Takami no Kago ch.100

Chapter 100!!

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Chapter 100

Moving my body, I took a forward tilt posture.
Lux readied his sword and looked at the situation.

 Accelerating with 【Wind Magic】, I went straight towards Lux.
It was to engage in close combat that I’ve been avoiding up until now.
I used 【Fire Magic】 to cover my sword, as some sort of counter against “Fierce Blade”.
Adjusting the timing of activation to Lux’s reaction, I might be able to avoid “Fierce Blade” if he didn’t see the sword coming.

I swung my sword sideways with the rushing momentum.
Lux also swung his sword accordingly.

When our swords clashed, the fire swirling around my sword was erased in a blink of an eye.
But that was all. My planning had paid off well.
Pushing my body and sword without losing momentum, I clashed head on with Lux’s sword.
The metal objects had collided with each other several times already.

Although it was just a gamble, I found that “Fierce Blade” had an interval in between activations.
By the way, with proper focus, “Fierce Blade” could also be activated twice in a row without any noticeable interval.

In that case, let’s not waste more time.
I kept swinging at Lux’s sword.
The “Fierce Blade” didn’t seem to be activated at the moment.
His sword swaying, Lux lost his composure somewhat.

Even so, when I aimed at that opening to shoot fire bullets, he was still able to nullify it with “Fierce Blade”.

The objective behind me shooting those fire bullets was actually to make Lux’s sword preoccupied.

“Haaaーー” (Lux)

Lux swung his sword from that messy stance.

Sword clashed with sword, emitting sparks.
However, the swords slipped off each other by 10 cm due to the liquid on my sword.
Lux suddenly pulled his sword back and broke away from the melee.

“Uwaa” (Lux)

Using 【Water Magic】, I had made my sword very slippery by coating it with mucus.
Lux was about to topple towards me due to that mucus.

And at that time, I slammed a “headbutt” onto Lux’s forehead.

“It huuurts.” (Lux)

With a dull thud, the sword in Lux’s hand fell onto the floor while Lux held his forehead in pain with both of his hands.
Maybe because I have a rock hard head, or because I hit at the right angle, that actually dealt some amount of damage.

“Alright, this is it!!” (Hibiki)

We are even with this.

“What the!?” (Hibiki)

With teary eyes, Lux looked up to me and let out a roar that was very rare for him to do.

“That does it, Hibiki.” (Lux)

As if he had released his limiter, the current Lux let out a pressure not unlike that of a beast.
However, if looking at the situation, he lost his sword already and was still suffering from a sore forehead.
There was nothing I should be afraid of.

“Since it has come to this, let me show you my ‘trump card’.” (Lux)

While saying so, Lux took out something from his chest pocket.
What is this, he’s full of openings.
Here’s my chance!!
I immediately shot a fire bullet.

“Uh, hey, hold it!?” (Lux)

Lux genuinely looked surprised, but kept going regardless.
Using “Fierce Fist” on his fists, he punched the fire bullets to nothingness.

“Hibiki!! I’m trying to use my ‘trump card’ here, you know!?” (Lux)

“Yeah, I can’t just let you become even stronger, so I’ll keep interrupting you.” (Hibiki)

“Ehh!?” (Lux)

I kept shooting fire bullets without regards to the booing from the audience seats.
Although I couldn’t score a direct hit, his reach became shorter without his sword, thus I was able to delay him.
The audiences were shouting “Referee, stop it”, but he couldn’t since what I did wasn’t violating the rules and cannot be considered as cheating.
Even back on my own world, when someone was injured, there was an eight count rest in boxing, or they could even be taken out of the field immediately if it was soccer.

Moreover, even as he kept deflecting my attacks, Lux continued to prepare for whatever he had kept in his chest pocket as fast as he could.
It would be weird if I had to just stare and do nothing while this guy was powering up. (EN: Dragon Ball should take some lessons from this lol)

“Haaaーーー” (Lux)

In the end, Lux managed to activate his power up without taking any direct hits.
Lux’s whole body was shining with light.
Judging from how the fire bullets were disappearing upon contact with his body, the light seemed to have the same properties as “Fierce Blade”.

“Really, you are truly surprising. Hibiki.” (Lux)

Lux was saying “good grief” while shrugging his shoulders.
Regaining his lost calmness once more.

“Now then, it’s my turn!!” (Lux)

Motivated by Lux’s action, I also planned to reveal my “trump card”.

“It’s not like I have to keep up appearances, right?” (Hibiki)

Before Lux could charge towards me, I calmly said…

“Referee, I surrender.” (Hibiki)

“Eh!?” (referee)

Both the referee and Lux said that in unison.
This was my “trump card”. Making use of the rules to my benefit.

And with that, our match closed its curtain.

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