Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 1 – Scared

Arc 1 – Lost

Ch. 1 – Scared

I adored them.

Their heroic feats were nothing short of amazing and inspiring. They smiled in front of gigantic threats and saved countless lives along with their companions.

Those companions stood beside them pridefully. From titanic draconian creatures to the enthralling fantastic fairies – They were Beasts, creatures with enough power to challenge an entire troop of soldiers.

Those heroic people were the revered Beast Knights, respected all over the territory of Brynfelt.

And I wanted to become like them: to help those in need, to smile in front of peerless enemies while brandishing an unwavering sword and commanding a powerful and mighty Beast.

But it wouldn’t be simple. It never is.

“Look at that loser. Dreaming about the impossible!”

I couldn’t help it. Dreaming is part of humanity, so why am I being bashed for it? What part of me is so different from the rest?

“Pfft! Haven’t you heard? Even after finding out that he was one of the majority without a Crest, he kept on talking back to the doctor!”

Oh yeah… I forgot that I have no Magical Crest, the single most important requirement to become a Beast Knight. How stupid of me.

I sighed.

However, can’t I just keep admiring them? Is it wrong for me to keep doing so?

“Why doesn’t he grow up? Isn’t he tired of being so childish?”

Okay, I get it! But I am a child. A 13-year old one at that.

Clearing away those thoughts with a sigh, I walked through the lively streets, noticing the colorful melting pot of people, ranging from the small, yet strong dwarves, to the diverse demi-humans. Brynfelt was truly a peaceful kingdom for the multi-racial crowd.

The birds chirped peacefully, touching with their bare wings the pristine cerulean sky. The Sun warmly welcomed whoever it saw in a hug whilst I happily smiled at the younger children running around, playing.

Surely, this is a peaceful village. There isn’t much action regarding any of the recent incidents I’ve been mentioned about. It’s not like they are common anyway.

I smiled whilst glancing around.

Again, I love this place. It’s just so peaceful and loving. Surely, nothing could go wrong here – is what I would say if I didn’t know any better. Everyone knows that this phrase is the invitation for trouble.

I won’t risk saying it. Don’t wanna die, thank you.

I took another turn towards my objective. My mom told me to fetch some fresh apples from my grandpa’s house.

I know the way from home to there like I know the numbers of fingers I have on my hands… Was it nine?

I’m joking, I’m joking…

“Oops!” I bumped into someone by accident while taking a turn.

“Be careful of where you’re going, mist- Kyel! It’s nice to see ya!” An old voice reached my ears.

“Grandpa!” I hugged him tightly.

Grandpa was like a second father to me. He often played with me and taught me random things. They weren’t useful, but they sure were fun to learn. I mean, it isn’t every day that you see someone capable of imitating birds.

“Oho~ You’re getting bigger!”

“Yeah! I’ll get twice as big as you when I grow up!” I triumphantly smiled, only to receive an onslaught of hair ruffling from the old man.

“Sure you are!”

After that heartwarming reunion, I told him that I had to pick up those fresh apples that my mother had requested, or rather, demanded me to get. You don’t want to know what my mom looks like when angered. Worse than a certain red-haired woman.

So I decided to survive for another day and comply.

“I have to get some things with my friend so I’ll give ya the keys and you get the succulent stuff.” He tossed me the keys to his house.

“Thanks, grandpa!” And with a salute, my old man left.

After taking turn after turn, and with a smile on my face, I arrived at his house.

It was a small shuttle, albeit one being really cared for. Its wooden parts were solidly placed and, while old, they could live more than what you’d expect.

Sadly, it was only my grandpa that lived there. His wife, my grandma, had died years ago due to a sickness. They said that she had passed away in her sleep… I can only wish for that to be true and hope that she had a peaceful passing.

Shaking my head and those sad reflections away, I grabbed the keys and approached the house.

However, the rustling of the leaves suddenly alarmed me – it wasn’t windy that day. I swiftly looked around, only to find the slightest indication of movement in one of the bushes.

I approached it like any other dumb person would do.

The rustling stopped and so did I. My saliva was stuck in my throat. I was scared to the bone, afraid of what may come.

I mean, it could be just a bunny or a cute little puppy…

Or a 10ft tall lion-like creature with protruding dark horns and blood-red eyes, oozing saliva from its mouth like he saw its food… Oh crap.

Be careful with the recent Beast Onslaughts. A purple-ish, root-like structure would be implanted onto its body and, like a mindless creature, the Beast would kill whatever it found first.

I remembered those words as my eyes wandered to the creature’s body. It had a root-like complex structure on its skin, coming from its back to its head.

And at that moment, I couldn’t cope with my mother’s demand. I had to run away.

With the small strength I could muster, I kicked the ground and ran in the opposite direction to the beast – the forest.

That giant creature’s steps hammered my ears, reminding me that I had to run away from those bloodshot eyes. The leaves crunching below my feet were a sign that I wasn’t inside the village anymore, though I couldn’t do anything about it. That beast blocked my way to the population.

The forest was complex like a maze. The trees weren’t aligned properly like the houses of people or the friendly roads that crossed the village.

Impetuously unpredictable, they made sure that even if I escaped from the beast’s claws, I’d get lost in the immense greenery.

I couldn’t think more about those things as I reached a moon-shaped rock formation. It blocked my way out and put me in a situation in which I couldn’t go through the sides. I desperately searched through those boulders and, sure enough, found a hole in which I could get through.

However, the only problem was the fact that I couldn’t get there without scaling that dangerous wall.

Before I could further plan out my escape, a gruesome roar pierced my ears, stiffening my muscles with pure dread.

In my 13 years of life, I have never felt so much pressure, not even from my mom. It was suffocating – I felt like I was being swallowed by sand and, afterwards, stepped on by a griffin.

But I had to move. I had to take a step in order to live. I couldn’t afford to let my mom, dad, and siblings to mourn my death.

I knew firsthand from my grandma’s passing that it was the worst thing to feel; the world crumbled around you as your own emotions suffocated what remained.

With that newfound drive in mind, I moved. The world felt like it was in slow-motion, and I could only hear the sound of the bumps of my heart against my ribcage.

With a strength that you wouldn’t expect from a 13-year-old, I grabbed the nearest rock and pulled myself up. I could hear the ground shaking with the creature’s steps but I couldn’t let that get over my head.

Rock after rock, I climbed those boulders. My objective was right in front of me – that cave entrance was the key to my survival. I had to move on; move forward.

With one final push, I stood atop a bigger boulder, right in front of that cave entrance. I was ready to escape—


That announced the beast’s next step. With one quick thud, it kicked the ground and reached my level. I couldn’t think quickly enough as the beast clawed at my back. I fell forward, onto a hole on the ground that I didn’t see beforehand.

I was scared.

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