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OreMegane – Chapter 17

Mabbo, Fairy, Emelia-tan, Schwarz13 Enjoy~ 17. Megane-kun, Goes to Joseph’s Shop. By the time we reached the royal capital, it was somewhere before evening. The redbear’s fur, meat, and the like are brought to the warehouse where the Adventurer’s Guild disassembles and gives out rewards for large beasts. As there aren’t many people from the

OreMegane – Chapter 16

Mabbo, Fairy, Catfish (Eme), Schwarz13 Enjoy~ 16. Megane-kun, Solved the Digits’ Mystery Those digits bother me, but first I’ll have to bring down the redbear. If my prediction is correct, the digits will only get higher from now on. Nocking the arrow once more, I then draw the bowstring. —First step, seal its offenses. 「Rrroaaaaar!!」

OreMegane – Chapter 15

TL: Mabbo TLC: Fairy Edit: Emelia the Catfish Proofread: Gihad97 Enjoy~ Megane-kun, Surprised by Laila’s Competency After dividing up the work with Laila, we started searching and managed to find some clues. Patches of folded grass. These are remnants of someone passing by. The width is wider than that of a human. Precisely, it’s a

OreMegane – Chapter 14

Dear readers, There’s a good news and a bad news. Good news is, we’re trying to hasten the pace we release the chapter in order to catch up with the RAW. Currently, there are 290+ chapters waiting to be translated, and if we release it weekly, then it’ll take minimal 5 years to arrive there.

OreMegane – Chapter 13

Mabbo, Fairy, Planes Enjoy 13. Megane-kun, Makes a Promise to Depart In other words, it’s that. 「You want to do a Magic Beast hunting job while also doing independent training. However, the difference in strength between you and your teammate is so big that it makes you feel awkward to invite them. So, you’re currently

OreMegane – Chapter 11

Hello, Mabbo’s here. You may not know me, but I’ve been a translator of Shinka no Mi since, I don’t know, last June? Anyway, I know this is sudden, but we decided to revive OreMegane from its grave. I’m fully aware I can’t translate as good as the previous translator (all hail Tenshi-sama and her thighs!)