Slave Harem 222 – Unnecessary Worry

TL: airsblue

Editor: ThePlaneskeeper

Recap: I made Enamel High Heel Boots of Swift Horse



“I’ll drop in for a bit at The Empire’s Liberation Society’s lodge” I informed Sherry.


“I understand”  She replies.


I warp us out from the merchants guild.  There is no particular reason to take someone along, and  she sometimes stays alone in the reference room for quite some time.  Although, it will also be troublesome to return home momentarily and leave Sherry.


The transit is almost instantaneous because we transferred with warp.  We wouldn’t need to stay for long if it’s just to hear the results.


“Michio-sama, Sherry-sama, welcome, it’s nice to see you”  When we arrive at the lobby, Sebastian bends his upper body at a right angle bow and greets us.


This surprises me every time.  I wonder if he knows every time it’s us, when we enter?  That’s not possible though.


Rather than me, who just came last time, he did well to remember Sherry’s name as well.  In the first place, there probably isn’t much time to confirm who comes. Sherry should have appeared behind me.


“O-oh. It’s about that thing, you know, from the other day” I inform him.


“Yes”  Sebastian replies.


I surprise myself with a strange voice.  In addition to the strange voice, I followed it up with a blunder.


To calm me, Sebastian spoke with slow and calm voice.  I conclude that our abilities as humans are different.


“The fusing of the equipment we received, it was a success. As it was done in front of three merchants, there is no mistake. I believe they would be willing to testify”  I notify him.


“Congratulations on that.”


“It is this”  I take out Enamel high heel boots of Swift horse from the item box.


“Can you entrust it to me?”  Sebastian broaches a delicate topic.  I wonder if it is fine to entrust it to him.  Will he try to steal it? My guess: there’s no way he would.


Probably not.


I don’t think he will.


I hope he won’t.


Nevertheless, is this something that is fine to entrust to another, or not?  Contrary asking, is it okay to refuse? I’ll be troubled if he holds a grudge if I refuse.


It will probably be fine if I can get a certificate of deposit, but it seems troublesome because that would require an armor appraisal again.


I wonder if this what it feels like when you’re deceived by fraud.  I want to aim to become a Japanese person who can say ‘no’.


“…… Fine, I guess”  I can’t say ‘no’.


Unconsciously, I nod to Sebastian’s request.  I guess I have no choice but to give it to him in the end, if I am going to re-gift it to the emperor.  Moreover, if I think about it, I could use a duel.


It would be fine to beat Sebastian if he is committing theft.  If I take that into account, I guess Sebastian wouldn’t rush into swindling, either.  It shouldn’t be a problem even if I handed it over as well.


Let’s believe that.


Though perhaps he has a strong supporter.  Sebastian’s demeanor is soft, his manners are perfect as well.  Is he someone from the top prestigious houses? Or, he could be one of their dependants, I guess.


It would be better to think if there is the influence of a strong proxy at play.  In addition, Sebastian is a staff a member of The Empire’s Liberation Society’s lodge.  He may be close to some of the members of The Empire’s Liberation Society’s lodge.


The Empire’s Liberation Society’s lodge is a gathering of people aiming to subdue labyrinths, therefore, there are people stronger than me.  It’s also possible he will rely on those people.


Assuming a helper is being sued for theft, I’m not sure whether he would stay neutral or not.  Of course, if Sebastian denied it, it seems the other side will support him if they are on good terms.


Even Sebastian should naturally assume that I will appeal for a duel.


Nevertheless, in the case he works as a thief, I should expect that he takes measures to cause subterfuge.  However, there is also the means of a surprise attack. There is no need to partner with a powerful backer in that case.  Even if he becomes a representative of the duel, he won’t be able to be escorted all the time.

Anyone would choose an appropriate time and place when they are trying to be deceptive.


I hand the Enamel High Heel Boots of Swift Horse to Sebastian.  Thinking about it, couldn’t I commit fraud with this? What would Sebastian do?  Wouldn’t it be impossible for me to give him a fake?


Will he call an armor merchant and armor appraisal it, in the end?  If he calls a merchant, I would also say sarcastically ‘Don’t you have trust in me?’ to him.  It would be unfair for only me to have concerns about fraud.


Well, I won’t say that though.


“Thank you very much. Certainly, I received it”  Sebastian states.


“Oh.”  I reply.




Without any armor merchant?


“That fact that I received this item, I, Sebastian, and Matheus over there will testify at any time. Thank you very much”  Sebastian goes so far as to assure me.


If I was playing fraud, the other side will testify with the two people.  If the other side was planning a scam, naturally, they will already be cooperating.  He is the so-called guy, the spontaneous unrelated witness, who just happens to be here.  It becomes unilaterally disadvantageous for me.


Well, did it just turn to a surprise attack led by two people?


“I guess it is fine. Then, I’ll come again”  I notify him.


“Are you not going to look at the equipment? There is particularly no new merchandise though.”  Sebastian inquires.


“It is fine.”


It’s not like the Enamel High Heel Boots filled with empty slots will be there.  Would I not wish for it?  If it’s not there, I’ll get angry.  Therefore, it will be wise to not look at this time.


“Tomorrow at earliest.  As expected in a day or two I can’t make any promise, but I think I can give you some reply at the latest on the day after tomorrow. Thank you for today”  He notifies me.


As if being kicked out by Sebastian, we leave the lodge.  Taking Sherry, we returned home.


“I handed it to him, but will it be okay?”  I try asking Sherry’s opinion after we return home.


“Was there some problem?”  She replies.


“Like him silently making off with it”


“He didn’t seem particularly strong though”


She concludes the same as I did.  I should be able to settle it with a duel if he makes off with it.  She must assume if he is too weak to win then he won’t create a problem.


“He is working in such a place, perhaps he has a strong acquaintance,” I counter.


“Umm. I wonder about that. There seems to be many nobles over there… For one to take a thief as an accomplice…  Hey, Rutina, the nobility respects honor and fame, right?”


“Naturally. To have people talking behind your back for something like helping a thief, I don’t know what kind of face he could show in at the feudal lords meeting as a result”  Rutina confirms.


Sherry even drags in Rutina’s advice.  Is it really fine to involve her? I feel it might not be a good idea to involve the daughter of nobility, Rutina, who fell to slavery, too much.  At least, I would not ask her.


Regardless, if her current status bothered her, she wouldn’t keep mentioning the feudal lords meeting.  I suppose you could say she is fine with it. At least, it seems Sherry judged as much.


If Sherry is saying she’s fine, I guess it’s alright.


“I see. Assuming he will commit this crime, there doesn’t seem to be many nobles who would lend their power, huh?”


“That’s right.”  Sherry confirms.


“Such a person is a disgrace of nobility.”  Rutina seconds that confirmation.


Though there seems to be bad nobles too.  I feel Sherry, and Rutina as well; their thinking is naive.


Like Hamanomasgo songs left by Goemon.  I ought to say: they aren’t speaking wisdom.


To consider: if someone claims that Sebastian will commit a theft; are my worries of this extent unnecessary, I wonder?


Since I have continued until now without any problems, I feel that such worry will continue to lead me well.  It seems like a troublesome scandal for nobles to take a present for the Emperor by such a deception.


Indeed the Emperor would hate that.


Our side had people who watched the monster card fusion.  However, even that was in following Sebastian’s advice. If he intended to deceive me there, then it will turn into a story where even Luke is an accomplice.  I expect he would not go that far.


The witness merchants would have also acknowledged it.  If it was just Luke, even if it was difficult because of the possibility of someone in the back waiting to kick around the duel, it would not difficult to perform a surprise attack.


As there are no late moonlit nights in this world, reprisal in the dark can also be swift.


For now, since I will make an appearance at The Empire’s Liberation Society’s lodge tomorrow, I should confine myself in the labyrinth until then.


That will be fine.


I will do what I can do now.  If I become strong in the labyrinth, it will be irrelevant even if he has a bodyguard in the background.


Entering the Labyrinth afterwards, the next morning, we did the Floor 38 boss battle.


“The boss of floor 38 of Quratar’s labyrinth is Chorus Choral. It seems they can raise the ability of each other while several of them are singing, It is necessary to be careful. As it is different from a voice skill, cancellation doesn’t seem possible either”


Look like it can sing because it is Chorus Coral.  I won’t really understand a monster song though. And solos aren’t any good either.  Because they are a chorus, I guess.


Since it’s a coral, it’s defense improves even more as it appearance seems like a rock by nature.  Certainly, we will need to watch out. I brace myself and enter the boss room. The smoke gathers, and the boss appears.


Roxanne and the girls head to face the boss.  Are those the Chorus Coral?


Somehow before they engage, the corals began to sing.  As soon as I think that, it is immediately settled by Miria.


“Ah~. It was certainly singing something.”  I simply state.


“That’s right.” Roxanne confirms for me.


Chorus Coral began singing early.


I heard something.


Is it called scat singing or is it called humming? It’s probably like that.


I don’t know the right definition so I don’t know which one should I call it.  In the first place, will the classification of human songs apply to monsters?


However, it’s a solo.  It’s not a chorus. This is because, as soon as they appeared, Miria petrifies one of them.  It’s a situation where the remaining one is singing. Two Chorus Coral appear as a single boss.


In other words, the chorus is not practical when either one of them is defeated.  Miria who is fighting with petrification is something like their natural enemy.


I feel sorry having only two coming out.  It should instead have appeared as a boss for the floors with only one boss.  Maybe that won’t work.


Perhaps it would be difficult as a lot of small fries appear for floors above 33 floor.


No. That’s not possible if Roxanne is here.  Even then, we could choose. The affinity with our party doesn’t seem good for the chorus coral.  The Chorus Coral is in a situation where only one remained and couldn’t show the effect of a chorus.  It’s not that great of an opponent.


I guess it’s definitely a boss though.  With only one, it’s difficult for it to even put up a fight against Roxanne.  While striking and missing in vain, Miria strikes from the back, this one is also neutralized.


“Excellent, Miria.”  I praise her.

“Yes, desu,” she responds.


“The boss here has a good affinity with us.”  Sherry confirms.


I try several laps, but every time confirms it, the boss battle here is easy.


Miria settles them one after the other.  Look, this boss is like trash.


As long as I put abnormal status resistance down, more or less, I am also contributing.


There will be no problem, probably.  Today will be good, doing only the boss battle.  Let’s do it repeatedly.


“Are you not going to the lodge?”  We fight until breakfast. When I go to wash the plates after the meal, as I have nothing else to do, Sherry starts a conversation.  Is Sherry aware of yesterday? I think of whether it will be better if I don’t go, but maybe it will be better if I do go?


Going today, it feels like I’m only telling the other party ‘I don’t trust you’.  The other side also will see it as ‘this guy doesn’t trust me’.  That feels like a loss.


Here, I should feign an air of self importance, and make a decision.  Perhaps I shouldn’t fake it? I should believe it. ‘I don’t have the tiniest doubt at all.’


Because there is a field walk in this world, running away is fast.  Assuming he takes the Enamel High Heel Boots of Swift Horse, he probably already hid it somewhere.  At this time, being late by one or two days won’t become a big problem.


“Should I go?”  I ask Sherry.


“I don’t think there would be any problem?”


The conversation is not adding up.  Apparently, it seems she is not sharing my worries.  That’s alright, isn’t it? If she knew about my thoughts, wouldn’t she think badly of me? Would she not hate me?  I end thinking about it excessively, is this the reason why the unsociable me is unsociable?


The other side doesn’t think about such thing at all.  Are all the indecisions until now useless?


I should go after all.


Although the possibility of him escaping is not zero.  In that case, it will be better to go as quickly as possible.  It will be better to quickly chase him if the need arises. Even if it is the first day, the faster the better.  Let’s raise a bloodbath.


“Alright. Then I’m off.”


“Yes. Have a good day.”  Sherry and the girls see me off, and I move by Warp.


“Michio-sama, I’ve been waiting for you. Yesterday, I was lucky to have negotiations with the other side, I was able to successfully hand over what was entrusted to me.”  When I proceed to the lodge, Sebastian opens with this announcement. It seems he didn’t steal it.


Who is it, that guy whose uneasily worried thinking: ‘he may steal and run away with it.’

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