Shinka no Mi – Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – Abnormal Event

After the departure of Louise and the rest of the Valkyries, 1 week has already passed.

But, even so, as if nothing had happened, I continued to go to the Royal Castle to train my magic. Incidentally, since Saria and the others are each taking their own requests today, they’re not here with me. Origa-chan is also going together with Saria and the others.

And now, I have finally achieved a certain level.



Suddenly, without any particular concentration, the beginner water elemental spell [Water Ball] finally succeeded in stopping at the size of a basketball.

「Amazing, Seiichi-kun! I can’t even feel any instability in the magic…Doesn’t this mean you’ve obtained the skill [Holding back]?」

Florio-san who had been acting as my coach also said so, and moreover I also confirmed myself that I obtained the [Holding back] skill.

Finally, with this I won’t end up creating anymore pointless destruction….!

My tears of happiness flowed as I praised myself for keeping up the hard work throughout this 1 month. Good job, me!

And then, as usual, the announcement flows in my mind.

『Skill [Avīci Hell (Endless Hell)] has been obtained』

<<TLN: The Avīci Hell is the eight and most painful of the eight hells in Buddhism. I use this naming since it really fits the description, but from here on I will just use Endless Hell as its normal skill name to not confuse anyone.>>

What happened.

Wait a minute, calm down, it’s all right, don’t jump to conclusions.

I repeatedly took deep breaths, and remembered the announcement that was just now announced in my brain.

『Skill【Endless Hell】has――――』


(TLC: it’s kind of like yelling out with spirit, like Yossha! Or Yoisho!)


I hit my head against the ground to confirm my sanity.

Florio-san was very shocked, seeing my weird conduct.

「W-what’s wrong? Seiichi-kun……」

「No, nothing is wrong. It’s just, no matter how hard I try to recall it, I didn’t hear the acquisition of the 『Holding Back』 skill so I thought there’s something wrong with my head, that is why I directly asked my body like so. Yes, absolutely, nothing, wrong.」

「Yup, you’re not alright at all, huh.」

Florio-san says so with a bitter smile.

I can’t endure it anymore! WHAT?! 『Endless Hell』?! Where did the 『Holding Back』 skill disappear to!?

What the heck happened in the time I was trying to get the skill [Holding Back] that would transform it into something as dangerous as Hell….!

Among all the skills I’ve acquired, this skill is definitely the one with the most dangerous name!

……No, wait a minute. Calm down.

It might be too early to give up hope, right?

I mean, ultimately I’ve gotten to the point where I can hold back, it’s just the name is dangerous, the content of the skill itself might not be that awful, right!?

That’s right, even if the name sounds dangerous, it doesn’t mean that the content will be dangerous too!

I found a sliver of hope and immediately checked the skill that I obtained.

『Endless Hell』…… A skill to inflict infinite agony to the target. While this skill is activated, the target will not die no matter how much attack it receives. As a result, it will be a pain that makes the target feel that death is better. Holding back normally is also possible. Active Skill.


So scary! What is this skill?! It’s a skill that someone that can boast of their monstrous stats like me must not obtain, right?!

Also, at the end of the description it briefly mentioned that it’s possible to normally hold back! It’s really treated as an extra, isn’t it!

……What should I do? It’s not really progressing in the direction I want at all. Where has my future gone?

Although it’s different from the skill I wanted, it is, after all, possible to hold back, and understanding that, I was able to recover a bit.

Then, I saw a person that I normally shouldn’t see here.

「Huh? Gassur?」

「Hm? Ohh, if it isn’t Seiichi!」

「Huh? Oh, it really is.」

Of all things, the ones I came upon in the royal palace is the guild master and the receptionist Ellis-san.

While Ellis-san wore the receptionist uniform, Gassur, with just his boomerang trunks as always, freely shows his naked body. There should be a limit to a lack of common sense, you know! Or rather, you should stop him too, gatekeepers!

「Why are you here, Seiichi-kun?」

「As the prize for winning the Royal Cup, I’m training with Florio-san and Louise here.」

「……You are doing various things we don’t know about, eh.」

To my words, Gassur smiles bitterly.

「Rather, why are you two here?」

「We’re here to take a certain person to His Majesty.」

「A certain person?」

Without knowing who the man they mentioned is, I tilt my head in confusion, and then an old man behind Gassur comes into view.

「Hohoho. It’s the first time we meet, right? Youngster.」

「Uh, ah, hello……」

My first impression for the old man was, a “Hermit”.

Long, white eyebrows and hair. An even longer white beard. On top of that he also wore a white robe, so that makes for a completely white person.

His height is not that tall, and his back is straight, but he has a huge cane that is as tall as me.

From his gentle eyes and his whole atmosphere, he was an old man that made you feel fully wrapped in a sense of security.

「I am Barnabas Ablitt. I don’t mind if you call me Barna.」

「Ah, I am Seiichi.」

Barna-san greets me with a very friendly atmosphere.

I told him my name as well, but Florio-san, who remained silent until now, muttered something, overcome with emotion.

「T-to think I could meet with that【Magic Saint】, Barnabas-sama……!」

「Eh? You know of Barna-san?」

「Of course! When it comes to Barnabas-sama, it’s wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he mastered the world of sorcery, he is the world’s greatest magician!」

「I-I see……」

I could only reply like that due to getting overpowered by Florio-san who was unusually excited.

Still….. I guess he really is a great person since Florio-san spoke to that extent.

「Hohoho. Nothing will come out even if you praise me you know? 【Graceful Demon of Ice】-dono.」
「Y-you know about me?!」

「Umu. Quite the superior magician, I often hear from Ranze.」


With just one sentence from Barna-san, Florio-san started crying.

……I wonder if this is the same mental state as a crazy fan that got to converse with a famous idol. Anyway, I think it was good since I was able to see an unexpected side of Florio-san.

「Also, I still haven’t mastered sorcery. Since I’m an elf, I have lived a long time, but there is still much sorcery that I haven’t seen……」

「Eh? Barna-san is an elf?」

「Yes I am. Look, my ears are long right?」

While saying so, Barna-san shows his ear to me.

Then, just like Barna-san said, he has long ears with sharp tips that are different from normal humans.

Or rather, this is my first elf sighting in the otherworld, you know. Moreover, he seems to be an amazing celebrity.

While secretly deeply moved about that, I saw the figure of a person coming from the royal castle, heading toward this place.

「Ou, Seiichi. How is your training?」

「Ah, Ranze-san!」

「Ou, or rather, why are Gassur and everyone here too?」

Would you look at that, the one who came over from the castle was this country’s king, Ranze-san.

And, Ranze-san who noticed Gassur and everyone else beside me and Florio-san made a dubious facial expression.

And Barna-san lightly talked to Ranze-san.

「Are you healthy? Ranze.」

「Hm? ……Wait, Barnabas-sensei?!」

When Ranze-san noticed Barna-san, as if it wasn’t enough, he got even more surprised, and he also straightened his posture.

「I-it has been a long time! Sensei seems to be well too……」

「There is no need to be so tense right? You’re already the head of a country. There is no need to fuss about a senile old fool like me, you know?」

「Th-that’s out of the question!」

……Who are you, Barna-san?

Huh? Isn’t this a pattern where I, too should add –sama? I talked very non-chantingly with him, but…..

Seeing Ranze-san who is a king with this kind of surprisingly humble behavior, it can’t be helped to think like that, right.

「Umm….. Ranze-san. What is your relation to Barna-san here?」

「Eh? Ahh, Barnabas-sensei is, just as I called him Sensei, he is my teacher I’m indebted to.」

I see. So that is why Ranze-san can’t act on an equal basis with him…..

When I understood the true identity of Barna-san, Gassur tells me more information about him.

「By the way, Barnabas-sama is also the Principal of Barbador Magic School.」

「Barbador Magic School?!」

I was surprised at the name.

Because, that very school is….. Where Shouta and everyone goes to now.

While I am surprised by that fact, Ranze-san asked to Barna-san with a perplexed expression.

「And, Sensei. Why did you come here? I think there wasn’t particularly an arranged meeting or anything, but? ……」

「Umu, actually I have something to tell you……」

「Something to tell me?」

「It’s about your sons.」


To what Barna-san said, Ranze-san’s expression changed.

……That reminds me, when Origa-chan attacked Ranze-san, Claudia-san mentioned the first and second princes……

While I was recalling the words I’d heard before, Barna-san continued talking.

「Right now, my school is currently under slightly special circumstances. Do you know why?」

「……The existence of the heroes, am I right?」

「That’s right. Because of that, it got a bit problematic in my school……」


「That is――――」

It was right at the moment Barna-san about to convey what happened.

Suddenly one soldier came running to the training ground with a desperate expression.

「Y-Your Majesty! It’s terrible!」

「What’s wrong? To have you panic so much.」

So Ranze-san said, after seeing the soldier’s appearance.

「Monsters……A swarm of monsters are invading Terveil!」


At the information from the soldier’s mouth, everyone’s complexion changed.

However, Louise said that the rise in monster activity was at the country’s border, but….

「What happened? The increase of monster activity should have been at the country’s border….. Also, there should be Louise and【The Sacred Black Knight (Black Paladin) 】to subjugate those monsters….」

Ranze-san seemed to think of same thing as me, and when he asked that, the soldier continued to report.

「Regarding that, just now there was contact from Captain Louise, it seems that the monster’s invasion is also occurring there! Same also where the【Black Paladin】 is at!」

「What’s going on? How can the monsters move at the same time like this……?」

To the soldier’s report, Ranze-san seemed to be lost in thought, but Barna-san criticized it.

「Hey, Ranze. Put aside the cause for later, I think what’s important now is how to take care of this situation.」

「Sensei…… That’s right. Hey, do you know the number of the monsters?」

「Yes! According to the recon unit’s report, there are approximately around five thousand.」

「Five thousand you say?! What a ridiculous number……!」

Ranze-san clicked his tongue after hearing the information from the soldier, and issued instructions at once.

「Hey, how many units can we assemble immediately?」

「That is…… Besides the soldiers that are stationed within Terveil, all the other units are on expeditions in various areas at the moment.」

「I see…… Alright, then go gather all the soldiers within the Royal Castle. As for the recon unit, tell them to temporarily return to Terveil. Now go!」




「As soon as the recon unit returns, find out the position of the monsters, and send out the Magic Camera. As for the amount of people, use as few as you can, while still being able to keep maintaining the video recording. As for the rest, go to subjugate the monsters along with the other soldiers.」

「As you wish.」

After receiving instructions from Ranze-san, Florio-san immediately started moving.

As soon as the royal castle got busy, Gassur and the others also started to move.

「Is our guild’s power also needed?」

「I’m sorry, it appears so. Could you cooperate?」

「Though we won’t cooperate in wars and such, but in this emergency situation, there is no reason for us to not help, right.」

After saying that, Gassur suddenly did a muscle pose and gave instructions to Ellis-san.

「Ellis-kun! Quickly go to the guild for a monster subjugation appeal!」


「I’m grateful. Also for the reward, the Kingdom will properly take responsibility.」

「Hahaha! That will make the adventurers fired up! I, as well, will go on a rampage for the first time in a long time!」

「I too will participate in the fight at the front lines this time.」

「Eh-?! You two will also fight?!」

Well, Ellis-san has swung that whip around, but isn’t that a technique for SM, and definitely not something that can be used in battle?

As for Gassur, there is no point in having those muscles if they don’t get used in these situations.

「So rude! It’s definitely during these times, that my Muscle Power gets on fire! Also, isn’t this a chance to show everyone my muscle!」

「That last part is your true objective right?!」

Damn. Gassur’s muscles, are they just for show…?

「Me too, before I became a receptionist, I was quite wild, you know?」

「I can’t imagine it……」

Also, isn’t that expression weird?

Putting aside my complicated expression, Gassur and Ellis-san just returned to the guild as is.

And finally there was only me, Barna-san and Ranze-san here.

「Hohoho. Let’s see, should I also lend my power here.」

「Eh?! Sensei will also fight?!」

「My student is in a pinch. Isn’t it obvious?」

「Th-thank you very much!」

Ranze-san bowed while saying that.

「With someone like Sensei who is a ≪Transcended One≫, with you lending us your power……It’s this type of situation, but we were very lucky this time.」

「Transcended One?」

Ranze-san tells me about it when I tilt my neck because of the unfamiliar term.

「Didn’t you know? Transcended One is a term that is given to people who break the limit. Louise has reached the peak of humanity, level 500. Such people, even though rare, can still exceed the limit and become stronger than that.」

「That genius child right? If it’s that girl, it’s only a matter of time until she becomes a Transcended One like me.」

Whoa, even though it’s rare, but to think that there are people who pass the upper limit of levels….

……Wait? I wonder why. I have an amazingly strong feeling that I’m going to end up becoming a Transcended One…..

I-it’s alright! My level is still just 15 after all!

……Though the fact that a Lv.15 can beat a Lv.500 is already a weird situation, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it!

「And? Seiichi. What will you do?」


「Just like Gassur said, although this situation is an emergency, adventurers will participate through the request. That is why, it’s not like it’s compulsive, but……」

「I will also fight, you know? I mean, I like this town after all.」

With me honestly saying what I think, Ranze-san opened his eyes widely for a moment, and then smiled happily.

「I see……Then, please lend me your power!」


Thus, I march on this town, determined to fight the swarm of monsters.


――――Going back in time a bit.

Within the room that is ruled by darkness, a man raising strange laughter while pleasantly smiling towards the crystal put in that room.

「Nhinhinhi! I did it! And with this……The revival of Demon God will be one step closer……!」

In answer to that man’s voice, another voice can be heard from the crystal。

『Humph, the one who made the preparation is me you know? Just who do you think approached the Terveil’s 【Mountain】 and planted the Teleportation Spell there?』

「I am properly thankful for that help. But, I gathered the monsters for that. If you look at the outcome, we both did just as hard work, didn’t we?」


To the man’s words, the crystal let out a snorting sound, seemingly displeased.

「Oh well. The [Mountain] that lives in Terveil would make a move if we sent a huge number of soldiers, but if we send monsters then no matter how many there are, “that” won’t move. Despite the [Mountain] being an existence that walls off Terveil, “that” too is a monster after all.」

『Well as expected, we weren’t able to set up a Teleportation Spell near the【Sea】, but……』

「That can’t be helped you know. Installation type magic must be assigned precisely onto a land coordinate, if it’s not like that it can’t have an effect after all. However, I hear that there is no human that able to use space magic in Terveil. Thanks to that, if we lure the 【Sword Knight (Knight of Sword】 and 【Sacred Black Knight (Black Paladin)】 to the area around the national border, we could trample down Terveil within that time. And the people’s deaths and despair will become nourishment for Demon God-sama.」

『But, the【Graceful Demon of Ice】and【Man of Iron】are still there you know?』

「Hmph. No matter how excellent an individual is, there is a limit to their power. Quality can never surpass quantity.」

『Well, whatever works. If this plan succeeds, we will be one step closer to Demon God-sama’s revival after all.』

「There is no way it will fail, right? According to your investigation, you aimed for the time with the scarcest amount of soldiers. It will surely succeed.」

『That is right…… There is no reason for this to fail.』

The crystal’s voice also consented to the man’s words.

「Nhinhinhi! All is for the sake of Demon God-sama――――」

He muttered the oath of absolute loyalty of the organization the two belong to.

But, those men still do not know about it.

――――That in Terveil, there is a【Human (Monster)】that surpasses the Demon God――――.

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