Shinka No Mi – Chapter 82

Chapter 82!



In the end, we went back to the classroom after that incident.

The reason was that Agnos and the rest of the class still wanted to hide the fact that they had become able to use magic from class S. On top of that, they had just learnt how to use magic, so they still couldn’t use it proficiently. Back then, I was fired up and wanted to take revenge. However, as time passed by, I cooled down. Once we reached the classroom, I pretty much no longer held any interest in class S. Of course, I still wouldn’t forgive them for making fun of Beatrice-san.

But that wasn’t something I should do, but something for Agnos and the rest to take care of. Rather than I, who only met them a few days ago, this issue should be resolved by people who have been under her care for a long time. I only hoped that Agnos and the rest would be seen as equals by other people since they could use magic now and all. The ones who would struggle in the upstage are Agnos and the rest, but I was planning to do my best to support them. It’s just, I never expected I’d see all of the heroes at once in that situation.

Maybe it was luck on my side, but the only one who recognized me was Kannazuki-senpai whom I had met beforehand; Shota and the rest didn’t appear to recognize me. Well, that should be expected. I’m not fat and my face was hidden by the hood. Despite that, Kannazuki-senpai could recognize me.

Yabai (She is truly the dangerous one)

As I was thinking about it, Beatrice-san came back to the classroom.

By the way, I was the one who went to the infirmary and told Beatrice-san that we were going back to the class. However, when I was in the infirmary, Leon still hadn’t woken up.


「I’ve come back.」

「Ah, Beatrice-san.」

「Beatrice-neesan! Is Leon okay?」


After Agnos asked, Beatrice-san turned her head with a sad expression.


「He has woken up, but he wants to be alone for the rest of the day…」

「I see…」


At least he had woken up. Really, what’s wrong with Leon? I hope there’s something we can do for him, but….


「…Well, if he wants to be alone, then let’s leave him be for today. Then, about what we are going to do from now on … Beatrice-san, what about it?」

「Yes, it’s okay. To level up the students, it’ll be great if we have outdoor activities.」

「I see! That’s great!」


Actually, when I visited Beatrice-san, I seized the opportunity to inquire about a place other than the stadium to train. And then the conversation escalated to the topic of letting the students face monsters outside the academy, for which I also got her permission.


「Come on, shall we go outside at once.」

「Ah, Big bro, please wait for a second! Before leaving the campus, can we check on Leon ?」

「Eh? That’s … will it be okay?」


Just a moment ago, Beatrice-san said that Leon wanted to be alone…..

I didn’t know the exact situation, so I asked Beatrice-san.


「Indeed, he said he wanted to be alone, but some time has passed since then. Therefore, I think it should be okay to see him briefly. And above all else, it’ll be more meaningful if everyone who visits him rather than us.」

「That’s what she said. Well then, let’s stop by the infirmary before we go outside.」



Thus, we were to stop by the infirmary before heading outside.




I――Leon Hardy was frightened. Because I’m keeping a secret from the rest of Class F.


That I am able to use magic.


People from class F were supposedly those who were the outcasts of society and outcasts were people who couldn’t use magic. Magic is an exceptional power that could defeat many people with tremendous force without using swords or spears. Of course, magic is not everything, there are also incomparably strong people who wield swords or spears, but they’re only a handful. That’s precisely why it is so valuable to have people who could use magic, which allows an ordinary person to defeat their enemies in various countries. Perhaps, they are highly valued because the world is still embroiled in conflict.

Meanwhile, I who was born as the second son of Hardy household was able to manipulate all five attributes of magic for a long time ago. My parents, who knew that I was the rarest five attribute wielder, were ecstatic. I was glad I could make my parents happy, so I studied magic a lot.

However, the foolish me wasn’t aware of the danger that loomed over me And that is the existence of my twin elder brother. Despite my brother being able to manipulate two attributes, due to my presence, my older brother was always compared to me.

As the next successor of the Hardy household, my older brother was always immersed in studies and martial arts. However, with my existence, there were voices within the Hardy Household who believed that the next successor of Hardy Household should be me.

And thus, my hellish days began.

The days where I had a specialized item to seal my magic placed on me and got bullied under the pretext of training. For me who couldn’t stand swords or spears, I could only back down. Under the pretext of Magic Training, I was tied up and used as a lab rat for receiving magic attacks.

Every day was filled with my bones being broken, my innards being torn, and my blood being spilled. And when I was about to die, the followers and members of the family loyal to him would heal my injuries and torment me once again. No matter how many apologies I uttered to him, it never reached my big brother’s ears.

Rather, he broke into a nasty smile and enjoyed my broken figure. It’s because I could use magic that I tasted that hell. I lost the hope to fight with magic, it’s just, I kept loathing my own self that could use magic better than most people.

And, in the end――I lost the ability to use magic completely.

Magic is, in essence, imagination. Magic is converting imagination into a shape, then realizing it into reality. To aid in the realization of magic into reality, there are intermediaries such as Aria, items. However, in the past, I could execute magic just by calling out the magic’s name. And soon, I became afraid of it.

If I tried to use Magic, the hellish days would come to surface again…thinking thus, I couldn’t even muster my imagination to use magic. Magic is terrifying. That feeling had been engraved in my heart, leading to me not being able to use magic.


「If I was there, Onii-san would … because I’m alive, I’ll destroy myself…」


As I’m drowning in my own dark thoughts, wishing I could just vanish――it was then while I was deep in thought.


「Ououououoo! You OK!? Leon!」

「You an idiot? This is an infirmary. Be quiet.」

「Are you okay?」

「Are you alright~?」

「For the time being, I’m glad you have woken up.」

「’Coz you collapsed so suddenly, we all got shocked you know!」

「…Well, he looks fine for now.」


As soon as the infirmary door was opened, Agnos-kun and the rest…every member of class F came over to me.


「W, why…」

「Why, you ask…We’re worried, so we came to see.」


They went to such lengths to visit someone like me.


「T, that’s … no need to care for someone like me.」

「Ye idiot! Don’t say 『Someone like me』! There’s only one you, you know?」


「…I won’t say what happened. So? We’re going to go out of the academy for training…You coming, Leon?」

「O, outside the academy?」


As I tilted my neck in wonder, since we were training in the stadium just a moment ago, Bead-kun told me so.


「I’m sure you saw it too, Leon, but we all became able to use magic. At that time, those class S folks came…since we want to hide our cards, we’ll hold a training session outside while Seiichi-sensei watches us.」

「Those hateful fuckers were making fun of Beatrice-neesan, you know?! That’s why we’ll slap our power right into their face during the In-School Tournament.」


Apparently, something happened when I lost consciousness.


「I’m sure you know it, the In-School tournament is separated into boys team and girls team, 1 vs 1, and the team that has three wins comes out as the winner. However, because Saria and the rest enrolled, we now have enough members for the girls’ team, but we’re lacking a member for boys’ team. Of course, we could participate with only four people, but it is a big risk. It’s fine as long as we get three wins, but…as shitty as our opponents might be, they’re still class S. We can’t fool ourselves.」

「That’s why, I hope you will participate too, Leon! Please! Lend us your power!」

「T, that’s! D, don’t lower your head to a person like me!」


Not only Agnos, Blood, and even Bead, they bowed to me.


「We want to pay those bastards back. I want them to know just how great our homeroom teacher is. That’s why…please!」



To Agnos who pleaded to me with his everything, I――.


「I, I … I can’t …! I, I can’t fight…!」


I refused him. Hearing such words from me, Agnos-kun――.


「――I see. Well, can’t be helped! We only have to take all the wins! Don’t worry about it!」  


Agnos-kun, smiled brilliantly to me. Even though, even though I had refused to fight for the class――.


「Why … why, for someone like me…」

「As.I.Said! Don’t get meek every time!」



Suddenly, Agnos-kun grabbed both of my arms with his hands and made me gaze into his eyes.


「Look at my eyes! Then smile! Do you think we’ll ever lose!?」

「T, that’s…」

「Then don’t make a face as though we’re about to die! Listen, okay? Just watch over us!」


「Don’t give a shit about other people! Rather than them, just look at my cool figure and burn it into your mind!」


Agnos-kun said so to me.

And then Blood-kun, looking troubled, opened his mouth.


「Hn. Well, you’ll laugh if you see Agnos. He’s an idiot after all.」

「The fuck you say!?」

『Leon, you only need to relax and watch our fight.』


Bead-kun too told me that. There are people who care about a person like me. Because I became unable to use magic, even my parents pushed me aside. That’s why they shouldn’t care for someone like me. However, Agnos-kun and the others acknowledged me. That’s why, look at us, they said. 


Even so, the current me couldn’t use magic. Even for someone like me, there are people who properly watch over….

Having realized that, I couldn’t help but shed a tear.


「I’m glad~」

「Boys sure get heated over weird things」

「How envious. I want that kind of friendship too.」  

「This should be what they call the beauty of men’s friendship. Wouldn’t it be too hard for us girls? That being said, this beautiful me that exceeded the beauty of men’s friendship is…!」


It’s just, hearing the girls’ impression who overheard us made me laugh unknowingly.


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