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Chapter 98

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In Lux’s match, the elf surrendered fairly soon.
She tried to play her harp, but it had no effect on Lux whatsoever.
The elf quickly announced her surrender to the referee upon realizing that.
Apparently, the 【Sound Magic】 she employed wasn’t that versatile.

“The next match will be against Hibiki.” (Lux)

Lux said when he returned. His eyes sparkled like a kid.
As for me, I didn’t really care about the next match. I was saving my power for taking the third place.

“Go easy on me.” (Hibiki)

I replied to end that topic.

“Hey, I heard something, I want to ask you.” (Elf)

“Eh?” (Lux)

“What is it?” (Hibiki)

I forgot to mention that the elf who surrendered that match just now was also here.

“What was the magic used earlier in a while ago? What is magic?” (The magic you used earlier, what kind of magic was that?) (Elf)
(TL: the horrible translation is deliberate. The one inside “ ” is what Lux is hearing, while the one in ( ) is what Hibiki heard)

Lux was unusually dismayed.

“Suddenly. Do you think it will be easy to talk to a strange person?” (Elf)

“If it is money of a monetary crowd of a human being, if you have a few, I have a little.” (If it’s human money that you want, then I have some here, you can have it) (Elf)

“Hibiki, can you understand what she’s saying!?” (Lux)

“I can hear her speaking, but I can’t understand her at all.” (Lux)

“I know that she’s speaking in our language, but it’s hard to understand.” (Hibiki)

She’s speaking like a machine translator. The grammar and everything else was all over the place. (TL: hence why her lines are translated that way xp)

“What is the matter, what did you do? How much should I pay?” (Is there a problem? How much should I pay?) (Elf)

Lux seemed quite confused.
Anyways, let’s try talking to the elf.

“A~, a~, the weather is fine today, the-weather-is-fine-today. How about that?” (Hibiki)

She seemed to understand.

“Pardon, I have not talked with a human since a long time ago.” (Elf)

The elf slightly lowered her head.
Apparently, she was talking using the Elven language just now.
The Elven language, was a combination of sound and magic. The sound coming out from their mouth was actually produced through magic, and thus could be meaningful in a way.
Because I’ve mastered every magic, I can understand what Brigitte was saying. Because Lux had not been taught about sound magic and its derivative the Elven language, it was hard for him to understand. (EN: Why does Hibiki know her name before she even introduced herself?)

“I, am Brigitte the minstrel. I participated in this tournament to earn some money for my travels.” (Brigitte)

That’s why she didn’t push herself too hard in the previous match. She then said with a smile.

“You, produced a strange noise during the qualifiers, didn’t you? I, have been watching you since then.” (Brigitte)

The strange noise she meant, it should be the demon whistle.
It appeared that the elf could hear its sound.

“And then, I also heard a sound I’ve never heard before in your previous match.” (Brigitte)

I simply acted like a pro upon hearing her curiosity.

“Both are secret techniques, I can’t teach you about them.” (Brigitte)

If it was about the flute then I’d tell her with the right price, but I doubt that someone who participated in this tournament to earn some money would have enough to pay for it.
Brigitte looked saddened for a short while, but quickly regained her smile.

“That’s right, but I still want to know about it. That’s why, I will stay around you for a while.” (Brigitte)

“That’s a hassle.” (Hibiki)

Even so, Brigitte took out some coins and put them in my palm.

“The expense for being a hassle!!” (Brigitte)

In my palm, were several silver coins. Apparently, this was all she had.

“This isn’t enough.” (Hibiki)

I returned the coins to Brigitte’s hand.
I still have two matches at most, or one at minimum. If this girl stuck around me all the time, I won’t be able to prepare freely.

“I’ll make do somehow!! I’ll even give you the prize money I got.” (Brigitte)

“Isn’t that the expenses for your travel?” (Hibiki)

“That’s right, but I can surely earn it again another way.” (Brigitte)

Elves don’t seem to be obsessed over human money.

“In any case, I still have some matches left so I can’t teach you right away.” (Hibiki)

“Then you will teach me after the tournament is over?” (Brigitte)

“I will, I guess.” (Hibiki)

“Thank you!! I will come again once the tournament is over!!” (Brigitte)

Brigitte went off in such a rush.

“What’s with that fellow?” (Lux)

“No idea?” (Hibiki)

In the third match, it was Mr. X versus Ayla.

Mr. X held her whip, inviting Ayla to attack.
Ayla chose to save her energy by staying just out of reach from that whip.

At the beginning the crowds were cheering loudly, but later on, even the ‘Commentators’ were too mesmerized to even commentate on the match.

Ayla moved the other way. Then headed straight toward Irene at maximum speed.
Irene cracked her whip following Ayla’s movement trajectory in contrast.
A sound of whip crack later, their positions had been switched.

Irene’s hood was torn apart, revealing her good looking face.
As for Ayla, some scales on her stomach were torn off revealing smooth skin, but she was okay otherwise.
Apparently, both of them managed to land a good hit on each other.
The difference in damage, came from their weapon of choice.
Star sword, was only good at slashing in the end.
Meanwhile, Irene’s whip has the 【Dragon Slaying】 property on it.
That why the scales were torn off when the whip touched it.

[Wha-what the, Mr. X, and the Dragon Knight, both of them are actually women, women!!] (Commentator)

The commentator was excited at this development.

[Here is the new information regarding Mister X. Apparently participant Mister X, is the chamberlain of Shakunetsu Ryu-sama, who is currently sitting in the noble guest seats. But, as expected of Shakunetsu Ryu-sama. Even the chamberlain is this strong.]

Irene stared towards Selva in the noble guest seats. The latter sat while scrunching her body inwards, trying to not be seen.
Irene sighed, and tossed away her robe.
The maid appearance was revealed, ooh, everyone was cheering.

Meanwhile, Ayla who had finished recovering her armor confronted Irene once more.

“Let’s not continue this fight among our same dragon kind.” (Irene)

Irene dropped her whip and announced her surrender.

[Somehow, Mr. X chose to surrender. The damage caused by the Dragon Knight seems to be more severe than it seems.] (Commentator)

[No, please look carefully. The armor of the Dragon Knight, it’s already completely recovered. I guess that’s the reason why she surrendered?] (Commentator)

The live commentators started to share their own theory regarding the match. The referee announced Ayla’s victory.

“It’s lacking excitement even if it’s the quarter final match.” (Hibiki)

“Hibiki’s match was flashier.” (Lux)

So far, it’s the only match where the participants actually fought until one was defeated.

“The next one will definitely be flashy.” (Hibiki)

Fourth match, the Amazoness vs Musclehead Demon.
The demon hadn’t received any damage from fighting the swordsman so far.
How would Ms. Amazoness who’s also a sword user fight it?

“Uryaーーーーー” (Amazoness)

She fought by swinging her sword as usual.

“No, she can’t win with just that.” (Hibiki)

I instinctively calculated.

“Kuh!?” (musclehead demon)

However, the musclehead demon actually chose to evade her attacks. So far it has been accepting all kinds of sword attacks with just its proud muscles.

“Her sword, it’s somewhat glittering?” (Lux)

After Lux said that I looked at the stats of that sword.


Demon Slaying Sword (Replica)

【Light of the Heart(Faint Light)】

Consumes stamina to imbue 【Light Magic】 to the sword (small effect).


Apparently, it’s a replica of a holy sword.
Although it was a blunt sword without any fancy decorations, it still did its job.
The demon avoided it due to the 【Light Magic】 it carries.
【Light Magic】 is very effective against demons after all.

However, the situation was quickly turned around.
At first, the demon was afraid of the effects of the 【Light of the Heart】 effect, but upon noticing that the effect was small, he brazenly stopped the attack.
White smoke rose from the place where the sword hit the musclehead demon, but it was still alright.
Meanwhile Ms. Amazoness’ stamina consumption became apparent as time went by.

Apparently, everytime the sword hit the demon, some of it crumbled away.
【Light Magic】 and 【Dark Magic】 have an opposing nature to each other, with the one with the stronger capacity being able to win.
Since the demon slaying sword originally consumed both magical and physical power, Ms. Amazoness who lacked magical power quickly depleted her physical power.
The sword being a mere replica also affected the efficiency of the conversion, resulting in exhaustion.

“Fuhn!!” (musclehead demon)

The musclehead demon threw a powerful fist.

“Guh!” (Amazoness)

Ms. Amazoness managed to block the blow with her sword somehow.
However, she was thrown out of the arena and couldn’t get back up due to exhaustion, thus she was announced as the loser.

[At last, the best 4 has been decided. The semi-finals will now begin!!] (Commentator)

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