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OreMegane – Chapter 23

Mabbo, Schwarz13, Yakult Enjoy~ 23. Megane-kun, Paying Respects For the time being, I sat in front of the vice leader who’s still deep in confusion and corrected her 「No, I’m her real brother」 three times. I was right. Even in the villages, we are often told things like 「It’s hard to say you two are

OreMegane – Chapter 22

Mabbo, Schwarz13, Yakult Enjoy 22. Megane-kun, Goes to 「Black Swan of Dawn」’s Quarters I urged Laila who somehow got all grudging, and she led me to the「Black Swan」’s base. I thought I have covered enough ground on the royal capital, but I’m taken to a warehouse district I have yet to go. Whatsoever, it seems

OreMegane – Chapter 21

Mabbo, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 21. Megane-kun, Moves 「When mentioning about something mythical, then it has to be this. In the unexplored region deep inside the forest, a lake is there. In the middle of the lake, there stands a sacred tree. When looking at the swaying surface of the lake, the big tree that was

OreMegane – Chapter 20

Mabbo, Yakult, Schwarz13 enjoy~ 20. Megane-kun, Listening to Sister’s Circumstances My older sister who is unchanging to a fearsome degree is still the same in the part where you can’t talk to her in her mealtime. If she’s dead-serious when she decides her dish, she’s dead-serious all the way while being fidgety when waiting for

OreMegane – Chapter 19

19. Megane-kun, Reunion with Childhood Friend as well 「—Horun, who is the villager that arrived… Ah.」 Ah. From behind Horun who’s drowning in doubt, a face I know of came out. 「You, aren’t you Eil!?」 His name is Lexton. After the Ceremony of Determination three years ago, he left Albat village right away, such is

OreMegane – Chapter 18

I’m terribly sorry for being so inactive for the last weeks despite what I have said before. There are many reasons behind it, like constant power outage every 2 PM (the time I get home from campus) or entirely losing internet connection because I can’t pay the package. However, the fact that I haven’t uploaded

OreMegane – Chapter 17

Mabbo, Fairy, Emelia-tan, Schwarz13 Enjoy~ 17. Megane-kun, Goes to Joseph’s Shop. By the time we reached the royal capital, it was somewhere before evening. The redbear’s fur, meat, and the like are brought to the warehouse where the Adventurer’s Guild disassembles and gives out rewards for large beasts. As there aren’t many people from the

OreMegane – Chapter 16

Mabbo, Fairy, Catfish (Eme), Schwarz13 Enjoy~ 16. Megane-kun, Solved the Digits’ Mystery Those digits bother me, but first I’ll have to bring down the redbear. If my prediction is correct, the digits will only get higher from now on. Nocking the arrow once more, I then draw the bowstring. —First step, seal its offenses. 「Rrroaaaaar!!」

OreMegane – Chapter 15

TL: Mabbo TLC: Fairy Edit: Emelia the Catfish Proofread: Gihad97 Enjoy~ Megane-kun, Surprised by Laila’s Competency After dividing up the work with Laila, we started searching and managed to find some clues. Patches of folded grass. These are remnants of someone passing by. The width is wider than that of a human. Precisely, it’s a

OreMegane – Chapter 14

Dear readers, There’s a good news and a bad news. Good news is, we’re trying to hasten the pace we release the chapter in order to catch up with the RAW. Currently, there are 290+ chapters waiting to be translated, and if we release it weekly, then it’ll take minimal 5 years to arrive there.