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OreMegane – 38

Mabbo, Schwarz, Enjoy~ 38. Megane-kun,  Spending the last Afternoon Break 「We’ll arrive by tonight」  On an afternoon break on the eighth day, the coachman told us that. Despite the slight drizzle, the weather is great. Today is another sunny day. A strong rain can drain the horse’s stamina, and it might get sick at worst.

OreMegane – Chapter 37

Mabbo, Schwarz13, Enjoy~ 37. Megane-kun, Genuinely Thinks it’s Messed up Afternoon on the sixth day. The atmosphere inside the carriage isn’t as bad anymore, perhaps since it’s been six days since we practically lived together. Both Chace, the hoodlum, and Florentine, the boss’ daughter, understand that they’re only digging their grave if they don’t cooperate

OreMegane – Chapter 36

Mabbo, Yakult, Enjoy~ 36. Megane-kun, on His Fourth Night  「About halfway there」  Apparently even the worst carriage trip ever has a turning point. The coachman who’s affiliated with the assassins… he doesn’t disclose his name, saying 「I don’t talk about my profession」 as his reason, though he does tell us about the distance of the

OreMegane – Chapter 35

Mabbo, Eme, Enjoy~ 35. Megane-kun, Sways In the Carriage The horse carriage is swaying. Enveloped in heavy silence, the carriage continues to rock.  To be very honest, it’s uncomfortable. Since we are going to spend seven to ten days sharing the same carriage, it would be normal to consider opening up a little to each