Shinka no Mi – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Peerless Rurune

Obeying the words of the official, each of the participants started to move to the start line.

In this King’s Royal Cup, it’s like a relay back on Earth was adopted here.

Moreover, so, the ones on the start line already have an advantage, and the ones further away are disadvantaged.

This is because there are many participants, so it cannot be helped. And, the participants agreed to the conditions, so they can’t complain about this.

The other participants have large horses, made me look smaller because I’m riding on a donkey. As well as unfortunately having to start all the way at the back.

[Fuuu…… Starting at the back makes me feel ‘It can’t be helped’…… And unexpectedly to just go along the flow.]

As I’m not really interested in the race itself, I easily got on Rurune’s back, and was slightly impressed as we can properly move.

If it were the me before my evolution, I wouldn’t have been able to ride Rurune in the first place…….

While I was thinking that, the group of horses is suddenly entered my line of sight.

The group of horse for some reason was not moving to the starting line.

At this time, the official also noticed that and called out.

[Otto~? The players over there! What on earth is happening there?]

But, the people who’re addressed by the voice didn’t hear it as they were desperately calling out to their horses.

[Hey, Johnson! What’s wrong?]

[Why aren’t we moving, Kelly!]

[Johnny, please move!]

Even the horses’ names are human-like.

The tsukkomi isn’t that far, but I instinctively felt like that.

But still…… What’s up with them? I wonder what’s the reason why the horses suddenly don’t want to move?

After seeing the situation over there, I’ve thought of some possibilities, but I’m not a horse specialist, and so I still didn’t understand what was happening at all.

Somehow, I looked towards the people riding the horses.


And I finally understood the cause of this ruckus.

After understanding why I was surprised. Seeing that their horses didn’t move, the other contestants got off from their horses and spoke to the horses.

[Really, what in the world happened……?]

[Are you feeling sick somewhere?]

[I’m not having you to run the impossible……]

Each of them was worried about their horses, stroke the necks of their horses.


Suddenly, all the horses fell to the ground.

Moreover, if you look closely, all that remained were that useless expression of pride.

Were you able to understand?

In other words, all the horses that suddenly stopped moving were——.

[[[……Ah. They’re all dead!]]]

This Stuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiid horseeeees!!!!

And you over there! Just how stupid are you!? No, within the participants, certainly there was someone who noticed something.

No matter what you do, there’s no salvation for the horses’ lives. The official, who’s face expresses an ‘I don’t know what to say’ look unpleasantly says.

[I wonder what happened……. Before the race started, 20 people are down for the count……]

The number of people participating this race is that many!? Even with that many high-spec horses, isn’t this already a problem, right!?

Somewhere in my heart, I continuously made a tsukkomi in my rage.

Ever since I came to this world, there’s nothing that I haven’t made a tsukkomi at.

I don’t know why but, I can’t help but think that way.

Being in a good mood, Rurune says something while drooling.

[Tonight’s dinner, we will be having a large serving of horsemeat!]

[Rurune-san. That joke isn’t funny, ya know.]

[Well, I do feel pity to those horses but, it doesn’t mean that it will cancel the race! Everyone, rejoin the race as soon as you can, and good luck in the race!]

While Rurune and I were having a silly conversation, the official said so and blew the whistle.

Even though a stupid incident occurred, the other participants that were safe, moved to the start line.

[Everyone, you’re in your respective starting positions? Well then, I’ll now start the count! 3!]

Okay, it looks like the race is finally starting.

Somehow, it took a long time to start the race, but now, let’s just focus on it.


When I heard the count on my ear, I spoke to Rurune.

[Well then Rurune, I leave it to you.]

[Please leave this to me!]

After hearing Rurune’s firm response, I thought that we can really win this thing.


That’s right. Ever since we’ve been here, we have been treated as useless so far. However, I can’t let them treat Rurune as an ordinary donkey.

While firmly gripping on the reins, I tightened my feelings.

C’mon, our race has———-.


———Only begun!

–The horses started all at once.

As the cloud of dust soared, my vision was instantly obscured.

However, it’s a shame, fellow participants!

My Rurune is, dashing towards all of the horses———.

[——-has not left!]


As a result, Rurune remarkably gave me a betrayal to my expectations. No, in reverse, is this what I’ve expected?

Rurune’s speed is, surprisingly slow, was being left behind by the other horses in a blink of an eye.

Even the footsteps.

Pa-tsu………ka, pa-tsu………ka.

Right? These footsteps are surprising, right?

[Hey~? Rurune-san? We’re the last, you know? Hey, you need to get serious!]

It’s not over yet. Still, Rurune’s seriousness is not this……! As I re-think this, I reminded her so.

However, Rurune’s pace still hasn’t changed one bit.

Pa-tsu………ka, pa-tsu………ka. (TLN: I’m trolling with the –tsu’s. hahaha)

[Ah, this is no good.]

The time it takes to make a step isn’t good. Let alone winning, making it into the 5th place is impossible.

Let alone giving up, I don’t give a damn anymore! While thinking like that, I hear the official’s voice.

[Whoa!? Players Seiichi and Rurune pair aren’t progressing much! As I thought, using a donkey in this tournament is impossible!? They are in last place in a blink of an eye!]

It’s useless.

[While player Seiichi is still on the starting line, the top 10 players are already halfway through the entire course!]

[They’re that fast!?]

Already halfway!? Getting 5th place is absolutely impossible!

While I was surprised by the speed of the other horses, Rurune said in a pained-like voice.

[Kuh…… haa,haa.]

[Oi Oi, are you alright!? Don’t push yourself too hard! I know that you’ve already done your best!]

And, I also know that you’re slow.

While I say that to be considerate to Rurune, painfully muttered.


[Huh? Your stomach is what?]

[……My stomach is…………hungry…………!]


I unintentionally cried out. Well, it can’t be helped.

Is it because you’re hungry!? That you’re so slow!?

While I didn’t try to accept that, I asked just to be sure.

[Hey, Rurune. By the way, your breakfast pasture is……]

[Master, you’re making me eat like the other domestic animals……!?]


Why the hell did I say that!? Just why the hell did I say something stupid to her!?

[Wait! For now, eat all the grass you can find here to your heart’s content to satisfy your hunger! You can run if your stomach is full, right!?]

[I am no longer be satisfied with grasses, so I don’t want to eat that! Human food is the best!]


No matter how much more I screamed, Rurune won’t eat the grass on the ground.

Even though I tried to motivate her by bringing in the Bahamut on the conversation, but she still won’t eat it. It seems like she won’t eat anything other than things that humans tend to eat even if it meant dying.

For animals, you shouldn’t let them eat human food.

And for me, who was too late to realize that, really regretted it.

[Argh! At this rate, I’ll definitely lose and in this way, I definitely look like a loser……! Is there something that I can give her food with……!?]

As I searched the contents desperately in my item box, all of them are raw ingredients to be cooked, so there isn’t anything that can be eaten right away.

Aah, I’m completely finished…….

Yes, it’s about time to give up.


Within my Item Box, my eyes stopped on a certain item.

That is—–the [The Real Cultivation of the Fruit of Evolution Set].

If I recall, the contents are how to properly cultivate the seed of evolution, and the fruit of the seed of evolution and so on and so forth…….

[Maybe, a fragment of the Fruit of Evolution is inside here……]

While having a pale hope on it, I took out the [The Real Cultivation of the Fruit of Evolution Set]

And then, a Zuta-like bag appeared.

When I looked inside, there really is a booklet of instructions on how to cultivate the Fruit of Evolution, and there are 15 Fruits of Evolutions in it too. ………Huh?

[The Fruits of Evolution are in here, but there’re no seeds?]

Even though I’ve scurried on the contents, the Fruits of Evolution are here, but the seeds aren’t.

While tilting my head because of that, I noticed something.

[……Ah, come to think of it, when I ate the fruit of evolution, the seed never came out, right……?]

Yeah, when I ate the 10 Fruits of Evolution at the [Forest of Endless Love], I ate all of it.

In other words, I didn’t see the seeds. My skin is really lucky.

That is, in fact, evolution probably comes from the seeds. That’s why these Fruit of Evolution is similar to Earth’s Almond. Exactly like seeds or nuts.

Even though I said that, I somehow found something for Rurune to eat. Well, even though she has her preferences, at least it’s not grass that she doesn’t want.

[Rurune! Can you eat this!?]

[T, this nut is……?]

Rurune asked with a weak voice. And, just why the hell she doesn’t want to eat grass?

[This is the fruit which saved me from dying and Saria from a pinch. It’s name is the [Fruit of Evolution].] (TLN: should I name Shinka no Mi here as Fruit of Evolution? Or Seed of Evolution?)

[Fruit of Evolution……?]

[Yeah, that’s right! My thanks can’t be summed just with that; I can’t thank it enough. It had that much of an effect!]

[I’ll eat it!]

[That was a fast revival!?]

While listening to me, Rurune instantly took a Fruit of Evolution and ate it.

[T, this is……!]

[Hey, what’s happeni——]

[Gross!! This is really gross!]

[Ah, I see.]

Rurune’s expression was rather refreshing even though the fruit was gross. It made me remember the taste when I ate the Fruit of Evolution back then. Yeah, it was indeed gross…….

However, the effect is amazing.

[Nnn!? M, my stomach is…… already full!?]

Right, the Fruit of Evolution whenever you ate one, it has an amazing effect which is that it instantly fills your stomach full.

[Master! With this…… With this, I can make it!]

[All right! Well then, I’ll leave it to you!]

Again, I held tight on the reins on now the revived-Rurune and braced myself.

Well, I do feel that I’m now too late again!

While I’m thinking about it, Rurune asked me.

[Master, are you holding the reins firmly?]

[N? Ah yeah, it’s ok. I’m ready whenever you are!]

To be honest, I’m not really holding the reins properly.

Since it won’t be that dangerous anyways, as a response to me being optimistic.

However, because of that optimism, it turned into something dreadful in an instant.

[Then—– Here I go……!]

[Uh! ——— AHHHH!?]

Immediately after I replied, my body felt like it was floating.

While I still didn’t understand what’s happening, then all of a sudden, I felt a strong impact on my ass. (TLN: maybe because he only bought reins, not including a saddle.)

[-tsu-tsu-tsu-tsu!!] (DAT –tsu’s.. hahahaha. His Ass really must’ve hurt like hell.)

And then again, my body felt like it was floating again.

While I still don’t understand what’s developing right now, I desperately racked my brain, noticed something.

[HAHAHAHA! Bahamut…… I’m coming to eat you……!]

Rurune made a great leap, is now running through the race’s course.



Rurune made her first run look like a lie, now showed an amazing run.

As I sometimes didn’t hold the reins properly, it made me feel like I’ll get thrown off on Rurune’s back several times.


[There is no one who can stop this Rurune……!]


As I involuntarily screamed, I still can’t match up to Rurune’s speed, ended up being dragged on her back while continuing on the race.


I—- Mei Cherry, am watching the video feed on the magic projector.

The reason is that I’m watching the race of the one who gave me the courage to participate in the painting tournament, the one who participated Seiichi-san.

But, as expected, using the donkey, Rurune-chan to participate in this race is reckless, immediately after the race started Seiichi-san was instantly in the last place.

While in such a state, the one watching the video on the magic projector with me, the son of Marquis Berger, Clay Berger sighed.

[Well, I know that it was impossible. But still, it’s still disappointing, right? Even I wanted Seiichi to do his best.]

Clay-san has absolute confidence in his paintings, and it is true that he competed with me because of that, but that doesn’t make him a bad person, or rather I’d even say that makes him a good person.

However, even though he’s a natural airhead, he still says some things that made him stood out.

[Mei. What happened to Seiichi is unfortunate, but…… you are you. You can make a great work to compete with me at the Kyarasuti Art Competition! ]

[Clay-san. By those words, it sounded like Seiichi-san’s dead.]

[That in your imagination!]

I didn’t understand why I was stubborn, but Clay-san’s behavior is as if he was busy with something.

Just after having that conversation.

Suddenly, the official announced in a loud voice.

[Na!? What should I say about this……! Suddenly, in front of the leading racer groups, a pack Grand Wolves appeared!]



When I shifted my focus to the reactivated projection, the Grand Wolves are blocking the course, and the contestant Michael and the others who were in the lead, without thinking, stopped their horses.

Indeed, there were sightings of a pack of Grand Wolves within the vicinity of Teruviel recently.

There isn’t anyone here in this event that would’ve thought that they’d suddenly appear in this competition.

However, the security countermeasure is perfect, they would’ve suddenly dispatched a subjugation force to deal with it but…….

[Nn!? P, please wait! If you look closely at the pack of Grand Wolves…… and A-Rank Monster [Hell Wolf] is among them! T, this is beyond a joke already! R-Riesu-sama! Help! At this rate, the horses will be eaten!]

Well, just as I thought that shouldn’t be a problem, after hearing that, indeed it’s worse that I thought.

Just as the official said so, within the video projected, within the light-brown colored pack of Grand Wolves, a big jet-black colored wolf was behind them.

Hell Wolf…… is similar to this race’s 5th place prize, Bahamut’s value is enough to buy a small castle, or make a town, is a really strong monster.

The Bahamut is usually in the depths of the lake, and unless it’s been attacked first, it won’t fight back. But the Hell Wolf is different.

Acting basing on its wild instincts, if it’s determined to eat, it’ll really attack without hesitation. In short, it’s an aggressive monster.

Fortunately, Seiichi-san and Rurune-chan is ranked last, so it’s unlikely for them to be attacked……. Them being last, it’s lucky for them, but that wasn’t the case.

For this kind of things, we can only pray that nothing bad will happen on to the participants.

[Why did something troublesome appeared at a time like this! I still haven’t prepared countermeasures for the punishment of taking that spy photos of Riesu-sama! And with this, if the king misunderstood that I neglected the security of the town of Teruviel I’d get more scolding!]

Um……wasn’t the official’s name, name Luna-san, right?

……Don’t mind it.

In my mind, I prayed for Luna-san. But, she reaped what she sowed by secretly taking photos. When I thought about it, it can’t be helped.

While thinking like that, suddenly, Luna-san noticed something.

[N? ……Hey!? J, just what does this mean!]

After hearing Lorna-san’s surprised voice, the image in the video changed.

Some people were still confused as to the sudden change in the video and was more confused as to the one who’s projected in the video.

[W, why……!?]

[Hahaha! This is becoming interesting!]

Clay-san is laughing next to me.

Wait, this isn’t a laughing matter, you know! Why are you able to laugh at this situation!?

I mean, the man projected on the video is——-.



As Rurune-chan zooming in, Seiichi-san’s appearance was swaying!


[Hey, that’s enough! It’s seriously dangerous, ya know!?]


Ah shit, she isn’t listening anymore! It’s like talking to a brick wall!


……Well, this isn’t the time to talk about it!

Seriously, someone stop her! Or else…….

[R, Rurune-san…… is drooling……]

[My Bahamut is only a few steps away!]

[Ah, don’t go vomiting halfway, all right?]

While my face is bright red, I’m still swaying on Rurune’s back.

Furthermore, since she didn’t hear me talking, she will definitely vomit halfway.

As I continued to fight desperately with nausea, I suddenly saw many horses up ahead.

[W, what’s that!?]

While I’m still in a foul mood, as I looked closer, it seems like up ahead a pack of wolves suddenly stand in the way of the race’s course. Uh oh, the nausea got stronger……

Apparently to Rurune, she’s too focused on the Bahamut that she didn’t register the existence of the pack of wolves.

Moreover, the wolves are about to attack, closing their distance to the horses looking for an opportunity.

[Rurune! There’s a pack of wolves in front!]

[Is that true, master? Then there will be many horses that’s stuck.]

[That’s how it is. That’s why drop your speed——]

[I see, this is our chance! To regain the time that we lost, I will speed up even more!]

[Huuuuh? You still want to speed up!?]

[I am Rurune! A proud donkey knight! Well, for the Bahamut’s sake…… I shall press on!]


As my restraints were in vain, Rurune raised her forefoot high, like as what she said earlier, she sped up, and we’re dashing in on where the horses and the pack of wolves are.

As I couldn’t keep up with the situation, my body felt like it was floating again.

As I regained my sanity, I tried to look around on my surroundings…….

[……oh……] (TLN: literally)

I jumped over the horses and realized that I’m about to land in the middle between the horses and the wolves.

As Rurune disregarded my scared state, charged towards the pack of wolves.

[Small fries…… DON’T GET IN MY WAAAAYYY!]

Today, my common sense is breaking apart.

I never thought that a donkey’s legs are this fast. Ahahaha, the wolves are getting kicked.

As the pitiful wolves became prey to Rurune’s kicks, continued to receive sharp hooves on their faces.

And, for a while, Rurune became peerless against the wolves…….


As the howl resounded, a jet-black wolf confronted us.

That wolf is obviously different to the ones that Rurune kicked so far.

This wolf will be a difficult opponent for Rurune———.


[GYAN!] (TLN: is this the Hell Wolf’s yelp? LOL)

———-As I thought. Huh? Strange.

Indeed, this wolf had a last-boss atmosphere but, got blown around 20 meters away when it received Rurune’s jump hoof kick in the face.

[……Come to think of it, my All Language Comprehension maybe didn’t activate because he got kicked.]

As I am swaying on top of Rurune, I calmly talked about it. It might be related to one’s ability.

As I started to think philosophically, Rurune continued her rampage.

And, I noticed that we’re closing on the goal tape——.


Rurune made it into the goal in her peerless state.


[Hahaha! Amazing, it was truly amazing! They made it into the goal under that situation!]

[T, they really won first place……]

I…… Mei Cherry still don’t understand what happened on the projection screen.

It might be so. At first, Rurune-chan and Seiichi-san were in the last place, suddenly charged to catch up. Then a pack of Grand Wolves appeared with a Hell Wolf among them. However, they got kicked about.

As the Hell Wolf, the pack’s boss got defeated, the remaining wolves panicked and fled.

Thanks to that, the people who couldn’t proceed earlier have reached the goal, and somehow ended the Imperial City Cup.

[Anyway, with this, can you now freely draw a picture then?]


Right, as I looked on the video, I have decided…… on what to draw.

[After this, I will hurry to get home to paint my work!]

[I see…… Well then, I shall not lose too! It’s because your work is very formidable. The next time we meet will be at the Kyarasuti Painting Tournament? Let’s do our best!]

Clay-san said so laughingly as he walked away.

From the time, we met for the first time, despite having been falsely charged, to recognising the skill of my picture…. a person, whom I don’t really understand really well.

As I smiled wryly, I remembered the video projected awhile back.

That, Seiichi-san and Rurune-chan saved a lot of players in that predicament.

Ugh, I don’t know what I will paint anymore.


As I rekindled my fighting spirit, I also left the audience’s seats.

At that time, I suddenly realized something and thought it out loud.

[Ah. In the end, he won the first place……Seiichi-san, didn’t he aimed for the Bahamut?]


[Now I’ve doooneeee iiiiit!]

In front of me now, I…… Hiiragi Seiichi am in front of a donkey named Rurune, bawling in sadness.


Right, Because of Rurune being peerless, as a result—— We won the race.

[Well…… cheer up. We won the first place, ya know?]

[I don’t really, want to spend my time with the Valkyrie Knights!]

[Yeah, I don’t want too either.]

As I hear Rurune’s heartbreaking voice, it also hurt me too.

I too also wanted the Bahamut as much as possible. I mean, it’s delicious, ya know? I wanted to eat it too.

[My…… My Bahamut is……]

Incidentally, at the awards ceremony, as I see the person who’ll be receiving the Bahamut, he had a joyful smile. As he can eat it with his family. Because of that, I can’t bring myself to exchange my prize with him.

Furthermore, as I don’t want to add to Rurune’s mental damage as it already was so big, for her sake, I didn’t participate in the awards ceremony.

Well, originally I hate to stand out, so it was a good opportunity too.

But still…… I never thought that the top-runners would’ve avoided them. Surely it’s because I originally thought that they would’ve outrun the wolf pack.

But, as Rurune kicked them off, it seemed like the jet-black wolf was an annoying opponent, and so they didn’t want to advance further.

Because of that, Me and Rurune misunderstanding being late, and reached the goal at a breakneck speed.

[Gusu…… I won’t be able to eat it anymore……]

Rurune was more depressed than expected, that even for me to stay calm was impossible.

Because of that, I sit beside Rurune, and stroke her head gently.

[Well…… It’s useless to think about it now. It’s not like the Bahamut is only one in the world, right? That’s why, if we ever meet a Bahamut, we’ll defeat it, and eat it together!]

[Gusu…… I, is that true?]

[Yeah! And also, besides the Bahamut, there are also many delicious food around too. Since we’re going to travel around anyways, we’ll visit other lands and we’ll find something more delicious than the Bahamut together?]

[Ah, Master……! UWAAAAAAHH!]

Rurune jumped onto my chest and started to cry out loud.

It’s fine that I know Rurune’s voice, but from an another person’s perspective, the impression can only be that of a person being attacked by a robber who is for some reason crying out loud. What’s more, the cry was [Hihi~n!]. Crap, just imagining it is making me feel surreal.

While I am hugging her with that impression, I gently stroked Rurune’s head.

Suddenly, Rurune’s body began to emit a faint light.

[Eh? Wait, what now!?]

As I got impatient, Rurune herself wasn’t aware of what’s happening to her.

Before long, the pale light was gradually getting stronger and……!



As I saw something with an intense light right before my eyes, my eyes were attacked by an unusual pain.

I, who was wriggling due to the intense pain while hugging Rurune, felt like I had faced a similar phenomenon before.

After a while, when the light subsided, as my eyes have recovered from the damage, I slowly opened my eyes.

And then, I noticed something.

……Somehow, there’s something soft on my chest…….

Timidly, I lowered my gaze and——-.

[Gusun. Master……]

Having brown hair and reddish brown eyes which were tearing badly, a girl who can be seen as a beauty or beautiful girl, looked at me with upturned eyes, and came hugging me. ――――And while being naked.


I wonder if my hallucinations are getting severe to the level it became perverted that it transformed Rurune to this beauty? If that’s so, then please let it stay like that…….


No, could what happened to be understood?

To the surroundings around me, it appeared I am hugging a naked girl out of nowhere, and were surprised.

In other words, it’s like that? Rurune evolved? She did eat the Fruit of Evolution. And kicked many wolves.

Well, unlike Saria and me, she only ate one and I didn’t think it’d bring that much of a dramatic before and after changes? But well, I don’t know if I understood this? Yea.

You know, the hair color, her eyes are similar to Rurune the donkey. It’s certain that the girl I see in front of me is definitely Rurune.

Or rather, I’m already good.

In other words, as I’m the only one talking here, only one word came out from my mouth.


Yeah, the only thing I can do is yell!

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