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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 290: Third day, Morning till noon

The third day of the festival. The shogi tournament finals started early this morning.

Four large monitors installed at the grounds are projecting 16 games at once.

While looking at them from the distance, we are eating pork miso soup with steamed potatoes. We opted to sit down at the food carts lined up on the streets since early morning instead of having our usual breakfast at the castle. The food is tasty as always, a viscosity of taro and good chewy feel of daikon radish are supreme.


The shogi tournament finals and the martial arts tournament preliminaries will take place today, right?」(Yumina)


Yumina stops eating a steamed potato and starts talking to me from the next seat.


「Yeah. Belfast, Regulus, Reefrees, Paluf, and Rodomea will compete in the shogi tournament and be represented by their kings while those from Misumido, Restia, Ishen, and Ferzen will be participating in the martial arts tournament instead」(Touya)


Though I wonder how I should feel about Baba-jii-san and Yamagata-ossan representing our country in the martial arts tournament.

With regards to the top picks of the championship, I suppose they will be the Knight King of Restia, or possibly the Beast King of Misumido with his “Accel”, given that magic is allowed.

Naturally, other strong people will be taking part in the tournament, especially since this town is always teeming with adventurers even during normal days. There are also those who will participate to just test their own abilities.


「Touya-sama, what’s your plan for today?」(Luu)


Having made sure that she herself would be able to reproduce the flavor of those steams potatoes, Luu now asks me about my plans.


「Ill probably have to announce the winner of the shogi tournament and the martial arts tournament in the evening. I plan to tour a lot of different places today. I also have an appointment at the church later 」(Touya)


I probably shouldn’t worry about the martial arts tournament since I’ve asked Moroha-nee-san and Karina-nee-san to be the referees. As for the shogi tournament, Vice-Commander Nicola-san of our household has taken the responsibility of managing it.


「And what about you two? Yumina, Luu? Both Belfast and Regulus will participate in the shogi tournament」(Touya)


Though for Regulus, they will be represented by Knight Commander Gaspar-san during the martial arts tournament as well. Naturally, his appearance has also been altered.

It’s a given that a knight commander would participate in such a tournament. Nevertheless, even General Leon from Belfast will take part in the tournament as well. Oh well. It will probably not be found out anyway.


「It’s true that my esteemed father and his associates will compete in the shogi tournament, but it’s useless to worry about them. Therefore, I don’t have any particular plans for today」(Yumina)

「Which is why we’ve been thinking of spending the whole day together with Touya-sama 」(Luu)


So this is why they’ve asked me out this early in the morning, eh? Well, I don’t see why I should refuse them though.

We pay the fee for our meal, return the now empty bowls back to the shopkeeper, and start walking.

Both Luu and Yumina snuggle closely to me. Luu takes my right arm, and Yumina takes my left arm. Honestly, it’s difficult to walk like this, but they are smiling very happy that I‘m doubting if I can actually shake them off. No, theres no way I can do it.

Both of them had grown quite a bit and had become taller since the time we met. That said, their short builds make them look younger than their actual age even now.

From the sense of touch on my arms, it appears like there isn’t much favorable growth in that direction…

Right now, were still probably seen as an older brother who’s being accompanied by his younger sisters.



「Mn? No, it’s nothing」(Touya)


I can’t let these sharp girls notice what I’m thinking. As such, I give an especially calm reply.




Ah! It must be Sousuke-nii-san holding a piano performance at the stage near the clocktower today. That melody… is probably western.

My taste in western music has been influenced by my grandpa, so Im leaning a lot towards the “oldies”, the music from the 1950’s to the 1960’s. In other words, what I want to say is that it was me who taught Sousuke-nii-san this type of music.

The melody, which Sousuke-nii-san is playing right now, is one of the classic rock’n’roll songs which represents the ninety-fifties. The original was so amazing that it was included in the golden records of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which were then launched to search for intelligent life outside of Earth.

That reminds me, theres also this movie about a protagonist riding an automobile made into a time machine. That guy performed this melody on a guitar during a dance party in the past of his world. That movie was amusing indeed.

(TL: basically, this reference, both the song and the film,

Given how this is a melody which is easy to get hooked once it’s heard, everyone will also shake their bodies and ride on its rhythm.

Ehh? Now that I take a good look, there are other people on stage aside from Sousuke-nii-san. They’re playing guitar-looking string instruments and drum-like percussion instruments.


「Is this…」(Touya)

「They seem to be a traveling band. It looks like they happened to pass by this country. They’ve played along with Sousuke-kun here yesterday as well」


The shopkeeper of one of the opened cards lined up at the corner of the clocktower answers to my muttering. Just when I thought about who it was, it turns out to be our own Kousuke-oji-san, the Agriculture God.


「Hey! What are you doing here?!」(Touya)

「Were selling curry made from the harvested crops. Hey. I want to participate in this festival as well」(Kousuke)


Kousuke-oji-san makes a refined smile. This food cart has freshly cooked rice and curry in a deep pot while the wooden box next to him is stacked with a pile of various vegetables. Next, I notice a boy who wholeheartedly peels potatoes and carrots from this pile.


「Hmm?! Let me see here. Youre… Callen, right?」(Touya)

「Wha? My name is most certainly Callen, but… who might you be?」(Callen)


The boy looks at me with blank eyes. Hmm? Aah, it must be because of the badge. I didn’t notice it because it didn’t affect Kousuke-oji-san, but it’s probably in the “On” state. I then cancel the “blue” state, and the central part of the badge turns into the “yellow” state.


「Ah. Eeh!? Your Majesty?!」(Callen)


At last Callen finally recognizes me, which prompts his eyes go round.

This boy is one of the knights that enrolled at the same time as Lance-kun, and is currently being put to work at “Silver Moon” inn.

He comes from a pharmacist’s lineage, making him very knowledgeable about nature’s produce. Thus he was supposed to be assigned to work under Naito-ossan, and has been entrusted with duties in the agricultural development sector.


「He shows a lot of promise, you know? That’s why I’ve asked him to help me」(Kousuke)


I see. It’s not like I don’t understand why. He did manage to acquire a lot of different edible food in the forest during the survival examination of the enrollment test.

Nevertheless, isn’t it amazing to be fancied by the Agriculture God…? He probably receives divine protection as well.


「Is this cart being managed by just you two?」(Touya)

「No, I’ve asked Laqshe-san to help as well. Right now she is out to get the seasonings. To begin with, that girl is weak to fire, so we cant leave the cooking to her」(Kousuke)


Laqshe the Alraune, huh? That girl is a demonkin of the plant group, so it’s a given that she would probably handle fire poorly. If I am not mistaken, she belongs to the agricultural development group as well, so it might not be far-fetched to say that she’s fancied by the Agriculture God.

So this is the curry cart of the Agriculture God, huh? I am interested, but sadly I’ve already eaten steamed potatoes earlier.

Oops, that’s right. I quietly whisper into Kousuke-oji-san’s ear.


「By the way, about the arrival of World God in the church around lunch…」(Touya)

「I’ve heard about it from Karen-san. However, please don’t fuss over us」(Kousuke)

「Is that fine though? It’s been a long time since you met」(Touya)

「All in all, a thousand years isn’t very much different from yesterday for a god. If I think about meeting him, Ill meet him at once」(Kousuke)


He probably retains the senses as a god. Oh well. It’s no use worrying over that, and the person himself says so. In that case, it’s probably alright.

Once we leave the clocktower, we tour the festival by window shopping at the various street stalls lined up here and there.


「This is…」

「This figurehead is a specialty product from the northern parts of Regulus」(Luu)


A thunder bear holding a mysterious fish in its mouth. Luu gives an explanation about a wooden figurine being sold at one of the stalls.

These things are sold in any world, I suppose. In my former world though, I heard that the number of craftsmen making such things had decreased quite a bit.


「This one is…」(Touya)

「It’s a charm doll which makes anyone want their happiness to extend even to their descendants」(Luu)


It’s a doll with a cylindrical look. Once it’s upper and lower parts are separated, similar to a tube holding a graduation certificate, another doll that looks exactly the same but is one size smaller appears from the inside. Opening this doll will yet again reveal another smaller sized doll, and so on up until the doll with the smallest possible size...

It’s probably similar to that famous souvenir from Russia. The only difference is that this one looks much more simplified.

Going around the street stalls is certainly amusing in a different sense. There are things that resemble those from my former world and those that I have never seen before. As we spend the entire morning wandering around aimlessly near the stalls, we occasionally buy things that catch our attention.

Around the time when we start to wonder when will it be lunchtime, we turn towards the direction of the church.

This church is built on top of a small elevated hill and is usually managed by just two people, a Shinto priest and a pastor dispatched by the Holy Kingdom Ramisshu. However, two more priests are currently stationed there.  

Their appearances were changed with the help of the badges that I’ve distributed, but one of them is the Pope of the Holy Kingdom Ramisshu, Her Eminence Elias Oltra, and the other is the cardinal rumored to be the next pope, Phyllis Rugitt.

In their surroundings are people pretending to dress as adventurers, but those are probably the Templars of Ramisshu, who are guarding those two.

The number of people in our country who believe in the God of Light preached by the Holy Kingdom is few. If it’s said that the “God of Light” is the World God himself, then you might even say that Im a believer as well.

However, this isn’t particularly made as public knowledge, and I still have mixed feelings about being a believer of a person who’s part of my family, given that I have a position as a god’s dependent. I’ve also almost never stepped into the church.

Once we enter the temple, we hear Her Eminence speaking about a miraculous tale that happened in Ramisshu amongst the solemn air.    

The so-called “Miracle of Isura”.

One year ago, the “God of Light” had descended into Isura, the capital of Ramisshu, alongside its messenger of light, and they rescued the city from an evil god of darkness which was trying to shroud all of Ramisshu. It’s a story about that kind of event.

This miracle had a lot of eyewitnesses, amongst whom weren’t just the believers, but also people like merchants from outside Ramisshu. Because of that, the story has spread around the world in a flash.

Most other countries didn’t try to believe that story, yet they say people are certain of one thing alone. That a miracle happened there. Such were the talks of multiple eyewitnesses.

In reality, it was just a mass swindle caused by me.

Ramisshu has been heading in a good direction since then. It’s being said that despotic people, who carried out their indulgences with a slogan “Under the name of God”, are no longer there.

Her Eminence finishes her speech, and the audience starts walking outside the temple.

As we are about to talk towards Phyllis-san and Her Eminence, they quickly dash towards us with a quick pace contrary to my expectations.


「Y-Your Majesty! Could it be that the esteemed person is already here?!」(Elias)

「Aah, not yet」(Touya)


Hearing my words, the two become crestfallen, to which I continue talking again.


「Now-now. Hell arrive sooner or later even if you aren’t in such a hurry…」(Touya)

「Im already here」



I instinctively raise my voice towards someone talking next to me.

The one beside me is none other than the World God, showing his never changing aloof smile and wearing plain clothes. Aah, that’s surprised me! The way he appears every time is just way too sudden!


「Hey! Please don’t surprise me like that! How long have you been here?!」(Touya)

「Ho-ho-ho. I used transfer magic a little while ago and arrived here in a flash. Ooh! It has been a while you two」(World God)


The World God addresses Her Eminence and Phyllis-san. Both then try to immediately kneel down in panic, but he gently stops them.


「Both of you have to consider your social standings. Theres no need for such consideration on your part. No one would mind it」(World God)

「Ah, yes-s….!」


Not good. Aren’t those two frozen solid now? And here I am thinking that they’ve become immune to things like this thanks to Karen-nee-san and Moroha-nee-san.

Still, coming here with transfer magic probably means that he’s not using an “avatar” this time. That means he most likely underwent humanification, same as my sisters.


「Ummm… Touya-san, who is this gentleman?」(Yumina)


Yumina asks while peeking from behind me. Next to her is Luu, who’s looking this way with a face full of curiosity.

Aah. I wonder how I should tell this to them


「Good day to you, oh daughters of mine. Im Mochizuki Shinnosuke, a grandfather of Mochizuki Touya-kun standing over here」(Shinnosuke)


Shinnosuke, heh? That’s straightforward of you, oi. Also, what’s with you attaching “kun” to your grandson?

(TL: literal kanji meaning: 神之助 – God, this person, help. It can probably be translated as “this person a god’s helper”, maybe).

In contrast to me who’s showing a cramped smile, Yumina and Luu become surprised.


「Touya-san’s esteemed grandfather? Eh!? But Touya-san is from another world…」(Yumina)


Shhhh! The World God raises the index finger to his mouth in reaction to Yumina’s words. Looks like these two had understood what it meant. They probably realized that he’s the same as Karen-nee-san and Moroha-nee-san.


「Th-this, Im sorry. My name is Yumina Ernea Belfast, I have the privilege of being engaged to Touya-san」(Yumina)

「S-similarly, Im Lucia Leah Regulus. I have the privilege to be engaged to Touya-sama as well. Im extremely sorry for our late introduction」(Luu)

「Don’t mind it. Ou-ou! Aren’t the two of you quite the beautiful ladies? Touya-kun must be happy for having wives like the two of you」(Shinnosuke)


So says the World God with a smile directed at the two people silently bowing their heads. Are they that glad to be called beauties? Both of them have red faces and are acting timidly. Damn it! They’re so cute.


Uhm, so esteemed grandfather is capable of using transfer magic as well」(Yumina)

「I can use most magics with varying degrees of difficulty though」(Shinnosuke)

「As expected of Touya-sama’s grandfather…」(Luu)


He probably possesses all attributes and has a lot of magic power. No, it doesn’t look like he has a limit to his powers.


「Aah! World G… No, Grandpa. Have you met with Karen-nee-san already?」(Touya)

「Grandpa? Ooh! Yes, grandpa. It sounds nice. By Karen, you mean Love G… Aah, that child? That’s right, that’s right! Those kids are my grandkids as well. I have yet to meet with them, but they’ll eventually come over here」(Shinnosuke)


Yumina and Luu exchange glances at our awkward conversation. This can’t be helped with all that grandfather and grandchild stuff happening this instant.

Both girls know about the fact that I’m from another world, but they probably have no idea that this person here is the most supreme god.


「Today, I’m thinking of looking around town after we have a talk here for a little bit. Is that fine?」(Shinnosuke)

「And what about the plans at the church after that?」(Touya)

「Ah. Wha? Yes! That’s fine! Well make sure to open sometime in the afternoon!」(Phyllis)


Still tensed, Phyllis gives a reply. Her eminence next to her gives a deep nod. Will they really be fine?

Still, I wonder what they’re going to talk about?




Both spirits and magic power had already existed before the time when the current form of the world was established.

Being the arms and legs of the gods, it’s said that they formed the world and brought forth various things.

The spirit of water filled the world with oceans, the spirit of earth produced the soil, the spirit of fire made volcanoes erupt, and the spirit of wind moved the warm airs.

The spirit of the great tree raised the forests, and the spirit of light illuminated the world while the spirit of darkness bestowed it with the tranquility of the night.

Just like that, various spirits created the many phenomenon. One of which is the birth of the dependents from those spirits into this world.

Many different dependents were born. Divine and sacred beasts, fairies, soul birds, and god trees. It’s said that the last ones to be born were demihumans like the beastmen, elves, dwarves, as well as humans.

The World God bestowed those newly born people with the entirety of this world, and returned to heaven.

Because this world was made into a much superior world, he thought that it would be unmistakably better for him to not be here.




「Why did Kami-sama just decided to return to heaven?」


So asks a boy sitting at the front row amongst those listening to the tale of the creation of the world after listening to Kami-sama.


「It’s because he believed that things which can be done by ourselves should be done by ourselves. Theres no path forward if you end up relying on a god to come and save you whenever something happens. One can’t become an adult if they don’t first become independent from their parents」(Shinnosuke)


Basically speaking, gods do not interfere with this world. It’s for this exact reason that I can’t be revived in my original world. Theres no way for people there, who once died, to revive. It would’ve surely been a miracle otherwise.

If the world I died in was this world, it might’ve been possible to be revived here. There is resurrection magic here, given how high the risk of dying is in this world.


「All of you have been entrusted with this world by Kami-sama. If each one of you put your best effort into making this world a better place, it won’t be wrong to say that this will make God most happy 」(Shinnosuke)


Dressed in a priest robe borrowed from Her Eminence, the World God looks over the people who are currently in the temple.


「Make sure you do what you can for others, however small it may be. That alone will be plenty. Such actions will become the pillars that will support this world. Theres no distinction. Everyone are equal, children and adults, men and women, kings and beggars, rich and poor. Everyone can become a pillar supporting the world, living honest and full lives」(Shinnosuke)


The world god bows to everyone in the temple and descends from the stage.

I see. So the spirits helped the gods when they were constructing this world. I haven’t met any spirits aside from the spirit of the great tree and the spirit of darkness, but I could’ve never guessed that they possessed that much power.

Did they lose their power after a long period of time? Or maybe it was the power of world creation since they were employed by Kami-sama? At the very least, the power they have now is not exceedingly great when compared to that time.

The spirit of darkness in particular, since he was defeated by me just like that. Oh well. Spirits seem to be immortal so it might revive one day.


「Thank you for your hard work. It was surely interesting」(Elias)

「Well, stuff like that is fine once a while. I usually only listen to the complaints of other gods so theres not much to talk about」(Shinnosuke)


While I keep tilting my head about how this situation came to be, Her Eminence and Phyllis-san rush over to him.


「Truly! Thank you very much for such a great, magnificent story! Well make sure to hand it down to the children and grandchildren of our country!」(Elias)

「It’s not really that great of a story though… Well, please do as you see fit」(Shinnosuke)


The world god expressed a bitter smile towards the praises directed at Her Eminence. When he says it like that, it may very well sound just like an oracle. At the very least, the story of the creation of the world seems to have been adopted.


「What are you going to do after this? If possible, I would like to introduce you to everyone」(Touya)

「I suppose. I plan on asking you to let me stay here for a night, so it’s fine for you to introduce me at that time. Setting the introduction aside, I really want to walk around town. That said, can I ask you to guide me around?」(Shinnosuke)

「I can do it for you ~noyo」(Karen)


The one who came from somewhere and intruded on our conversation is none other than Karen-nee-san. Gods, why do they tend to appear so suddenly?… I’ve already understood that they are elusive, so I would like for them to appear normally.

(Black: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

Without being agitated by the sudden appearance of Karen-nee-san, the World God smiles and speaks happily.


「Ooh! It has been a long time. Are you healthy?」(Shinnosuke)

「Thanks to you, I get to merrily spend every single day ~noyo. Speaking of which, since it’s I who’s going to guide you around, shouldn’t grandpa not intrude on Touya-kun’s date?」(Karen)

「Ooh! I see. I didn’t notice that. Please forgive me, oh daughters of mine」(Shinnosuke)

「N-no, we don’t really…」(Yumina)


Yumina and Luu’s faces become red in response towards the half-joking smile of the World God and swing their hands in panic.

Looks like I’ve gotten Karen-nee-san to guide him around, so I should leave it to her. Even if something happens, those two will likely be okay.

Why, you ask? That’s because they will probably be accompanied by Her Eminence, Phyllis-san, and even their guards from Ramisshu to top it all of… Oh well. That’s fine, I guess.

Right after our trio leaves the church, we head towards the assembly hall where the shogi tournament is taking place. It’s already around the time where the first set of games is already finished, and the second one is just about to start.

Once we arrive at the venue, the number of people seem to have increased in comparison to this morning, and there are lots of people who’ve already finished their matches. The monitors are displaying the names of those who won and lost.


Uhm. Aah! Looks like everything is going well」(Touya)


Speaking of our acquaintances, Balar-san and Simon-san from Leaflet, The Monarch of Reefreez, and Statewide Governor of Rodomea have already lost. Aside from the people from Leaflet, the others are listed under their aliases though.


「So esteemed father has been defeated as well」(Luu)


Having noticed the name of the Emperor of Regulus, Luu quietly mutters.

Say, wasn’t His Majesty’s opponent the King of Paluf? That boy seems to be keeping at it.

As I survey the hall, I notice a group sitting on chairs in front of a nearby monitor and stares at it as if looking straight into it. Those are, hmm, a group from Reefreez and Regulus.

We then approach that group of their Majesties.


「Good day. Bad luck, isn’t it?」(Touya)

「Ooh! If it isn’t Touya-dono? Not really. It was quite enjoyable. I would like to also hold a mahjong tournament next year. 」(Zephirus)

「It’s too bad that I lost, but I still managed to understand my own weaknesses. Next time, I won’t lose」(Rig)


Im relieved to hear that they don’t seem to mind the fact that they’ve lost.

Casually looking at the monitor, I see a “silver general” piece moving quickly. In response to that, their Majesties revealed sour voices.


「This game is…」(Touya)

「It’s the King of Belfast vs. the King of Paluf. Well, it’s indeed quite an interesting match」(Rig)


Those two, huh? It’s a skill which defeated His Majesty the Emperor of Regulus. Doesn’t it look like the King of Belfast is having a hard time as well?

The “silver general” piece just now, the boy king’s hand moving it that way, it must be…


「… can he really take the “silver general” with a “rook”?」(Touya)

「No, it’s an “invitation”. It might turn into a move that can destroy the balance between the two. For those who are careless, it might look like an all-out move」(Zephirus)


I then once again look at the monitor after hearing the Emperor of Regulus. Is that so? Ye-e-ep, I really can no longer follow after them

It’s the same for baseball. Nevertheless, the speed with which people of this world improve despite a single failure is not a joke. Well, this IS a world with little entertainment, so they probably just end up going through their failures so thoroughly once they become so motivated.

There is something to learn from this level of enthusiasm. As an amateur shogi player, I’m already left behind in the dust.

It looks like the tournament will take time more than expected. Should I go take a look at what’s happening in the preliminaries for the martial arts tournament? I might even get to see our adventurer acquaintances make their appearance there.

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