lifetime. This might be the same thing.




The girl casually pulls out the spear springing from her back. Holding the spear, Luna then stabs the trembling face of its former owner with all her power.


「Im returning it」(Luna)


The bouncer receives the broken half of the spear to his face and falls flat to the ground. As for the girl, she continues to smile while she thrusts her umbrella this time to the bouncer’s comrade whos nearby.


「Guoeeee!?」(Bouncer’s Comrade)


The sound of the umbrella breaking resounds as its frame protrudes from the man’s back.


「Aah~ It broke. Even though it was my favorite umbrella. Hmm. Oh. It’s Oji-san’s fault. Let me dig out your eyes~」(Luna)


The man is shedding tears of despair as the girl mercilessly reaches out her right hand towards him.




Instantly teleporting to the girl, I firmly grasp her bloody hand. Kuu! What power! Where is she keeping this kind of strength in this delicate body of hers!?


「Huhhuuuh? When did you…?」(Luna)


The bespectacled purple girl looks at me in a baffled manner.


「Onii-san. I wonder. Who are you? Why are you hindering Luna?」(Luna)

「I don’t know what your motive is, but how could I sit silently and witness a murder happen right in front of me? Ill stop you even if I have to use force」(Touya)

「Ahahahaahahaa! Strangeeee! How would you do that?」(Luna)

「Like this. “Gravity”」(Touya)


I invoke the weight magic on the girl I caught. The girl collapses and can no longer move, being unable to keep standing due to the increase of her weight.


「Huhhuuuh? What is this? I can’t move……」(Luna)

「Now! Capture her!」(Bouncer)


The bouncers immediately rush to restrict the girl who’s no longer moving. However, the purple golem jumps in faster than them. In the next instant, the large sickle flashes in a grandiose manner.




In order to avoid the attack, I make a large jump backward. The bouncers are unable to escape through, and their chopped bodies are now laying on the floor.




Transforming the scythe it’s holding to a halberd again, the purple golem comes slashing at me. I, while avoiding its attack, change Brynhildr on my waist to blade mode and sweep the halberd aside.




Viola stops for an instant, seeing that the handle portion of its weapon cut. Not overlooking this opening, I then cut the body of the small golem in one go.

The purple golem is bisected into its upper and lower half with a rolling sound, falls down, and stops moving.




Exhaling out a heavy breath, I look around. This accident resulted in a lot of victims. For the people who can still be saved, quickly applying the recovery magic is…


「Ahahaha! Viola was cut! Aren’t you amazing~, Onii-san?!」(Luna)


A voice resounds alongside the sound of someone clapping. When I turn around in surprise, I see Luna groveling on the ground since a while ago.

No way! I haven’t released  “Gravity” yet. What did she do?


「Onii-san. I wonder. Can you tell me your name~?」(Luna)

「…Touya. Mochizuki Touya」(Touya)

「Tou~ya. Its Tou~ya ~right? Yup, it’s a wonderful name. It seems that Tou~ya can kill Luna. However. It’s a pity. Today is no good. After all, I wish that you’ll kill me in a stage more wonderful than this!」(Luna)

「Sorry but I don’t have a hobby of killing someone for fun(Touya)

「Huhhuuuh? What a shy mister~. Is this also your charming point~? It seems Luna will need to become serious. What do you think Viola?」(Luna)


Luna then looks behind me. When I turn around thinking “No way”, I realize that Viola is standing, completely restored just like Luna. Though the scythe that I cut is in the same state as before.




What is the meaning of this?! Is this also another ability of the Purple Crown”? Hyper-recovery ability… No… Is it the power of regeneration? Either way, it seems normal methods won’t work…


「Viola also seems to like Tou~ya. Kufufuu. Im lucky I’ve met you in a place like this!」(Luna)



Suddenly, a red fist approaches Viola from the side. That burning fist sends the body of the purple golem flying into the wall of the casino, bending it in the process.

With both arms mostly transformed into red flames, Blood Rouge the Red Crown chases after Viola.

Each follow-up attack by those fists emits enough power to shake the entire casino. It’s like the Rouge from before was another thing. What on earth has happened?


「You purple…… Ill fully return to you the debt of humiliating me the other day!」(Nia)

「Booo~. Nia-chin. Can you not stand in my way~?(Luna)


Nia shows up in front of the pouting Luna. Seeing her appearance, I involuntarily raise my voice.


「You……! What’s wrong with your hand!?」(Touya)


A stream of blood is slowly dripping from Nia’s right hand. Apparently, she has hurt her palm. With so much blood pouring out, her whole right hand is bright red.


「Don’t worry about it. My blood is necessary in order to use Rouge’s ability」(Nia)

「What do you mean “don’t worry about it”……?(Touya)


Of course, I can’t ignore it. As such, I cast recovery magic on her right hand that’s in pain. The wound itself isn’t very deep, so the wound closes up in no time.


「Touya’s magic is amazing as ever……」(Nia)

「Ill say this, but your lost blood won’t be replaced even if the wound has been closed」(Touya)


Having seen that exchange, Luna shows a blushing face as if she’s aroused and stares at me with her lifeless eyes.


「Magic! Tou~ya, you’re a magician, aren’t you?! That’s nice! That’s nice! I feel thrilled! Ah! I got aroused! Haahaaa…Ah, it seems Ill be leaking…aaaah…」(Luna)


Ah, you say! What you mean by Ah?! After what happened?!

I could do nothing but look at her with a sour expression as her bashful figure hugs her own body and reaches out for her thighs.

She might be a good match for our Shesca.


「This perverted woman…」(Nia)

「This is also Luna’s charm point ~okay. Kufufuuu. My heart’s pounding ~you know! For me to get even more aroused than when I gouge people’s eyes out…!」(Luna)


A nonchalant reply to what Nia said. Luna then directs her stare towards here. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Isn’t it that her breath somehow rough, or is it just my imagination?


「……I want to eat……」(Luna)


With a shudder, I experience chills run down on my backbone in many ways. That phrase said by a girl, who might be an undead, has made me reminiscence every zombie movie I’ve watched.

Using this gap, Luna shortens the distance between the two us in an instant. She catches me, who tries to reflectively step back, at an unbelievable speed and sandwiches my right leg in between her own.

In a situation where we’re tightly sticking to each other, Luna whispers something to me while she’s placing her crotch on my thigh.

(Black: Damn! My sadistic side is going out. I want to make this girl fall for me. Lolz!)


「Kill Luna next time ~okay?」(Luna)


And just like that, she licks my cheek with her tongue.


「W–what are you doing! You bastard!!」(Nia)

「Kiyhaaaa! Nia-chin, is that jealousy~?」(Luna)


Nimbly dodging Nia’s attack, Lina separates from me in a blink of an eye.


「Viola! Come back ~!」(Luna)


Viola, which was desperately fighting against Rouge, rushes to join Luna and gives her a lift on its shoulder. It looks like giving a kid a piggyback ride.


「It was fun today ~! Well then, see you later~!」(Luna)


Luna throws a kiss from above, and Viola blows some purple gas from her wrist from below. This smoke looks poisonous. I immediately judge it to be dangerous.


Oh water, come forth! a spiral bulwark; Aqua Shell!(Touya)


I instantly build a defensive wall of water which confines the purple smoke. The smoke starts to mix with water and changes it into a malicious color, so I move it into one of the nearby pots where expensive-looking flowers were arranged.

No sooner than when I’ve done that, the flowers rot in no time and fall to the ground. It really was poisonous, after all…

Luna and Viola were no longer here. She escaped, huh? What an outrageous combo.


「Damn it! That damn woman! She escaped again!」(Nia)


Nia kicks the nearby wreckages of the black market. I understand her feelings.

Wooops! Quickly, I have to hurry and invoke a recovery magic on the people who are still alive.


The moment I start to walk, I feel a strange sensation, so I look down below to where it’s coming from.




There’s a strange wet stain at the thigh of my right leg. Hey, isn’t this…?
(Black: Oh yes it is Touya! Yes it is!)

My face distorts. When I glance at Nia, she also shows a very unpleasant face.

She then crosses her left and right forefingers in an X mark and turns toward me.



(Black: This is a native Japanese phrase with no direct translation. It’s similar to an expression of not wanting to catch the “dirt” from the recipient of this remark.)


What the! So that phrase also exists in this different world, huh? Good grief. What a day this day has been.

TL: Airsblue
TLC: greujnik
ED: Blackswordsman

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