A Tail’s Misfortune — Chapter Thirty Two: Game Changer

Diane swore harshly as she briskly walked through the halls.  I cannot believe I was so blind … everything was a lie!  To think I aided in the raising of a demon, and a Duke at that!  How will this change the world power structure? The Senator has been confined to his quarters, locked behind some form of demonic seal … I knew I should have investigated Ainmire’s long lifespan more thoroughly…

She took a deep breath to calm herself.  Where has Ranglor been in all this mess?  He vanished shortly after we started our prep work for the arena … he could help me destroy all this Eye business.  She slowed.  Should I though?  Perhaps it could be used against Bathin?  Would it affect him? The way he acted … it might.  It’s so dangerous though … Ranglor would do it.

Her feet stopped, staring blankly ahead.  Wait … could he be doing something with the Eye?  It would be like him to run an experiment. Cursing, she brought out her tablet and gained access to his system files with her clearance.  Her throat constricted as she saw several logs posted. Activating the first, she listened:


The Eye Experiment, log one; I’m dubbing this series The Eye Experiment.  Upon sight of this visual virus, subjects experience sudden fear; a massive spike in adrenaline follows with heart rates ranging between two-hundred and two-forty.  After a time, the heart rate begins to drop noticeably. Subjects then experience a mass of psychological changes; screaming for aid while smiling in absolute serenity.

Subjects can only describe this Eye if it is obscured within sections; if not viewed in partial, the subject will experience a form of total paralysis within all functions, including bodily.  It is always a single eye, never plural; it has purple, red, and black within it. There is a purple pattern inside a black sclera that some have described as indented within the screen or bulging to envelop them.  This purple alternates in complex designs that move around the outer blackened area and could not be explained before fading; I suspect it is the cause for this paralysis effect, broken if interfering with the pattern.

Many of these subjects were of the Germanic werewolf hybrid class.   The results may vary with human subjects as the high stress might cause cardiac arrest without the werewolf strand’s strengthening of the body.  It might also change since the Germanic werewolf virus could conflict with the visual virus, further testing required. I will continue the study at a later time.


Diane bit her lower lip as she activated the next recording:


The Eye Experiment, log two.  I have set up an experimentation room on floor seven with several colleagues I trust; with me are Doctors, Jenis, C. Smith, Olive, Pecker, and Shovel.  For safety reasons, we will be only lifestreaming audio to other research parties observing. If the video recording proves safe, I will send the results to each of those that request it.

We were able to administer sedatives to a few of the remaining werewolves that broke free and have moved them into the room with care.  We’ve also managed to apprehend a Wolfwere that was trying to escape, which will be the main subject of the planned operation, subject name, Devin.

Doctor Shovel has proposed a fascinating test to see if this virus can affect a patient that has had an infected organ surgically implanted.  Diane will be brought into the circle when the surgery is complete for an evaluation. We will be using a werewolf subject as the donor; infecting it moments before the surgery.  Proper high resistant restraints and sedatives have been prepared beforehand. We will be adding a layer of the infected werewolf’s skin around the infected eye before extraction, as a precaution, and if Devin is sane, and safety permits, we may remove it with care.


Face ashen, Diane ran to the room they were using.  You never knew when to let it rest!  Even I would not do something this reckless.  If the demon finds out what he’s doing … could I be added as an accomplice with Ranglor mentioning my name?  You fool!

She burst through the doors, rage twisting her face.  “Ranglor, cease this…” Her throat caught as she stepped into a pool of gore.  Organs and blood coating everything as dozens of body parts littered the space, werewolf, and human.  Sitting on a table with thick broken straps sat a teen. He looked at her with a blank stare, his left eye was open, but showed skin covering his organ.

“Diane … why do I see everything?  What are they … change, shift, molt, devour, search, search, search, hate, love, peace, chaos, Sora … why look at Sora?  She runs, spite, death, life, revolution, destruction, creation, all, I see, all! Make it stop!” He screamed, twisting a severed arm, skin ripping.  “Truth, fear, horror, equity, ecstasy, agency, consume, all! They’re originating … they’re arriving … they’re moving!” His face darted to her. “We’re coming.”

Diane’s legs collapsed.  Her wards were torn to pieces as a force expelled from the boy’s concealed left eye.  Hands, countless hands, formless, reaching for her, caressing her, loving her, ripping her apart, rebuilding her.

She blinked, looking down with confusion.  “What…” Her body began to tremble as she noticed bare feet in front of her, soaked in red.

“Diane, I see the design.  I see you. You’re so small, fragile, a speck.”  She didn’t dare look at him. “I see … there’s so much.  Benjamin, a pawn, moved on strings of delicate silk. Bathin, desperate, war is on the horizon.”  She flinched as his hand flexed several times along her scalp, hair tingling. “Yes, you are needed, Diane.  I need you to fix me.”


* * *


Bathin snarled as he glared up at the ceiling; he sat in a comfortable chair in Gerard’s old office.  So many unexpected events.  Fleurety won’t be pleased. There was so much riding on that girl … we could have conquered half the realm with that one deal.

Several hours had passed since the Vulpes had escaped the base.  He glanced down at the savage burns and rips in his flesh that were still healing; he brooded darkly.  Why would the wolf remain and fight?  Why stay until I gather enough energy to throw him into the first layer of Hell.  Even at his most powerful, enhanced by the Herald, he could not hope to defeat me … why sacrifice himself?  This must have been plotted by her.

What are the chances of me meeting Githa, of all Nekomata, here, right when it was within my grasp?  The Firebird … he must be of Homā. He’s too dangerous to let live, but the curse is something I’d rather stay away from.  I could have a subordinate wait to hunt him … how did they get into the Vulpes’ dimension so swiftly? Was there always a portal this close?  I need a new plan.

A curious grin split his lips as a spiritual presence entered his radius.  “Bathin, it’s been a while. Imagine my surprise when I felt you nearby.”

Bathin chuckled darkly.  “It has been quite some time.  I’ve heard of the troubles you’ve been causing Inari.  I wouldn’t expect you to be operating so … openly. She’s had it out for your head for ages.”

“I’ve caught wind of some Myōbu that will be dropping in to see you.”

Bathin’s grin expanded, knowing where he was going with the conversation.  “This will be fun; this could work out in both our favors. So many interesting things happening, just when I get back to earth.”



This is the end of book two. Sora is a BIG BIG part of the next book, as you might be able to tell, from how this book ended. Book two needed to happen, and all the events in it. I guess this book is best described as a transitionary novel. It sets the stage for a great many things and opens up the world a ton compared to the first book.

Sora has gained the experience and abilities of at least a six-tails within two weeks (600-700 years worth of power), able to use every Vulpes magic, no matter the race. Many things with Vulpes culture has been explained, and a plethora of plots are at work. I’m glad you all followed this far. Thank you all!

It will be a few weeks until I finish writing the third book, so stay with me! I’m able to release so fast because I write out the novel first; then I tweak and add what I want as I edit. I also need to finish updating The Helena Chronicles. It’s about five chapters to completing the first book … then I need to write book two for that as well…

Thanks for everything you guys do! ^_^7

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