Shinka no Mi – Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – Unrest

“As we have finally finished with the introductions, I believe that it is time to return your test of herbology. I will call your names, so please pick them up one by one.”

After all of us finished with our introductions, Beatrice-san told them those words.

Although it is obvious, but before I was the homeroom teacher of this class, Beatrice-san was the teacher in charge of this class, and the one giving this class, so there is nothing wrong with her evaluating the tests.


“Ou! Well, if I were the opponent, such thing as an exam is …”

“Zero points.”

“It can’t beeee!? Beatrice-sis you are doing a disservice by exposing my grades to the whole group!”

Agnos received the test from Beatrice-san and was bitterly complaining.

Although I agree that exposing one’s grades is bad, but how did you have the confidence in a test that you got zero on?

As she was massaging her forehead, Beatrice-san said.

“With this result, how were you expecting on getting 100 points…”

“Well, that’s because…”

“How do you make a middle level-recovery potion?”

“With guts!”

“Are you stupid?”

Are you serious.

I just glanced at Agnos’s test however all the answers were ended with “guts”.

I mean, how did you think that you could obtain 100 points from these answers!? There should be a limit in a no brainer thinking process!

“I’m not wrong! Guts, There is not enough guts! In this world, everything can be solved with guuuuuuuuts!”

“I understand. So please, Agnos-kun, turn yourself into a girl.”

“I was spouting nonsense.”

You broke too quickly! Have more responsibility of your words! You lack the guts!?

Making the air around him heavy, Agnos just returned to his seat… This is so painful.

“Sigh… next Blued-kun.”


The next one to be called was Blued, who was walking elegantly, and received the test.

“This is a great score. Please keep it this way.”

“That is an obvious conclusion. There’s no need for more words.”

“Why it is that his score is good, and mine is baad! I can’t understand!”

“Are you an idiot. Your answers aren’t really answers, so your grades are obviously bad.”

“That’s wrong, there is just not enough guts!?”

“Then, please Agnos-kun, please assault a country’s royal castle naked.”

“I’m sorry.”

Agnos although he tried to confront Blued, a single comment from Beatrice-san sunk him completely.

Well nevertheless, I should keep my mouth shut… Because in the guild headquarters, there is a pervert who could easily assault a royal castle while pridefully being naked.

The next one was Bead, who received the test without any reply and returned to his seat.

I glanced at Beard’s test, and he had a high grade of 90 points… The mystery just gets more complicated.

However, as Leon was called next, I was extremely stunned.


“Sigh… this again. Don’t worry, it’s just an everyday thing.”


As I heard Beatrice-san’s words, I glanced at Leon’s test again.”

Why, because even though you tell me…

“Leon-kun. For god sakes, please solve the questions properly.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Bu-bu-but, the likes of me can’t answer the test arrogantly!  And to think that if someone read my ugly letters and turn his day bad… ! That’s why I believed that I needed to apologize beforehand! And that’s why I apologize for tainting your eyesight! Wha! I’m sorry for responding you! I will shut up!”

To think that in Leon’s test was written, “For the likes of my to express my opinions, what an arrogant thing! Also, to show you my writing… I’m sorry. Ahh! Because that and this are also my writings, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, ——”, like that he was writing “I’m sorry” without leaving any spaces.

That’s scary! I feel some tremendous madness here!?

This has totally gone beyond just being ‘negative,’ hasn’t it!? I believe that it is a miracle that he is able to attend class safely in this state!

He did well in living his life with this personality… It’s scary that I think that it should be normal for him to be thinking suicide…

Suicide is no joke at all.

In Earth, even though there were few occasions similar to this, I never wanted to kill myself.

Especially, a suicide driven by bullying, I wouldn’t even dream about it.

Why should I kill myself for the sake of the guys that are bullying me. It’s extremely stupid.

No matter how much I suffer, I won’t even think about dying.

Since there should be a lot of people that have suffered more than me…

Thinking that, I just kept living like that.

Well I don’t care about me at all.

I am really worried that Leon is thinking about suicide, and at the same time, I felt that the situation was dreadful… Please live resiliently.

After that, Helen and Rachel received their test and they got around the 90 points mark, so they shouldn’t have any problems at all. Although Helen has an aura that makes difficult to approach her, together with Rachel make them the best students around…. no, no, no Haven’t I been poisoned already!? It is not like they are especially talented model students, but the surroundings are not the best!? That’s dangerous! My common sense has been slowly changing to base myself at the standards of perverts…! Ah, as I was thinking that, I pictured the entire guild headquarters laughing.

As I try my best to drive away my illusion, it became Irene’s turn.

She with her silhouette that walked elegantly and glamorously, directed herself to the place before Beatrice-san.

Here it is Irene-san. You got 100 points without any complaints.”

“Yes, thank you very much, since it is obvious that I’m already perfect.”

As if there was nothing to presume, and that she was just stating the facts, she just leisurely smiled.

I also looked at the test, but it was without a doubt that Irene received a perfect score, Beatrice-san was also satisfied by her result.

It is a 100 points result that was difficult to find even on Earth, but as I observed her behaviour, I believe that it is normal for her to get 100 points… Then, why are you in this class in the first place?

There is no speck of dust that indicates that she is a dunce, so it was obvious that I couldn’t understand her situation at all. No, it is not only Irene, but also Blued and Bard…

“And finally, Flora-san”

“It is just normal”

“Isn’t your comment just hurtful!?”

Flora who was just being stepped on by Rurune, was retorting to Beatrice’s comment. I understand, being called pervert is a compliment for her… It is already too late.

As Beatrice-san finished giving out all the evaluated exams, she called me.

“Well  then, Seiichi-san. About today’s schedule… How about using all the available time to check all the student’s abilities?”

“Are you referring to everyone… as all the students from F class?”

“Yes. all theoretical subject like herbology, which I just evaluated and gave the exams, I have just ended the critical point of almost all of them. However, the practical subjects, as Seiichi-san is going to be the one teaching those class, you should need some time like now to evaluate their distinctive abilities.”

“I understand… If you don’t have any problems with theoretical classes, then I won’t mind at all.”

Since I don’t understand the progress of theoretical classes at all.

As Beatrice-san nodded to my words, she turned towards the students for the second time.

“Well then, everyone, I believe that you have been hearing the conversation of just now, to deepen the ties to the new homeroom teacher Seiichi-san, we are going to have a practical class for all the rest of the day in the stadium.”

“ALLL RIIIIGHT! I’m saved that I don’t have to study!”

Hearing Beatrice-san words, Agnos shouted with delight. Well I understand that studying is not the best thing in the world. But considering that there are in the world countless people that cannot study at all, I cannot just publicly acknowledge that.

To begin with, even though you are saying to deepen our ties, the place being the stadium, I believe it is too extravagant and dangerous.

“So, before the first class starts, please move to the competition stage. Other classes may be using the classroom, so don’t make any disturbances.”

As everyone answered, the F class including Saria, all headed to the stadium.

Al also followed after Saria.

“Ah, Beatrice-san, is it alright?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“As I thought, I still want to have the class schedule….”

“That’s right…… I was thoughtless. Even though you will be coming everyday to the class, Seiichi-san doesn’t know at what time what class is. I’m sorry……”

“No, I’m alright! Don’t worry about it!”

“Thank you very much. Well then, we will first go to the staff office.”

“Yes! … Origa-chan what you want to do? Are you going to the stadium first?”

“…No, together”

“I-I understand.”

“…. Not only that….”

“… I will get lost.”

That’s right.

This academy is too vast. I’m confident that there are a lot of classroom that aren’t being used!? I already have lost the confidence of returning to the male dormitory by myself…”

I should have the skill【Perfect Memory】,however there is no sign that it is being activated at all. Are you there?

As I was thinking something redundant like that, we were following after Beatrice-san.

The F class students who went outside before Seiichi and company, were walking in the corridor that is leading to the stadium.

“Nevertheless… Who is that Seiichi guy? He wasn’t scared by my guts.”

“Humph, it’s just that you aren’t scary at all.”

“What are you saying bastard!?”

“Don’t bark. It’s unpleasant.”

“Are you trying to irritate me? You are really trying to irritate me!?”

“Ex-excuse me… I believe it is bad to fight… I- I’m sorry. To bring out my arrogant opinion, I’m really sorry!”

Agnos was reacting excessively to Blued’s words, and other than Leon, there weren’t any other that was minding about it and just walked normally.

And as the two heard Leon’s words, the two showed a complicated expression.

“This again…”

“Sigh…. Can’t you do something about that character of yours? It is too menial… Just because someone gives an opinion, it is not like we would be angry about it.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! To make you worried about me, I’m sorry!”

“… Sigh…”

If someone could change the character as easy as one says it in words, there wouldn’t be any problems…. Blued was thinking that, and was letting out a sigh.

“I will say this, even though it is not the same conversation as before, but I don’t know anything about the new homeroom teacher’s background. Not only I can’t see his face, I also don’t know about his abilities.”

“However, isn’t that going to be revealed right now? Beatrice-sis said that today all classes are going to be exchanged with practical classes.”

“That’s right… Beard, what do you think about the new teacher in charge?”

As Blued abruptly asked Beard, Beard just simply brought out his sketchbook like usual, and showed it to them.

『I think that he is a nice guy.』

“A nice guy… You don’t change do you?”

As he received the same response as always, Blued just smiled bitterly.

Besides that conversation, Flora was talking to Saria with a exalted voice.

“Hey, hey, hey! Are Saria and Rurune, perhaps, acquaintances!? I want to know about your relationship with each other.”

“That’s right. Not only I know Rurune, but also Al and Origa-chan,,, and finally Seiichi too.”


With Saria’s words, Flora was extremely taken away.

Not only Flora, but all the students who heard that were also taken back… Only the expression of Beard couldn’t be read.

“Excuse… me… what is your relationship with the teacher…?”

Flora who returned to normal the fastest, asked with a timid attitude.

And then, Saria responded with a smile.

“I’m his wife!”


“Also I’m master’s manservant.”


“Al is also Seiichi’s girlfriend.”


Flora was surprised continuously.

Leaving aside that Saria said that she’s his wife with a smile, after that, Rurune was upfront about her revelation, and Al was blushing by the words that Saria said, and was turning her face away.

So that means, that no one is retorting to it.

Flora, knowing that everything was true, returned to normal, and asked timidly again.

“Then, then… this small… was it Origa-chan? What is her relationship with teacher…?”

“Origachan? She is Seiichi’s little sister!”

“Ah, little sister… As one would expect! If he were to lay hands to a little girl of that age, it would be a crime!”

If Seiichi were to be in this place, he would think of asking her to say those same words to the pervert lolicon that is in the guild headquarters.

And Blued who returned to normal a little bit late, muttered quietly.

“… The mystery only deepens…”


Suddenly, Agnos who was walking besides Blued, looked downwards and was muttering something,

Blued asked instinctively in return, he abruptly lifted his head and shouted loudly with his eyes shining brightly.

“He is a big bro! (Anikii!) He is the one who deserves the title of my big bro! He is a man among men!”

“…….So it’s like that…”

Blued, as he saw the condition of Agnos, thought himself that the new homeroom teacher will have it tough…

“Whoooa. The new teacher is someone this amazing.”

“Well, it means that he has the ability to at least impress and seduce women. Not only that, I’m curious of what is going to happen to our 3 beauties, I can’t think about it.”

In this world, to leave superior descendants, it was not rare for people with superior talents to seduce many women and men.

That’s why polygamy for both men and women was accepted.

That means, that among the people in F class, Seichi who has a romantic relationship with Saria and company should be in a high position or just simply has the ability to back it up.

As Rachel and Irene were having that conversation, Irene, who usually doesn’t approach anyone, approached Saria.

At seeing that scene, all the other members were taken back again.

Saria tilted her head in wonder, seeing Helen approaching her.

“What happened?”

“… You, are you the lover of the new teacher?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“…Then, is he powerful?”

Receiving a question without context, Saria who paused for a second, smiled once more and said.

“He is extremely strong!”

“…. Oh”

As she heard that, Helen returned to her initial position that was a little away from the rest of the group and kept walking.

In the end, although Saria was unable to understand Helen line of thinking, but as they reached their destination, the class members were deepening their friendship.

As they reached the training grounds, since there were tens of people there, they understood that another class was using the stadium.

“Tch…. to think that there were another bunch here… It’s disappointing. Well the training grounds are available to the public, so we should hold back.”

As Agnos was disappointed and opened his mouth, the class before them realize the existence of F class.

And then, because the F class came here, the other class made a commotion.

“? What happened to everybody?”

Because of the sudden commotion, Saria was tilting his head, and Irene rearranged her hair and told her.

“Isn’t that obvious, they made a commotion because of my beauty.”

“Oh! So it was like that!”

“No, no, no! Don’t take her seriously!?”

As Flora was correcting her, she let a self-depreciating smile.

“Well… it’s because we are the bottom of the academy, that they look at us.”

“The bottom? Why? There is no such people here? People are different each other, so I don’t think there is superior and inferior things.”

As she was truly thinking that, Saria tilted her head in wonder.

And it was when they were making that conversation.

“Hey, hey, hey, why the dunces are here in this place? Are you telling me to inhale the same air as those losers?”

As one blond guy was making a hideous smile, he took alongside him some of his followers and came in there direction.

As F class is often made fun off by their surroundings, it was normal that they picked a fight with the members of the class.

That’s why, it was not something to be surprised about, but this time was different.

“Bi-big brother!? Weren’t you attending the Kaizer empire’s Ryle academy…! Why are you in this school!?”

Blued was showing an exasperated expression that normally wouldn’t show and elevated his tone.

And seeing him in that state, first of all, the blond guy was deepening his smile.

—-Theobolt Terra Kaizer

The first prince of the Kaizer empire, and also Blued ‘s half brother.

“If it isn’t Blued. Isn’t it the perfect class for you.”

As Blued was biting his lip in remorse, Agnos who was silent until now, intruded.

“Hey, hey, hey! You saying whatever is on your mind… Are you prepared for the consequences!? Huuh HUUUH!?”

“Cut it out, Agnos!”

“Making a fool out of us, how could I remain calm! Don’t you think of stopping me!”

“Humph, not only you are a dunce but also a savage… You are just garbage without any hope.”

“What did you said? I dare you to say it another time, you bastard….!”

Agnos was in a state that it wouldn’t strange if he were to start fighting, and Blued was using his all to hold him.

Bead was thinking that it wouldn’t be any good if it was kept this way, so he was helping in holding Agnos down.

And seeing that situation, Therbolt was sneering.

“How unsightly, I also didn’t want to come to a savage place like this… But I was told by Herio and my father, so I came here with the heroes. I am being thankful about that right now. I am able to show the world how capable I am.”

“There is no doubt, Therbolt-sama!”

“Therbolt-sama’s talent is superb!”

The followers were praising Therbolt non-stop.

As he was nodding as if he was satisfied by their response, he directed his eyesight at Saria.

“Hou? Aren’t you a fine jewel?”


Therbolt was showing an eerie smile and looking at Saria as if he was licking all over her.

And Rurune who realized that, let herself between the two of them as to protect Saria.

“Don’t you approach her, you trash.”

“Wow! You are also a beauty yourself… Really great. What is your name?”

“Mine? I’m Saria!”

“I understand… You should be happy. I will make you into my women. How is that, aren’t you happy?”

As he was thinking that it is impossible for him to be rejected, Therbolt just spoke with that much confidence.

However, Saria—-.

“I’m sorry! I, love Seiichi!”

With her bright smile, she responded.

Theobolt who wasn’t thinking that he would be rejected, he couldn’t understand what she said for a moment, and was showing a perplexed expression.

“… That’s strange. Did my ears get bad? To think that I would hear myself get rejected…”

“It’s impossible! I really love Seiichi!”

She said it again with such innocence.

Therbolt was showing a befuddled smile.

“Don’t you know that it is my invitation? I, who have these beautiful features, accomplishments in both the literal and military ways, and also I’m the one who is going to become the next emperor!”

“What? Seiichi is many times handsomer than you! And also he is super strong!”

“Saria-sama… please forgive his insolence. That guy doesn’t know about the lord… Ignorance can be sometimes a scary thing… How tragic.”

Therbolt’s pride was been beaten to death without break.

If those words were because of jealously or protection, Therbolt wouldn’t be this wounded.

However, with Saria innocent smile, and Rurune’s gaze that contained pity and scorn, pulverized Therbolt’s pride.

As Agnos was observing the turn of events, he just began to laugh loudly.

“Gyahahahahaha! Tha-that guy…! He said it with such a confidence, but he was outright rejected!? 『From now on I will make you my women』… But to think that they didn’t even take him seriously…. AHAHAHAHAH! My stomach hurts…!”

“Puh, A-Agnos. Don’t you… huhuhu… dare to laugh…. at my… brother…. huh”

『Don’t mind about it. There are days like that.』

Blued was also restraining himself from laughing, and Beard just tried to give him some consoling words.

What are they thinking of doing with the pride that was already pulverized.

With anger and bashfulness, Therbolt face turned from red to purple.

And Altria who was silent until now, opened her mouth.

“As yesterday, I heard from Beatrice-san that I shouldn’t put myself in between problems between students… but as Saria is being hit on, I shouldn’t keep silent anymore-”

“Who are you, bastard…!

Even though Therbolt was shouting harshly at Altria, she didn’t change her attitude.

“Who am I? I will be the new teacher who is going to teach the adventurer subject. Well, it’s possible that I will go to your class someday, so please take care of me.”

“… The likes of an adventurer…. shouldn’t be haughty!”


As he directed a sharp gaze at Altria, Therbolt was spouting something after seeing all of the F class.

“To make a fool out of me who is a complete elite, Don’t you think that you will be left alone… You trash! You people who can’t use magic… will be trash for the rest of your life!”


“It’s that bullseye? Isn’t it bullseye!? You who are branded as trash and recognize it, are really the worst!?”


He was just saying what he wanted to say, but he shut himself after he was talked to by someone near.

“Kaizer empire’s next emperor is really free, isn’t he.”

“Robert Yoas Winberg…!”

Out of nowhere, he stood between F class and Theobolt, a blond with blue eyes— he was Robert.

“This talk shouldn’t concern the likes of you. Don’t you dare intervene in this!”

“What are you saying? Are you thinking of not taking the class? Well I don’t care what you do. And I don’t care about your grades either.”

“Are you stupid? The teacher of the S class is a noble from the Kaizer Empire… He wouldn’t mind erasing such simple things.”

“You are the idiot one, Theobolt. You are thinking of using your power even though you are just a student, you should be ashamed.”

“Ha! You who have no power since you are from a small, weak country. Are you jealous? How unsightly.”

“Sigh… Talking to you is just too tiring. Even though I’m doing it for them, I just feel tired talking to you…”


“Well I don’t care. I will go to the class… Theobolt. Control your attitude already.”

“What did you said…!”

He was going to respond to Robert’s words, but since he turned his back, it was not possible anymore.

As he was glaring at his back annoyingly, he directed his gaze at F class.

“Well, it’s enough… You were saying that you are Saria? I will return this at later date… We are going.”

“Ah, Theobolt-sama!”

Theobolt was saying what he wanted to say, and he left with his followers.

And then, one of the followers, glanced sharply at Leon.

“… Humph.”

Leon succumbed at that gaze and was extremely terrified, and seeing that scene, one of the followers laughed lightly and followed after Theobolt.

As Theobolt left the place, Blued looked at everyone from F class, and prostrated himself.

“My relative has caused you trouble. I truly apologize.”

They were surprised by Blued’s conduct.

“To Saria and Rurune, I made you feel something unpleasant. I ask for forgiveness.”

“I’m really fine though? Don’t worry about it!”

“I also didn’t take him seriously at all from the start.”

“…. Thank you very much. If my brother does something to you, I will be lending you my hand.”

As he received Saria and Rurune words and he lifted his head, Agnos too who was in bad mood opened his mouth.

“Keh, you shouldn’t worry about anything. That bastard is in the wrong after all.”

『That’s right. We are all fine.』

“Ex-excuse me! I’m also alright!”

And then, Rachel and Flora were smiling bitterly and entered the conversation.

“Well, they made a fool out of us, but sadly it is the truth. Also, Blued is not in the wrong, so you shouldn’t worry about that.”

“That’s right~. It is true that he was a really bad person, but he didn’t do anything to us, so ~”

He was relieved and smiled a little by the commentary of the two, but he still apologized to Irene and Helen.

“I made you watch something unsightly to the two of you too. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care about it at all. Although he pointed one defect of mine, I’m several times more talented! I’m amazing!”

“I also don’t care about it. You have it rough.”

“….. I’m thankful to you two.”

Any of the members didn’t condemn Blued.

However, Theobort’s words were deeply etched into everyone’s heart.

As if the first part of the walking was a lie, the ambient is a little bit uncomfortable, and the atmosphere was a little bit dark.

As they were waiting with the dark atmosphere, Seiichi and the others arrived at the training stage.

As I— Hiiragi Seiichi reached the stadium, I don’t know why but I felt a dark atmosphere.

What happened during this short amount of time. Well, some of them haven’t changed at all since the introduction, though!

I was tilting my head in wonder because of the atmosphere, as Beatrice-san also realized about it, and showed a suspicious expression on her face.

“Did something happen here?”

“I don’t know about it… But let’s first meet with them.”

As we approach the F class members, first, Saria realized our presence, and was brightly smiling while walking towards here.

“Ah, Seiichi!”

Since Saria and Rurune were the same as always, I relaxed a little bit.

And then, as everyone realized our presence, they directed their gazes at us.

However, I feel a mysterious glance among them.

As I look at the direction of the glance, there was a figure of Agnos with his eyes shining brightly.

“A–…. Agnos-kun? Why are you directing that gaze at me?”

“Big bro!  Don’t call me『Agnos-kun』 like some stranger, but please call me casually!”

“What happened!?”

What is the reason that I’m being called big bro by Agnos!?

As I look at the surroundings, Flora was bitterly smiling and taught me the reason.

“Ahahahaha…. Well, we heard about your relationship with Saria, so it may be because of that?”


As I heard the situation from Flora, I had one bad premonition.

I worriedly asked Rurune about something.

“Excuse me… Rurune-san? What answer did you, as a lady, gave to everyone… ?”

“About me? I just said that I was lord’s manservant…”

“I thought so!”

Why is that Rurune can only give an answer that gives misunderstanding!? I want you to consider my standing in this society! If you are a knight, protect not only my well being, but also my name!

As I was troubled and putting my hands over my pained head, someone just lightly hit my back.

And I saw a cute little bear in the direction of that light hit.

『Don’t worry about it, there are days like that.』

That consolation is the one that hurts me the most!

I wanted to cry so hard.

“Excuse me… Beatrice-san”

“Yes? Did something happen?”

As we were having that conversation, Al asked something to Beatrice-san.

“The grades in the adventurer subject, are up to me, right?”

“Yes, I was thinking of thoroughly explaining it to you after the classes, but simply put, the test results, and the average score… the grade of the subject are decided by the assistance percentage and the attitude in class.”

“I see… I understand.”

As Al showed an expression of comprehension of the situation, she said with a serious look.

“Theobolt… that bastard is going to get zero points in my class.”

“What truly happened!?”

I don’t understand who that guy is, but from this moment onwards, Theobolt’s usual grade’s average disappeared from this school.

Teacher, you are scary.

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