Shinka No Mi – Chapter 87

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In-School Tournament ~The School’s Strongest vs Muscle-headed Delinquent~

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『Maan, what a surprising turn of events! Class S is being pushed back by class F! Isn’t this a totally unexpected result!?』

『By no means is class S weak, it’s the students from class F that are too strong.』

『I see! I don’t understand!』

After Blued’s match ended, that exchange happened between Michael and Lily-san. Before I noticed it, even my students were turning into something ridiculous. Well, I could see the result even before I taught them though! No, I’m not crying! When Blued returned from his fight, he faced against Agnos and thrust his fist out.

「I’ll leave it to you.」

「Yea! Leave it to me!」

Then, following him, Agnos thrust his own fist and bumped Blued’s.

… What’s this. It screams youth to my ear. How envious.

Rather, you guys are usually at odds with each other, but you’re actually chummy aren’t you! Really, what dishonest children! Do it more!

When I casually turned my head towards the class S’ side, that teacher who was always spewing out sarcasm from time to time broke into sweats.

「No way no way no way no way!? I, impossible! They must be cheating! Moderator! They’re cheating!」  

Ooh. We were being accused for something we didn’t do. The teacher from class S cried while spitting out everywhere.

But the host ignored him and proceeded.

『Now then, let’s move to the next match! In the following match, the elder brother of participant Geonis from class A, participant Robert will make his appearance!!』

『Hou. The student who showed an overwhelming strength in the match between class A and class C? If he’s that student’s older brother, we can expect a good fight.』

To my surprise, Agnos’ opponent was Ranze-san’s son, Robert.

As I tilted my head, wondering what kind of student he was, Blued who had just returned from his match grimaced.

「It’s the worst… 」

「Eh? Why?」

「Seiichi-sensei may not know it, but Robert is at the top of class S——In other words, the Academy’s strongest.」

「Heeh… 」

So Ranze-san’s son is awfully excellent. As I was thinking about that, a super Ikemen with blonde hair and blue eyes with a cool air around him stood in the stadium.

How do I put it … Just like Blued, he has the aura of a King? At any rate, I can feel that kind of noble atmosphere from him was very different from an ordinary person like me. While I was inadvertently overwhelmed by his atmosphere, Blued said mingled with his sigh.

「In addition, Robert is one of the few people who treat us normally. Honestly, it leaves me with a bad aftertaste.」

「Aah …. 」

This is really unfortunate! No, it’s a battle after all, and since it’s Agnos we’re talking about, he won’t ease up to his foe, but still, it’s a hard opponent to fight against! And we still have our own circumstances! Carrying his own weapon, the nail bat, on his shoulder, Agnos stood in the stadium.

「To think I’d have to fight against you like this… 」

「 …I am terribly sorry that we, class S, have made you feel great displeasure this entire time. I’m sorry.」

The moment he faced Agnos, Robert lowered his head.

「I don’t mind … it’ll be a lie if I’d said that, but I have no grudge against you.」  

「Even if I am personally tolerable, it is also true that I could not suppress the people around me. Well, it’s not like I’m in the position to do so in the class S… 」

Roberto breathed a sigh contained with weariness and wonder. Even though he’s said to be the strongest in the academy, it’s strange that he isn’t the central figure within class S.

No, since it’s THAT class S, it’s not that weird, huh….

「Let’s just forget that, mkay? Rather than that, I’m so excited to seriously fight against you I can’t help it! 」

「 … Is that so. If you say so … then I shall take you on seriously.」

「Ou! Just as what I hope for!」

The two hosts were surprised to hear their conversation.

『I can’t believe what’s going on … it seems like we can finally spectate a refreshing battle in the third pair!』

『In the first place, just how many people with bad temper are gathering in class S? Or is the S in class S doesn’t stand for Special, but rather that it stands for Sadist?』

『That might be the case!』

So you’re admitting it!

『Putting that aside, let’s start the match at once! Participant Robert versus participant Agnos … match, start!』

At the same time as Lily-san’s signal, Agnos rushed out from his area.

「Victory goes to the one who makes the first move! ORRRAAAAAAA!!!」

Looking at that assertive starting dash, Blued could only hold his head.

「That idiot … as if there’s anyone who’d recklessly charged straight when facing the strongest man in academy…! No, he would be that guy.… 」

Just as Blued said, even after Agnos brandished his nailbat vigorously and rushed to Robert, Robert evaded it lightly then calmly cast his magic.


As he thrust out his right hand towards Agnos, a great number of spears of thunder showered Agnos from the air.

「Owaah!? A rain of thunder!? Where should I hide from this shit!!」

That’s not the problem. Be that as it may, there’s a saying that it would rain spears, but if it was a rain of thunder spears it would surely be troubling. Apart from that, Agnos continued avoiding the incoming spears of thunder, one after another, making full use of his physical abilities.

… As I thought, just like Blued and Bead, he shows no intention of using magic. If he had used magic, he doesn’t have to fully rely on his physical abilities to deal with it though….

「To think you could dodge all of it… 」

「I know an attack more powerful than that after all! Ora, you’ll be hurt if you let your guard down!」


Agnos kept reducing his gap with Robert all the while he evaded the rain of thunder spears, after the rain of thunder spears let up, he swung his nailbat with as much strength as he could muster.

Robert stopped it with the longsword that he placed on his waist.

 And thus, between Agnos and Robert unfolded tumultuous armed combat.

「You’re good! I thought you only could shoot around magic!」

「It is of no big deal. However, it seems like a close range battle is your speciality. If so…!」

Agnos and Robert were intensely exchanging blows after blows, locking swords against swords, but then Robert mustered even greater strength and blew Agnos away.

「Nna!? What an outrageous power!」

Agnos who were blown away soon recovered his stance, but Robert who acquired his distance in the meantime put his hand to the ground.

「『Thunder Thorn Pillar』」

Thereupon, sharp pillars of thunder emerged in succession from the ground below Robert’s hand, aimed at Agnos.

「After above now from below!?」

Just like before, Agnos tried to continue avoiding it, but apparently evading an attack that came from the ground was harder than the one from above, some of the thunder thorns struck his body.


Even so, Agnos somehow managed to survive by defending against the assailing thunder thorns with his nailbat.

「Damn it … my arms got all numb … 」

Smokes were puffing out from Agnos’ whole body.

「To think you could defend even against that … as expected that hurt my confidence. I should strive even more.」

Looking at Agnos’ situation, without lowering his vigilance Robert instead decided to aim even higher. …These kind of people are really amazing.  

「If it’s like this, I can’t just wait-and-see huh… 」


「 ——Don’t have any regrets then.」


As Agnos tilted his neck in wonder, Robert closed his eyes for a moment——.

「『Thunder God’s Attire』」


The moment Robert opened his eyes, his body was clad in an armour made of lightning.

Its appearance was godly, it had a perky looking design that would tickle every man’s heart.


「That idiot … 」

Agnos cried out in marver, forgetting that he was in a match. He’s too pure at heart! I also retorted him in my heart, but Blued was at the extent he held his head.

Rather, what magic is that? It isn’t listed in the lightning attribute magic….

When I thought it like that, the long forgotten announcement flowed into my brain.

『Lightning Attribute Original Magic【Thunder God’s Attire】 has been mastered.』  

Yep, I knew my body would do something unnecessary. No, I mean, it’s an original magic you know!? It’s a magic someone else worked hard to invent and yet I mastered it oh so easily you know!?

While I was holding my head for a different reason, Lily-san the moderators seemed surprised as well.

『W, what’s with that!? That figure! That magic! I have never seen it before!』

『 … Just as how it looks, that magic makes the user wears lightning on their body, but that lightning boasts a defensive power over any ordinary armour, and above all, it also elevates its user’s speed by leaps and bounds.』

『Michael-san, you know that magic!?』

『Yes. That magic is 【Thunder Empress】——Elemina Kisa Wimburg’s. An active S class adventurer’s magic. 』

『EEEEEHHH!? Wimburg, you said … then, participant Robert’s mother!?』

『That would be so. That being said, to think that there is someone other than the 【Thunder Empress】 who could reproduce that magic… 』

I’ve become able to use it just now. I’m sorry. Rather, Robert’s mother … in other words,

Ranze-san’s wife is an S class adventurer!? Does that mean, a pervert!?

… No, I know I’m being way too rude, but the precedent was terrible! It’s about Gargand-san and Gassur-san and the rest though!

To think she is an adventurer as well as a Queen … Is the reason I didn’t meet her back in the castle because she went on an adventure? If that’s true, she’s too aggressive.

When I was thinking about it, Robert spoke with a bitter smile on him.

「Well, I can’t use it in a long period of time like esteemed mother can. However——」


 In an instant, when I thought Robert’s figure was blurred a bit, he approached Agnos at a tremendous speed then brandished his sword sideways.


Agnos who instinctively noticed the danger unconsciously took a defensive manner, but as though it meant nothing, he still got blown away.

「There’s more from where it comes.」

From there on, it was overwhelming.

Not only he was made to taste a concentrated high-speed slash from every direction, but punches and kicks were also unleashed at him without pause.

My eyes could catch up with him, but honestly other people couldn’t see Robert, and what appeared was only Agnos getting thrashed around on his own.


The ground was gouged out by the aftermath of slashes and so on, proving that each of those blows packed an outrageous amount of power.

In the midst of that, Agnos who had no room to counter could only get beaten on one-sidedly.

Agnos was hurt so much, to the extent it would pain anyone who watched it.

It wouldn’t be strange if he collapsed any time now.



Agnos didn’t collapse.

It instead lit his fighting spirit, all the while his eyes were glaring brightly, he kept firmly enduring the attacks.

Looking at him, Robert who supposed to be the pushing side showed his impatience.

「You won’t fall even after this far…!」

「I didn’t train to be that weak you know!」

「I see… Then——!」

All of a sudden, a large quantity of lightning spear appeared behind Robert.

「I no longer have any power to spare. This is my utmost strength…!」

「All right… I’ll knock that crap downright!!」

Agnos, unsteady as he was, readied his nailbat right in front of him.

「『Octillion Thunder Spear』!」

And then, as the numerous thunder spears were being released in unison, they gathered in a single trajectory, and a single giant spear of thunder was created out of them before long.

After that spear was aiming at Agnos, it then soared with overwhelming speed.

In regard to that, Agnos——.

「The seriously seriously seriously seriously seriously seriously serious— SWIIIIIINNNGG!!!」

Swinging wide with all his might, the nailbat and that giant spear collided head-on.

Something like the torrent of a tremendous power was emitted from the place where the nail bat and the giant spear clashed, and it was evident with mere sight just how much power was bursting from there.

Agnos, with the vigour on the brink of vomiting Blued, shouted.


Thus, Agnos gradually pushed the spear back——.


And at last, he mowed the thunder spear down. Rather, his vocabulary is dangerously limited.



Riding the momentum, Agnos pressed towards Robert.

Robert too, maybe because he had used up his remaining strength as he stated, no longer had his thunder armour.

Even so, Robert strained his own willpower, then shouted.

And then——.



Both on Agnos’ and Robert’s necks, their respective weapons were placed upon.

Silence warped the whole venue.

Lily-san who snapped out first announced the outcome.

『Hah!? Th, this is … a draw! It’s a draw!』

To my surprise, the timing the two weapons were placed at each of their necks, even for my eyes, was exactly the same down to the milliseconds.

In other words, it was a draw this time.

Listening to the moderating of the host, the two quietly lowered their weapons.

「A draw, huh … No, if you were to use magic, the result would have been different.」

「No? This is my everything. Magic is another power to hold, but for me, this trained body of mine is what defines me best.」

「 … I see. Everything is done and said, it was fun. Thank you.」

「Ou! I had fun too!」

So they said, they handshake on the spot.

… However, that only settled the fact that class S and class F were in a draw.

『Eetto … If this match is a draw, then … if class F doesn’t have any participant left to fight, by the condition of the number of participants, it would be a draw in the overall match.』

『Fumu … It sure is a strange story for class F who already has secured two wins to be in a draw because of lack of participant. Well, two wins out of five, if there’s a draw in the middle of it then that would happen.』

While listening to the moderators’ conversation, for some reason, there was a class S student stood on the stadium.

Looking closely, he somehow had an air similar to Leon.

That student then looked down to us then said.

「There’s still someone who can fight over there and you call it a draw, are you idiots? It’s the same as abdicating this whole match itself.」

Wait a minute what the heck are you saying.

Even if by any chance Leon did come out to the match, if Leon won, then it’ll be class S’ defeat.

Rather, if things go on like this, class S could pull a draw unconditionally, so isn’t it better for them to not do anything strange because of the two defeats they have suffered?

「Or what? Are you saying you don’t fight? No, that’s possible, isn’t it! It’s that incompetent class F after all! Just like the matches up until now. You all could do win because we took pity on your magicless selves and ease up on you! People of your calibre would instantly get beaten up if we did it seriously. After all, you are nothing but a bunch of small fries whose effort won’t ever bear fruit aren’t you!?」

No, which part of the match did you see all this time?

Even if you weren’t serious, if in the end you got beaten up it’s all meaningless, and above all, what will become of the students that got thrashed by mere incompetents?

Well, it’s only an act to fan us up. Blued frowned at the other student’s words, but he didn’t say anything.

It was when I was wondering just how much ridiculing words he saved inside that brain of his.


「Eh, Leon?」

Unexpectedly, Leon took an action.

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