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Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 9 – Hiding

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 9 – Hiding     The ceiling rumbled. Something attacked the cave from above. Somehow, that thing found a way to the cave that covered the library. Maybe tunnels that led to the ceiling existed? I couldn’t know that, nor if the layer of pointy rocks and gems would keep

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 8 – The library

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 8 – The library     “Whoa! A library!” I couldn’t believe what my eyes were witnessing. A real library in the wilderness; inside an isolated cave in the middle of nowhere. My eyes kept dancing across the newfound room. The floor was easier to walk on. The previously dangerous

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 6 – Nightmare

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 6 – Nightmare     This place is nauseating. The repetition is annoying me. My stomach won’t stop grumbling. I want to go home… My head was flooded with thoughts akin to those during the hours of restless walking. It was still uncanny to me how I was able to

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 5 – Fire

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 5 – Fire     My eyes darted around the rocky room from left to right, seeking for whoever had saved us from the immediate peril of the Minotaur. The place I found myself in was a gigantic underground dome of rocks. There were multiple entrances here and there, there

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 4 – Run!

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 4 – Run!     I held the little cub in my hands. His meek little self was pitifully holding onto me, searching for any comfort that he could get. Holding him was something painful to do. My arms were burnt with the heat that he emanated. The clawing that

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 3 – Let me help you

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 3 – Let me help you Splat! While my sweat trickled down on my cheek, I suddenly arose from my deep slumber. My body, albeit sluggish, could move properly. For a moment, I was dazed. I couldn’t accurately piece together whatever may have happened to me. All I noticed then

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 2 – Tender Glow

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 2 – Tender Glow I was scared. The Beast’s claws pierced my back with utmost ease just like it had done multiple times in the past. Something warm oozed out of those recently-made gashes. But that didn’t matter at the moment. I had neither ground below my feet nor any

Talentless Beast Knight: Arc 1, Ch. 1 – Scared

Arc 1 – Lost Ch. 1 – Scared I adored them. Their heroic feats were nothing short of amazing and inspiring. They smiled in front of gigantic threats and saved countless lives along with their companions. Those companions stood beside them pridefully. From titanic draconian creatures to the enthralling fantastic fairies – They were Beasts,