Shinka no Mi – Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – Second Year F class

The next day, I went to the Staff room as Beatrice-san told me to.

I knocked like if I was in a normal high school of Earth, and entered, and there were already the silhouette Beatrice-san, Saria and company there.

However, there were no other staff members inside the room.

“Good morning! Seiichi!”

“G-go-good morning, Saria. Also good morning to everyone.”

Immediately after I enter the room, Saria greeted me with her smile on her face, and as I returned her greetings, I greeted the others too.

Saria was fully clothed with the uniform she was given yesterday, and to tell the truth… since I hadn’t prepared my heart yet I was stunned by her cuteness for a second… I haven’t be able to gain resistance to beautiful women. Will I be able to in the future? I…

“Look, look! As I thought, this uniform, it’s really cute!”

Saying that, she made a complete turn on that spot. Excuse me… Although the uniform is really cute, I just want to say that Saria herself is extremely cute…. Stop, stop, we are not a stupid couple,

Rurune was also fully clothed with the same uniform, however, since her uniform was a little bit crooked already, it gave a completely different impression. Nevertheless, with her beauty comparable even among the top, Rurune looked as great as Saria in her uniform.

In respect of Origa-chan and Al, both of them prefer attires that are comfortable to move in, so it’s their everyday clothes.

As she checked everyone attire, Beatrice-san greeted us with a composed face.

“Good morning, Seiichi-san. From today on, let’s do our best.”

“Oh, good morning. I may have a lot of points that I’m lacking, but please take care of me.”

…… Will this way of words suffice? Since I haven’t worked part time, I don’t know if whether what I have said is correct in this situation or not, I don’t have much confidence…

“Well then, since Seiichi-san has come already, should we go to the classroom now?”

“Ex-excuse me… about me, what should I do?”

Al asked when Beatrice-san was about to go outside along with Saria and me.

“Oh, that’s right… Altria-san, since your standing is that of a teacher who teaches specialized subjects… you don’t need to receive one class and greet its students. However, as you begin to give lessons, you will encounter new classes so there is to make introductions. Before I forget, did you check your schedule that I gave you yesterday?”

“Ye, yes”

Class schedule? What? I don’t have such thing myself…

Well, since I am the teacher in charge, I probably won’t need it…. As such thing could be real!?

“Excuse me… Beatrice-san? I don’t have such thing as a class schedule…”

“Sorry about that… I haven’t explained to you yet, contrary to Altria-san, you’re a homeroom teacher. So you won’t be of need of teaching specialized subject, however, the teachers in charge need to teach just one subject in each classroom.”

“A subject, you say?”

“Yes, the particular subject is named 【Practical Integration】, each of the students aside from learning 【Adventurer’s subject】, 【Magic Practice】and【Combat practice】, they have this class to integrate all the learned knowledge from other classes and check how they can apply all of it into practical purposes.

“So it was like that…”

“That’s why you don’t have to teach any other subjects, and because it’s an everyday class, there is no need to give you a class schedule.”

“So it was like that… I unders….”

“However, Class F is different.”


I just thought that I just needed to teach, like Beatrice-san said, the 【Practical integration】,but it doesn’t seem that way.

“F class, sadly, is stamped with a dunce seal. So among the professors inside the academy, there are many who say to reject the idea of having to teach F class. And not only the teachers, nobles from other countries also are saying that the teachers shouldn’t spend time teaching trash, instead they should be teaching the talented students instead.”

“So… that means…?”

“It may be problematic, however only for F class, the teacher in charge, is responsible of teaching all the subjects.”

What’s the deal with this school.

Well, saying that it is the academy’s fault, I believe that it is because a part of the staff and nobles across the countries are extremely lousy.

I know the feeling of wanting their children to be taught with the utmost effort, however it doesn’t seem correct to leave the others unattended.

Above all, I think it is strange to prohibit teachers from teaching.

Of course, since teachers have also civil rights, if they are teased by students and forced to say that they don’t want to teach in that class anymore, I would understand that there was no other choice.

However, I can’t understand the spirit of abandoning their teaching duties just because they are at the bottom.

If the teaching results affect salary as well, then the life of the teachers are implicated, I would understand their feelings if they are reluctant to receive poor performance students. However, since the teacher in charge should be the one to shoulder the responsibilities, even if the teachers weren’t close to the students, as long as the teachers don’t reject the students, it shouldn’t have this disparity in treatment.

But before that, is it alright for me, who doesn’t have a teacher license nor has graduated high school, to be teaching all subjects!? Especially something like English!? … Well, since we are in another world, there is no English. Just like that, I’m really envious of them!

“I now understand the reason… however, I think it’s impossible for me to be able to teach all subjects…”

“If it’s about that, I will give you my full support. So Seiichi-san, please teach in replacement of Altria-san, 【Adventurer subject】, also 【Magic Practice】, 【Combat practice】, and 【Integration Practice】.”

“So that’s how it is… If that’s the case, I believe that I will be alright.”

I wouldn’t know what to do if I were to be asked to teach Mathematics, or History. Differential and Integrals? HAHAHA!

In summary, since I will be coming to the academy without any change, there shouldn’t be necessary to receive class schedule on every occasion… But I don’t feel too secure, so I will be asking for one later.

As I said that, Beatrice-san showed an extremely sorry expression.

“I’m really sorry about that… Also Altria-san have you already checked your schedule?”

“Yes. If I’m not wrong, today I shouldn’t have any classes.”

“I understand… Then that means, that Altria-san doesn’t have to do anything right now. Since you are a teacher recommended by the principal, you don’t need to do any paperwork, so there is no work for you now.”

“Excuse me, so, what I should do then?”

“Well… Those teachers who don’t have to do a thing usually return to their homes, or go shopping in the campus’s stores. Among them, there are some who like to enjoy themselves and go out and play.”

I didn’t realize yesterday but for the academy to have several stores inside the campus, it’s really amazing. And deducing by Beatrice-san’s words, there are places inside and outside of the academy where you can play.

However, if you really have the time to play, shouldn’t it be better for you be teaching our F class!

As I was retorting inside my head, Al was making a posture as she was thinking something.

“Excuse me… If that it’s so, then is it a problem if I participate in Seiichi’s class?”

“What? In the second year F class? I don’t mind, but…”

“If that’s the case, I will be accompanying you all there.”

As she said that, she looked at me and showed a curious face and laughed.

“I’m really curious in what kind of class you will be teaching, Seiichi-sensei?”

The difficulty increased by a level in a blink of an eye. Why I’m in this hole…

“Well then, Saria-san and Rurune-san please enter the classroom after me. As for Seiichi-san and Origa-chan, it should be alright if you enter after I call for you.”

As she said that, Beatrice-san brought Saria and Rurune and entered F class’s classroom which was in front of us. Al entered right after.

Immediately after that we let ourselves inside the F class, second year classroom.

However, I realized as we were walking, this F class is not located inside the main building. What it means is that the staff room, and all the other classrooms, were located in the palace like main building, only F class, was located a little bit separated from the building in the ex-main building that was terribly worn out.

Barna-san and Beatrice-san were thinking of demolishing this building and moving the F class’s students so that they can study inside the main building, however the VIP of several countries were spouting some idiotic ideas like if they breath the same air as those dunces, they will become like that, and made it into a complicated matter. I really don’t understand those idiotic ideas, it is not like incompetent quality is contagious disease.

Leaving that aside, this type of situations are signs that the neutrality of the school is rapidly diminishing. The adult world is such a bothersome and complicated world.

As I was thinking that, there was an abrupt commotion inside the classroom. Probably, the people in class were excited seeing beauties like Saria and the girls.

Saria and the girls, are beauties without any complains, so it is obvious that the men would be extremely excited, and with the personality of Saria, she should blend in with the girls soon too.

“— And finally, instead of myself, I will introduce you to the new teacher in charge of your guidance.”

As Beatrice voice was heard, this time I felt an entirely different commotion that was made inside the classroom.

I understand that there would be a commotion if the teacher that has been teaching you suddenly changes places, and there would be some doubts too.

“Seiichi-san, please come in.”

Oops, it’s finally the time that I enter the classroom.

Thinking that it is time to enter, I became really tense…

Origa-chan is supposed to enter right after me, but is it going to be alright?

For the time being, to make myself calm, I repeated some deep breathing.

“Huu… It’s alright, Origa-chan are you ready?”

“… Yes, I’m alright”

Origa-chan showed her thumbs up.

As I saw her, I finally calmed down, and slide the door to open it.




I immediately closed the door.

That’s strange… As I opened the door, I thought that there was a male student with a prideful pompadour with a really intimidating figure…

That’s it shouldn’t be real. It’s just my imagination, my imagination!

I calmed myself again, and open the door again.


“Are you going to fight, hu, you bastard!?”


It was real.

Why I’m being intimidated as I open the door? I…

For starters, we should be total strangers, so why are you welcoming me with full hostility.

As I thought in that place, in the next moment, the door slid open by itself.

“You bastard! Don’t ignore me..”

“… Agnos-kun?”

“… Let’s get along, my brother!”

Some time ago, the student who was showing a lot of hostility, at the moment that Beatrice-san stood behind him, sweated like crazy, and put his arm on my shoulder… Is Beatrice-san perhaps, a really scary person?

As I was thinking that…


“Noooooooooon, Beatrice-neesan!? Please not my pompadour!”

“Agnos-kun This person is not your brother. He is the teacher responsible in class.”

“Huuh!? To think that this stranger is going to become the next one in charge—”

“The next one in charge?”

“A super teacher!”

As Beatrice-san showed an extremely mysterious pressure, the student in front of me, she swung down the student’s panpour along with his cranium without restrain… Such a scary person.

As she left the male student who was agonizing by the pain inflicted to his head, Beatrice-san showed a sorry expression and said.

“I’m sorry… he’s a little bit scandalous.”

“Do-don’t worry. I’m alright…”

“Thank you very much. Well then, please come in.”

As I was entering the classroom, I was thinking of what to do with the male student agonizing in the floor but I decided it is better to ignore him, and just left him like that and entered the classroom.

Then, the classroom’s inside was in another meaning, chaotic.

There were different male students among them, one was a student who had a menial smile over his face, another who had the air of confidence around him and was seated with grace, and another one who had the tough constitution but was wearing a cute bear headgear covering his head.

And among the female students there was one who was looking outside the window and engender an atmosphere that makes her difficult to approach her, another one who had a soft and light atmosphere, another one who I don’t know why but keeps looking at her mirror and getting intoxicated by her appearance. And lastly, a student that even though she keeps getting step on by Rurune, she is desperately trying to approach Saria.

I believe that it was like that!

I’m tired of this, aren’t there any other than perverts here?

What? There are? Then, please bring them hereee!!!”

As I was majestically retorting inside my heart, Beatrice-san retook her conversation.

“These people are, from today on, he is going to be the teacher in charge here, and his assistant Origa-chan.”

“Ah, well… I may be around the same age as you guys, however I will give my all to teach a lot of things. Please take care of me.”

“… Please take care of me.”

That’s right, even though it is really late, I should be around the same age as everyone in the class, and should be taking class.

That’s why, even though it is not at the same level as the males student from before, it should be normal that the majority of students are reluctant about it.

“Well then, thank you very much. So, let’s introduce ourselves starting from Agnos-kun.”

After that, incite the class to introduce themselves, the male from before with still a big bump on his head,  gave his thumbs up.

“What’s up! I’m Agnos Pashion! I don’t understand why Beatrice-sis was replaced by you, but nice to meet you!”

(TN: It is a play of words with on’yomi that sounds like nice to meet you but it means please die in suffering in the darkness / night dew)

The man who gave an introduction with rich individuality and originality— Agnos, has a prideful deep blue pampadour, with an attire of a black cho-ran (TN: delinquent robe or coat) and sagging. If it’s by Earth standards, it is a little bit old delinquent attire.

His gaze looks bad, and maybe because of it he looks like a delinquent. However, because of a big bump he only looks like a gag character.

As Agnos sit in his correspondent seat, next, the man who was sitting elegantly opened his mouth.

“My name is Blued Lef Kaizer. The one before is a lower grade than me. Please remember that.”

“What did you say you bastard!?”

The male student that gave a haughty and arrogant introduction— Blued is a handsome man that has a grey, silver hair and beautiful blue pupils. And by posing while sitting with his legs crossed gives him a elegant impression.

Wait a minute…

“Right now, did you say Kaizer?”

“Humph, to think that you realize that. Like you may be thinking, I’m the second prince of the Kaizer empire. Well in this academy, such things doesn’t matter.”

To think that Blued is a prince of the Kaizer Empire. The world is small!

Well, about Kaizer empire, I really want to ask some things…

As Blued finished his introduction, it was the turn of a man who was wearing a plushie bear like costume.

He is a male student who gives off an extremely aggressive impression since a while ago, and I was thinking for a while of what is he going to say… I don’t know why, but he took something like a sketchbook, and showed it to me.

『Bead Rutora, Please take care of me』

Aren’t you going to talk!

And not only that, he is one of the special cases where even though his appearance is rough, he is a delicate character!?

This man— Bead, he was wearing, of course the mascot like the cute bear headwear, different from Agnos, tanran (delinquent style with baggy pants and a little short trunk long sleeved shirt) and sagging that is a delinquent like style that it is a little behind the times.

However, his body constitution is great, and muscularity peaks where the sleeves are rolled. It is a extremely mismatch.

And then, it was the time for the last male student to introduce himself, but he just showed a menial smile, and didn’t even seem to start to talk.

And finally, Beatrice-san urged the male student to start.

“Leon-kun please cut it out. And start introducing yourself.”

“I-I, it’s not worth it for me to introduce myself… That’s just extravagant! Such-such a shameless behavior of mine… I can’t do such a thing! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for responding you!”

It is a serious problem.

It seems that his name is Leon Hardee, and there was no other choice than to hear his name from Beatrice-san. I just understand that he is a menial and dark person.

I don’t understand why, but he just apologizes when I try to start a conversation, and every time that he opens his mouths, he finishes with an apology. Well then, what should I do with him?

That Leon’s appearance is one that gives a little bit of a dark expression, he has a cream like coloured perm and brown eyes, he is a small complexion handsome young. I don’t understand why he is so menial.

Finally, all the male students’ introductions are over, I’m through with them.

But before that, I don’t know why but only Agnos and Bead are wearing modified versions of the school uniform (gakuran, the black uniform in Japan), while Blued and Leon are wearing uniforms like the blouses that Saria and the other female students are wearing with a different colour scheme, white as basis with a blue accent.

I don’t think there is much to think about, but Blued are probably in the right uniform, while Agnos and Bead are in the wrong. Aren’t they going to get scolded?

As I was thinking such redundant things, the girls’ introduction started.

The first one to introduce herself was the girl who was looking outside through the window, and has the air that makes it difficult for people to approach.

“Helen Rosa”

…Is that it?

You only just glanced this way!?

Truly a female student who you find it difficult to approach— Helen, is a brunette with a two side up hairstyle? (TN: Example Rin Tohsaka, Yami from Love-Ru) So she is a beautiful girl with a brunette kind of hairstyle, with little Tsurime (TN: pulled up eyes,ツリ目) with the same brown colour as her hair.

Although she is wearing the same uniform as Saria and company implying that she is around the same age as them, Helen seems to have an adult atmosphere.

As Helen’s introduction ended, at the next moment the girl with a soft atmosphere started to introduce herself.

“I am ~ Rachel Madan~ New teacher~, please take care of me~”

The female student with some spaced dialogue, and just a relaxed atmosphere— Rachel , who is a beautiful girl, has long wavy silver hair, with purple coloured taru-me.

(TN: curved down, pulled down or “relaxed eyes” example:タレ目)

I won’t say where, but some of her parts are well developed… I will just say that.

As Rachel finished her introduction, the next one to stand up was the female student that was intoxicated with her reflection on her mirror.

“I’m Irene Prime. Please take care of me, Seiichi-sensei.”

The first female student one to make a proper introduction among all the students… Irene, as I properly put my words, it’s an extreme beauty.

She has a long pearl pink like her pupils.

As I only saw her figure looking at her mirror, I judged that she is just a person who really loves herself, but as I heard and saw her doing her introduction, her gestures and employment of words, she did it beautifully.

What a relief, she seems decent…

“Haa… Why I have to become such a beauty.”

She is nowhere decent.

That troubling sigh was a little bit seductive, but before that I was surprised by the amount of confidence she places in herself. It’s impossible for me.

And then, it was the time for the last person but…

“Plea-please let me be your friend…!”

“Don’t come closer to Saria-sama!”

“Ogho! I can see Rurune’s panties!”

“As I thought, you mustn’t come any closer!”

I don’t know the reason, but that one person was stepped on by Rurune.

As I saw her state, Beatrice-san showed a pained expression and opened her mouth.

“Haa… Flora-san? What are you doing…”

In response of Beatrice-san questioning, the girl that was stepped on for some reason— Flora, responded with a stern expression.

“Haven’t you seen that we have a cute girl in here? It is rude if I were not to start a conversation with her. So because of that… little lady, isn’t it alright for just a little bit? Is it not like you will lose some of it, so please let me touch it… Guhehehe!”

“Flora-san, please refrain from using that laugh. Aren’t you a girl…”

On the contrary to Flora who was spouting some old man-like lines, Beatrice-san introduced her to me.

“She is Flora Redlant, as you may have already seen… she is a little bit special.”

“HAHAHA, Mr. New Teacher! As you may have already seen, I really love girls that are cute, but it is not like I really like the opposite gender, so please take care of me! That’s why, please let me touch a little…”

“Argh, just cut it out!?”

Flora who hasn’t given up even though she is receiving countless kicks, has bangs tilted to the left side from my point of view, and has short wine red hair that rest a little bit in the nape of her neck like it is flowing. And has wine red eyes to match.

If she were to calm herself down, she would look like Claudia-san who resides in【Valkyrie】, and would look like those handsome male leads in Takarazuka (TN: play made by entirely women), but sadly she doesn’t look like that, and only looks like a perverted old man from somewhere.

Impressively Rurune was running out of gas, and Saria didn’t know what was really happening, and was looking at Flora in wonder.

On the other hand, Flora was finally making a serious perverted man face, and moving her hands strangely, however since Rurune was still stepping on here, there was no damage done to Saria… It is surprising for me for Rurune to get tired, but it is far more surprising for her to be acting as a knight, maybe I’m in my last days.

“This is all the students of this second year F class.”

Beatrice concluded the introductions here.

Indeed, I thought that I will be free from perverts when I left the guild headquarters, but I still need to interact with these people.

As I crossed my arms, I nodded several times.

“Please someone save me.”

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