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OreMegane – Chapter 47

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz13 Enjoy, or whatever. 47.メガネ君、鍛冶場の勝負を見届ける 47. Megane-kun, Watching the Duel in front of the Smithy My neck is in danger at this angle, really……But well, I’m fine, so that’s okay. My face obviously hurts, though. With the disgusting aftertaste of a brush with death still lingering, I choose to sit next to Chace

OreMegane – Chapter 45

Mabbo, Schwarz, Enjoy~ 45. Megane-kun, Winning via His Mental Trainings Sky Lizard. It was there, on top of some branch. Looking at it with the 「Night Vision」, it appears red in my vision. Its size and its shape match the description from the Field Guide, so I’m pretty sure this is my prey. Still, I’d

OreMegane – Chapter 43

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy 43. Megane-kun, Looking for Someone to Read Him the Field Guide The pharmacist granny gave me a bottle of liquid paralytic poison. Touch to the skin is safe, but it can spread throughout the body if it gets into the eyes, mouth, or wounds even for a small amount. It’s very

OreMegane – Chapter 36

Mabbo, Yakult, Enjoy~ 36. Megane-kun, on His Fourth Night  「About halfway there」  Apparently even the worst carriage trip ever has a turning point. The coachman who’s affiliated with the assassins… he doesn’t disclose his name, saying 「I don’t talk about my profession」 as his reason, though he does tell us about the distance of the

OreMegane – Chapter 35

Mabbo, Eme, Enjoy~ 35. Megane-kun, Sways In the Carriage The horse carriage is swaying. Enveloped in heavy silence, the carriage continues to rock.  To be very honest, it’s uncomfortable. Since we are going to spend seven to ten days sharing the same carriage, it would be normal to consider opening up a little to each

OreMegane – Chapter 33

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 33. Megane-kun, Unwittingly gets Interested 「Well, hold your horses.」  I thought I could nonchalantly leave this mansion just like that, but I got stopped just as expected. I wanted to put it off my mind, but I couldn’t help but notice that the gramps and the auntie have been on

OreMegane – Chapter 32

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 32. Megane-kun, Invited I wonder, is it the inner parlour where I’m being led to? There’s a coffee table in the heart of this spacious room, paired with it are a couple of leather sofas.  The carpet is luxurious, they even have a fireplace even small and detailed decorations are

OreMegane – Chapter 31

Mabbo, Fairy, Yakult, Schwarz Enjoy~ 31. Megane-kun, Surrounded by Sense of Danger Not even a frame of a second after she knocked, the gated opened immediately. 「I appreciate your effort, Lorobel-dono.」  An old man, aged well over 50 years old, appeared inside his black tailcoat. First, he looks at the messenger, Lorobel. 「This fellow here

OreMegane – Chapter 30

Mabbo, Fairy, Yakult, Schwarz Enjoy~ 30. Megane-kun, Heading to Leavant Household Hurrying up my conversation with the adventurers, I stood from my seat.  「I’m sorry, I have another business after this.」  I said so because the talk was slowly heading towards 「let’s have lunch together」 direction. Also, another reason is that it’s extremely displeasing to

OreMegane – Chapter 29

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Yakult Enjoy~ 29. Megane-kun, Visiting 「Black Swan of Dawn」’s Residence Once Again 「Yeey! This rabbit is tasty, isn’t it!?」  「Hold up. Well… I said, hold up!」  With my fruitless resistance, the Splinter Fang Hare that sat on my shoulder was plundered  by my sister. Un, well, it’s a gift I bring for