Shinka no Mi Chapter 98

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With me knocking Elschtatt III away, the remaining three who were also 

the ego of Evil Spirit King made a commotion.

And then, Elizabeth cried out a trembled voice.

「Y, y, y, yo, you! Is there no mercy in you!?」 

「I, indeed! Even though His Majesty was still in the middle of his speech!」 

「You’re insane! And you still call yourself a human!?」 

I’m a human okay! At least!

At any rate, I didn’t think I’d be called insane by the enemy.

「Even if you give me that… you guys are also planning to defeat us, aren’t you? Then, in any case, we still have to fight…」 

「Even if that is the case, is there not something called the beauty in manner!? This is why you commoners are——」 

I ignored Elizabeth who still tried to continue her words, and killed Pierre who stood beside her.

As everyone thought, Pierre pulverized in that instant.


「Two more huh…」 

「Ah, fuck. This guy is the dangerous kind…!」 

The enemy’s hero got scared after looking at me. Even then, you don’t have to be that frightened.

「Impossible… impossible…! Even though the Evil Spirit King is finally resurrected after great pain, as well as the fact that we also could retain our ego in Him because Zeanos and his lot regained their ego…! Even though in the case if Zeanos and his lot weren’t here, then the Evil Spirit King would’ve ended up as a single entity, and we also wouldn’t have been resurrected, but isn’t this development a little bit too much!?!?」 (TN: Gosh, I wonder why antagonists like to explain things. Do they not know it’s hard to translate it?)

「Thank you for the explanation.」 

Because she explained it so exhaustively now I came to understand the reasoning behind their appearance.

In other words, the reason why Elizabeth’s and her group’s ego and personalities was revived was because Zeanos and his group had appeared, so if I was the only one who came to the Netherworld, and Zeanos and his group weren’t here, it was supposed to be that I would fight the Evil Spirit King alone. My own presence had nothing to do with the appearance of the Evil Spirit King. I can’t tell if my luck is good or bad… No, since I meet my parent due to this, I guess my luck is good. It’s another thing that they’re dead though.

Whilst we were holding that conversation, my parents talked to Nataliana-san behind us.

「Nataliana-san. Just when I thought there’s a strange group of four suddenly showed up, when I noticed it they have been reduced to two…」 

「I also have no knowledge in battle, so I can’t exactly explain you what is happening…」  

「Eh? Seiichi is fighting right now?」 

「Violence is not good okay, not good.」 

「No, the situation is not that light to… umm… It’s really hard to explain…」 

Nataliana-san laughed in trouble.

Dad, it’s not a situation that will let you say violence is bad! It’s really dangerous, hey! 

As I was listening to their convo, Zeanos and his group returned after being lost in daze until now.

「…I was dumbfounded due to how farfetched the development became, but now I think of it carefully, being fated with us or not, be it Elizabeth or His Majesty, they are a good opponent.」 

「…Unfortunately, both that King and Pierre have been defeated with a swift attack though.」 

「Then, wouldn’t it be better if I and Zeanos handle the remaining opponent? It would be more thorough that way.」 

「Let’s see… Seiichi Dono. Would you please leave the two of them to us?」 

「Eh? It’s fine, but… is it okay? Zeanos and the rest of you aren’t in the best of shape like when you were alive, right?」 

「Truly. However… this is our own problem after all.」 

Gazing upon their eyes, I felt like no matter what I said they wouldn’t bulge.

As I obediently withdrew, and Zeanos and Lucius stood in my place, Elizabeth’s and her companion’s mood changed.

「Oh? What is this, the shitty demon is gonna be my opponent? Ain’t I being taken light of.」 

「Hee. Zeanos, you’re going to be my opponent? Fair enough, I shall give you all the resentment I have…!」 

And they suddenly put on a strong facade.

As I harbour such impression in spite of myself, Zeanos and Lucius looked over them with pitiful eyes.

「Elizabeth… my apologizes. Because I was too fainthearted…」 

「…You too, are but another victim of the age, aren’t you.」 

As they respectively made their speech, Elizabeth and her companion got their face reddened.

「What’s with that! Don’t you dare look at me like that! Everything is your fault!」 

「Aah, aah, aah! Fucking shit ain’t ya!? A lowly demon like you is taking pity on this great me!? Don’t fuck with me!」 

After Elizabeth’s side deployed something like lumps of black energy to the surrounding, these things then flew towards Zeanos and Lucius all at once. The thing they fired off was probably the negative energy itself.

That was to say, if they got touched by it the result would be outrageous, but… .

「It is the least atonement I can give. Please, painlessly, fall into a slumber.」 

「I am a 【Demon Lord】, and you are a 【Hero】.——If we ever met in a completely different role, would there be any change between us?」 

Zeanos unsheathed his weapon that resembled my 【Black (Sword of Swirling Hatred)】, closing into Elizabeth in an instant, then accurately pierced through her heart.

Lucius-san developed tens of jet black spear around him, making them to run into the black energies the hero deployed and shot them down, then, with the same momentum, pierced the hero’s torso.

「N, no way…」 

「I, impossible…」 

An ending that was too quick.

Even Zeanos and Lucius-san were astonished by this ending. 

As Zeanos sheathed his sword and Lucius-san dispersed his magic, in that moment, their two opponents turned into particles of light then vanished.


「How do I put it… It was anti-climatic, huh…」 

Lucius-san muttered a somehow empty tone.

「…We too, by being close to Seiichi-dono, unknowingly had our 『Life Force』 strengthened, it seems. At the end of the day, I was able to see off Elizabeth without making her suffer. Seiichi-dono, you have my gratitude. 」 


Zeanos give me his thankful words.

When I hastily asked him to raise his head, it was then.

『Not yet… I still haven’t been defeated yet!』 

On the ground where Elizabeth and her group stood before, an ominous looking black smoke was puffing out. 

And then, with a pair of bloodshot eyes glaring at us, gradually a body was taking a form.

『I am the Evil Spirit King! There is no way I was defeated by mere huma——』 

「You’re ruining the good atmosphere!」 

Zeanos and co. were finally able to defeat their fateful opponent and were immersed in sentiment, but an Evil Spirit King who suddenly said they were getting resurrected was a sore to it.

That was why, in order to ask them to leave, I swiftly land a punch to its face.

And then, completely, without leaving any speck of dust, the Evil Spirit King instantly vanquished.

「If you want to come back, then do it a bit later okay! Now, Zeanos. You can immerse in sentiment without any worry!」 

「That would be impossible.」 

I guess so! I knew it though.

It had ended without any event, but with this case I was able to defeat the Evil Spirit King so quickly.

『Your Level Has Arisen』 

In addition I also got a level up. Even though it was so anti-climatic! 

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