Smartphone: #286 The Additional Participating Nations, and the Opening Announcement

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Arc 27: The Reverse World
Chapter 286: The Additional Participating Nations, and the Opening Announcement

Preparations for the festival are steadily progressing.

The initial plan was to hold a festival for two days, but it has now been stretched onto four days. Their reason for that is due to the people’s request of wanting to see, not just one tournament, but other tournaments as well.

Certainly, the finals for the shogi and the martial arts tournaments take place at the same time in the same day, which is something sacrilegious in some sense.

Because of that, the schedule now is:


First day:

Opening ceremony

Baseball tournament (first match)


Second day:

Baseball tournament (including finals)

Shogi tournament (Preliminaries)


Third day:
Shogi tournament (Finals)

Martial Arts Tournament (Preliminaries)


Fourth day:

Martial arts tournament (including finals)

Closing ceremony


Something like that.

Even so, it would still be difficult for the participants of each tournament to visit the other venues if they win their matches.

In addition to that, other countries have applied for participation in this festival.

Our initial plan was to basically invite just the members of the East-West Alliance, but the Kingdom of Paluf isn’t our ally yet. Since that’s the case, how can we ignore other countries? It was then decided to send written invitations to the kings of countries whom we had contacted with before, just in case.

The said countries include Hanock, Ferzen, Lail, Zenoasu, and Elfrau.

As for Ishen, I sent a tentative invitation to Ieyasu Tokugawa-san since I really had not met their king (that is, the emperor). After all, Tokugawa-san is the ruler of Ishen in all but name.

Honestly speaking, I just sent those letters with a feeling that “It may turn into trouble if I don’t invite them.” They probably won’t come either way, but… I definitely didn’t expect that all of them would accept the invitation.


「They might very well be thinking that they may hurt Your Majesty’s mood if they refuse your invitation, in which you will then invade them with frame gears」(Nicola)


That is the input of one of the Vice-Commanders of our household, Nicola-san. You know I won’t do something like that, right?!

Moreover, those countries will even be sending their knights and martial artists to the martial arts tournament. All of them are referred by their respective kings, though it seems like the King of Ferzen himself plans to participate in the tournament.

Which reminds me, that person is an avid collector of weapons… He’s a muscle-brain. And that’s despite Ferzen being called the Kingdom of Magic. I wonder if it’s acceptable for him to have that kind of image.

However, this festival has turned into something outrageous… VIPs from all over the world are gathering en masse, aren’t they?

I am not very worried about security and other aspects related to it, but we most likely won’t be able to properly respond to individual quarrels between people as much as before.

For example, let’s assume that the Beast King of Misumido and the King of Ferzen bump to each other during the military arts tournament. It’s possible to assume that the defeated side will hold resentment towards the winners, regardless of the resentment coming from the person in question or their respective retainers.

Oh well. I think it’s pretty much impossible for them to fight if it’s those two people.

They are hiding their social standing during the tournaments, so their honor won’t be hurt even if they lose their match. Conversely speaking, they won’t gain any prestige even if they win the championship, it’s an arrangement with no downsides.

It might really be amusing to have the champion fight against Moroha-nee-san. Nah, I probably shouldn’t dampen their joy.

I really want this event to proceed without any trouble…




「The Demon King is coming…?」(Touya)

「Yaa, his entire face is unpleasant」(Sakura)


Sakura makes a sullen face, which is usual for her. C’mon, The Demon King would weep if he knew…

It seems their relationship as father and daughter is a one-way street as well.


「I have to warn my mother to hide…」(Sakura)

「No-no-no, I would probably feel pitiful for him if you do. You should meet with him」(Touya)



Sakura sips on her tea while pouting. Well, I myself believe that His Majesty The Demon King is tiresome, but I must make sure that I don’t pick a fight with him. He’s the typical case of a doting father (with limitations to his daughter only) after all.   


「On my side, Im fine with my elder brother coming, but my esteemed grandfather will be a cause of annoyance…」(Hilda)


Hilda sighs. Oh? So the old grandpa is coming as well? He’s a former adventurer with a gold rank, same as me.

Hmm. Won’t that perverted geezer be docile enough if I just show him a collection of gravure photos? He may actually be the one who’s easier to deal with of the two, in some sense.


「My elder brother will come as an escort to Ieyasu-sama. Im looking forward to his visit because it has been a long time since I last saw him」(Yae)


The one sitting on the opposite side and smiling is Yae. Her brother Juutarou-san won’t just be guarding Ieyasu-san, he must also be coming here in order to participate in the martial arts tournament. In addition to him, there will also apparently be several participants from Ishen.


「Really now. This festival is unexpectedly becoming something grand」(Touya)

「Isn’t it fine if we can enjoy it? Aah, Auntie Rana and Emma-nee-san will be coming as well」(Elzie)

「And what about your uncle?」(Touya)


Due to what Elzie has said, I recall their uncle who’s overly nervous of nobles.


「Our uncle won’t be coming. His soul might leave his body and not return the moment we summon him into somewhere grandiose like a castle」(Linzie)


I can fully agree with Linzie’s statement. She’s not wrong. If things don’t go well, he may all of sudden encounter the Monarch of Reefreez, his own king.

Speaking of which, things will get really hectic on the very day of the opening. Especially for me. How many “Gates” will have to open that day?

Oh well. It’s probably going to be alright since opening a “Gate” won’t even take more than a minute for one country as long as I get everyone to meet somewhere in advance (for the transfer).


The participants from East-West Alliance are:


■Belfast Kingdom

■Regulus Empire

■Reefreez Kingdom

■Misumido Kingdom

■Holy Kingdom Ramisshu

■Rodomea Federation

■Knight Kingdom Restia

■Rynie Kingdom


They amount to nine countries, including our own Brunhild.

The following countries aren’t members of the alliance, but we have acquaintances among the representatives of each of these counties, whom we associate with:


■Land of Gods Ishen

■Demon Kingdom Zenoasu

■Paluf Kingdom

■Magic Kingdom Ferzen

■Elfrau Kingdom

■Lail Kingdom

■Hanock Kingdom


Seven countries. And, the countries with whom we have no association with are:


■Igretto Kingdom

■Horn Kingdom

■Nokia Kingdom


Those three.

At present, this world consists of those 19 countries.

world map

There’s also the recently discovered Palerius island, and the tribes from Great Forest Sea, but those aren’t technically countries even if they look like one. Also, there are still people living in the now collapsed Yuuron and Sandora, but those regions don’t function as countries anymore.

Anyhow, representatives from almost all countries that inhabit this world will be gathering in this country. …… When I try to think about it again, this may indeed be a great deal, though it’s already too late to even consider that.

I won’t say anything as long as everyone can enjoy themselves.

With that in mind, should I just yell this one time in my mind?




The day of the festival has finally arrived.


Im transferring to the different countries that will be participating since morning and inviting our esteemed guests.

Those on the side of nobility and royalty are then released into the audience hall and their own rooms respectively inside the castle. Some of them are now pleasantly chatting with one another right away while others pass the time trying to get to know their new acquaintances.

They’ve already finished disguising themselves, so they appear at the glance like nothing but regular citizens. However, what seemingly makes them stand out, despite wearing plain clothes, is probably their inherent good upbringing. Something about the way they behave makes each one of them look good.


「Your Majesty The Dukedom King, will this badge work just by holding it?」(Ernest)


The Boy King of Paluf asks me while affixing his star-shaped badge, that has already been passed to him, on his chest. Right now, he isn’t dressed the way royalty does. Instead, he is in plain clothing. That, in turn, makes him look like a regular kid with regards to his appearance.


「Please pour just a little bit of your magic power into the star. Once you do, the magic stone inside will change its color from “Red” to “Yellow”. See? Your Majesty’s appearance will then change to a different person once that happens」(Touya)

「But Your Majesty The Dukedom King, it doesn’t look to me that Ernest has changed in any way…」(Lucienna)


Standing beside the boy king, his Princess Lucienna inclines her head while looking at her younger brother with a “yellow” star badge on his chest. Theres a similar star-shaped badge shining on her chest as well, but hers is still “Red”.


「Regardless of whether they’re activated or not, people with similar badges are exempted from their effects. It would’ve been impossible to identify who is who otherwise. You will understand what I meant if you try removing your badge and look at His Majesty again」(Touya)


Following what I’ve said, Princess becomes surprised at the sight of her younger brother after she has placed her badge on the table. He probably looks like a boy whom she has never seen before.

By the way, Im also wearing a badge, so everyone appears the same as usual to me.


「This star is also imbued with protective capabilities. Once you pour more magic than usual inside, the stone will change its color to “Blue”. If ever you are in danger when the badge is in that state, it will automatically transfer its wearer to his or her room if the amount of damage is more than a certain amount regardless of the weapon or method used. Please keep the star in a “Blue” state, and under no circumstance should you remove it during the festival」(Touya)


Of course, the same badges have been given to the guards bought by each head of state. Though if they end up keeping the badge in aBlue” state, they will inadvertently be transported the moment they receive damage. That’s why they keep it in a “Yellow” state in case there are multiple assailants.

Those entering the martial arts tournament like the Beast King of Misumido are asked to keep theirs in a “Blue” state outside of matches. There are no matches today so it doesn’t really matter though. Actually, there is no need for people who don’t have that much of a social standing like Lyon-san or Juutarou-san to conceal themselves, but I still gave them their badges since it would be inconvenient for them not to be able to discern some people from others.


「In addition to that, please take this one along with you」(Touya)


I then call upon a white puppy from a summoning circle. I’m not giving them smartphones, so I’ve decided to attach a summoned beast as a follower to the heads of states which aren’t members of the East-West Alliance.


「If anything happens, touch this guy and talk to him. That way, you will be able to contact me. He himself is considerably powerful, so he will also act as your guard」(Touya)

「Thank you very much! Waa, it’s so cuute」(Ernest)


The King of Paluf squats and brushes the puppy’s head, to which the puppy narrows its eyes and wags its tail in apparent delight. Although I’ve said that it’s a dog, it’s actually a wolf. It’s a child of a Sunora Wolf which lives in snowfields.

The one watching this cub with interest from across the room since a while ago is none other than Rachel, the daughter of Duke Rembrandt. It seems like she wants to play with the puppy like the King of Paluf does, but it looks like she doesn’t want to come because of me. Good grief. She has completely grown to treat me as someone she cant deal with, hasn’t she?

I then express my thanks and leave the group of people from Paluf, which the girl immediately reacts to. She goes to where the boy king is and starts brushing the puppy. Seems I was right, huh?

Well then, it appears I’ve finished explaining everything to the kings here. There are some who have returned to their rooms, but everyone looks like they are quite enjoying their discussions. After all, they now have an opportunity to talk to the influential people of countries whom they rarely associate with.

Having entrusted this place to Yumina and Luu, I transfer to “Silver Moon” in the castle town where the other guests are gathering.

As I enter the large dining hall of the inn, I notice the figures of Elzie and Linzie among those who’re already eating their breakfast.

Sitting next to the two are their Aunt Rana and her children. There are seven people in total including the eldest Emma-san, who is older than me. The whole family — with the exception of the eldest son, who has already become independent — are having breakfast together.


「Oh, Touya. Is everything in the castle finished?」(Elzie)

「For the time being, I guess. How about here?」(Touya)

「Well, somewhat. People here don’t travel incognito after all」(Elzie)


I exchange a few words with Elzie and then greet both Aunt Rana-san and Emma-san.

Aside from them, there are also people from Leaflet in this dining hall, like Balar-san from the weapon shop and Simon-san from the second-hand shop. I also greet and wave them.

We’ve instructed the invitees that we will handle their hotel charges and meal costs. The same goes for “Silver Moon”, they are providing guests with particularly nice rooms.


「Speaking of which, I don’t see Doran-san anywhere. Did something happen? 」(Touya)

「You see, Doran-san has ended up helping Mika-san in the kitchen. The inn is fully booked due to the festival, so they seem to be understaffed」(Linzie)


So explains Linzie. Oops! Looks like the troubles happen even in a place like this. It probably means that the second inn may be busy as well.

For the sake of clarity, the “Silver Moon” here in Brunhild is a branch store, and theres nothing wrong with Doran-san helping out since he’s technically the owner of the “Head Office”.


「Remind me, at what hour does the festival start?」(Elzie)

It starts at eight, which is about an hour or so from now. Once we broadcast a light greeting, we will do a few sham-battles at the northern grand training field. I guess we’re going to make it showy right from the start」(Touya)

「At the grand training field, you mean you are going to use frame gears?」(Elzie)


The northern grand training field is different from the one inside the castle that is used by our knights, this spacious training field is separated from the castle down a bit and is used exclusively for frame gears. Only authorized people are allowed access there because that place is dangerous, not because it has secrets in it.

Theres a powerful barrier installed on the grounds, which is capable of preventing any damage from spilling outside. If Im to be asked why it’s installed, we won’t be able to ensure the safety of people in there otherwise since we also conduct experiments with magic and bullets that tend to fly everywhere.

In the first place, frame gears are big by themselves, which makes them visible from outside of the training field, so we can’t do anything secretive there.

It appears a crowd tends to gather outside of the training field during training hours. Turns out that watching those battles is an amusement for the townspeople. That’s why it has been decided that we would conduct a proper event this time.


「Afterwards, we will do the first round of matches of the first baseball tournament. Each of the two stadiums will be holding two games, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. We are doing four matches just for today. Those games will decide the teams that will advance into the matches tomorrow」(Touya)

「Have the opponents already been decided?」(Linzie)

「Not yet. We will do it with an impartial lottery」(Touya)


There are only eight teams in total, so it won’t even take much of a time. In fact, the selection in itself is one of the events for this festival.

Our Brunhild team is led by Logan-san from the knight order as the captain, but its strength is frankly questionable. It’s neither tremendously strong nor it’s weak, but I can say that our team has plenty of chances to win depending on their opponent. Nevertheless, itll be fine if they can just keep at it and enjoy the games.

After this, I give several discount coupons to Aunt Rana and her children as presents. Those coupons are limited to street stalls in Brunhild and give a half-price reduction. Then, I transfer to the school located in the castle town.


「Uoo! What the hell ?!」(Touya)


I falter a bit at the sight of a crowd of cats assembled in rows on the campus. Three-colored, spotted, black, white, tiger-striped. Cats of various lineages are all looking at Nyantaro, who himself is standing on a box of tangerines and is raising his sword to the sky.


「My friends! Today is our big day to shine~nya! It’s no exaggeration to say that the peace of this town is hanging on us on this very day~nya! Each of you, get psyched and patrol the streets ~nya! 」(Nyantaro)


「Should you find a suspicious person, observe them thoroughly~nya! If anything happens, immediately rush to the guard stations and lead them to the place~nya!」(Nyantaro)


「A cat for the sake of person! A person for the sake of cat! Oh my elite troops, a glory awaits you at the end of your duty ~nya! A katsuobushi for each, specifically speaking ~nya! Go then now ~nya! 」(Nyantaro)

『Nya-a-a ! ! !』


Simultaneously, the cats run off toward the town. His leadership is amazing as always… It’s almost too good to be wasted on cats. Looks like the power of katsuobushi is somewhat increasing.


「Ooh, if it isn’t His Majesty. Are you here on inspection ~nya?」(Nyantaro)

「Well, something like that. Though it looks like theres no need for me to worry」(Touya)

「Naturally! Both the safety of the town and the princess’s mother during the festival will be kept by this Nyantaro… damn it! This D’artagnan ~nya!」(Nyantaro)


Looks like he’s getting his name wrong on his own already. Oh well, both names are fine, but… that’s right, I have to warn him.


「I believe the Demon King of Zenoasu will be visiting Fiana-san…」(Touya)

「I’ve already heard about it from the princess ~nya. She doesn’t mind if I kill him should he behave insolently in front of her mother-sama ~nya…」(Nyantaro)

「That’s dangerous!」(Touya)


It will certainly turn into an international problem! Has Sakura still not forgiven him!? Even if he isn’t the demon king, the damage he’ll receive because of how his own daughter treats him will be huge. I feel pity for him.

For the time being, I have Nyantaro just put an end on killing and ask him to keep himself to the role of a bodyguard.

Once this is done, I receive an email from Professor Babylon on my smartphone, so I decide to return to the castle. Looks like the preparations are in order.

Upon my return, a full force of the summoned beasts — Kohaku, Kougyoku, Sango, Kokuyou, and Ruli — greet me.


『Lord, our dependents will also be assigned to guard duty and the observation of the streets』(Kohaku)

「Okay. Let me know if something happens」(Touya)


Animals like dogs and mices from Kohaku, small birds from Kougyoku, tiny snakes for the likes from Sango and Kokuyou will be keeping an eye on protecting the town. As expected. Theres no way we can call upon Ruli’s dependents, the dragons, so she will be observing the town from the skies. That way it would be immediately obvious to her if theres an uproar.

As I arrive at the castle gates, I notice a group from Ramisshu along with Her Eminence sallying forth into town. Looks like some foreign countries are already in town, huh?

As Her Eminence notices me, she comes up to me while being accompanied by a priest. Hmm? If I am not mistaken, this is Phyllis-san, right?

She became a cardinal after those past events, if I remember correctly. Aside from me, shes the first person who had ever meet Kami-sama. Even so, the last person is Her Eminence.

Both of them adorn the aforementioned star-shaped badges. Alright! They are keeping theirs in the “Blue” state.


「Y-Your Majesty The Dukedom King. Won’t you happen to know when “That person” would be coming?」(Elias)


“That person” is the term Her Eminence uses for Kami-sama… The World God. When I tell her that hes going to descend, she panics quite a bit. Even so, it looks like she has managed to somewhat calm herself down. She’s still not completely calm though. Oh well. I can’t do anything about that.


「I think he won’t be coming today at least. He contacted me yesterday, so he should be here from tomorrow onwards. Please be relieved. I will properly contact you when he arrives」(Touya)

「H-He remembers me, right…?」(Phyllis)


Looking worried, Phyllis-san addresses me.


「Everything will be alright ~nanoyo. The world god hasn’t grown senile yet, you know ~nanoyo? 」(???)

「Waa! You’ve surprised me! I’ve already told you not to appear all of sudden, haven’t I?!」(Touya)


Towards Phyllis-san’s inquiry, Karen-nee-san suddenly replies from behind my back. Good grief! She really has a literal knack to appear unexpectedly!


「Ill be opening a love consultation office in the church as well today ~noyo. Ill thoroughly settle every single query ~noyo. I’ve been itching to put my skills to use ~noyo!」(Karen)


Hmmm. Her proposition should be something good, but why do I feel uneasy when she speaks like that? I would really like her not to cause any strange uproar.


「Well then, it’s time for us three to go to the front, ~noyo! The lost lambs are waiting for us ~noyo!」(Karen)

「Ah! W-wait for us! Karen-sama! please!」(Elias)

「I-I am sorry, Your Majesty! See you later!」(Phyllis)


Pulling the hands of those two, Karen-nee-san starts walking to town. Their guarding knights then start chasing the trio in hot haste. Although I’ve a feeling that theres nothing to be sorry for, I probably shouldn’t be worried about that group as long as Karen-nee-san is with them.

After that, several groups have walked to the castle town. I guess it’s about time to start.

Once the clocktower in the center of town strikes eight o’clock, a great number of fireworks are launched into the sky from Babylon.

Along with that, Sousuke-nii-san begins playing violin, producing a tune with a high volume from the clocktower.

Music by Edward Elgar, Pomp and Circumstance Marches.

This melody, called as such in Japan, is apparently called the Land of Hope and Glory” in the United Kingdom. It’s loved so much that it’s even called “The Second national anthem of Great Britain”, but it’s strange for this music to be played in a different world.

As for me, I include in it my wish for Brunhild to become a “Land of Hope and Glory”. As such, I go up to the microphone thats connected to the speakers of the clocktower and declare the opening of the festival.

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