Shinka No Mi – Chapter 75

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The Monstrosity’s Fury

——That day, every animal and monster all over the world fled for their lives.

From monsters with high vigilance and sense of danger due to how weak they were, to monsters which were referred to as catastrophes by some countries. They all started running with their tails between their legs to escape from something. These monsters that should have attacked humans, instead stormed past the villages and towns along the way, not even paying them a glance. They just single-mindedly fled for their lives


But nobody knows why.

——They tried to run away from Barbadora Magic Academy as far as possible.


This phenomenon didn’t just apply to only monsters. Everything that existed within Barbadora Magic Academy stopped moving all at once. All of them were sweating bullets and not even one of them were able to raise their fingertips.


For they saw a vision.


On their shoulders was a hand casually placed by  【Death】.It wasn’t an entity that simply governed death like a『Grim Reaper』 . In their minds, a scene where the very existence of 【Death】, with its hand upon their shoulders, looking coldly down at them while floating a gruesome smile on its face. If they ever looked back, they would die. But no one knew the reason behind it.

Why had it turned out to be like this……Not just the thoughts, but even the freedom to move was restricted for they were frightened by the sudden appearance of 【Death】 behind them. Silence rang throughout the entire Barbadora Magic Academy and everything slowed to a stop. Then, ——【Hayashi Seiichi(The Monstrosity)】 started walking slowly.



What should I do? This bottomless feeling……Where should I vent it?

By embracing my past and my current self, I felt that my now fully familiar body continued to rise in status at an alarming pace, thanks to my inherent skill 『Human Emotion』.


Ah……It’s easy, isn’t it?


To those who had laid a finger on the ones I hold dear——All I need to do is to blast that Kaizer Empire into smithereens. I’ll destroy it in the cruelest way possible. That being said, unfortunately, I don’t know how to make them suffer. In that case, it might’ve been better if I took Eris-san’s 『SM Course Advanced Edition』 back at the Guild headquarters.


Whatever. Either way……It’s already too late. Since there is no other way, I shall erase their existence without leaving any trace, and forgive them. I constructed a new magic. A magic that would cruelly, ruthlessly, and mercilessly eradicate them from the memories of people. The image used to devise it is— nothingness.


For it erases everything.


As I approached Kannazuki-senpai who somehow abruptly stood still just before I stood up,  I strongly thought of the unknown land, Kaizer Empire and placed the magic into my mouth.




In that instant, my body was hugged by several people..

And I, in my withering thoughts, turned to those who held me back——.

「Seiichi! It’s okay!」  

「Calm down, Seiichi!」

「Milord! Please calm down! Let’s get some delicious treats for now! You’ll get better if you do that!」

「…Seiichi-oniichan. More than this, no good.」

Al and Rurune were grabbing my arms while Saria was clinging to my waist. Olga-chan was wrapping around my legs. When I looked at those who had stopped my movements, the unfathomable feelings that resided in the depth of my mind subsided at once.

「E, everyone…Why…?」

As I mumbled, Al answered me.

「I don’t get it myself…but I felt that if I don’t stop you here, you’ll definitely regret it…」


When I heard Al’s words, I realized that I had tried doing something so outrageous.


I was about to wipe Kaizer Empire from the memory of the people all over the world. Not just the Empire’s upper echelons, the citizens were also implicated in my deletion. The moment I noticed it, I came back to my senses.

「Seiichi’s power is meaningless if you use it in anger, you know? But if it is the usual Seiichi who uses it, it will bring happiness to the surrounding people, you know!」

Saria said so and smiled before me.

Rurune noded, following her words.

「That’s right, milord. It’s wasteful to use your power for heresy. Nay, it’s even ridiculous to use it for anger. Sooner or later, the world which has let down Milord will be exterminated on its own accord. By the way, milord…Aren’t you hungry after you get angry? Let’s get some meals again!」

「Didn’t you just hold me back and eat three servings!? That said, you treat me like crap!」


I involuntarily retorted her remarks. Wait, how come Rurune knew what I had tried to do!? No one told her, right!? And so, Saria and the others started to laugh.

「Normal Seiichi has finally returned!」

「Really… I don’t know why, but I sure was surprised when I saw your atmosphere get weird all of a sudden… 」

「I know why, though… 」

「So you know?!」

「…Me too, know.」

「Even you, Olga-chan!?」

Al raised a shocked voice.

Then, both Rurune and Olga pointed at Kannazuki-senpai’s wristband.

「Most probably, that’s the cause.」

「…Nn. That…very evil.」

「Ah? …What? I think I’ve seen the same design somewhere, but…」

「… 【Bracelet of Slavery.】.  A degraded version of 【Collar of Slavery】 I used to wear. …I too, just noticed, a while ago.」

「What the!? Is, is that for real?!」


Although the dark emotion came to surface for the second time, I didn’t let it took over me. I slowly walked towards Kannazuki-senpai.


「Huh!? Wh, what am I…?」

For some reason, Kannazuki-senpai was perspiring and tilted her head.


Suddenly, when I realized how quiet my surroundings were, I looked around and saw a strange sight unfolded. Everyone was either lying on the floor or lying on the desk somehow.

「Hah!? What’s with this situation!?」

「No, it’s your fault, Seiichi.」

Al told me with a scornful eyes, but I tilted my neck in puzzlement, with no collection of what I had done. And so, Saria informed me.

「They were released from the strain due to Seiichi’s anger, so they went limp and fainted at the same time.」

「Eh? Because I got angry!?」

What’s with that walking weapon! I am never again letting my emotions explode carelessly!

Don’t tell me, if I seriously cried, I might create a lake or something? No way, that’s——I can’t deny the possibility!

「Certainly, I do have 『Coercion』 Skill. B..but isn’t that meaningless without any level differences… 」

「In Seiichi’s case, it’s not the skill effect or the like, but purely due to Seiichi’s own strength which lead to everyone’s survival instinct kicking in.」

It seems like I’m able to intimidate people lightly without skills. Well, you’ll understand once you see my status! It’s okay! I don’t feel like to getting used to it!

「Kannazuki-senpai! Are you okay?」

「Ye, yeah. Are you fine yourself, Seiichi-kun? For me, I felt like I was forced to succumb my everything… somehow, it felt so good.」

「It looks like there is something wrong with you huh.」


I don’t quite understand, but I don’t think it’s normal for Kannazuki-senpai to feel pleasure while everyone else collapsed due to my anger. Is there any doctor around? We have a serious case here. I looked at Kannazuki-senpai who staggered while getting up to her feet and asked her in a serious manner.


「Kannazuki-senpai. What’s with that … bracelet?」

「Are you talking about this? It’s something that was provided by Kaizer Empire. It’s to amend our status, it seems.」



There’s no mistake, it’s Kaizer Empire after all… Moreover, judging from what Kannazuki-senpai said, I can assume that all the heroes are wearing one.

Nevertheless, I who had been stopped by Saria and the girls, wouldn’t let my anger explode again.


…It might be possible to use the 【Judgement】 magic from here. However, if the empire were to suddenly lose its leader, the Kaizer Empire’s citizen would suffer, huh. Not that I know how the politics work over there.


However, it’s not like my anger is settled. That’s why, eventually…I’ll think up the method, then personally send them flying. This isn’t a plan. It’s a decided fact.

「Kannazuki-senpai… Please listen carefully. The bracelet Kannazuki-senpai and other heroes are wearing is called 【Bracelet of Slavery】, an item that makes the bearer forcibly obey the one who made them wear it. 」

「What!? However, our 『Appraisal』 skill didn’t catch any indication like that… 」

「I’ve been through some thick and thin, and I currently possess 『Advanced Appraisal』, a skill more proficient than 『Appraisal』. In addition, I hold an inherent skill named 『World Eye』 that allows me to confirm my target’s status. …Right now, Kannazuki-senpai, your status is 【Slave】 .」


Kannazuki-senpai was greatly shocked by my explanation.

「Why do you possess such an excellent Skill, Seiichi?」

「… It will be a long story, so we’ll do it when the time comes. Rather than that, let’s first detach the 【Bracelet of Slavery】  from you, Kannazuki-senpai. I don’t know why, but it’s something that exceeds your 『Appraisal』 and you have been deceived by it. 」

「Such a thing…」

Kannazuki-senpai seemed to be heavily stupefied. Well, of course. It was a thing that she always thought would bring mertis to her, but it brought demerits instead.

「Thankfully, I have an ability to release you from that status. That’s why, let’s we——」

「Please wait a minute, Seiichi-kun.」


「If what you said is true, then the country that summoned us… Kaizer Empire did this to us with a purpose in mind. So if we return there with it being undone, it’ll bring us trouble.」

「Then you don’t have to go back!」

「It can’t be like that.」


「…I didn’t want to make you worry too much. …When we were summoned, the teachers were taken as hostages.」


「Not only the teachers, I suspect that those who are unqualified to be heroes… In other words, the students who aren’t proficient in battle are likewise detained.」



All I could do was to stay silent.

It was such a shocking news to me.

「I can’t leave them behind. As imperfect I may be, I’m still the student council president.」


Certainly, I have never thought about abandoning them. However, to me, Kannazuki-senpai and the others are my top priority.


I’m not a saint.


No matter what they said, people other than Kannazuki-senpai and co. are just faces among the crowds for me. And even if I wanted to transfer to Kaizer Empire by magic, it can’t be done. 『Space Magic』 cannot be invoked if the destination has not even been visited once, not even my 【Magic Creation】  skill can do anything about it.


For I am unable to  imagine the place at all. Even if I make a magic to see things far away from here using 【Magic Creation】 , the condition for transfer is 『Been there once』 and not 『Seen it once』.Therefore, it is most likely impossible. Rather, 【Magic Creation】 won’t activate for I have the『Transfer』 magic already.

「Then, What should—— 」

「This is where you come in. Seiichi-kun, please undo my bracelet without breaking it.」


W, without breaking it?


No, Olga-chan’s Collar was broken due to my 【President Linc*ln】 , so is it really possible?

… As long as I do it with “not breaking” in mind, it should be executed according to the image that I had envisioned. I didn’t know why, but I had the feeling that might be the case. How do I say this, my body and my mind had completely adapted with each other, so I felt as though my body was informing me that I can do it.

……Here goes nothing.


When I had Kannazuki-senpai stuck out her bracelet towards me, I exercised 【President Linc*ln】 while thinking of taking it off normally.


Thus—— .


「It’s really been taken off.」

「It is a success.」

「No, what would you do, not knowing about this!?」

The bracelet came off neatly without being broken. Kannazuki-senpai took the removed bracelet and then thrusted it towards me.

「Alright, now put it on me.」

「Let’s bring you to the hospital.」

Why are you telling me  to put it back on when you just took it off!? Isn’t that weird!?


I was reflexively said those words to her ambiguous act, but Kannazuki-senpai’s expression was serious, not minding what I just said.


「I want you to rule over me.」

「It’s too late already…!」


When I held my head in my hands and screamed, Kannazuki-senpai continued with a serious expression on her face.

「A percent of it is just a joke.」

「So you mean the other 99 percent was honest!?」

「Calm down. Didn’t I said it just now? It’ll cause trouble if I were to go back without the bracelet on. This is for certain.」

「That would be so」

「Therefore, isn’t it fine to just change the one who make me wear it. That way it wouldn’t be found out there. Furthermore, you’ll rule over me… I may be a genius.」

「I don’t want this kind of genius!」

「Anyway, you don’t need to order me, just put it on me one more time. I beg you.」

So she said with a serious look.

Well, I can understand what is she trying to say…


As I was still pondering about it, Kannazuki-senpai suddenly took my arm and made me wear her the bracelet.



「Fufu. I’m your thing now.」

For some reason, Kannazuki-senpai said so with an enraptured expression on her face.

「Well then, quickly give me an order.」

「You said the order was not needed! You certainly said that, you know!?」

「That’s a lie. There is no way I’d miss such a delicious chance with honesty, right?」

「It’s not something to say proudly!」

「Just order me already.」

「Why is the standing reversed!?」

I ought to be the one in command, but it was her who commanded me alright. Moreover, the command was 『Order me』 … this person is detestable. I felt terribly uncomfortable when she kept staring at me. As I am pondering what to do, it suddenly came to me.

「Then, Kannazuki-senpai.」

「Alright, you’re saying I should be your pillow, aren’t you? Leave it to me.」

「What kind of eyes do you look at me with!?」

I coughed once then faced Kannazuki-senpai again.


「Well then, here’s my order. 【Safety above others】… this is the order I impose to you. 」


「For me, Kannazuki-senpai and co. is the first priority. It might be a cruel way to say it, but as long as you are safe, I don’t care of what happened to other students. You guys are more important than anything else.」


「Senpai said I should avoid getting involved any further, but I’ll definitely see through this until I release Shouta’s and the other’s bracelets.」

「… Everyone’s bracelet… I can’t say it, huh. You don’t have the obligation to do it, and above all, I don’t want to involve you. …What a useless girl I am.」


「……I understand. Then, I’ll have you to undo Shouta’s and the other’s bracelets. And after that I will cooperate with them and do our best to protect everyone.」

Having said that, Kannazuki-senpai told me this with a smile.

「Of course, I’ll do it while obeying your order…… Though I’d prefer a more nasty order.」

I didn’t hear the last remark, okay.


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