Shinka no Mi – Chapter 67

Chapter 67 – Bardardor Magic Academy

“Well, Seichi-kun. This is 【Barbardor Magic Academy】!”

As we finally reached the academy, I was deeply moved by the building in front of me.

As I have already seen Terviel’s royal castle, so I wasn’t extremely surprised. However, the academy’s building in front of me, can’t really be called any other than a palace. What? is this really an academy? Have you perhaps mistaken it with a palace from somewhere else?

It seems that Saria had the same doubt as me, and we all leaned our heads to look at the building.

And then, Barna-san showed a face as if his prank has succeeded.

“Were you surprised? This academy, is a little apart from Winberg kingdom’s territory, and it’s built in a territory that doesn’t belong to any country, 『Barbard』. You may have already realized, but the name of the academy came from this special territory.”


“I believe that you may have been surprised a lot by the building, but it’s inevitable to make it bigger to accommodate children from all over the world’s countries. And as the money, it was donated by multiple countries, so it has been called as 『Everyone’s school』… However, it’s sad that lately countries demand favourable treatment in exchange of more contribution, or people that fuss over social position that doesn’t mean a thing inside the academy and bring political affairs over here. And as I had talked on the road to here, neutrality over political affairs is having a crisis lately.”

Barnar-san said it with a tired expression.

I thought that going through neutrality is a difficult matter to sustain, and it’s hard to make things work in this world. It sounds like it’s other people’s affairs, but I really can’t do a thing to help.

As we were hearing Barna-san’s explanation, I sensed someone with my radar inside the head.

To tell the truth, even since we were assaulted by the bandits, I have been consciously and continuously using 『World’s eye』’s effect『Search』.

Though 『World’s eye』 use of 『Mind’s eye』 is invoked normally all the time, 『Search』 needs to be activated consciously, and can’t have it activated recurrently. Better said, I didn’t have the margin to use the skill continuously.

However, thanks to the training with Louise, I became able to have composure to use『Enemy search』, and decided on the occasion when thieves appeared to use the skill continuously… Don’t tell me that, it’s too late already! I would still be a subhuman, if it wasn’t for the evolution fruit that I ate! Please watch me as I grow little by little.

Leaving that aside, I looked at the direction that I sensed the one that 『Search』 found a reaction, and as I looked there was a lady wearing a lady suit, glasses, and with an appearance like that, she looks like a hardworking lady! Who is she? As I was tilting my head, Barna-san, who was looking triumphant as he was talking about the academy, turned completely green.


“Well then, academy principal. What are you going to give as an excuse?”

“You are wrong! I was thinking about the academy____”


“And what about the time to give an excuse!?”

Compared to the anxious looking Barna-san, the lady was only looking cold hearted.

“I have no words to say, please die.”

“Please treat your elders more gently!?”

“There’s no other choice. There are a lot of documents inside the principal’s office.”

“Beatrice-kun, do you know the meaning of … taking it easy?”

It seemed like some crosstalk comedy, and while we were taken back at the scene, the woman directed her gaze into our direction.   However, her gaze differed from before, and it contained some warmth to it.

“I’m sorry for leaving you out of the conversation. Well then, who may you be?”

“I will gladly explain to you!”

“Please die already”

“Why!? Beatrice-kun!”

Barna-san showed a shocked face, he returned to his normal state by lightly clearing his throat and introduced us.

“Wohon, these are guys who I invited over to teach in our school, they are adventurers. They all have a bright future ahead of them, and especially this Seiichi’s magic abilities far surpasses my own.”

“I can’t believe it…”

As Barna-san was putting us in a high pedestal while explaining, the lady was extremely surprised and looked at us.

Although it is true that I may have more magic spells than him in my arsenal, however in regards of ability in magic, I believe that using the right magic at the right moment is also important, so Barna-san should be better than myself who cannot control his own power.

“I am the teacher in charge of the second year F class, Beatrice Rognar.”

“Ah, well, I’m Seichi. Well in petition of Barna-san, I decided to become a teacher of this school, so please take care of me.”

“I’m Altria Gurum. Like with Seichi, I received a request of becoming a teacher here.”

“I’m Saria! I came here as a student! Please take care of me!”

“Hun, I’m Rurune. Like Saria-sama, I will accept to be admitted here as a student. But nevertheless, where is the school cafeteria?”

“…Origa Karmeria. … I’m Seichi-oniichan assistant.”

“So that’s how it is… Seiichi-san and Altria-san are teachers, while Saria-san and Rurune-san are going to be admitted as students… And finally Origa-san is Mr. Seichi’s assistant. Is it correct?”

“That’s should be it. Saria and Rurune are extremely talented individuals. They may be a challenge to be teach? And, that’s right, before I forget, I want Seiichi to take charge of your class. And I also want you to support him, as the vice-homeroom teacher.”

“I don’t mind being second in charge… but is it alright? I’m not saying that I doubt his abilities, whoever personal strengths doesn’t always translate to teaching capabilities…”

“I don’t think that it will become a problem.”

Contrary to the extremely worried lady–Beatrice-san, Barna-san was extremely lax and laughing all the time.

“Well it should be alright. And also, if something happens, it should be the principal’s responsibility.”

“Beatrice-kin, could you please leave those comments deep inside your heart?”

“I will be more careful next time. About Seichi-san, Altoria-san, and Origa-san who is going to become the assistant, I don’t have anything to say. However, for Saria and Rurune, they can’t easily be admitted without any qualifications, so we need to give them a little admission exam.”

“I agree with you… Although I believe that increasing the students by two it isn’t a big deal, the current events inside the school make it difficult for them to get admitted without any difficulties later on. As people would shower them in criticism.”

“Well then, I would start with the documentation right after this. But before that, I need to ask Saria-san and Rurune-san some easy questions, are you alright with that?”

“I don’t have any problems!”

“Well, I don’t mind answering them.”

Saria answered with a delighted voice, contrary to Rurune who gave a haughty and disrespectful answer. Leaving aside Saria who answered without problems, who thinks that Rurune is? Even though she is just a mule.

“Let’s start with Saria-san then. Saria-san can use any magic?”

“Yes! Even though it just fire attribute, I can use magic!”

“Well then, so do you have any combat abilities other than magic?”

“Mhh~… Yes! This!”

Even though Saria was thinking a little bit before answering, she happily showed her fist. … What is this feeling of deja vu.

Beatrice, being shown Saria’s fist, freezes for a moment and questions Barna-san.

“Director. Are you mocking me?”

“Why are you blaming me!? I shouldn’t have anything to do with this!?”

I remembered it now. This is like that time, when Al was helping us with the guild’s admission test and asked us about our means for attacking, it is too identical.

Well, it’s true that someone that beautiful like Saria were to show her fist and said that it is her means of attacking, normally people wouldn’t believe her.

“Haa. Well, maybe it is because of my lack of knowledge, but Saria should be a specialist in close combat… I understand, thank you very much. Well then, I want to ask the same question to Rurune-san…”

“Me? I can’t use any magic. Kicking is enough.”


“Like I said, I don’t have anything to do with this!?”

Barna-san who was being showered with that freezing glare, was somewhat pitiable. If Florio-san were to see this, what would he think? Even though he is called 『Magic Saint』.

As we reached the academy, the image of Barna-san was slowly crumbling away.

“To think that it is to this extreme…”

We were brought, together with Saria and Rurune, to a school’s facility named “competition stage” where they are going to be evaluated for admittance.

Immediately, they were asked to participate in a mock battle with golems made with special magic, but they annihilated the golems in just few seconds. In case of Rurune, she just kicked once to exterminate dozens of golems. Mules are scary.

As the result of the admittance test, Beatrice was extremely surprised, but as it was Barna-san the one who brought us here, she digested the situation in a short period of time. Even though her treatment is extremely harsh, she seems to acknowledge Barna-san’s capabilities.

“The admittance test, you did it well. The results, should be obvious already even though I haven’t said it, you passed. So about the class that you are going to be…”

Beatrice-san was talking to that point, until she was interrupted by Saria who raised her hand.

“Yes! I want to be in Seiichi’s class!”

“There is no chance that I will be separated from my lord. So it’s obvious that I get to go to the same class as my lord’s.”

“Are you talking about the F class? About F class, it is the lowest in rank of all the academy…”

As she listened Saria’s remark, Beatrice was showing a bewildered expression, but Barna-san interjected.

“Well, well. It is true that the F class receive treatment as if they are the bottom of the academy, however there are a lot of talented people there, aren’t they? Especially, you should know that better than anyone here, Beatrice.”

“Well, that’s…”

I tilted my head in confusion by Barna’s remark.

If my guess is correct, even though the general knowledge is that students of the F class are the bottom here, if Barna-san’s remarks are correct, then there should be some special students among them.

I really don’t understand.

Even though they are the bottom, they are talented?

Even though I used every ounce of my underdeveloped brain to the max, I still don’t understand anything.

“Well, it should be alright. Let’s put Saria-san and Rurune-san in F class.”

“Humph, that’s should be obvious.”

Even though Beatrice-san was a little overwhelmed for a moment for the decision, she decided to admit Saria and Rurune to F class.

“Well then, everything seems to have been decided, so I should return to the principal’s office… As there should be a lot of work left for me.”

“You deserve all this. Leaving aside your work for a moment, where did you leave?”

“Well…… I went to Winberg for a bit……”

“Are you perhaps stupid? If people were to think that you are receiving a backing from a kingdom, what would everyone think?”

“……I don’t have any words to answer.”

“It’s good if you understand. Ah , also, I will be bringing more documents to the principal office later.”

“I don’t wannaaaa!! I don’t want to see anymore paperwork!”

By Beatrice death’s sentence, Barna-san started to throw a tantrum. To think that he is a  『Transcendent』and a being called『Magic Saint』… I just can’t believe it…

Even though he is a being that can sweep clean an army of monsters, he will be worked to death by the pile of paperwork that he has. He will gain pity from anyone who looks at him. Let’s pray for him.

Carrying sorrow over his shoulders, Barna-san walks away slowly and depressed.

“…Beatrice-kun… I will leave the rest to you…”

“Yes, please die peacefully.”

“I… am being hated?”

“That’s not true… I look up to you, only in respect of your power.”

“I will cry, you know? An elder, will cry shamelessly, you know?”

“I wouldn’t love to see it, so please do it in your office.”

With that one commentary, Barna-san left the grounds weeping, and running… When we meet the next time, I will treat him nicely.

“Well then, I will explain the basics right now. Let’s start with Saria-san and Rurune-san’s uniforms. Please follow me.”

Beatrice, saying that, brought us to another place.

I was also thinking while going to the contest stage, but the academy is stupidly big. Well, the school that I was attending to when I was in earth was also big, but when it is compared to this academy, this one is wider. Won’t lost people appear from time to time?

“Also, one more warning… as you have seen it, this school is extremely vast so please be careful to not get lost inside. There are cases where students get lost every now and then and lose some students.”

“You lose some students!?”

That means that you are unable to find the missing students!? That’s scary!

Wait, as I thought there are a lot of lost children… However contrary to normally losing the way, it seems to be the end though!

As I tremble with fear with the completely shocking information, Beatrice-san stopped in front of a room.

“This is the staff room. Altria-san and Seichi-san will be going to work starting from this place. Also Saria and Rurune, since you may be coming here constantly because of teacher’s orders, please remember this place exactly.”

“Well then, please wait for a moment.”

As she said that, she entered the staff room.

And after a while Beatrice returned carrying something.

“Saria-san, Rurune-san, these are the academy’s uniform. From tomorrow on, please attend the classes wearing these clothes. As for Seichi-san and Altria-san, there is no such thing as uniform for you, so you may wear anything that you usually wear.”

“Wao! Seichi, look at me, look at me! It is cute!”

As I heard Beatrice’s explanation, Saria immediately extended her uniform, and showed an extremely bright smile.

Using white as basis, and pink as accent, it was a uniform that gave an extremely cute impression.

This, they may look cute in women, however, are men wearing something similar? …… As I haven’t seen the real uniform, I can’t really say anything, but even if men were to wear something similar to this, it only would show a little bit of subtle discrepancy.

As you are happy with it, that’s the best. Well then, let’s show you the dormitories where you are going to spend your time on.

That’s right, I completely forgot about it, but during our stay as we teach here, we are going to be living in the dormitories.

As we leave the building and reached an extremely vast school ground, she was explaining us certain details.

“There are two different dormitories, one for men and one for women, and there are no distinctions between students and teachers inside the dormitories. As you may already know, unless there is an extremely urgent situation, it is prohibited to access the dormitory of the opposite gender.”

As she heard Beatrice’s words, Rurune received a shock.

“What are you talking about! I’m the knight of my lord… I must be besides the lord at anytime…!”

“Also to compliment, the girl’s meals are extremely delicious.”

“Well there is no other choice, I will give in.”

“You don’t surprise me at all.”

Well it would become problematic if she enters the men’s dormitory, however to change her opinion this fast because of food. I’m becoming interested on what are the principles of the knight that Rurune envisions. Smiling forcefully, we reached to the female dormitory.

“Well, this is the female’s dormitory. We have already contacted them, so you only need to give your name to the landlady and receive the key to your bedroom. For more detailed information about the dorm, ask the dorm lady about it.”

“I understand.”

“Well then, Seichi! See you tomorrow!”

“… Bye.”

Here, we part ways with Saria and company, and Beatrice-san is going to guide me to the male dorms, so we started walking again.

To think that we will be left alone… It’s kind of awkward.

Though she treats Barna-san harshly, she treats us normally so I believe that the later is her true self but…

I stare at Beatrice’s figure.

She has dark blue hair… And how do you call it? Okure-ge? (TN: style of hair with a ponytail with wavy hair, for a better picture google 後れ毛) I really don’t understand women hairstyles, but she has her hair tied down into one ponytail, no matter what you think, that’s a teacher hairstyle! Or maybe an entrepreneur woman, that gives a strict impression.

Also she has the same dark blue colour on her long slit eyes, and coupled together with her eyeglasses, she gives an impression that she is a very capable woman. Even though she looks extremely strict, she is gorgeous, so maybe she may have fans among the students?

Also it is the first time that I saw glasses after coming to this world… or better said, so there are also glasses here.

After discovering something peculiar, I was startled and Beatrice who found out about my gaze turns around and ask.

“? Did something happen?”

“Well, Ah, no. Sorry. It’s just that it’s unusual to see glasses…”

“Ahh, you are right. You don’t see them often, do you? However, there are some people among the heroes who wear glasses normally.”

“It’s that right.”

While we were making an altruistic conversation, I asked her something that is bugging me.

“Now that I think about it.. Why, didn’t you oppose the idea of me becoming the teacher in charge of F class?”

That’s right, I was extremely worried about that part.

In other words, it seems in the first glance that Beatrice was being demoted, and her precious students were taken away by some teacher who nobody knows. Normally, one would be reluctant about that.

As she heard my question, she showed a startled expression, but she then just showed a sad face and laughed.

“I can’t… bring out their talents and develop them.”


“The F class, although it is being called as the scum of our academy by the surroundings, that’s wrong. However, with my talent, I can’t bring and develop their talents in any way. Even though I have just been in charge of this class for one year, if I keep teaching them this way, nothing will change.”


“However, you are completely different. You were acknowledged by the principal, and while we were doing the admittance exams, I heard from the principal that you brought out the potential of a magic attribute that they weren’t perfectly compatible with. So your existence, is something essential for the students of the class. If it’s to awaken their respective talents, then I don’t mind giving up my position.”

I was extremely moved by Beatrice-san’s words.

For myself, teachers were existences that I couldn’t completely trust.

At first, when I was bullied, I immediately told my teachers about it.

However, the teachers didn’t do a thing to stop the bullying. Rather, they were some that said something that endorsed it.

No matter how many times I told them, they didn’t even have the ears to hear me out, they even put the blame on me saying that I’m the one who started all of this. Instead of improving the situation, they made it worse.

That’s why I stop trusting my teachers.

If a stranger were to hear it, it may not sound like it’s a big deal, however for me it was an extremely sad experience.

However, Beatrice-san is completely different.

People like myself who are bullied maybe are being helped by her, and students who are already categorized as scum of the academy are being taught by her while she believes in them.

If this were a conversation between a teacher and a student, then I wouldn’t believe it fully, however, as I heard her words as a teacher of the same standing as her, I can believe in her fully.

As I saw her who thinks straightforwardly of her students, I decided in my heart to use the best of my abilities.

“Beatrice-san, I understood your feelings. Even though I don’t know to what extent am I able to accomplish, but I believe that will do my best.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”



Hearing my words, Beatrice-san is astonished.

“Beatrice-san, your help is much needed.”


Without you, who have been looking and thinking seriously about the students, I won’t be able to make things happen.”

“To tell me such thing…”

“No, it is the truth. So… let’s forget who is in charge, and teach them with the two of us.”

Hearing my words, Beatrice-san’s opened her eyes abruptly.

As I saw her state, I blushed a little bit.

“Well… Even though I’m a new teacher, sorry for saying such cheeky remarks…”

“… No, not really… I’m just really happy.”

As she said that, her corners of her eyes were a little moist with tears. And as she wipes her tears off…

“I understand. Then, let’s work hard together, Seiichi-san.”

Unlike the last response, this one had force behind it with a bright smile while saying it.

Why is it that when I saw Barna-san crying face I just thought that he was pitiful, but when I saw a woman like Beatrice showing a crying face I thought of doing my best for her?

There are certain mysteries lurking around huh.

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