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Return of The Former Hero ch.143

It’s kinda lewd. Thank you for all of your support and patrons. I and Shira will do our best to keep deliver more chapters next month. Enjoy~ Translator: RaizuEditor: Shirayuki

Return of The Former Hero ch.141

New chapter is hereeee~ Quite long chapter. I love this new heroine, she is cute like a cat. Can’t wait for her dere-dere phase! Translator: RaizuEditor: Shirayuki Chapter 141. Former Hero – Regains Confidence [Nn……? Nnn~………….? Really…….?] Want to do some sparring? To that offer I made, Elcure obviously felt troubled. With arms folded together,

Return of The Former Hero ch.138

Sup everyone, Raizu is here with new chapter~ New chapter of Takami no Kago should be ready soon/next week. Sorry for the long wait. Enjoy~ Translation: RaizuEditor: Shirayuki