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Chapter 109

Just as decided in the meeting last night, the investigation began today.

First of all the 『Mad Bull』 Jim.
Gina was chosen to investigate him.
Case on point, I don’t know how well Gina will handle this.
Anyways, Gina was to apply to join Jim’s party and to confirm whether Jim was the real culprit or not.
Since Gina is a newcomer in the city, it’s OK for her to apply to any party she wants.
And the result of her investigation is,

[That guy Jim is definitely strong. But he’s not good at using his head]

He’s good at headbutt though, she added later.
The information from Zir’s ghost was quite similar. This fellow is the 『Hit first think later』 type.
However, it’s possible that he’s just pretending to be like that. So we’ll keep investigating him for the time being.

[Now what should I do this time?]

Gina is also the type that moves first then think later, but at least she’s not stupid.
As long as given a firm order, she’d act accordingly to the order.
But once she’s confused on what to do next, she’d rely on her bodily instinct.

Perhaps she’ll be suitable for taking command in the frontline? Most likely, she’d do well when taking command of the goblin army.
For now, I instructed Gina to spy on the subject as close as possible.

Investigating John fell into the hands of Centaurs couple.
Shiron simply went directly to mingle with the stray folks to hear about John.

[We’re persecuted race even among the demihumans. Because those stray folks also couldn’t get along with other humans, people like us tend to flock into this place]

He had to leave Horon because he needed to do this alone.
Horon did not stay idle as well.
She organized the information that Shiron brought in and instructed Shiron on what information they’d need next to ensure the authenticity.

The scope and speed of Shiron’s information gathering is truly superb. Is it because he’s a centaur?
And Horon’s information processing is impressive. Could it be that these two had been doing this before in order to make a living?

[This man named John is very cautious. He would let his aides handle all the important matters. He himself never made any appearance.]

Apparently, John was originally a citizen of this city. Perhaps his name got mixed up in the midst of the turmoil that the Alchemist guild is in.
I told Shiron and Horon not to go too deep into it but still resumed the investigation.

[As I expected, it’s harder than I thought]

[I know right?]

I had to ask Sai to investigate 『Slaughterer Zero』.
Originally I was going to ask Brigit, but she’s not motivated at all. So ended up asking Sai for help.

『Slaughterer Zero』 seemed to regularly visit the adventurers guild to deliver a vast amount of materials.
He repeatedly submitted items of unknown origin and laughed it off when someone asked him the source.

[Honestly, I don’t want to be involved with that guy]

I told Sai that it’s alright if she didn’t want to, but this is still a job. She strangely showed a good amount of motivation regardless.
Sai is the type that mingles with people very easily.
If she were to command a troop, she’ll surely stand out quite well.

Well then, we’ve done some light investigation on all three of them.

[The most probably is Zero. John is the second, while Jim doesn’t seem like it?]

There is a possibility that the mysterious materials in Zero’s large delivery were smuggled goods.
John is the kind of leader that rarely shows himself, while Jim is actually a caring uncle despite his rash and reckless attitude.

[Aa, speaking of uncle]

[Oh, it just crossed my mind]

The last time I visited the adventurers guild, Stu’s uncle didn’t seem to be doing well.

[Uncle, I’m back. Can I sit here?]

[Go ahead]

[Eh? Are you feeling bad or something?]

That rotten faced uncle was drinking a lot during the day, just as usual.

[I won’t be able to drink again. Hunting has become harder, and the price keeps rising, which makes me losing money even faster]

Uncle started to weep and cry. He also hard tapped my shoulder repeatedly.

[This is a serious matter]

Since I don’t have much choice, I decided to buy him some more sake.
Once he started drinking, uncle started to sing around, showing that his mood has somewhat brightened up.

[I am here~♪ an adventurer~♪ going east to the west to make a livin’ better~♪]

It’s a special sounding song alright.

[Dug a treasure in the east~♪ relaxing with a friend on the west~♪ ]

What a chorus. When I look closely, he wasn’t the only adventurer in the mood to drink during the day.

[Why are there many of them?]

There shouldn’t be very little who would want to spend their time drinking during the day.
However, the tavern is actually as busy as after the sunset.

[You failed in your hunt, you said?]

The uncle mumbled as he gulped down the content of his glass.

[When I thought that I’ve captured it, it suddenly sprang up and escaped]

I tried asking the other adventurers and they gave me similar answers.
Apparently, every time they caught a monster, it always suddenly released itself and escaped.
Returning to the village, I talked to some vampires who make a living as adventurers.

[It’s true that there has been a lot of misses lately]

The vampire adventurers leader, Vergord, told me.

[As strange as it is, it causes damage to some individuals since by failing their hunt, they won’t be able to afford some of their necessities]

Vergord’s answer was still a bit vague.

So I decided to check it for myself. Ayla joined me during this little trip.
Amy was busy doing what an alchemist usually do. Probably working in her room alongside the 『Book of Wisdom』
Zir found this troublesome, she merely transferred the command of some of her ghosts to me and returned back to sleep.
I can also use 【Spirit Magic】, so I can control any ghosts or skeletons that Zir summoned.

It’s been a while since I last hunted on the 『Monster Wilderness』, so I really looked forward to it.

[It’s been a while, right, Ayla?]

[Pardon me. It’s been almost 2 years since then, dear husband]

Seemed like she’s excited from being able to spend time with me.
Meanwhile, Ruby lightly poked on Ayla’s leg.

[Sorry, I didn’t forget about Ruby]

Apparently Ruby was complaining because it thought that Ayla is going to go without it.
Thus Ayla took Ruby up and cradled it in her arms.

When I invited Ayla to go to the 『Monster Wilderness』, she was at the barn with the monsters.
As for the sharp wolves pair Luo and Duo, they’re resting on the barn.
To be exact, it was Luo who needed rest, while Duo refused to leave her alone.

Yes, Luo was pregnant.

After returning from the labyrinth, Luo’s condition strangely deteriorates, and Duo becoming more aggressive while around her. After some examination, we confirmed that Luo’s strange condition was due to 【pregnancy】.
Actually, 【pregnancy】 can hardly be considered a strange condition, but it is what it is.
When I heard about this 【pregnancy】, I immediately went to see Luo’s condition. But Lux came soon afterwards, so I had no choice but to leave her under the care of the goblin caretaker.

When I returned from the tournament at Welburg, I was touched to see four new cute wolf pups have been born.
I became interested in breeding monsters, so I consulted this with Amy.

[We should end the talking here. Some of them are coming fast from the front. They’re coming straight to us, I can smell them already.]

Ayla and Ruby immediately sprang into action. I drew out the star sword and love katana while firing some fireballs.
What appeared was the 2 meters long 『Rapid Lizards』. Its meat is pale-coloured and tastes a bit like fish.
Its biggest characteristic is the front kicking while balancing on its tail, just like a kangaroo. Of course, the power far surpassed a regular kangaroo.
If hit squarely, the kick is strong enough to burst through some armours.


Avoiding the fireball, the middle one suddenly launched a front kick, which I evaded. As I moved, I also swung my swords at it.
Although I managed to inflict a deep cut, it still managed to move away for a while.
But it’s been incapacitated already. 3 left to go.
Ayla overwhelmed the two lizards and pinned them in place. While Ruby was eating the third one.
2 left to go.

Ruby and I immediately went to support Ayla to finish off the remaining 2. Then proceeded to check the surroundings if there was a leak.

[Uーn, that went without a hitch]

The mysterious phenomenon did not appear this time. Only 『Rapid Lizard’s Thigh』 remained.

[Guess it doesn’t happen all the time?]

Ayla responded while picking up the meat.
I thought that might be the case, but after spending the entire day hunting, the strange phenomenon never occurred to us.
So I decided to return to the village and enjoyed a bath with Ayla.

[Let me rub your back]

Ayla was in an extremely good mood. I would be noisy if I were to ask why she’s so chipper today.

I immersed myself in the bathtub while facing Ayla. We remained silent, but it’s not the awkward kind of silence.
The comfortable silence went on for a while. When I noticed, Ayla had already snuggled up to me.
It reminds me of our first time. Our lips naturally met.

[Onii-chan, I’m back~♪]

Leelan suddenly jumped in between us. As for the kiss… well, that was too bad.

[Leelan, I told you to wash up first before entering the bathtub.]

Ayla began to take care of Leelan without any sign of displeasure.
While talking amicably, Ayla washed Leelan’s body. Every time the still sensitive scar was touched, she would wiggle away with a giggle.
After washing up swiftly, all three of us got into the bathtub.

[Onii-chan, where have you been?]

[Monster hunting in the nearby wilderness.]

[Next time please bring Leelan along!!]

There should be no problem considering Leelan’s ability. We could always run away if it gets too dangerous.

[We’re not playing around there, Leelan should grow up first if you want to go]


Ayla comforted her when she’s sulking from being treated like a child.
Since Leelan had gotten out shortly after, Ayla decided to go out as well.
As for me, I decided to stay for a while.

When I left the bathroom, I found that Ayla was nearby, apparently talking to someone.

[Did Ayla-dono just enjoy a bath with Master?]

[Yes, the hot water is really nice. Go ahead, Gina]

She seemed to be talking to Gina. However, Gina’s face was filled with worries over something.

[Can I really enjoy the hot water bath too?]

[Here, why not?]

Actually, any villager with a humanoid body also can take a bath here too.

[Can a slave really take a bath in the same room used by her master?]

[Sure, didn’t I tell you just now?]

[I see, then I’ll go later tonight]

She seemed to misunderstand something. Well, she might have heard about my reputation as the 『Annihilation』 back at Welburg.
And recently she just moved into a village where various races including even lizardmen live together without much moderation involved.

[Do you hate being held by your master?]

Ayla asked without any intention to solve the misunderstanding.

[No, on the contrary. Master is kind and strong. It’s an unexpected joy to me that Master bought me in the first place. If anything, I’m more worried about not being able to please him properly]

It seems that she got embarrassed because it would be her first time. Gina answered with a blushed face.

[It’ll be alright. My husband 『is not gentle while in bed』]

[Is that so? Un? So it’s alright to be a bit rough?]

[Yes. If anything, just consider it as an extra enjoyment]

Ayla replied with a smile. Gina didn’t seem to completely get it, but she thanked Ayla nonetheless before leaving.

[So that’s why, my dear husband, please take care of Gina tonight]

Looks like she’s aware that I was eavesdropping. After giving her a reply, we walked side by side to the dining hall.
Unlike Amy, Ayla didn’t show any hesitation at all.

[Of course. Gina has already become our family member.]

Ayla actually replied, which made me wonder if I just thought that out loud
After having dinner and relaxing alone in my room, knock knock, I heard someone knocking on the door.
When I opened the door, it was Gina who looked extremely nervous.

[To, to, tonight, will you, have me? I’m grateful to be showered by your boundless love, ermm, what was the next part again~]

I didn’t know that Gina could be this cute.
Without much thought, I hugged and stroked her head.

[Ma, Master, I, haven’t even greeted you properly]

I was amused with little resistance Gina gave to my advances.

[What’s wrong?]

[No, just that, it’s the first time for me to be with a man. It’s an all-new experience to me]

[I see, then you should get used to it because you’ll experience it more often from now on.]

[Mo, more often!?]

I sealed her lips with mine so that she stopped talking, and pushed her with my weight to seal off her movement.
And thus, Gina became a woman of my family that night.
Needless to say, from that day onward I began seeing Ayla and the other teaching various ‘things’ to Gina.

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