Shinka no Mi – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Harvesting

“Yosh, now let’s show what you two collected”

I—- Hiiragi Seiichi, had accepted the “collect” quest outside the town, as a part of my examination. The quest contents are simple, one person has to collect 10 herbs growing outside the city walls and the quest is cleared. That’s why, Saria and me were searching in separate places, and now we were showing it to Altria-san. Because the herbs can be found closet to the city walls, it didn’t turn into a battle with demons…… normally.

“First Saria’s collection…….to”

A battle shouldn’t take place, while Altria-san who told us so, was for some reason kicking an attacking slime away.
……Are? Normally it doesn’t turn into a fight no? We heard incident of demons should be low? Including the slime that was kicked away we encountered 20 more demons, that for some reason all attacked Altria-san. While I was thinking such a thing, Altria-san said as though looking inside my head

“Ah….. though I just got attacked now, it’s not unusual so don’t worry about it”

No, I am confident that no matter what demons come out I won’t lose no matter what, after all…… I am a monster. Well if we are attacked by demons that come, because I don’t think a bit of effort is bad, I take the words said by Altria-san lightly. (TL:Ohh he is starting to get OP mentality as well it took long!)

“Well, I don’t know why this time a slime this level came out though…”

“…… It’s nothing. More importantly Saria, show me your herbs”

With a cheerful response, Saria took out the herbs she collected from the roots. Unlike the [Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow] the herbs here are of a brownish colour. Furthermore, the smell it has is refreshing.

“Yosh, as I said to you, you did pull them out from their roots”

“As Altria-san said, I have been pulling them from their roots, but only the leafs is needed to complete the request?”

To Saria’s obvious question, Altria-san answered.

“That’s true, but by collecting the roots as well, the herbs are kept fresh, in addition processing the medicine with the roots give nutritional and invigorating effects as well, that’s why, when collecting herbs be sure to take it from the root, lastly there doesn’t seem to be a lot of people that know that, but it doesn’t hurt to know more no?”

Oooh, that seems adventurer-like knowledge. Using the excess parts in the field to get an unexpected benefit, that’s important to adventurers.

“By the way, the most useful effect will be acquired if brewed, but because of the tremendous bitter flavor it is not recommended”

“Then what should we do?”

“Let’s see…… The simplest is to mix it with sugar, but sugar is an expensive good. You can use a substitute honey that you can get from a “sweet flower”, then it becomes sweet and edible.”

Hmm …… for her to know such a trick, it likely that Altria-san can cook. It’s selfish imagination though.

“Well, the roots are important but, the guild quest is “herb leaf” after all, so don’t forget to take your part before you present it in the guild”


I and Saria gave a stupid answer.

“Yosh. Then, next is Seiichi turn”

“Yes! Here!”

I, present the things that I collected in front of the eyes of Altria-san. Then, Altria-san had a moment of silence seeing the things I had displayed. Finally, after looking it for a bit, she opened her mouth a little.

“…… I will hear it once, what have you collected?”

“eh? Mushrooms.”

“I can see that!”

I, held out the mushrooms to Altria-san. There are, ten.

“The test contents were to collect 10 herbs! What are you collecting mushrooms for!”

“Yadana, please look properly. It’s not just a mushroom it’s a [Magic Mushroom]”

“What are you doing with a rare mushroom!”

“That’s true”

As expected it’s was of no use. It doesn’t matter, it’s not like I picked up the [Magic Mushrooms] to show it to Altria-san. No matter how much I searched for it, for some reason the place I was at didn’t have even a single herb. I was unable to get a single one. That’s why, in exchange for that, I collected the [Magic Mushroom] that were growing up in abnormal numbers. Changing the story, the [Magic Mushroom], are a rare ingredient needed for producing an item that restores magic called a [Mana Potion].

“Iyaa…… I couldn’t find the herbs……”

“Are you kidding!? It’s easy! I saw about 20 you know!?”

Are? Weird…… I seriously tried to search properly without finding one? Then there are 20 is impossible……

“Look, Aren’t they at Seiichi’s feet!”

“Got Them!”(TL: Pokemon get them all!!) Looking carefully at Altria-san feet, there are five more. A, Are?

“In contrary you did well finding [Magic Mushroom]. Normally even trying really hard to find them is impossible to find them you know? And to find 10 of them…”

“I don’t know if I have good luck or bad luck!”

“That’s my line! Either way for not finding 10 herbs you fail!”

“Wha, What did you say!?”

No, there is nothing to be surprised.
Only, at this rate I was going to fail the test, so I quickly collected the 5 herbs.  Now, I also can pass the test! …… As planned.

“Look, I properly collected”

“……And what about the 5 others?”

That’s iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! The test was to collect 10 herbs! There are 5 more to go!

“I, I will go look for it!”

“Ah, oi!”

As I cry, I dashed from the spot to look for the rest of the herbs in a hurry.

“Wa, so fast, this guy what kind of leg strength does he have…… Ma more important, Seiichi! Don’t enter the forest! And if you enter, don’t go too far!…… Wait I can’t see him already!?”

Although I felt like Altria’s behind me had said something, I was at a considerably distance away, so I did not hear it well.

“……ah, aren’t there 5 herbs here” After I had left from the spot, Altria-san said so with a small mutter. “You idiot!” I ran around, searching for the herbs, without being able to find even one, so I shouted in despair.  Certainly I could not find even one herb, on the other hand I just found things like “detoxification grass” or “magic mushrooms”.

“Somehow while searching around, I made it to a place where I can’t see the figures of Altria and Saria”

After crossing one hill, the figures of Altria-san and Saria couldn’t be seen.

“Umm……Why can’t I find them? Or is looking for it bad? A while ago Altria-san just found them at her feet……”

More, let’s try to search it more carefully. I again resumed looking for medicinal herbs, when suddenly I caught sight of trees on the edge of my field of view.

“Um? That is…… a forest?”

Looking at it, it was a place where trees are overgrown and dense. Unlike the [Forest of Endless Love and Grieve], I don’t feel that ominous atmosphere at all, this is without a doubt a forest.

“I will surely find a lot of herbs in there”

So was my guess, I immediately move to the forest. Approaching the forest, I fully understood, how bad my transferred place the [Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow] was. In front of my eyes, the feeling I got for a while, was the freshness I remember.

“Well, it was full of dangerous things, but it’s the place where I attained more important things.”

I close my eyes, immersing in the sentimental atmosphere, and after a while I open them.

“Yosh, let’s start searching for it!”

With enthusiasm, it was the moment when I took one step forward. From the direction of the forest, I heard voices. It doesn’t matter, who is inside this forest, it doesn’t affect me one bit, it’s not like I didn’t meet people searching for herbs, I don’t have any interest in those people. Is it an adventurer? I wonder if they came in with a request from the Guild? Or maybe, travellers? While making various guesses I move to the place where voices can be heard. I don’t forget to look for herbs in the way. While progressing rapidly through the forest, I heard the voices of the people there. Observing them from a distance, there are 3. Furthermore, they aren’t human. For some reason, those 3 skin colour , unlike humans it’s more blueish. And more than anything, from the head of the three people, it’s growing a devil-ish horns, that human beings don’t have. Then observing them from a distance, it doesn’t seem they are arguing, or they are troubled, in contrast they seem to be having fun. For what reason, have they stopped in this forest? Taking interest in the 3 people, I got even closer.

“Bell-san, we did it at least! After installing that someone will fall for sure!”


“But…… it is fine coming to the human world on our own, ignoring Reiya-sama orders?”

“That’s true…… well, if we are found out we will be punished……”

“…… ah I remembered an urgent matter so I am going back”

“Ah, me too……”

“Running away!”

“Waaa, let me go please! I don’t want to die!”

“Idiot! I am the same! But…… if this time is a success, Reiya-sama’s punishment will be avoided, and getting promoted is not a dream!”

“Th, that’s true but……”

“Think about your family……”

“I understand that. But, just as you guys have family to protect, I have a family to protect too. Moreover, this time in my home a child is going to be born”

“Th, then why……”

“…… It is necessary to a front such a danger?”

“Fu…… I was planning on getting promoted in this strategy, and let my wife have an easier life……”

““A, a guy like you……!”(TL: somehow I am cheering for him too……)

Ju, just what the hell is with that story? About punishment about promotions …… the second part was a mystery to me……Well, I am a stranger, it does not matter if I can’t understand the contents of the story. Heck, the guy named Bell, isn’t that a death flag? Are you fine? For the time being, let’s ask my own question. It’s not like I care for them. But, let’s ask the three in front of my eyes, if they have seen some herbs?… … un, let’s do that. (TL: Yes….. here comes the death flag for bell……)

It’s not, like it is a pain to search them on my own! …… or so I want to think. Now that I decided I take action immediately, I show myself in front of the 3 persons that I could not follow the story that they were talking about.

“He, heey……”

Tha, that scared me…… suddenly turning and shouting in unison like that, I was surprised! It can’t be helped. While I was surprised on my own, the three people confirmed my appearance, and were making surprised open eyes. Because they were showing such a reaction, in contrast I became calm.  Now with a calm head, I confirm again the 3 persons in front of my eyes. One was tall and slim, the second one was like me back then fat and short. Then the middle one, you can clearly see at a glance that he has a well-trained figure. What the hell? What is with this balanced combination of unbalances. As I was looking at these 3, it was confirmed at distance but, their skin colour is blueish. Other than that they are not different from us. They don’t seem like a beast tribe…… because the demon like horn they have, maybe demon race? Although it simplistic.  However, it’s not like we can keep looking at each other or so I thought, I will try to talk to them.

“What is a human doing in this place!?”

“It, it can’t be…… he discovered out plans!?”

“Noooooooooooooo! I don’t want Reiya-sama punishmeeeeeeeeeeent!”

Fail. I don’t know the reason. But they got nervous as soon as I tried to speak. “An, ano …… you guys just what……?” I just wanted to ask about the herbs, but now I am interested in why are these 3 are so anxious just from me speaking. Then, at my question, macho man answered.

“Fuu…… if we got found out it can’t be helped! I am the demon army 3rd platoon under the command of Reiya-sama, the leader of [Victim], Bell Jizer!”

“The same [Victim] affiliation, Bosk Dam!”

“Teri Hemt!”

“The proud Demon army Gyokusai corps——“ (TL: I am not sure about this) (ED: Gyokusai = honourable death)

“““That’s us”””

I understand, they are only a bunch of hentais. (TL: Great deduction) As I was coming to an agreement on my own, I tried to get away. “Don’t run away!” But, I was stopped!

“Why are you nonchalantly trying to leave!”

“Iya, because……. You guys are crazy no?”

“Now he is nonchalantly being rude!?”

I think that Macho—— Bell’s unit name is worse. What the hell, [Victim]. Translated it will be “gisei-sha” no? What’s more, calling themselves the demon army Gyokusai corp… I can’t even use the word pitiful. Aren’t they just expendable pawns?

“What is with this. I am busy searching for herbs”

“Just what’s wrong with YOU!? Aren’t you the one that started the conversation!?”

That’s true. Because of Bell, I forgot about it.

“Heck, who are you!”

“I am Seiichi. Like I said earlier also, I came to this forest in search of herbs. Then, I heard your voices…… and wanted to ask if you saw some herbs, but somehow I regretted it, so I gave up on that.”

“Why did you come to the forest in search for herbs? Aren’t there a lot that way?”

After hearing my explanation, the slim man—— Bosk said.

“Because there aren’t any, it can’t be helped” (TL: There were a lot…)

“Ma, it doesn’t matter what reason you have……”

Now the fat man —- Terry spoke. Iya, what do you mean it doesn’t matter? It is a big deal for me you know?

“Seiichi…… was it? You, saw our appearance and objective…… it’s a pity, such a person, we can’t let you go alive”

E, what is he saying? [Can’t let you go alive] Wait…… they want to kill me!? (TL: aren’t you Slow)
I was surprised to the sudden situation, Terry sent a signal to his comrades. And, Bell receiving the signal, nodded once, snapped his fingers. Then, behind them, with a Zushi-zushi sound from footsteps, a 3m greenish skinned human wearing some animal fur, appeared.

“This is a Troll. To humans like Seiichi he is a B-class monster?”

“Iya, I don’t know…..”

The monster called a Troll, despite points in common to humans like the eyes, nose and mouth or the like, one by one it does not give any feeling of intelligence. The ears are a little pointy, the head is completely bald. In a hand he held a club of made from a big tree.

“Well it is fine…..Troll! Get him!”

Bell says the words like an underling of an enemy character in an old anime, it looked at me, and attacked in rage with the club.


“Eeeeeeeeeh!? It seriously wants to kill me!? Even though this is our first meeting!? Did I do something!? There hasn’t been that much time that passed since I meet them, but for some reason I ended receiving attack from a Troll. But, thanks to my own unique skill [Shingan (mind eye)], the attack from the troll seems awfully slow. Un…… crushing this is fine no? Is it ok? I don’t get it at all but it’s attacking me. Now that I decided to defeat the Troll in front of my eyes, a lot of ideas comes to my head. Then, let’s go with the skill [Absorption] that I got from defeating the slime. I have to activate the skill at the moment the troll attacks me. I look at the club incoming, and in the end it reached me. Then, I activated the skill [Absorption]. What happened? All the power and momentum of the club that supposedly had come from the attack of the troll until now was lost, and at the same time an energy like thing keep growing more and more inside my body. That is, it keeps making laps around my body until it became a part of it.

“Ooh, I did it”

It became a situation where the troll club with no offensive power hits my head, Bell and the other two that were watching were expressionless. Looking carefully, the troll too went expressionless.  But, that expressionless state soon broke out—– Seeing what happened with their eyes, they made a complicated expression with the jaw dropping open, the reality that theirs eyes were seeing surprised them.  Because they had that stupid face they are truly surprised.

“Be, Bell-san….. just now the sure kill attack from the troll, connected?”

“I, it hit…… Troll, your attack hit no?” (TL note:Why are you asking a troll?)

“This is, something magic……”

“Iya, the club did hit me in the head…… there is no reason to confirm, it hit properly……”

I, continued the conversation, and with that they closed their mouth. Then, everyone looked at each other faces, and Bell for some reason with a scared face said.

“Th, th th th th this time, I will let you go!”

“Ye,ye ye yes!”

“It, it’s not like we lose! It’s just we are kind!”


“We, well? Our strategy is already completed? And we got information that there is a monster like you? As result, it is our victory!”

“Tr, true!”

“No objection!”

“Then, it means—-“

Without letting me say a word, Bell and company started releasing words like a machine gun, the troll included, they took the position of the picture above the emergency doors back on Earth and then.  Like that, I was left stunned, as Bell and company ran away. It doesn’t matter but, the troll…… even with that size he is fast.

“Just what happened……?”

To Bell and company who went away like a storm, I could only mutter that.

“Oh, herb ……”

And, I did not hear the location of the herbs from them.

“Oh, I finally came back!”

“Just how far did you go……”

In the end I didn’t find a single herb, when plodding back to Altria-san location, Saria greeted with a smile, Altria-san muttered with an amazed feeling.

“Un? After searching around like crazy? You couldn’t find more?”

Altria-san meant no offence. But, this works hurts so much!

“Eh? It can’t be……you……seriously?”

I am in silence, a look like she saw something impossible came at me. Can I cry?

“I tried searching very hard you know? But…… the only thing I found are [Magic Mushroom] and [Detoxification herb] I got a dozen of each……”

“It’s weird! How can you find items that are so much rarer than herbs!?”

“Please don’t ask me……”

Mou, I am half crying. Oh no, my tears are falling. At such a pathetic sight, Altria-san while going yareyare, pulled something from the bag at her waist.

“Here, I will give it to you”

Saying so she gave me, 5 more herbs.

“I found it immediately after you went to look for them. At my foot.”
“Th that ……”

Why are they growing at your feet? I, was searching for it desperately you know? Isn’t It weird?

“Well, normally I wouldn’t approve this type of help……but in the end, I only helped picking them up, so take it”

“Is, that fine?”

“There is no reason to hold baaack. Ma, you did try your best”

“A, Altria-san……!”

Onee-sama! Iya, nee-san…… Anego! As I was moved and looking at Altria-san, Altria-san with an embarrassed face said.

“Mo, its finished! Let’s return fast!”

Saying so, Altria-san started her way back to the city, I and Saria with smiling faces, hurried after her.

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