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A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirty-Eight: Atonement

POV:  1.Sora Moore (Our Null-Void Vulpes Founder!) Recap:  We finally met Nephesh and Eyia is in a panic because her moment of weakness caused the collapse of the Realm’s defenses by asking it to replicate the Island Dimension she’d grown up on, allowing Nephesh’s release and other entities to storm the gates such as Kari’s

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirty-Seven: The First Domino Falls

POV:  1.Sora Moore (Our Null-Void Vulpes Founder!) Recap:  Eyia easily overcame her opponent and desired the Training Room to replicate the dimensional sphere of her childhood—the island—and as we saw, it was far more than we first thought when Sora entered it in Eyia’s dreams.  Going through the final challenge of passing through the dimensional

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirty-Six: I Am A Stone

POV:  1.Eyia (our Goddess Valkyrie; Odin’s daughter) Recap:  Kari had her fight, but an unexpected twist occurred—her opponent wanted to see what Kari’s most precious place was, and it turned out to be in the higher-dimension of her mother’s sanctuary, when she was a little girl.  This caused a big relapse for our Wolf Girl,

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirty-Three: Light For Light

POV:  1.Sora Moore (Sora reaches her fledgling zenith!) Recap:  Sora had a touching moment with her aunt and mother, finally understanding what position she is in, and now, Nilly has taken the reigns in showing our girl around—let’s see a bit about the Primdorials and pay our respects to Kari’s grandfather! I want to thank

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirty-Two: Hi, Dear…

POV:  1.Sora Moore (Sora is meeting her M-Mom?!?!) Recap:  Sora has been rising through Dimensions after unlocking her father’s side, and let’s be honest, she was struggling against Mofupsi until she just dominated her new little slave fox!  Bullet hell Sora’s pretty insane, though! Now, let’s meet our girl’s cute, awkward mother and finally get

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Thirty: Calm Before The Storm

POV:  1.Sora Moore (The Fox Girl That’s About To Transform!) Recap:  Sora is in a fight for supremacy with Mofpusi, she’s awakened her father’s side, which seems to be some kind of white, disruptive fire-like substance and ring.  Let’s get into it! I want to thank my patrons for continuing to support me: Onill007, Evan