Takami no Kago ch.94

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Chapter 94

“Overwhelming” was probably the word to describe Lux’s match.
It was also a swordsman VS magician match just like the previous match but the difference in power was too severe.
The moment the magician began to retreat to make some distance, her body was already blown several metres away.

“Eh!?” (referee)

The referee who saw that happen couldn’t hide his surprised look.
Before anyone noticed, Lux had already swung his sword sideways.
The magician still survived perhaps thanks to some defensive item she had prepared in advance.

“Cough, cough” (magician)

The magician stood up while holding her stomach.
That’s probably where Lux’s attack had landed.

“So, do you still want to continue? You have no more defensive items left, right?” (Lux)

Scarily, Lux seemed to attack while taking into account that his opponent was bringing a defensive item.
The magician surrendered while her body was still trembling.

[Th-the match has ended in such a short duration. What strength! This is the [Fierce Blade] Lux!!] (announcer)

The cheers were slightly delayed following that report.

Lux!! Lux!! Lux!!

He was really famous.

“I’m back.” (Lux)

The aforementioned person nonchalantly returned back to the waiting room.

“The girl just now. Didn’t she seem weird?” (Lux)

The girl he was referring to was the [Sickly Girl] who fought before Lux’s match.
Her body was frighteningly pale, with surgery marks all over the place. Just like a frankenstein.
However, what Lux meant by “weird” wasn’t her outer appearance.

“Somehow, her presence flickers about like a ghost. Also, sometime ago I actually sensed the signs of two people coming from her.” (Lux)

That’s right, I’ve even tried to read her status, but I was “not able to read” it.
Rather than not being able to see it, it was “not able to read”.

According to Lux, it was because the status of those two people overlapped with each other, making it so it cannot be read properly.
The only small bit that I could read was that she had both【Fire Magic】and【Ice Magic】.

In any case, it was said that she was one of the “exempt from the preliminaries group”. When her match was over, a man approached her while laughing indecently.
A girl and a vulgar middle-aged man.
In spite of the fact that his act could be easily considered as a crime, the man started to brazenly grope the girl’s body without any restraint.
The girl’s face distorted a little, but otherwise she didn’t do anything nor did she utter a single word. I could almost tell that there was a look of resignation there on her face.

I was glad that Lux wasn’t there. As a man of honor and justice, he wouldn’t let that off so easily.

“Yosh, apparently you still have it in you.” (vulgar man)

The man muttered in satisfaction as he loosened his hand.
But before the girl could relax, the man’s hand already groped heavily on her well-developed breast.
The girl stared at the man with despise despite her trembling body due to the intermittent stimulus.

“What’s the matter? Could it be, that you are starting to feel it?” (vulgar man)

The girl’s pale skin turned reddish.

“Hmph, what a whore.” (vulgar man)

His hand didn’t stop even as he spoke. Unable to endure much longer, a groaning sound started to leak out from the girl’s mouth.
However, the next moment cheering filled the venue and Lux was returning to the waiting room.
It seemed that the man had deemed that more attention would be gathered in the waiting room, thus he dragged the girl out.
That was my next opponent. My first encounter with the [Sickly Girl].


Now the tournament was on its sixth match.
Coattail-Riding Knight VS Kenpo Artist.
At first glance, it seemed that the knight was in an advantageous position thanks to his sword, but it turned out that the numerous techniques delivered by the monkey beastman opponent’s long limbs were too much for the knight to handle.

“Wa-wait, who do you think I am, gubaa.” (knight)

The moment the knight opened his big mouth, he ended up with a mouth full of cuts seconds later.
Unable to endure the pain, the knight chose to surrender. But since he couldn’t speak because his mouth was full of blood, he proceeded to flee from the ring instead.
Being a fine person, the Kenpo Artist gave a victory bow before leaving the arena.

“That attack was weird. The fist still connected despite being blocked by the sword?” (Hibiki)

“That’s right, we’ll have to be careful.” (Lux)

Lux calmly analyzed his next opponent. He never got careless or frustrated, did he?
The coat-tail riding knight should take some lessons from him.

The next match was, Swordsman VS Elf.

Certainly my knowledge about this other world was shallow, but Lux didn’t seem to have ever seen an elf before.
The elves on this world seemed to look down on other races, the “high and proud” type.
Looking only from appearance, she seemed delicate and intelligent, had the long distinctive ears, and seemed to be a minstrel. She brought with her what appeared to be a harp.
Well then, I wonder how she’ll fight?

Almost simultaneously with the beginning of the next match, something was thrown to the spot where the announcer was. It looked to be like a ball of smoke.
The elf began playing her harp while the noise of the announcer’s play-by-play was interrupted. Apparently, the announcer’s voice was a hindrance.
The male opponent gave up after a while.
I judged that it was because of the 【Sound Magic】 she had and the effect of 【Emotion Amplification】 from her harp.

In the next match, the Royal Guard A had a triumphant victory.
Well, I’d say it was because of the difference in equipment quality.

Next, Mr. X would make his appearance, whose real identity was the maid Irene.
Although she was fighting while wearing a long robe that also covered her face, she was still strong.

The wolf beastman who had shown brilliant movement was overwhelmed by her magnificent handling of the whip.

Both of the centaur pairs managed to pass the first round.
Royal Guard B who lost to the male centaur, said “He’s just a horse, how come he’s allowed to compete!!” after the match, which sparked the justice within Lux.

What happened to that guy afterwards, nobody knows.

Well another of my people, the dragon knight Ayla, settled her match too quickly.
Her opponent was a monster tamer too, a [Wyvern Tamer] to be exact, which their number in this kingdom could be counted with both hands.
A [Wyvern Tamer] made use of the powerful race of wyverns, and seemed to be elites that were trained to be the country’s dragon riders.
They fight almost like a dragon knight, but used a wyvern instead.
At least that’s what the live commentary said.

Against such a supposedly strong opponent, the result had been decided by the time Ayla and Ruby used 【Unificator】 on the wyvern.
To other’s eyes, it seemed that Ayla had used a skill to slow movement, but what followed was that the wyvern shook away its rider and took a submissive position by showing its belly to Ayla.

[Did the wyvern just take a submissive position? A-as expected of a dragon warrior.] (announcer)

Selva, who sat on the seats prepared for the nobles, showed an unusually amazed face.

The next match was the Slave Warrior VS Warrior, the last normal match for today.
The slave warrior swung his morning star-like weapon, full of spirit.
He seemed to be one of the star competitors from the “exempt from the preliminaries group”.
Just as the match began the ordinary person tried to surrender, but he received a direct blow from the spiked iron ball on the abdomen, throwing him off the arena, and the match ended.
Apparently, that strike took his life, thus his life really just ended like that.
He was probably the first victim of this tournament.
Such a thing wouldn’t have happened if he had surrendered in the preliminaries.

There were three other matches for the first round.

Royal Guard VS Slave Warrior♀️.
As it turned out, the female slave warrior hailed from the so-called female tribe, the Amazons.
When she first went out to town, she was deceived and turned into a slave before she knew it.
From hearsay, she would be released from slavery if she won the tournament.
And by the way, she would be sold to another master if she lost.
She told all that to me while we were standing by in the waiting room.
In short, she would be released if she won. I understood that much.
Hang in there!! Amazoness!!
As a result of the cheering, the Amazoness returned with victory.
It was perhaps her luck that her opponent, the royal guard, was an orthodox warrior.
They were competing fairly with each of their swordsmanship.

2 more matches.
Swordsman VS Swordsman.
One was the renowned swordsman who had conquered a national competition.
The other was an adventurer who relied on his sword to make a living.

Although it was a fierce match full of sparks, the renowned swordsman was victorious in the end.
The overwhelming cheers might’ve pushed him forward.
Or perhaps, it might just be his strength that resulted in victory.

And finally, the last match.
In a sense, this will be the match that took up my attention the most.
[Traditional Hero] VS Musclehead Demon

The [Traditional Hero] delivered a stream of continuous strikes, and all of them hit its target.
However, the Musclehead Demon didn’t seem to feel pain, and it didn’t seem to have any wounds.

“Is that it? Well, whatever.” (demon)

He tried to block the arm that seemed to sway casually towards him, but his sword broke, and he was blown out of the arena. The broken sword actually pierced his own body.
Although he wasn’t stabbed by the piece of sword, the sword had clearly sunk into his stomach.
What kind of power was that?

The tournament was already full of surprises from the first round. Who will acquire the laurels of victory in the end?

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