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Chapter 96


“[No.15]!! What’s with that match just now!?” (vulgar man)

That vulgar man who harrassed Leelan after the first round approached with a reddened face.
Leelan immediately hid herself behind me.

“What, you!?” (vulgar man)

Naturally, I confronted that vulgar man.

“Ah~, the girl is no longer willing to, so why don’t you stop already?” (Hibiki)

It was a hassle but it couldn’t be helped. I needed to make an enemy out of him.

“Shut up!! I AM her owner!!” (Hibiki)

Leelan was not a slave. The vulgar man was silenced when I pointed that out.
Anything would do, even when he squealed “Uguu”, I wouldn’t stop since he was not cute at all.

“And you, you are a church official, aren’t you? What will they do if they found out that you treated a girl like that?” (Hibiki)

I went even further. I tried to provoke the church official, and the effect was huge.

“Wha-what the hell!? I-I don’t know. I don’t know anything about this!!” (vulgar man/church official)

He left the waiting room after he said that. It was like he was saying “That’s it!” with his attitude.
The crisis had been averted for now. However, it won’t be for long.
We needed to be ready to raid the facility where Sai found Para.

Sai had brought the goblin escort to keep watch around the facility.
Even as we spoke, they were wandering around, wearing the [Goblin Transport] uniforms and carrying around an advertising signboard.
They didn’t feel uncomfortable since they were already used to doing advertisement while walking on the road after the previous request.
Children treated them as some sort of mascot and they reacted in kind with a smile.
The goblins were ordered to only take note if there were any big enough “movements”.
If the “movement” was done during the daytime, it shouldn’t be so easy to do since the facility was reasonably big in terms of size.

But first, let’s continue with the second round matches.
Second round, third match.

Lux VS Beastman Martial Artist.
Dancing through Lux’s fierce sword attacks, the martial artist managed to enter his ideal range.

For a few minutes in the beginning, the martial artist put on some pressure.
However, the situation was reversed when Lux threw away his sword and fought bare handed.
The martial artist was actually being overwhelmed by the fighting style he should have been the most familiar with.

It was probably because the number of strikes were beyond what the martial artist could handle.
In other words, the martial artist’ skill and technique may be superior.
But Lux bridged those gaps with the speed of his attacks, and had even surpassed it.
[Fierce Sword] turned into [Fierce Fist].
It completely overwhelmed the martial artist’ guard, the speed of the moves tore down the technique he used to guard against it.

The battle between [Human] VS [Beast] lasted a fair bit longer.

“This guy is amazing. He’s incredibly strong even when fighting barehanded.” (Hibiki)

The martial artist raised his arms up, breathing heavily.

The raised arms were bleeding all over the place.

Lux tried to talk to the martial artist. But the martial artist shook his head.
The referee rushed over, and announced the victor.

“Winner, Hylux Braveheart.” (referee)

Apparently, the talk was about recommendation to surrender the match.
He was a strong but gentle hearted man after all.

“I’m back, eh, is it just me or have you got along really well with that girl already?” (Lux)

That was what Lux first said when he returned.

“Welcome back, that was an amazing fight.” (Hibiki)

“Your fight was more surprising than mine.” (Lux)

What surprised Lux the most was how close I was with Leelan now.
At the moment, the girl was sitting on my lap watching the match from the waiting room.
She seemed to be having fun, bouncing her body back and forth, swinging her legs up and down, laughing cheerfully.

Thanks to that, I had to secure her position with my hands around her belly so that she wouldn’t fall off.

“Is there something strange?” (Hibiki)

Since Leelan was a girl, if I raised the position of my hands even a bit higher, I would end up in that place.
Therefore, I kept my hands still around Leelan’s waist.

“Well, I guess it’s fine. She has a nice smile.” (Lux)

Lux was convinced and didn’t pry any further, instead choosing to watch the next match.

Fourth match.
It was the match of the Elven Bard against Royal Guard A.

Did they get discouraged by the first round, since the live commentator was so silent.
The elf started to play the harp.
Having learnt from the first round, the royal guard A seemed to have put on earplugs and kept on attacking while ignoring the music.

The elf didn’t panic, and continued to defend against the royal guard A with a dagger.
The intense clashes went on for a while, until the royal guard A found an opening and pushed the elf down. The royal guard A then proceed to mount the elf.
The elf tried to escape by pushing the harp against the royal guard’s face. No, that’s only what it looked like.
In the next moment, the elf plucked the harp’s string and began to play right in the royal guard A’s face.
It sounded like broken up melodies that could barely be said to be a performance, but it was still enough to induce the royal guard A to sleep.
And then the elf laid on her back just like that with the royal guard A sleeping on top.

“Eh? The royal guard is wearing earplugs, isn’t he? Then why did he still fall asleep?” (Lux)

“That’s, I guess she used the harp to conduct it through the bone.” (Hibiki)

My guess was that the elf used the royal guard A’s face to send the harp’s vibrations directly to his brain.
Lux seemed to be clueless still? Scratching my head, I suppose I should just explain it.

“Cover your ears.” (Hibiki)

Lux obediently covered his ears. Leelan who was sitting on my lap also did the same.

“A—-” (Hibiki)

I opened my mouth and let out a sound. I signaled them with my gaze to imitate me, and they both began to say “a—”.

“A——-” (Lux)

“A——-” (Leelan)

For some reason the two of them were competing.
The result was Lux’s win. Honestly, I felt that it was childish.

“Even though your ears are covered you can still hear your own voice, right? The vibration from your voice goes to your brain by vibrating through your skull.” (Hibiki)

“I see.” (Lux)

“Big bro, you are so knowledgeable.” (Hibiki)

While the two were admiring me, the fifth match had begun.
Mister X VS Male Centaur.

The result was, Mister X won.
Horse and whip, the compatibility couldn’t be any better than that.

Sixth match.
Female Centaur VS Ayla

The female centaur immediately kneeled on the ground just like the wyvern from Ayla’s previous match.

“I-I need to look after my beloved husband!!” (female centaur)

I expected that she would have given up at the very beginning, but it seemed that surrendering immediately was not allowed in the rules.
It was a measure to prevent the standard of the tournament from going down.
But you still could do something equivalent to “I want to surrender”, or so I thought.

Seventh match.
Male Slave Warrior VS Female Slave Warrior

Of course I was rooting for the amazoness to win.
The match was full of dodges.
Morning star and claymore. Both were weapons that could decide the fight in a single blow.
The amazoness won the match without any visible tension.

The morning star man was by no means inferior to the amazoness.
The reason why he was defeated, was because he was a man.

The amazoness entered the battle wearing bikini-like leather armor.
On top of that, she was actually strong enough to wield a claymore.
Although she was quite tall for a woman, her body was curved in the right places, but tight and strong in the remaining due to her training as a warrior.

In short, he was mesmerized by the two melons bouncing in front of him as they moved around the arena.
Even though he was a trained warrior, there was still the fact that he was a slave that normally had a hard time getting the opportunity to deal with his sexual desire.
Nonetheless, he had a satisfied look on his face.

Eighth match.
Renown swordsman VS Muscle head Demon.

Learning that shallow slashes wouldn’t work from the previous match, the swordsman rushed at the demon as soon as the match began.
The demon was going to try to receive the sword attack, but refrained from doing so after noticing something.
Apparently, taking a sword slash to the belly was too dangerous even for a demon.

The swordsman grinned, despite having his attack avoided. Judging from the evasion, he judged that the attack would be effective.
The swordsman kept rushing in repeatedly.
This repeated until the fifth time. The demon let the sword pierce its shoulder and went for a tackling move.
The sword greatly bent, and finally broke in the middle.
The swordsman had a stunned look on his face before he fell prey to the musclehead demon’s tackle and got blown away outside the stage.
The demon casually picked out the leftover tip of the sword that was still lodged in its shoulder and went down the stage proudly.

And with that, we got the best 8.
Anyone could win the tournament.

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