Shinka No Mi – Chapter 76

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The Aftermath of the Anger

That day Seiichi (The Monstrosity) unleashed his anger in another world for the first time. The aftermath was not limited to the monsters and Barbadora Academy. Many other places were also affected by it. The Demon Lord territory was also one of the affected areas――.




I――Bell Gizel, violently shivered to the sudden chill. … Wait … .

「Hey, did you feel the chill as well?」

「Ye, yeah …」

「Eh? Does that mean, Bell-san too… ?」

To think that not only me, but my subordinate and best friend, Terry Hemt and Bosco Dan felt that chill as well.  


「All three of us feeling a chill at the same time is really… unsettling.」

「No, even if we didn’t feel it, we were already far from relaxed ….」

「Don’t say it. I’ll really cry out loud.」

Even while conversing like that, they did not deviate from their initial goal and continued moving their hands. In the end, what was that chill? While mulling over that, Bosco suddenly asked me.


「Bell-san … we’re a special unit forces for now, aren’t we?」

「Ahn? That’s right. We’re Reiya-sama’s direct subordinates … in other words, elites which differs from normal foot soldiers.」

「But it being said that we are a Kamikaze unit?」

「You idiot. They’re just being jealous.」

「No, it seems like Reiya-sama and the upper echelons are the ones who said…」

「…… Shut up and move your hand.」

「Don’t fool me! If we really are elites――」

「BAH!  Don’t say anymore than――」

「We wouldn’t have to clean the castle right!?」



That Bosco shit, he’d gone and said it! Even though I’ve been desperately trying to pay it no mind!

「Bosco! You little… So you’ve finally said it!? I’ve been trying my best to escape the reality of it, you … ! Terry! What should we do to this shit!?」

「Bell-san. I’m of the same opinion with him though…」


I ain’t got any allies here! Damn it all!


「Please try thinking about it! Have we ever received any proper order!?」

「We have though!? We’ve spreaded transfer magic throughout Telbert haven’t we! 」

「Wasn’t that an arbitrary judgement?!」

「That’s right, damn it!」

Come to think of it, we had never really received a proper order.

No, being told to house sit when the Black Dragon God-sama was defeated was a fine order indeed!

「Far from raising battle strength, our house husband ability is rising instead…!」

「It, it’s fine isn’t it, being a husband! Iz da best right!?」

「We are an elite unit members you know!?」

「Fuck it!」

While reflexively holding his own head, Bosco pointed at the squeaky clean window which was just polished.


「Just look at it! This brand-new like window! When the fuck would this skill be used in the battle?!」

「Y, you can just clean the Heros’ weapons with this skill!」

「Are you fooling around with me?!」


It’s as Bosco said. Despite being proficient in such housework skills, they are useless in battle.

Terry doesn’t say anything, but deep in his heart he must be thinking the same thing as Bosco. But we must carry out this cleaning at all costs. I diverted my attention away from Bosco who continued to complain, corrected my posture, took a deep breath, then shouted a command.


「「Si, sir yes sir!」」

At the uselessly overtrained command, Bosco and Terry’s backs reflexively stretched as they let out a loud respond.


「Listen! If you’re not satisfied with your current situation, then turn it around and make it yours! For example, think of these filths as heroes! Ey, you savage heroes … I’ll polish you up beautifully! … How bout dat? Even doing this alone boost your morale against the heroes aint’ it?! 」

「I, I see!」

「As expected of Bell-san!」

「Alright! Now, the last spurt! Let’s we annihilate the heroes at once!」

「「Sir yes sir!」」

Thus we challenged the heroes with our respective cleaning tool (weapon) in hands.


「You’re rightー!」

As expected, I overstretched the deception. I’m disappointed. I sighed heavily, reluctantly uttered the trump card.


「Then, talking directly to Reiya-sama it is.」

「Alright, let’s annihilate the heroes!」

「Leave it to us! We’re experts in slaughtering the heroes!」

No matter how strong the facade they put up in the end, they all were afraid of punishment.




I――Reiya Falzer, suddenly felt an invisible pressure from 【Something】 mysterious that made my body tensed up. Wh, what in the world? Just, what … .


Today, although we were gathering again in the Demon Lord Castle to  discuss about the alliance with the Kingdom of Winburg which Lutia-sama had declared… . Aside from the bullets of sweat and the trembling of my body, I, for some reason,tried to grasp the current situation with a calm mind.


Looking silently around me, only the strongest power holders of the Demon Lord’s army――the first unit’s captain Zerros Albaharna, the second unit’s captain Zorua Waltore, and the Disciplinary unit captain Jade Leiven who had changed gears into battle mode. Zerros was gushing out ominous mana while Zorua wrapped himself with his darkness, and only his red eyes that could be recognized. Jade was spreading her bewitching aura to the surroundings. These states was a sight to behold for this does not happen often. However, their faces were filled with impatience, confusion and――fear.

「…. Who in the world possesses such a power? It’s――」

「I have no fucking idea!! Stay focused you damn lizard…!」

「Hey … What is that… …!」


Despite being terrified, the three conversed with each other.

On the other hand, we the other executives couldn’t move a finger bit. Ria doesn’t have enough room to stay calm either … wait, Uls, did your eyes turned all white? He fainted, didn’t he?


「Will Lutia-sama be okay…」

「She’ll be okay … This absurd power wave originated from a place far away from here … in addition, it’s not attacking a specific person, but rather looked like indiscriminately being let loose … It’s not like they’re attacking Lutia-sama. 」

「Quite the troublesome child we got… 」

After spending some time in a state where we couldn’t afford to relax even for a moment, all of a sudden the pressure that attacked us up to the last moment disappeared into thin air as if it never existed in the first place.


Because of that, we became able to move again. Repeatedly, I huffed air into my lung.


「Haaa… Haaa Haaa… This isn’t a joke. Isn’t it troublesome to constantly be at unease? 」

「Certainly, I felt that the strength is at the level where even if I were to fight at my full power, I am not certain of being able to win. However, the focus of the attack.. is not targeted to us.. No.. not targeted towards the demon tribe. It is probably pointless to worry about it.」

「Even if you say so….」

「 Shut the fuck up… Right now, you do know that we are unhurt. Can’t you just be glad at this simple fact?  ….」

After being rebuked by Zerros and Zorua, I kept quiet. However, I, who was able to accept this fact easily is not even strong nor thoughtless… During this time, should I get Bell and co to gather some information? I believe it might be a dangerous mission…. It’s fine. They are a suicide squad after all. Having said that, I pointed at Zorua.


「Try looking at Uls. He is not moving…. He fainted?! My sympathies」

「It is a pity but we did not cease to be living people unlike you.」

「Even if the words came from Reiya the【Phoenix】, it is not really persuasive」


It is the same for you as well isn’t it!

I have a huge tsukkomi in my mind when i heard that from the true vampire, Zorua. My tribe is certainly the 【Phoenix】. In particular, on top of having the ability 『Healing Flame』as a phoenix, I am also able to use 『Air Magic』 to manipulate the surrounding air. With these abilities, I became a part of the upper echelons in the Demon Lord’s Army.


Bell and co seems to have misunderstood my magic as 『Gas Magic』 and thought that I could only control the air that is floating in the atmosphere. They did not know that I have the ability to control every type of gas freely and the ability to create new gases.


When Black Dragon God sama was defeated, in order to recover his strength quickly, he had turned to me for I had the ability 『Healing Flame』. Despite taking a long time to heal,『Healing Flame』is able to cure any injuries so long as the person is not dead. However, it is unable to dispel any special seals or unique abnormalities.


… If my healing flame were to able to dispel seals, I would be able to make Lutia sama’s dad make a full recovery. Lutia sama’s dad―――― in order words the current Demon Lord who was being sealed up.


With our first generation Demon Lord being sealed up, the demon tribe lost their vanguard and we placed a strong person as the king and now we have reached this juncture. We Demon, just want to live a peaceful life.


Despite that, Humans kept sending troops time after time, challenging us to wars.

And our demon lord got sealed up.


――――Despite having such detestable opponents, Lutia sama wish to take the human hands and communicate with them. Therefore, we are supporting her with all our strength. Whoever who dares to oppose Lutia sana shall not be forgiven




I tried to imagine the person who had unleashed that mysterious overwhelming wave of power.

….By any chance, if that existance were to oppose Lutia sama…


「In exchange for my life, I will stop him……」


I had decided.


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