Shinka no Mi – Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – The Spellbook and Serenity

“Ah, speaking of which… I received the seed of evolution from the sheep”

Right after exiting the guild, I suddenly remembered. I completely forgot about it… Well, I was busy partly due to the matter about Black Dragon God and Altria-san.

“First I’ll research about the seed of evolution in the library, rather than buying a horse”

I think I am the only one who knows the most about the seed of evolution. I knew the reason Saria evolved was thanks to the wonders of the seed of evolution. I also have been saved many times….

That’s why, it was important for me who can not be compared with a demon king.

Fortunately, I am on a errand to the second-hand shop. That’s because I wanted to make recovery potions.

“A proper tool and bottles are necessary”

The clever monkeys were amazing because they had even reproduced the bottles.

“Errr…. the tool shop was unexpectedly quite close”

As I looked at the simple map that I had received from Gassur, the location of the tool shop was not far from the guild.

“Alright, first I’ll take a look at the tool shop”

I’ve decided to immediately head towards the tool shop.

Along the way, a lolicon old man was peeking at a little girl eating candy, not caring about his rough breathing. Ah, a guard. There is a criminal over there

But… aside from Gassur who I did not care about, if you look closely around enough, the people here reminds me of Japan. After that, the gap between Earth no longer made me feel uncomfortable.

Besides, some people are wearing ordinary-like clothes back on earth. Heroes, be a little more prudent.

While I was thinking of such things, I quickly reached the tool shop.

“Is it here?”

Arriving at the tool shop, it did not look strange. It was just an ordinary shop.

I opened the door and entered, unfamiliar tools were lined up in rows inside.

“Oh? A customer?”

While I was surprised by the amount of strange tools, an auntie had come out from the back.

“Ah, hello. Gassur introduced me”

“Ahaha. I see. Please look as much as you like”

Auntie said so while laughing, and went back inside the shop… No, I’m troubled if you leave!?

I hardly recognize most of the tools in the shop!?

“It can’t be helped… oh look here”

A brand name and a price tag was stuck on the goods, let’s imagine it from the name what kind of tool it is.

In the worst case, I’ll use the “advanced appraisal” skill.

“Well… this is?”

While saying so, the first thing I grabbed is a white sphere, unsure of what it was. The price was 100 gold pieces.

“The price is reasonable, so what is it?”

I tried to check the name.

“Merely a ball”

“Hey shopkeeper come here!”

Merely a ball! What the heck you mean!

No, it is too early to make assumptions. Merely a ball could be the name, but there may be some hidden effects.

I tried to convince myself while activating the appraisal skill.

“Merely a ball”… It is really just a ball. It can even become a cat’s plaything, and when encountering a demon, throw it to draw the attention of the demon… maybe.

“Damn, it is really… just a ball!”

I was a fool for expecting something!

Recently, I feel there are many expectations that have been disappointments. Primarily… such as Gassur or Ellis. I tired myself out from retorting the goods, but I immediately pulled myself together.

“Hmm, what about this pot?”

The next thing that caught my eyes was the pot with an unusual atmosphere. What I mean is, it could be used for alchemy.

Perhaps, it might be that kind of tool. It has quite a price, 100,000 G. I wonder if it is correspondingly valuable?

This time, without checking the name, I directly activated the skill to identify.

“Pot of Happiness”… I have the feeling the happy one will be the owner. If it sells well, the shopkeeper will be happy.


“It’s a scam! Right here there are some people doing unscrupulous business!”

What is going on in this store!? And, more than that, didn’t Gassur introduced me to this store!

Is that it? A rookie who knows nothing can be hurt, did you introduce it to rookies to learn a lesson!? If so, it is too evil!

Already, my trust for this shop had fallen. But, if you look around carefully, there are also decent goods as well.

For example, “Paper from another world”, this is made from a paper-making method that a hero had devised when he had been summoned to this world. It is still inferior in quality compared to Earth, but the parchment is still relatively easy to use.

The price was 500 G for 100 sheets. I don’t know whether it was cheap or expensive, but the amount is not extreme, it would still be better.

Another one, was made using an item called magic stone, called “Magic Camera”. Perhaps the idea of this camera was also told by someone from the heroes.

Though I was saying that, in the guild I heard someone sneaked voyeur shots, was it because of this… But there are still many things I don’t know, I shouldn’t be wasting time and went looking for the necessary equipment again.

Then, without any particularly difficulty, I found what I wanted immediately.

“There it is. Well… a mortar and pestle. And, empty bottles… for now I’ll take 10”

In order to grow the seed of evolution, I’ll need a planter and a water can, I’ll also need to buy soil that has been put in jute bags.

Once I picked everything I wanted, I called out to the Auntie in the back.

“Sorry, what’s the bill?”

“Oh? Did you finish?”

“Mm, yeah”

The reason my response was so sloppy was, probably because I knew quite a bit about this shop.

With no reason to speak, I indifferently paid the bill. The price was 3000 G; but I still do not know whether it was expensive or cheap.

Well, I’m not troubled for money at the moment. Upon exiting from the store, the lively scenery appeared into my eyes.

“Now, what should I do next?”

To be honest, it will be better if I bought the horse last. If I buy it now, it will be troubling in various ways.

“Then the library?”

I would also like to look around for Demon King and Heroes, as well as magic. While I confirmed my destination with the map I had received from Gassur, I headed towards to the library.


“…it’s huge”

Arriving at the library those were the first words I said. In front of my eyes, this huge building resembles a famous fine arts museum back on Earth. There were beautiful stained glass and a clock tower, really standing out with its clean atmosphere.

“Here’s the Royal Library”

If it’s this huge, there should be plenty of spell books.

While I was thinking that, I stepped into the library. In my view, the insides were beautiful with an incredible amount of bookshelves.

There is no admission fee, but, on the other hand, I hear the library doesn’t seem to lend books.

It seems only ordinary books are opened to the public.

There was anti-theft magic on each of the books, if someone attempts to take it even one step away from the library, it forcibly teleports the book back onto the original bookshelf. Magic sure is great.

However, since there is no such thing as a receptionist, you’ll have to look for books by yourself.

So I also started to search for books, but there were too many books, I lost myself halfway through.

But, thanks to such hardships, I was able to find some of the books I was concerned about.

With all those books, I took a seat in the library. Surprisingly, I was the only one occupying this vast library.

“Right, first I’ll start to read”

While saying so, I opened the book titled “A Hero and the Demon King”, and looked over the contents.

As a history book, rather than difficult contents, it seems more like a story for children, but I’ll have to tentatively check.

… Well, it was useless after all.

This is because the contents of the story has been distorted as humans were the good side, while the demons were portrayed as absolute evil.

I was looking for something unbiased, described in a third-party perspective. Well, in the first place, it was strange to look for such stories.

While I was having such thoughts, I kept rummaged through for other books about other heroes and the demon king.

But, I couldn’t find the content I wanted. All the books wrote, the demon king was evil, and the heroes embody justice.

Perhaps, it might be the truth. But after seeing the past of the Black Dragon, I did not think so at all.

“It didn’t go well…”

I muttered unintentionally. However, there was one strange thing.

In the history books, after the hero defeated the demon king, it was written that everyone lived peacefully. After I read the diary of the Hero Abel, I cannot believe that. If the contents of that diary was authentic, then the hero should have been killed by the country.

“The country that summoned the hero… the hero’s death should have been recorded”

If such records were known to the heroes, Kenji and the others would have escaped. Those guys wouldn’t purposely accept their fate to be killed.

“It can’t be helped… I’ll give up about the demon king”

At least, I decided not to the trust the information about the heroes and demon kings.

“Well, now that is taken care of, I’ll look at the other books”

While I was saying that, I opened the book concerning our status.

Until now, I been relying on the knowledge from games and manga, but I was convinced that it may be different if I closely examine it.

So I brought this book. However, I recognized most of the contents. Still, only a portion of the contents were different from what I know.

Up to now, I thought charm represented the quality of the appearance. Of course, it is not actually so.

Surprisingly, the atmosphere clad in the body of the person seems to be one of the charms. So, even in poor appearance, if you have high charm, it will still attract people.

Well, I am interested if charisma is related to charm… Hmm. With that notion, what about me with a blank charm stat? Is there even a factor that attracts the person?

I was slightly depressed by such things, but I recovered immediately. This is because I’ll read the book written about magic now. There is no way I wouldn’t be interested.

In an excited mood, I opened the book titled “How to use magic”. When I read further, there was an explanation about magic itself.

In brief, magic consumes the energy called magical power…. which can interfere the world directly it seems.

As a condition to invoke magic, magical power are necessary and it is important to imagine the spell as well.

To make it easier to imagine, chanting exists as well as discarding chanting, a first-class magician could do that naturally.

… That’s strange? I’ve been using magic without any image at all.

That’s why, at the time during the battle with Saria, I dropped a large quantity of water above myself. Because I didn’t know any magic at all.

Although perhaps, the reason I had used magic was because I had already acquired it…Wow. While I was having such thoughts, a voice abruptly resounded in my mind.

“You’ve acquired [No-chant] skill”


Well that was boring. Indeed, it felt like an empty achievement. I, who knew nothing, had suddenly acquired a first-class skill.

There was no self-respect by easily having it delivered to you. I was thinking about such worthless things seriously while having a distant look.

However, since I knew I am no longer a normal human, I recovered quite fast.

Then the book divides the respective attribute separately, I read from Beginner to Advanced. As expected, the books did not contain information about the purgatory attribute.

Unexpectedly, the books did not contain written information about space magic. I thought the book at least would have that since an item box exists.

So, in the book the attributes was labeled as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Light and Darkness.

Fire, Water, Earth and all the magic that had been written in the books, was the same as the knowledge I had.

Therefore, I was able to completely understand the magic when I finished reading the books about those attributes. All except space magic.

“Good, Now I will use magic properly unlike the first time”

Before I didn’t understand the magic consumption, but the book was written in full details about the effect and powers.

However, the magic I can use, is far superior so I should not rely on that….

In this manner, I finished reading about Fire, Water, Earth, and Darkness, I decided to read the remaining Wind, Lightning, Ice and also Light.

Although I cannot use it right now, it may become available later, or there is a guy who can use it so I thought I could accommodate.

Fire and Water magic is likely to have high attack power, but if anything, Wind and Lightning can also be if the universal magic system exists. In that sense, Wind and Earth are probably easier to use.

What I care about is non-attribute magic, the application is very large. Be it body-strengthening, or simply floating, I think since it can attack directly, it is very powerful depending on how you use it.

Anyways, I finished reading the books about all the magic attributes. The time I read is considerably faster than back on earth. Is this perhaps, one of the benefits of evolution?

“Phew…I finished!”

I said that while stretching.

“You’ve acquired [Non-magic attribute], you’ve acquired [Wind attribute], you’ve acquired [Lightning attribute], you’ve acquired [Ice attribute], you’ve acquired [Ice attribute], you’ve acquired [Light attribute], and you’ve acquired [Arch mage] title, to make sure you have mastered all the magic at the highest state. You are given [Composition Magic], [Numerous Deployment], [Magic Creation], you’ve mastered [Inscription Magic], you’ve mastered [Battle Formation Magic]”

The inhumane voice, once again resounded in my mind.


It’s strange. Why won’t bitter tears stop flowing from my eyes? No way… Isn’t it weird? I, I was just reading a book? How did this happen?

Does this mean I can’t even read books casually? Will this happen again whenever I read? A curse?

Argh, I don’t have the willpower to complain anymore, and continued to check the acquired magic skills.

However, I’ll skip over Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Light, and Darkness attribute, and continue to check the rest.

[No-chant]…You can use magic without chanting.

[Arch mage]… The title sent to one who mastered all elemental magic. Magical attack power is doubled.

[Composition Magic]… Different or same magic attributes can be combined to create powerful magic.

[Numerous Deployment]… You can use many magic simultaneously without being restricted to the attribute.

The unprecedented [Magic Creation]… It is now possible to create your own magic. After creating, you can activate without chanting. Prior to creation, requires clearer image and a name also needs to be decided.

[Inscription Magic: Master]… It is possible to inscribe magic onto swords and accessories.

[Battle Formation Magic: Master]… It is possible to use magic formation to use more powerful magic.

“It’s no good, it’s getting out of hand!”

I seem to be very far away from a human being.



As I came out from the library, I was tired mentally.

What should I do? What should I aim? Hero? Or Demon King? Now, I can easily be both. I’m in the mood to go to the convenience store. Haha, really. My mood remained darkened as I was walking down the streets, heading toward the open city.

“…Mmm, it’s crowded”

A large number of street stalls were lined up in the neighborhood centering on the fountain which perhaps contain magical power to keep it functioning.

The shops sent off an appetizing smell and a man was selling a huge painting giving off very flashy impact. Various people had been there to buy or sell.

“Come to think of it, I didn’t eat lunch”

Due to the library, I didn’t realize the time, it already passed noon. Even so, it is still past noon, with that many books you would think it’s abnormal.

“Somehow, I don’t feel like eating around so many people…”

Right now I feel, rather than eat in the lively square, to go eat inside a peaceful area.

While I was thinking of such things, walking around the square, one stall came into my view.

Unlike the other stalls, there seems to be no customer around.

However, there was just a sheet covered on the ground. It seems to be selling paintings.

Back on Earth, I wasn’t interested in art. But for some reason, I was naturally walking to this stall.

Near the stall, a depressed girl was sitting there. She also seems to have dog ears. Perhaps she would be the shopkeeper. I really… want to touch those ears.

A little bit younger than me, with an adorable face too. As I walked to the front of the store, she raised her head.

“Ah… H-how can I help you!?”

She removed her sunken expression and gave a cheerful greeting. While observing the circumstances of the girl, I also looked over at the paintings.

” ! ”

This is… I had unintentionally stared at the paintings arranged there.

It wasn’t flashy. It was a strange painting. Speaking clearly, there was no major characteristic, but when every painting formed into a line, it was visibly attractive if I say so.

Painting of a bird drinking water, a painting of people having a pleasant chat, a painting of the town’s sunset, a night sky painting, the paintings subject was day to day trivial.

When I came here, I saw the person who had been selling flashy picture was lined with a lot of people, but there is not even one person here. It was strange to me. I mean that flashy painting… I don’t even know what it is. Picasso drew ordinary objects and it was said to be a unique picture, impressing people, but from that painting I did not feel anything at all. Well, even a painting of Picasso seen in the textbooks was drawn amazing, in the first place I think he had very art sensitivity.

“This, did you drew all of them?”

I’ve unconsciously asked.

The girl opened her eyes, she was surprised to be asked so suddenly and immediately answered “Yes!”.

Wow… I couldn’t draw pictures at all. I feel younger than I should have. In any case, I was impressed by the paintings of the girl.

After coming to this world… I’m interested to buy a painting for the first time. I decided to buy the painting of the city dyed in sunset among them.

“This painting, how much is it?”

Mmm… I still don’t know the price of a painting. Was it expensive? Cheap? Either way, I liked it and I won’t regret buying it.

“Ok, I’ll take this painting”

“A-ah….t-thank you very much!”

The girl was deeply moved when she received 1000 G from me, and carefully wrapped the painting.

This time, I’ll have to buy a picture frame. While I was thinking of such things, the package was completed and passed to me.


Upon receiving the painting, I immediately put it away in the item box. I’d hate it if it gets damaged.

“T-thank you very much!”

The girl stood up from the store and bowed. That reaction was amazing, but did you really not sell much? These are good paintings. Remaining somewhat unconvinced, I decided to look for a shop to take a break.


“Are there people inside?”

Away from the square, I was looking for a shop to take a break.

However, along the road there was a store full of customers. It was not likely to be slowed anytime soon. It’s just afternoon.

Since I found it too excessive, I decided to look for another place with less people.

I don’t want to remember but after arriving at the guild, that place had contained a frightening amount of homosexuals.

That area was not very popular, so I found the store after leaving the central square.

However, it was surprisingly a popular little establishment.

“Akkoriente Cafe….”

… What is Akkoriente? A new type of food?

While thinking such nonsense, I entered another shop. A bell attached to the door reverberated. The interior had a gloomy mood. There was a bar counter and a bitter elderly man with grey hair that stood over there seems to be the bartender.

…This is a cafe? Isn’t this a bar? I, I’m a minor… I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, there seems to be only one other customer besides me. In addition, the person had noticed and called out to me.

“Huh? You, don’t be standing around, are you coming in or not?”

“What? Oh, yes…”

I unconsciously replied as I approached the bar counter. Then, I saw the face of the customer who had talked to me.

“It’s the first time seeing your face. You, are you an adventurer?”

The man had asked, he had wild, messy blonde hair, clothes generally worn in this world. He appears to be around 40 years old, with a face giving off a very cool uncle-like feeling.

“Umm, yesterday I was finally made an official adventurer”

“I see, name’s Ranze. A humble poor citizen. Nice to meet you”

“Ah, thank you. My name is Seiichi”

“Seiichi? I see, from the sound of your name, it seems to be from a country in the east. The name is quite convincing.”

“Is that so?”

Again, the country of the east. Adriana-san also said the same thing… I was thinking inside my mind while Ranze-san said so, amazed.

“Oh? Speaking of the country in the east, aren’t they famous for strong warriors? The name of [Heaven’s Blade] is widely known all over the continent, and his looks seem to resemble the heroes summoned in the Kaiser Empire. There seems to be many guys having black hair lately… was it because the country is involved in a lot of trouble so you’re waiting for things to cool down? Or, am I wrong?”

“Y-yes, that’s right! Aha, hahaha”

Hey, country of the east! Why is it so troublesome!

And, strong warriors… where can you find such battle folks! In the first place, who is [Heaven’s Blade]!?

Well, well, that means they have black hair as well. The only people with black hair are heroes, the country of the east should likely be descendants from Earth.

I floated a dry smile while keeping an innocent face desperately. Suddenly, cakes and black teas were placed before me.

Surprised, I turned my face towards the bartender, who quietly opened his mouth.

“… This is service for first time customers”

What an amazing voice! I was involuntarily charmed!? The voice didn’t sound too deep or small, just listening was very comfortable. I got my service. Looking at my interesting reaction, Ranze-san said while laughing.

“Hahaha! This guy here, is the shopkeeper Noado”

“… I’m Noado, from now on, pleased to meet you”

“O-oh, please treat me well”

After a beautiful bow, unexpectedly, Noado began to wipe the dishes… Really like a bartender… While I was having such thoughts, let’s start to eat the cake placed in front of me.


W-what is this, it tastes so good!? Since it was a different world, I surely thought the taste would be subtle, but it’s not like that at all. A fluffy, exquisite, sweetness of the cream as well as the harmonizing sour fruit on top, I can eat any amount of this. I was surprised that Noado-san told me politely.

“… That cake, was brought by a summoned hero from another world. I only applied the resulting recipe. The tea is not as well-known but the tasty, refreshing scent uses the characteristics of Rendell leaves”

Yeah, I do know about Rendell, but I found Noado-san amazing. I mean, just by using the recipe brought by the hero is not enough to make such delicious cakes. And, as Noado-san said, the tea’s refreshing scent requires a little deep taste of habit.

“This is so good, why are your customers so small?”

I’m aware that was rude, but I couldn’t help but ask. Then, Ranze-san answered instead of Noado-san.

“Well, first it is less crowded, and Noado himself didn’t want customers that much. Right?”

“… Yes. I want to allow the customers who visit this store to feel at ease”

“That’s the reason. Besides, the few customers like me and the others didn’t tell anybody about this. Since we knew that, it was translation to hide the well-established store’s presence”

“I see now…”

I didn’t understand. Only you know yourself the best, I felt there was a bit of sense of superiority. I was slightly convinced, and asked Noado-san what was troubling me.

“Well then, what does [Akkooriente] in the name of the shop mean?”

“Oh, I do not know that as well. Noado, what is it about?”

It seems even Ranze-san didn’t know, I started to regret my question.

Then, Noado-san smiled gently and spoke.

“Somehow it happened, I guess”

” Don’t tell me there is no reason!?”

We were surprised, Noado-san continued on.

“… Because, when I started this shop, I floated by this name. I still do not know what it means but since I liked the sound of it, I didn’t worry too much about it.”

“Is that so…”

“Mm… well, that sounds interesting. There is no meaning huh…”

Looking at our reaction, Noado-san smiled gently again.

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