Shinka no Mi – Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Sudden Request

After the complete annihilation of the demons, it was a time where everyone was in a victory mood

――――In my head, an ominous announcement was made。

『You have levelled up』

With only those words, my face went completely pale.

C-could you wait a sec. Let’s not be hasty. Look, since I limited the magic I used, it’s not like I dealt the final blow to them right? It would be strange to level up from only that. Besides, the drop items, and the balls of status ――。

「Oi, look at the demons! There’s some kind of light starting over there!?」

One of the adventurers pointed at a demon corpse and cried out.

Drawn by what he said, I turned my gaze in that direction and saw demons emitting dazzlingly bright light.

Then, after the light dispersed, a large amount of drop items were scattered around

If it was just that then it would have been fine. No, it would still have been pretty bad …… but still forgivable.

However, from within the drop items, countless numbers of balls of lights floated up, and flew at me at incredible speed, and that made me give up on everything. Ah, there’s nothing I can do.

As the whites of my eyes began to show again, the balls of lights mercilessly crashed into me and were absorbed into my body

When all the balls of lights were absorbed into my body, a large amount of information from the demons flowed through my head. …… Even if that wasn’t the case, this information came from the ones that I wiped out right? Thanks to my unique skills Instant Learning and Perfect Memory, even though a large amount of information entered my brain, there was absolutely no burden to it at all.

Even then, it continued to chase me

『You have levelled up。You have levelled up。You have levelled up』

Stop already! Don’t push me further away from being human!

While I was still screaming in my heart, the announcer in my head started to act strangely.

『Your Level……』

……Nn? Why isn’t it continuing?

In my heart, I tilted my head in confusion……。

『Your Level……Has increased』

Has increased!?

Why is this suddenly happening!? What happened!?

I was still confused, but apparently, the level ups ended there,  and the announcer was going to do the skills next.

『Because of the large amount of skills obtained, all the skill systems were unified to create a new skill』

Even though I should be happy for this service, I’m not happy at all…… !

『≪Claw Skill≫ acquired。≪Arm Skill≫ acquired。≪Leg Skill≫ acquired。≪Sword Skill≫ acquired。≪Perfect Tolerance≫ acquired。≪Movement Skill≫ acquired。Since there are multiple acquired skills, they will be further integrated。≪Battle Skill≫ acquired』

Oi, hold on a second

What? These skills give off such a cheat-like atmosphere

While my heart was still beating quickly, I confirmed the ≪Battle Skill≫ I had received.『Battle Skill』……In a battle、this skills allows the user to turn every action they imagine into a skill。However、even though it can instantly kill and also negates all incoming damage, it doesn’t just activate when I’m about to die。It’s always active。

What an insane cheat………… !

In other words, from now on, whenever I’m in combat, I’ll be able to make these kinds of movements, or if I used one attack, then imagine that attack splitting into 10 attacks, then it would happen as I imagined?

Instant Death? Doesn’t let any damage through? My basic offensive power is already instant death level, and my defensive power is already like absolute defence already though?

Enough alreadyyyyyy …… I don’t need any more cheat skills than this……

Finally, thanks to my training with Louise, I am able to use the skills I have on hand to some extent. I wonder how much I have to train to be able to use this skill properly.. . I can’t help but laugh at the thought….

Even though I was slightly desperate, I was more interested in how my statuses turned out, so I quickly confirmed the status.

≪Hiiragi Seiichi≫



Job:Mystery(Magic Swordsman)



Magic Power:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Attack:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Defense:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Agility:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Magic Attack:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Magic Defense:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Luck:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)

Charm:So awesome it can’t be displayed(200【Cap】)


High Quality Shirt. High Quality Pants. High quality underwear. High quality trousers. Long Coat of the Black Emperor. Blade Monkey’s Chain. Water Spirit’s Dagger. Bracelet of the Night. Stone Choker of the Black King. Necklace of Endless Love. Sword of Revolting Hate. Sword of Overflowing Benevolence.

≪Unique Skills≫

Instant Learning. Perfect Memory. Instant Acquisition. Complete Recovery. Evolution. Perfect Dismantling. Art Steal. Arrange. World Eyes. Patience. Emotion.


【Attack System】Combat Skill。

【Resistance System】Complete Resistance。

【Special System】Superior Appraisal。Super Compounding。Tool smithing:Supreme。Ability Camouflage。Assimilation。Clairvoyance。Absorption。Compression。All Language Comprehension。Transmission。Coercion。Reflective Defense。Guidance。Endless Hell。

(Note : Alternatively “Omnilingualism” for 言語理解)

【Magic System】Chantless。Endless Evolution。Synthesis Magic。


【Attribute Magic】Life Magic。Water magic:Max。Dark Magic:Max。Earth Magic:Max。Space Magic:Max。Fire Magic:Max。Non-attributed Magic:Magic。Wind Magic:Max。Lightning Magic:Max。Ice Magic:Max。Light Magic:Max。

【Unique Magic】Purgatory。Inverse Magic。Release Magic。Seiichi Magic。

(Note : Yes, you read it right.)

【Special Magic】Magic Creation。Carved Seal Magic:Max。Formation Magic:Max。


Gale。Flash。Kumokiri。Blossoming Flower of Swords。剣身一体。

≪Martial Arts≫

Self-Defense Style of Zeford:Founder。


Stinky Person. Man who has a gorilla for a bride. At the Zenith of all. Lacks self-respect. Male King. Dragon Exterminator. He who cleaves Gods. Extremes of Magic. Exterminator. Nightmare of Demons. He who made the world submit.

≪Money Carried≫


At least I was able to suppress my statusssssss!

What exactly is this!? What does this world want from me!? And also, why the value of charm so nonsensical ……!

Actually, isn’t it strange that my race is still 『Human』 with this kind of status!?

That’s enough! I’ve alright resolved myself for it already alright!? Just change it into 『Monster』 and get it done and over with!

As I was thinking along those lines, as if it was previously hidden, it picked up on the part about my race being human and started to explain.

『Human』……This, is an incompletion of perfect individual。Their actions can allow them to become Gods or even Demon Kings。Thus because they are incomplete, they are able to infinitely evolve。

It’s even worse than being a 『Monster』!

Isn’t that too freaky!? What are humans!? It’s too philosophical to understand!?

With a sinking feeling, I went on to check the unfamiliar skills. O-Okay …… I’m still calm right……?

…… Heck, it turns out 『World Eyes』is a unique skill huh.

Still, 『Patience』and 『Emotion』… these are very human-esque skills aren’t they

Well, the names of these skills aren’t really cheat-like, so they should be alright.

『Patience』……A skill released after reaching a certain level as a ≪Human≫。Attack power is increased by the number of seconds that physical or mental damage is taken。Even if not activated instantly, the increased attack power can be used in the next battle。Always Active。

『Emotion』……A skill released after reaching a certain level as a ≪Human≫。As long as the heart can be touched or moved by things, all statuses will rise。Always Active。

Aren’t these the craziest skills of the bunch this time!

I can’t say that I’m『Human-like』anymore can I!?

Eh, it’s a lie right!? I mean, 『Patience』increases my attack power every second you know!?

It says『Emotion』…but it literally means that all my stats will raise just through feelings right?!

Normally, if you were to obtain the cheat skills that I have now, you’d be really happy, but still? Isn’t this messed up? No, I understand that you have to grow strong to protect those around you, but isn’t this overkill? Isn’t it exceeding that point? Isn’t it weird!?

If an enemy were to try and defend against my attacks, not just the enemy, but even the whole world would be blown away! I know force is important, and I do like having it, but I think this is too over the top!

Besides、for some reason the skills『Reflective Defense』and 『Endless Hell』were not classified as part of the attack type but of the unique type、but that’s trivial compared to『Perfect Tolerance』which invalidates all abnormal statuses。Un……It really is trivial……。

I managed to somehow stay standing up despite almost collapsing, and I turned my attention to the final column which had the Titles.

『Exterminator』……A Title given to one who annihilated a large number of Demons instantly。During combat、there will be a large correction of Agility and Attack power。

『Nightmare of Demons』……A Title given to the person who is a nightmare to all demons。There is a large correction of status when battling Demons。Status of Demons fighting you are reduced by 50%。

『He who made the world submit』……A Title given to the person that made the world fear him。

Finally、I fell onto my knee where I was。

「Seiichi!? Are you okay!?」

Seeing my in such a state, Saria rushed over to my side in worry

「Haha……Hahahahaha……I’m fine、I’m fine。I’m just doubtful that I’m actually still human, so I’m a little depressed……」

「? Seiichi is a human though?」

Unconsciously I had silently moved to hug Saria who had saved my heart and still had her head tilted in puzzlement

I’m glad……she sees me as a human……。

Once my heart was unburdened because of Saria, retorts about the titles I had gradually begun to overflow

What? 『Exterminator』! Isn’t that too dangerous!? And『Nightmare of Demons』、this is clearly not normal!

And『He who made the world submit』! Even though it doesn’t provide any status corrections、why it is uselessly exaggerated ?

Well, in the end, I’m a human that has ceased being a human. This time’s level ups really let me understand that.

…… Hold on a second? If, this time’s demon invasion was incited by someone…… Then my level ups, were also his fault right? I mean, if I had never defeated those demons that my level would never have risen.

If the person who set up this situation truly exists…… Alright, let’s beat the crap out of him at full power. I mean, it’s that guy’s fault that I took so much mental damage! Right now, the 『Patience』 and 『Emotion』skills are truly active!

When a wicked smile appeared on my face as I thought about this opponent who might or might not exist, a soldier walked out in front of everyone and shouted.

「Everyone, listen up! Just now、His Majesty has announced that the threat of the demons is now gone! As such、everyone should head into the Imperial Castle、for the rewards to be handed out! Also, the person who wiped out the demons……Seiichi-kun!」


I let out a stupid cry, surprised that my name was suddenly called.

Actually, as expected the fact that I was the one to annihilate the demons had been revealed……。No, they probably already knew because I used such flashy magic.

Well, after all the absurd things I did before, like when I defeated Louise, or when I was training with Florio-san, I’ve already made such a mess that I can’t really complain.

「This is hard to say but…… We would like to use the drop items from the demons you’ve defeated today as rewards for the adventurers and soldiers of the country。Of course, we will not just give you priority over the stronger items、but we will consider making any of your demands into a reality so……How about it?」

「Ah、I’m fine with it」

「Of course……There’s no way that y――you’ll hand it over!?」

「Yeah。Well、my stomach is full right now, so……」

(Note : Is this some Japanese proverb?)

If I were to get any more cheats, then even I would find it unmanageable!

「I、I don’t really understand but……Thank you!」

That soldier laughed happily at my words and conveyed the message to the other soldiers and adventurers.

Nevertheless, I was truly grateful that it really ended without any casualties, and with everyone being fine。Although it was thanks to the perverts who were unexpectedly powerful.



「……Found him」

While I was looking at the adventurers cheering due to the soldier’s words from afar, Al and the others came back to where we were.

I too was going to greet Al and the others, but before I could, Al slung her hands around my neck and asked.

「Oi、What was that magic!? Actually, as expected aren’t you crazy strong! Your Status card is a lie isn’t it!?」(Altria)

「N、Noー……See, that’s 、a guy’s secret after all……」 (Seiichi)

「Even if you make it sound like it’s some kind of Maiden’s Secret it’s not gonna fool me you hear!?」(Altria)


「Actually, why did you even think it could fool me!?」 (Altria)

No, I wouldn’t actually mind telling my secret to Al in particular. Saria too, even if the two of them saw my Status, I trusted that they would just carry on as usual without being afraid of me. So, in a sense, I didn’t feel any fear of that happening.

It’s just that because my explanation was rather long, so I thought I would wait for them to calm down before I started to explain, starting from when I was left behind during the Hero Summoning.

I was somehow managing to evade the storm of questions which were being thrown at me one after the other when Rurune called out to me with a pained expression.


「Oi、What happened? Did you get attacked by some Demon!?」

I did manage to get a glimpse of the battle from afar, but while it didn’t seem so to me, could it be that it was actually really intense?

Worried, I rushed over to Rurune’s side, to check if she was unhurt.

When I did so, Rurune’s cheeks blushed, as she replied, embarrassed.

「A、A-no……It’s not like i was injured or anything……So……it’s rather embarrassing if you come so close to me……」

「O-wa!? S、sorry!」

She had a pained expression on her face, completely unlike the usual Rurune, so I got anxious there for a moment.

After I calmed down, I asked Rurune once again.

「So? What’s the matter?」


Suddenly, a sound resounded between us.

At the sound, Rurune turned to stare at the ground as though she was embarrassed, and the rest of us turned our stares towards her

After a short pause, Rurune glanced up at me, with her face completely red, and said.

「…………My stomach、is hungry…………」

When we heard what Rurune said, all of us suddenly felt exhausted。Wh、What …… She’s just hungry …… Wait、 isn’t that just the usual?

But still, being able to find happiness in these everyday moments, made me smile when I thought about it

「Ah、Master! Please don’t laugh at me like that! I am aware that I am always only thinking of food、but embarrassing things are still embarrassing!」

「You were aware of it!?」

On the contrary, I was more surprised by this though!? Even though I thought she would stubbornly continue on just being a glutton……

It seemed like Rurune received some shock when she thought I was laughing at her, so she was sulking a little.

Looking at her being like that, I unconsciously grinned wryly

「My bad。We don’t have time for today’s meal、but let’s go get some tasty food next time」

「……Really? Just the two of us?」

「? I’m not sure why it has to be with just the two of us、but if that’s what Rurune wants、then I’m fine with it」

「Wha!? T、Then me too! I want to go for a meal with just the two of us too!」


「Me too, Me too~!」

For some reason, not just Rurune, but even Saria and Al said they wanted that too.

But, even though I said it would be alright to go get a meal with just Rurune the two of us, some how it ended up with Saria and Al having their own separate days to go have a meal with me.

……Even without asking, I know that this is basically a date, isn’t it?

For a novice at love, I feel that doing things like going on a date with super beautiful girls, is too high of a hurdle.

No, I mean up to now I have gone to have a meal with or go shopping with them before, but because I’ve never consciously gone on a date with anyone before, this suddenly being pushed onto me made me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Whilst they hadn’t yet noticed the blush growing on my flash, I quickly pulled my robe up to cover my face.

「……Seiichi Oniichan」

「Nn? What’s wrong? Olga-chan。Ah、do you want to go have a meal too? E-to……Do you want it to be just the two of us?」

「I、I see……」

W、Well、In Olga-chan’s case、It’s like having a meal with a younger sister、So I don’t feel nervous like with Al and the others。But、I still want her to fully enjoy it。

「……That、still、more things to say」

The me who had thought we were just talking about having a meal together、had my head tilted in puzzlement。


(Note : My Doctor just diagnosed me with Stage 17 Diabetes @.@. It’s Fatal. #Worth)

The look of Olga-chan’s eyes glancing up at me had outrageous destructive power.

If the Guild’s Lolicon …… Walter happens to see what Olga-chan looked like right now……  Very bad things might happen.

As I was thinking about that, in order to fulfil my promise, I went to pat Olga-chan’s head

「You did good。But、you shouldn’t force yourself, okay? If Olga-chan were to get hurt、I would feel miserable」

「……Nn。Thank you」

Olga-chan, who was having her head patted by me, blushed a little, feeling bashful.

And so, all the various adventurers started to move towards the Imperial Castle in order to claim their rewards

We were having a nice chat as we slowly headed towards the castle as well, when Barna-san suddenly came over to where we were.

But, his expression, was unlike his usual laid back look, but he instead looked very serious

While I was still overwhelmed by the way he looked, I barely managed to squeeze my voice out to ask.

「A、A-no……I、Is something the problem?」

Without answering me, Barna-san wordlessly edged closer to me. Eh, wait a second. This is really scary you know?

And、when he was right in front of my eyes――――。


Suddenly, I felt my shoulders being tightly gripped.

I stiffened up, caught in surprise by his abrupt behaviour, while he declared to me, with his eye practically shining.

「Seiichi! Won’t you come to my academy―――― As a teacher!?」

At his request, I couldn’t help but let out another stupid cry.

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