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RTD Story 19.0

Hi everyone, this is Fairy again who have graduated from his uni recently in June. Now, Fairy is called Fairy with a Masters Degree. Translations should be picking up again. With this, allow me to start with the long due RTD Story.

The RTD Story 16.0

Here is a special Mabbo Edition!   If you wish to join us as a translator, do join us! We accept new new novels and provide editors for you~ IF you have a Original Novel that you wish to post here, do join our discord group and find out more!

The RTD Story 15.0

Here is the next RTD Story. Do join us in Discord If you have an original novel that you wish to post in RTD, come to discord and talk to us!   PS: Save me from the bullies. I am stabbed almost everyday.  

RTD Story 13.0

Hey all, here is the next RTD Story! Enjoy! Btw, we are still looking for Original Writers. If you are writing a novel, we want you to host it on our website~ Join us at our discord channel. Without further ado, enjoy the story. Fairy  

RTD Story 12.0

RTD Story 12.0 My sides… Here is the next chapter of RTD Story.. The degenerates in RTD took 2 weeks to fill 50 pins… Forcing me to do extra work. Here is the usual discord link for you peeps to join. PS: Special mention to our dear admin Cyn. At least 1/4 of the pins

The RTD Story 11.0

New Site. Same old weird people. Here is the next RTD Story. We are looking for people to do voice overs for our novels! If you think you are cute or sound cute, drop by at our discord  and ring me up!