Shinka no Mi – Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – Rurune’s Street Stall Date ~ Eating Competition~

Author’s Note:

I’m very sorry to all of the people who are eagerly waiting for the meet-up with the Heros, but as I would like to make some time for idle talk for the characters, I ask that you wait a little longer.

It was the day after I got the drop items from the demons as a reward from the country.

As Louise had yet to return, I decided to promptly act on my promise with Rurune to take her out to eat delicious food.

…… By the way, even though these were the drop items obtained from the demons I defeated, should I say it was as expected? It seems the drop items were valuable things that were normally unobtainable, so the soldiers who sorted out the rewards were very surprised.

However, I think that all the soldiers, including the King who seems to have vaguely noticed, know that this was because of me, but the King is just taking it to be a lucky situation, and not treating it as anything peculiar。……Is that really alright to do as a King? Well, it would be great if it was just me worrying unnecessarily……。

By the way, these were the drop items that I got.

『Thousand Fists Tekkou』……Mythology Grade accessory。When attacking, the number of attacks is doubled。Furthermore、 it adds the light attribute to normal attacks。  (TLCN: This is what tekkou is:

『Sky King’s Boots』……Mythology Grade accessory。By creating footholds in the air, the user is allowed to move freely in the sky。Furthermore, by manipulating the air around the user’s feet, it can raise the speed of attacks。

『Water God’s Flask』……Mythology Grade accessory。An unending source of water。One mouthful of water, when drunk, can cure abnormal statuses and recover the user’s health。

It seems I have killed a God.

At this point, my power has been put on display for all to see.

The effect of the Thousand Fists Tekkou is, for example, if I were to strike a random monster 100 times, it would automatically turn that into 200 strikes. And on top of that, it would add on the light attribute to those attacks。…… The monster around here isn’t me, right?

I wasn’t really too interested in the rewards that I got, but out of the information I received from defeating the Demons, the knowledge I had regarding the items came from the memories of a creature called the『Thousand・Golem』 , so these are probably its items.

The Sky King’s Boots which I obtained, were like an upgrade from Saria’s『Blue Shoes』. It had no restrictions regarding walking in the air, and on top of that it could even speed up faster.

I can’t really tell which demon I got this item from. After all, there are too many monsters with names like 『Sky King』, like 『Sky Dragon』 or 『Air Lion』.

While different from the protective gear, the Water God’s Flask also had a cheat-like function.

It might not matter to me, but it recovers all abnormal statuses you know? On top of that, it says it returns the body to a healthy state, so doesn’t that mean it can cure illnesses too? That’s beyond outrageous.

I don’t know which Demon this item was from either. There are just too many names like 『Sea Serpent』and『Aqua Lord』

I’ve also got plenty of other random bits and pieces from the various other Demons that were defeated, but it would take too much time to explain it all.

As I mentioned earlier, I had planned to go around the stalls with Rurune to eat some good food, rather than eating breakfast, I was thinking that we should go out early and have a look at the stalls first.

Saria and the others seem to have taken up a request from the guild, so they were relaxing at the Inn for the moment.

That aside, as Rurune’s waiting for me, I quickly prepared myself and left the Inn.

I waited outside the Inn for a little white, before Rurune came out.

「Ah、Master、my apologies! A-no……Have I kept you waiting for long?」

「No? Not at all。More importantly、shall we go get ourselves some delicious food to eat? If you don’t eat breakfast, then your stomach will grumble……」

「I, I see! Well then、let us go at once!」

With a smile on her face, Rurune started to go off ahead of me.

While it was true that we were hungry, I wanted to slowly savour all the food today, so I grabbed her hand, restraining Rurune.

「Rurune、even if you don’t rush, it’s not like the food will run away。Can we just take our time?」

「Ah……Th、That’s right。……If so then、Master……」

「Your hand……」


When Rurune bashfully said that, I finally realised that I was holding on to her hand tightly.

When I quickly tried to let go of her hand, she instead started to tightly hold on to mine


Feeling suspicious, I peeked at Rurune’s face, only to see her shamefully staring at the ground as she replied.

「……Today is a good day so……If you would allow it, could we keep holding hands like this……?」

Who is this child?

The food-loving, hard-to-understand dignified airhead Rurune was nowhere to be seen, and the embarrassed Rurune, blushing red up all the way to her ears in front of me was something I had never seen before.

I was bewildered by this change in atmosphere, unconsciously falling into a daze as Rurune called out to me.


「Ah、I、I’m fine! Et-to、If you’re fine with me, then go ahead and hold my hand all you like!」

What kind of reply is that, me.

At my wit’s end, I couldn’t help but answer with a strange reply.

However, when Rurune heard it, though her cheeks were still red, she started to laugh lightly.

At her sudden laughter, this time I started to blush, and the moment I noticed that I turned my face away, and started to move.

「H、Hora! If we keep standing here, won’t we cause trouble for others? Let’s check out a random stall」


Somehow it took some time before we left, but we finally started walking.

Even though wandering around aimlessly can be enjoyable too, this time around, I decided to head towards the plaza with a large number of stalls.

I was also thinking that after that, I and Rurune could go to Noado-san’s cafe. That place has delicious tea and cake after all.

「Ah、Master! Please take a look at that!」

In the midst of our way to the plaza, Rurune suddenly stopped and pointed to something.

When I turned my gaze that direction.

「……Eating Competition?」

There was a big sign out at the front, showing that an Eating Competition was going to happen soon.

Surprisingly, it just so happens that the diner over there was holding an Eating competition

When I took a look, it turned out the name of the diner was、【Full Stomach Diner】。……Well, its name doesn’t really seem like it would be weird for it to host eating competitions.

I intended to go to a normal stall to eat, but such irregularities are also interesting.

And so, reading further on, I found out that the winner, of the eating competition, would not need to pay for the cost of the food they ate.

「Rurune、want to try participating?」

「Eh? But……Would that really be alright?」

「Ou。I can wait till later to eat。If Rurune wants to eat、then I’ll follow you wherever you go.」

「I 、see……Well then……」

Rurune hesitated for a moment, before finally deciding to participate.

And so, I conveyed to the shop assistant that Rurune would be participating.

「A-no……Will that really be alright? There are many famous gluttons gathered here for the competition。And as there is no female division、she would have to participate with those guys……」

What the heck is Famous Gluttons?

And on top of that, it seems like this world is much bigger than I had first thought.

The shop assistant did warn us already, but Rurune went on without a care ……。

「I don’t care! I will eat!」

It seems her mind has gone back to focusing on food. Rurune’s back to her normal self

Rurune’s extraordinary enthusiasm distracted the Assistant for a moment, but being a professional, he quickly allowed her to participate.

In the middle of the diner, there was a so-called “cheap-diner” feeling, with big round tables scattered all around, but besides those, there were also counter seats facing where the Owner was, Terrace seats, and so on.

Rurune was, heading to where the other participants were, so I looked around for a seat where I could clearly see Rurune, before I sat down.

When I did that, a sudden stream of black smoke flowed out from beside me.

Unconsciously turning my eyes to that direction, I saw a man clad in a tattered black robe take a seat beside me.

「Whoops、my bad、for the smoke。I had to get here quickly by all means.……」

The person beside me had his whole form hidden by the robe, but from the cigarette in his mouth, the unshaven beard, and the deep voice, I could tell it was a man。……Actually, it looks like this world also has cigarettes ……

「Ah、No、It’s fine」

「That so? I’m Grateful for that……Old man! Grab me an Ale! And you there, whaddya want?」

「My apologies for the smoke。Which drink?」

「There’s no need! I didn’t do anything, particularly amazing!」

「It’s fine, lemme treat you! So? Whaddya want?」

「Ahー……Et-to、If so then、maybe some kind of juice……」

「Aye、Old-Man、Get me a cup of the best juice you have too!」

If I remember correctly, isn’t Ale a type of beer?

I feel like I saw something about the difference between the alcohol brewed with and without hops on TV back on Earth…

While I was thinking about such trivial matters, the man beside me had already gotten his mug of Ale, and had placed a cup of what seemed like orange juice in front of me.

The man downed his Ale is one gulp.

「Aah! Delicious!」

「Yes、it does taste great」

Mine was Orange juice instead of alcohol, but it was 100% pure juice, and I could taste the condensed flavours of the original fruit.

The man who was pleasantly drinking away suddenly talked to me.

「Still……This is a good country……Don’t ‘cha think so too?」

「Eh? Ah、Yes。That’s true。I wasn’t born here, but I still do think this is a good country」

「That’s right……because of my work, I have to travel often、but this country really has been managed well, even the small villages..。Speaking of management, even though it sounds like i’m talking bad about ‘em, don’t get my meaning wrong a’ight? They’re properly looking after the country, and the Knight’s order is always looking after the security of the surroundings, so if there’s ever a situation when a village is under attack, they’re ready to deploy to help out……And because the public projects are well planned、there are very few poor、and even for the few poor ones、are properly supported、so is this not truly the ideal country?」

「Is that so……」

「This country’s  King is really great。If it was any other country, then there would naturally be discrimination, and there’s no way people could get along with peace of mind……Oh yeah, are ya an adventurer?」


「In that case, eventually you will probably leave this country but when doing jobs in another country you’d best not use this country as the standard. While this is a peaceful, valuable country, precisely because of that peace we don’t have any sense of danger here.」

That’s right…… It would definitely be better not to take the Guild Headquarters in this town to be the standard for the other guild outposts. Actually, if even the other guilds are perverts, that would be really troubling. The ones in this town are more than enough.

「That’s so isn’t it、Thanks for the advice」

「Don’t sweat it。Oh yeah、mind telling me ya name?」

「Ah、It’s Seiichi」

「Seiichi、ain’t that a good name。Judging from the sound、you’re from the eastern countries? I’m ……Surou。Well, us meeting here must be some kind of fate。It’d be great if we could meet up again next time。……Old Man! I’m leaving the money here!」

Saying that, the man …… Surou-san, with the smoke clinging to his body, left the diner.

「He’s kind of a mysterious person huh……」

Somehow or rather, during the course of my conversation with Surou-san, the preparations for the Eating Competition were completed, and I could now hear the host’s voice.

『We’re back again! The famous Eating Competition hosted by【Full Stomach Diner】! Let’s get down to introducing the Competitors! First up is this town’s number 1 Glutton! ≪Hara・Hetta≫!』

(Note : Hara Hetta is used to indicate a person is hungry)

「Uooooo! I’m the real Glutton Master!」

The first contestant to be introduced was、while not to Gassur’s extent、A muscle-bound man in a tank top。……Actually, the heck is a Glutton Master? And so、his name is……。

『Following that、from the Kaizer Emppire、Glutton King! ≪So Shaku≫!』

「It is I、who is the real Glutton Master!」

The next one to be introduced was a slightly past middle aged man with a military-like uniform, and a well-groomed handlebar moustache.

…… Does this contestant’s name come from the word 『Chew』?

『Next up is also from another country! The number 1 Gourmet Glutton of the Varusha Empire! ≪Yoku Taberu≫!』

「Fufufu……Can you beat my stomach?」

The middle-aged man had a fearless smile on his face, his white hair neatly set, and his belly, showing his ability to eat, was wrapped in luxurious clothes.

……I don’t even want to retort to this anymore、but his name comes from the phrase『I Eat A Lot 』doesn’t it?

That aside, that’s the first time I’ve heard of that country

The Kaizer Empire isn’t a place that I have particularly deep ties to, but from my talk with Surou-san earlier, even though it should be obvious, it reminded me once again that there were many other countries out there.

『Finally! The only female contestant this time! ≪Rurune≫!』

「Introduction complete。Let us quickly commence the eating」

Rurune is really blunt, isn’t she?

While I was admiring Rurune’s current lack of tension in this situation, The host started to explain the rules of the Competition.

『Well then, I’ll be simply explain the rules of the competition。The rule is that the contestants have to eat what is put in front of them in turn, and the last one remaining will win。Of course, the type and amount of ingredients given to all will be the same! The winner this time will not only have what they’ve eaten be free of charge but will also be present with our prided ≪Great Parfait≫ as a reward!』

Ooh, there’s even an extra dessert that wasn’t written on the signboard.

『Now, let’s bring up the first dish! The dish is……【Deer-Horse Steak】!』

It can’t be that Deer-Horse!? Actually, wouldn’t Rurune eating her own kind!?

While I was looking shocked, an overflowing lineup of delicious looking stakes are placed in front of the contestants

『Now is everyone ready? Well then……Start!』

The contestants simultaneously begin to bite into their stake with the host’s signal.

Rurune, just like the other contestants, was eating the steak。 Aah …… Cannibalism……。

As the contestants continue to consume the steaks, Hara Hetta’s speed gradually began slowing down

「I、I give up……! U-pu!」

Contestant Hara Hetta, dropped out.

Oi! That was just the first piece!? It’s true that just from looking, you can tell the volume of the steak is large, but at least finish that one piece!

Hara Hetta, had only eaten up to half a piece of steak, and it was to the point where it made me doubt why he had even bothered appearing in this competition.

『Ot-to、there’s already an early dropout! Well then、contestant Hara・Hetta、will have to pay for all the food prepared for this time, including the leftovers!』

When the host said that, a shop employee approached Hara・Hetta, and passed him a sheet of paper. That was probably the receipt.

The face of Hara・Hetta who had just received it looked as though he was about to cry …… This instead only made me more interested as to the price written on it.

『Well then, it seems the other contestants have finished this dish! Let’s keep up the pace and get to the next one!』

And so, as the dishes are carried over, the contestants finish them one after the other …… Hara・Hetta, really isn’t living up to his name, is he?

The second dish, third dish …… on and on the dishes came until the second contestant finally dropped out.

「I……I can’t anymore……!」

『Okay! Contestant So Shaku has given up! Well then, please pay the price!』

While he was still clutching his stomach, looking as though he was in pain, the assistant once again appeared, and handed him the receipt.

And then, the second person also cried out. What kind of money do they actually have to pay?

『Finally it’s down to a one on one! Unexpectedly, the contestant Rurune who I never thought would have remained is still here!』

Like what the host said, if you were to look at Rurune normally, you would doubt that such a beautiful girl was such a glutton.

As for me who was sitting so close to her, rather than doubting her, I couldn’t help but instead wonder how she could take in that much food.

『Now、right now it’s down to a one versus one、and we have also reach our last prepared dish。But, the dish we have prepared is unlike any before it。Well then……Here it is!』

The moment the host announced that the assistant brought out a huge, 5-meter-tall, barbecued bird.

『And the final dish is、【Barbecued Soft and Flabby Bird】! A dish worthy of the final fight』

The reactions they had when they saw the dish, were complete opposites.

「Ku……! To think that a super heavyweight dish would have been prepared……!」

「Oooh! Is that not an appetising bird!」

Rurune gleefully bit into it, while Yoku Taberu tried his best to finish it, albeit slowly


Contestant Yoku Taberu, while holding his hands over his mouth, fell on the floor along with his chair.

『Ot-to! Contestant Yoku Taberu is down! That means to say that…… What a turn of events! The winner……is today’s sole female contestant, Rurune!』

I was shocked by the sudden, loud applause、and when I finally looked around me, I noticed I was surrounded by spectators 。……I was so focused that i didn’t even notice……。

As for the winner herself, Rurune…… 。

「Mu? Victor? Rather than that、are there any more dishes?」

Still wanted to continue eating. What exactly happens in that stomach of hers?

While still shocked, contestant Yoku Taberu stood with a pained look on his face, approaching the winner to give his blessings and applause.

「Fu……Fufufu……To think that one such as I would lose……and, to a cute lady like yourself……」

「That is merely because I find satisfaction in eating。Besides, when faced with food, it doesn’t matter whether a person is male or female」

「……Gender equality you say……。I’d like to know one thing。What exactly are Meals to you, as a lady?」

To that philosophical question, Rurune didn’t even take a moment to think, and replied

「The link between life and death。And also, History」

「……What does that mean?」

「Eating, is the process where one consume the lives of others in order to survive。If either oneself or others is missing、then the concept of『Meals』cannot exist。まAnd the only reason we are able to satisfy ourselves with so much food is thanks to the research into ‘Meals’ that our predecessors left us. We don’t distinguish between male nor female, race nor religion, not even between God and humans when it comes to these. I believe that ‘meals’ are one of the few sanctuaries that not even God can infringe upon.”」

Deep. Too deep.

I would never have once thought that Rurune would have thought this deeply into what 『Meals』are

Hearing Rurune’s answer, contestant Yoku Taberu looked as though he was touched by something, and he had an expression of clarity on his face.

「I see……It seems that、I still have ways to go。I am thankful that I took the opportunity to leave my country, attend this competition, and to have learned of this lady’s truths……」

It seemed that the spectators to their conversation were deeply moved, and gave a warm round of applause.

It was then, a shop assistant appeared out of nowhere next to contestant Yoku Taberu’s side, and handed him what seemed like a receipt.

All three of them had eyes like they were about to cry in despair.

The heck is this.

All I could do was stand there, astonished.

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