Takami no Kago ch.91

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Chapter 91

“Well then, what to do?” (Hibiki)

Fortunately, the demon was a distance away so there’s no need to settle it right away.


With a bold shout someone slashed at me from behind, but I was able to dodge due to【Mind’s Eye】.

“Not half bad, I’m Alend. My name is fairly famous in this city…” (Alend)

I shot Frey’s favorite rubber bullet to his chin and made him faint since he was being too noisy about various things.
Of course, since I threw the bullet with 【Mental Force Magic】 instead of using my hand, it probably won’t be noticed.
In this battle royal, you wouldn’t get disqualified unless you fell off the ring onto the ground below.
I mean, the referee cannot call out one-by-one for this free-for-all battle.

Therefore there was only one rule. The winner would be the last man standing. That was quite a savage rule.
So the adventurer I knocked down just now hadn’t been disqualified yet.

“Eh? This guy might have been used?” (Hibiki)

While I was wondering about that, yet another adventurer came at me.


It was also a rear attack. But this time I tossed the man around by his sword arm. Adventurer B was struck against the stone ring and fainted.

“Oi oi, why are the adventurers only aiming at me?” (Hibiki)

I looked around at the still ongoing battles.
There were white-hot battles between those who were experienced in combat and there were one-sided battles like that of an adventurer versus an ordinary person.
Also, those guys who took advantage of people who were full of openings were everywhere.
Nevertheless, I had been attacked from the rear twice already. Perhaps this is…

“Oi, if you take another step, I’m gonna have you spend the rest of your life crawling on the ground by cutting the tendons on both your hands and feet.” (Hibiki)


A third one came while I had been thinking. But my warning stopped him before he could even attack.

“So? Why are you guys targeting me?” (Hibiki)

Anyways, this third guy was a man that looked to be an ordinary person. No, as far as his attitude was concerned, he was definitely a genuine ordinary person.
The hand holding his sword was trembling. His face was also ghastly pale and he was sweating bullets.
When I heard about the situation, someone had apparently requested them to attack me. Half of the reward was paid in advance. If they managed to injure me, it seems they would be paid the other half.
The one who requested it was an ‘Elegant Man in a Robe’.

“Is it that guy?” (Hibiki)

According to the third man, it was to confirm the spots for the powerful people who had been determined to participant in the main battle.
The man nodded his head in a whir. As I thought, this appeared to be the work of the [Gale Hero].

“Is that so, that means you guys are merely victims.” (Hibiki)

The guy greatly shook his head up and down again.

“Alright, then do you see that fat guy over there? Go knock him down instead of me. If you do we’ll be even.” (Hibiki)

I used 【Healing Magic】 and 【Light Magic】 on the two men who had fainted on the floor.
Much like 【Dark Magic】, 【Light Magic】 was also a magic that affected the mind of its target.
The effect was seemingly able to amplify the hate towards demons and thus improving the target’s capability against them.
That was what I found out while watching Tiger’s [Divine Protection of Selection Priest].
Now, these three people seemed to have the status effect of 【Light Attribute】.
I wonder if it can be called being intoxicated by 【Light Magic】.

“Now, with this you are ‘Heroes’ who fear nothing. Over there is a demon in disguise who will threaten the life of the people if left alone. Reveal his true identity with this [Demon Killer Drug].” (Hibiki)

It would be quite difficult to battle a demon who has disguised itself as an ordinary person.
Of course, since this was a battle royal, there won’t be any problem with the rule, just that actively hitting an ordinary person would immediately leave a bad image.
Though having a poor image was also unpleasant, it would be awkward to be remembered as such due to that.
But I didn’t mind seeing those people end up with bad names.

“Defeat the demon!!” (Adventurer A)

“Defeat the demon!!” (Adventurer B)

I also chose to use 【Light Magic】 on the dumbfounded third guy, and made him into a [Warrior of Light].

“Now, go!! Defeat that demon you guys!!” (Hibiki)

The adventurers were in the late lv 20’s. While the ordinary man was lv 10.
No matter how much they were bathed with 【Light Magic】, it would still be impossible for them to defeat a demon.
But even so, if the battle that I have them doing becomes known, it was still possible to defeat the demon with only covering fire.
If it was still impossible, although it may show only the worst of their true colors, I would freely have them use the [Demon Killer Drug].

Adventurer A slashed at the demon. But the old man managed to avoid the attack by a hair’s breadth.
Adventurer B slashed as well. Losing his footing, the old man was forced to tumble on the ring to avoid the attack.
Soon after, the third guy with the [Demon Killer Drug] jumped in. Once the old man was dashed with the [Demon Killer Drug], changes started to occur.
The old man writhed in the rising white smoke. The two adventurers didn’t care and swung their swords at the rolling old man.
As for me, I kept casting 【Light Magic】 from a distance at the old man who tried to get up several times to no avail.
The 【Light Magic】 caused the man who had been affected by the [Demon Killer Drug] to collapse as if he was ‘dead’ with white smoke rising from him.

“This is just stupid.” (Hibiki)

As I muttered that, the corpse disappeared.

“Now, your next job is to standby outside of the ring.” (Hibiki)

The ‘Instant Heroes’ obediently jumped out of the ring.
The effect of the 【Light Magic】 will disappear by itself after a while.
I decided to focus on my own battle.

There were four people left, including me.
Everyone seemed to be an adventurer. They were in a standoff, mutually restraining each other.

“My, this is troublesome.” (Hibiki)

Like before. I pointed my 【Light Magic】 directly like a laser pointer at the huge guy in front of me.

“Uh, what’s this!?” (huge guy)

The huge guy was forced to close his eyes. The light armored swordsman and the club wielding beast warrior who were standing beside him quickly took this chance.

“Ugyaa” (huge guy)

The amount was shortly reduced to three. The swordsman and the beast warrior quickly fell into a scuffle between themselves.
It became a standoff once more.
Since there was no other choice, I took out the demon flute from my breastpocket and blew it.
At that moment, the ears of every animal on the plaza turned towards the ring. The beast warrior was the most affected among them all.

“Growl!!” (beast warrior)

It lost its calmness, and started to watch its surroundings in alert.
I kept blowing on the flute while keeping it hidden in my palm.

“Oooooooooーーー” (beast warrior)

When it began to howl, the swordsman quickly attacked the beast warrior from the back and eliminated it from the match.

At last it become a one on one fight.

The swordsman held his sword with two hands, being wary of me.
I approached him as if it was nothing.
He tried to intercept with his sword in a moment of frustration, but it was too late.
I deflected his sword with mine, and quickly pressed my sword against his neck.

“I-I submit.” (swordsman)

The swordsman raised his hands up and released the grip on his sword.
With this, it has been decided that I will advance to the main battle.


One word to describe Ayla’s match was ‘amazing’.
Almost all the participants attacked the [Dragon Knight] at the same time the starting bell sounded, everyone aiming for the Star Sword.
Although she was being surrounded, it wasn’t much of a problem at all. It only meant that they could all be eliminated at once.
Although she got scratched a little due to a magic attack, [Scales of a Burning Dragon] allowed her to survive without injury.
Again, even without Ruby, it was fairly easy for Ayla to win.
As expected from our ace.
Meanwhile, Selva was unexpectedly there on the VIP audience seat to watch the match.
Because in this country, the treatment of the burning dragons were close to that of divine gods.

“Ah, hey.” (Selva)

It seemed that the stupid Selva noticed me just now. Anyways, I’ll just pretend not to notice her for now.
Because I don’t want anyone to know that I am an acquaintance of the Burning Dragon.
Ayla waving at her wasn’t really a problem.
Since it was not weird for a dragon knight to know a dragon.

“Selva-dono. Do you know that person?”

It seemed that someone from the royal family, who was also sitting on the VIP seats, became interested.

“Eh? A-ah, yeah. That’s right.” (Selva)

“Ho, that person seems to be a mysterious warrior, but what kind of person is he?” (royal)

After a short while, she finally realized the meaning of my attitude just now.

“Aah~, it’s a secret.” (Selva)

“Is that so?” (royal)

The royal finally lost interest and didn’t investigate further.
They were more nervous about the match.

“Now, we will announce the matchups for the main battle!!” (announcer)

About an hour after the qualification matches were over, the main tournament was finally announced.

“Well then, who will be my opponent?” (Hibiki)

I just hope that I don’t have to take on Lux in the first round.

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