Shinka no Mi – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 GUILD


As I passed through the gate entering the town, I involuntary raised my voice in admiration at the sight before my eyes.

`Uooh! Nekomimi!?Im-impossible……!’

From the people leaving and entering the city, I saw a nekomini person.

But…… nekomimi beastmen really exist huh. That means, the day that I see a nekomimi maid is not far away. (TL note: I like you again! a man that loves nekomimis no matter how stupid is a comrade! What more a nekomimi maid! If she says nya then the ultimate heroine will be born!!!)

“But…… seriously there really are a lot of people”

There’s a lot of people; beastmen with ears and tails that aren’t cat ears, and abnormally short people.

Maa, I knew because of the knowledge, but seeing it with your own eyes it is more impressive.

As I was looking around the area, Saria calls in a happy tone

“Seiichi look! They are selling something!”.

Saria was pointing her finger at a stall selling yakisoba, like the one that were in Earth’s festivals.

“Oh. Now that I think about it, we didn’t get to eat a decent meal during the journey……”

Because Saria and I only received just enough food from Hitsugi, we could only make simple meals.

Now that we reached a tow, it might be good to have something with seasoning.

“There are quite a lot of stalls……. Even in another world, they are common?”

As I involuntarily murmured at the extent that Saria who is next to me couldn’t hear.

Then, as I was muttering, I realised something.

“…… Huh? Somehow…… people with black hair……. there are none?”

I had been looking around unintentionally, I couldn’t find even one person with same black hair as me.

“Eh?…… it’s true. There isn’t anyone with the same hair colour as Seiichi”

It seems like my murmuring was hard by Saria, and after quickly looking around, said so. ….. I think it is possible that people with black hair are rare.

But that’s why, because I was summoned to a different location from the school guys with black hair, it is possible that I will get treated as a hero…… Maa, it’s not good to be self-conscious.

Anyway, one I say that I am one of the heroes, I will be immediately thrown out on to the battlefield. The reason the guys in school were summoned was to subdue the demon king after all.

Ah, but from Claude I get that….. In this world a name like Seiichi is weird. As I am not seeking attention, I don’t think it’s a strange name.

There are a lot of things on my mind but, the thing that worries me the most is Kenji and the others. I think they will be fine……. Now, lets search for rumours about the summoned heroes. Maybe we will find out something.

“But….. I can’t take my robe off easily”

“Why so?”

“Ma…… for a lot of reasons”

After responding with an appropriate answer to Saria’s question, I think a little.

First of all, it’s about the skill “Disguise”.

First the appearance, it changes the way the enemies see your status and when you attack it doesn’t match with the status that is shown, it’s the excessive attack power.

Then, the change of appearance is cancelled, and the indication of the status which a partner could see disappears, and it is possible to control the power to the status that is seen.

Most likely, the first “Disguise” only allowed the disguising of the appearance alone, which has the effect of lowering the opponent’s guard. That’s why, if met with a strong opponent, “This guy…. not bad” like exchange will occur.

Then, after the Rank up, showing the true potential…. At a place like this. Un….. if my predictions are correct….. it will be troublesome in so many ways.

Now that I know how to disguise, I am glad of it. Only, I didn’t know if I can change my hair to gold blonde….. As I was thinking about this and that alone, Saria started pulling my hand.

“Na….. what’s wrong?”

“Don’t say what’s wrong! How long are you going to stand here?”


After Saria told me so, I noticed for the first time. After passing the door, we hadn’t moved at all. Behind us there were more and more people, we were in the way.

“…… Sorry, then let’s go”


As we were walking, I ask Saria at my side.

“Now that I think about it, want to eat at the stall?”

“U~n….. I am a bit hungry…. Let’s eat!”


After hearing Saria’s response, we go to the stall.

“It’s so cheerful”

“Truee~ Everybody is smiling!”

Saria says joyfully. In fact, the people of the city, were all smiling.

As I look at the surrounding, there are a lot of people looking at Saria. What’s more, there are a lot of men, but there were some women as well, smiling stupidly at Saria appearance.

But, seeing me that is walking besides Saria, almost all them made a perplexed expression.

Ma, the current Saria is cute without a doubt. And seeing a person covered in a robe besides such a being, doubting would be normal.

Only, let me say one thing. Especially the men ―――― Saria is a gorilla.

Thinking it doesn’t matter anymore, I say my honest thoughts.

“I don’t know if it is this town, or all of the country…. But either way, everyone smiling is a good thing”

“That’s true!”

When you are in a bustling city, it’s natural to have fun.

I think this place name is Teruviel which isn’t in Zeanosu knowledge, the country might have changed. I wonder if the country’s name has changed.

“…… N? That is….. a church”

Then, I saw a certain building within my sights. Furthermore, basked in blue and white, it’s a church seen in picture books.

“It seems that there are religions….”

I am a bit curious, but there is currently a more important matter, that’s it. A castle town means there is a castle, so I am excited along with Saria. After a while, Saria found what she wanted to eat, so we bought it.

“Wa~a~! It looks so delicious!”

The thing we bought was something like fried chicken. However, the meat used was not chicken. It’s from a type of demon called “Abūku”. Here, important. I bought the same things for us, to eat while walking. Immediately unwrapping the friend chicken, and stabbed it with sharp leaves that were as hard as a needle, and tossed it into my mouth.

“Affu! Offu!”

Yeah, it was hot.

“Oho oho”

I am desperately making hafuhafu with my mouth cool it down, and beside me Saria is fufu cooling it down before tossing it into her mouth.

“U~n! So delicious!”

“lu, lure(Tr, true)”

Truly I can’t savour the flavour because it is too hot…… But it was my mistake so there was no helping it….. gusun. [ed: gusun = sniffle]

“Waaa…… it was hot”

As I say these words softly I fall into despair. Usually, I would say it’s delicious.

Then, as we eat it all and we then continue to our destination.

“Then, from Claude’s story, it should be around here……”

“What type of place will it be~”

The place we were aiming for was the guild.

Only, Claude’s reaction is still worrying me, I got a tremendously bad feeling. Just what type of place will it be…

We walk around the road that Claude told us, and we finally reached a single building.

“This…… is the place no?”

“Un, I think so”

In front of our eyes, a building with a sword and a shield painted on the red roof.

By the way, in addition to the sword and shield, it was firmly written ‘Guild’ in the symbols of this world.

As a matter of fact, it was a two story building, of a considerable size.


The wood door at the entrance, says that everyone can enter but……

“….. So scary”

When I am in front of this building, I involuntarily flinch.

Because…… Claude said some very disturbing words. Just what’s happening in this guild……

But, we can’t stand forever in the entrance. Furthermore, it’s absolutely unthinkable to enter the guild that might put Saria in danger.

I took a deep breath, and opened the door to the guild.

“Hora hora hora! This fucking pig! Cry in a lower voice!”

“More…… Hit me more e e e e e e e e e e e e e e!” [ed: EHHHHHH! Why is there a M here?!]

I closed the door of the guild in silence. [Tl: yeah I will do the same if I was in your situation]


I backed away from the guild, and confirmed again the named written on the sign of the building again.

“……Un, it’s definitely the guild”

It’s weird…… after entering the guild, a bondage wearing woman, and a tied up old man wearing leather armor, I have a feeling that a figure with a whip caught my attention.

…………….. This can’t be. The guild is an organisation that makes money accepting various quests. It’s clearly not a place that is a S&M club! [Tl: Why not? Request to adventurer girl. Hit and humiliate a weird ossan with bondage clothes. Reward:50,0000 Gold. It fits] [Ed; EHHHH, Tl-san they don’t have to do it right then and there!]

I nod to myself, and again open the door of the guild…….

Then, in the inner part of the guild, the girl in bondage I thought that was my imagination was there stomping the old man.

“Ha~a! Ha~a! Step on me with those shoes!” [Tl: Sorry I can’t anymore I need to stop for a bit my stomach hurts……] [Ed; poor Tl-san]

“’Step on me’ you say? Didn’t you mean ‘Please step on me’?”

“Wa ~u~u~u~u!”

Turning my line of sight to another location silently, a man with bloodshot eyes was rampaging while brandishing a counter seat from the guild.

“Something….. let me break somethiiiiiing!”

“Graund is ramapaging again? You, go stop him”

“HA? I am occupied with updating the book of bishoujo in this city!”

In addition, when I look at the other places, there were men who were cheerfully exchanging greetings without getting involved in such a spectacle.

“Oh! Suran-shi! Are you going out today?”

“Yeah. It’s because the weather is excellent for exposure! So I am going to be nude for a little bit at the market.” [TL: Oi oi oi… I was TL this in class you know? I almost burst into laughter! What if a teacher ask me what I am doing? How should I answer? That was close… well my classmate were looking at me like I was crazy thought…)

“I see……. I intend to look after a little girl in the plaza from the shadows. If possible I want to get closer to her if possible.”

“Hahaha! The same as always!”

“Either way, to not become indebted to Soldier-san, let’s both do our best!”

“That’s right! To be indebted to the Soldier-san every time would be disgracefully as a gentleman!”

I once again close the guild door.


“―――― Isn’t this a group of criminaaaaaaaaaaaaals!”

I shouted involuntary while forgetting that I was in a bust area.

“Wai…… eh!? Nononononono! Impossible! There’s only fucking criminals here!?”

Isn’t this bad!? Not long after roughly looking about, S&M couple, the psychotic and a pure hentai. Then I found a flasher and a lolicon in a single minute!? [TL: Wait… I am translating gintama and didnt realize it? Or did the whole gintama cast went to the guild to become adventurers?]

Is the exchange between the flasher and the lolicon a usual thing!? They said getting taken cared by Soldier-san every time didn’t they!?

“What’s wrong? Making so much noise…….”

Saria looked at me while letting out a worried voice.

Turning to look at Saria, the people around us were looking at me as if I was the weird thing.

However, the current people looked at the building behind us ―――― looked directly at the guild, and making an expression as if they understood something, and just like that ignored us.

…… Heck why am I getting the same treatment as them!? I am not a like those Hentais!?

“Ah…… I get what Claude meant…..”

If someone tried to register with such a group of hentais, of course you would normally try to stop them……

“ne ne, won’t we enter?”

“….. Un. I give up”

Saria was pulling my robe, so answering as best as I can. I can’t let Saria enter such a place. Absolutely not.

“I’s a pity, let’s search for other work”

“Eh? Why?”

“un, it’s useless anyway. It’s out for a lot of reasons”


Looking at Saria cutely tilting her neck. I Absolutely can’t let Saria enter a place filled with Hentais! When.

“Anyway let’s move. Then, let’s search for a job —-“

“There is no need for thaaaat!”

I could only say that, when suddenly a loud voice overlapped mine.

I was surprised at the sudden appearing voice and face.

Then there, wearing boomerang pants, exposing lavish brown skin, stood a half nude man.

There are a lot of things to tsukkomi, but for the moment lets ask.

“……… Who?”

Then, the big man before my eyes, laughed showing nickeled and white teeth, and spread his arms.

“I am the head of the guild that is located in Terviel[Tl:The king of perverts] In other words, guild master Gassur Clute! You can call me Gassur!”

After saying that, he flexed his muscles, and started showing off his biceps.

Gassur’s is around the late 40s, but probably because he has a refreshing smile, his naked figure doesn’t feel weird. I think he is lucky.

To Gassur I think I feel sorry but, let me do a tsukkomi.

“Why are you nakeeeeeeeeed”

Are there only hentais here!? In this guild!”

Hell, what’s with the boomerang pants!? The full-face helmet from Hisuji, and now this!? Don’t you reckon you’re ignoring the setting a bit too much?

And don’t flex your muscle in front of Saria, Gassur!

However, having heard my question smiled and made an amazed expression.

“What stupid thing are you saying…. That is, isn’t it obvious to show these muscles to people! That is common sense!”

“Ne~e, I am weird? I am the weird one!?”

I think, what Gassur calls common sense, and what I know as common sense don’t match up.

“I heard a bit of your conversation……. You guys apparently want to enter the guild!”

I was stunned, returned at Gassur’s words.

“No…… we already stopped that…… “

“Don’t hold back! No matter how many comrades come we will welcome them! “

“As I said, we won’t enter…… “

“Saa, don’t stand here, let’s enter inside!’

“Un, first won’t you hear my story?”

No matter how much I said, Gassur was determined to pull us in the guild.

Entering the guild for the third time, as always full of hentais, Saria was looking at the surrounding interestingly, and pointed to the tied up ossan getting whipped by the bondage woman.

“Nee, Seiichi. What are they doing?”

“Shi! You shouldn’t look!’

Impossible, I didn’t think I would get caught in this situation. (TL: The absolute cliché of japan the mother taking away the children interested in some idiots passing be. See a ramdom anime and the scene will without a doubt appear.)

More importantly, in all the fantasy literature, when someone entered the guild the people would turn to look at them but, the guild adventurers didn’t realize we were here and didn’t look at us.

These people are no good. I have to do something fast.

While letting out a sigh, we were lead to the place in the guild to register.

“Come on, you’ve got to register here!”

“As I said, we won’t register in this place full of hentais!”

“What did you say!? If you register here, you can look all you want to my muscle! Look! This body!”

To Gassur that make a muscle pose after pose, I don’t know what to say.

…… I can’t tsukkomi anymore. What should I say here…….

Only, I understood one thing, I completely believe that this hentai is the guild master of this group of hentais, and.

While looking at Gassur with half opened eyes, suddenly Gassur lowered his sight.

“I see…… it’s a tremendously regrettable . If you register in this guild, there will be a lot of benefits……”


“The inn will include meal and will provide a completely safe environment, no matter which country you go to, you won’t find better weapons and equipment ~. And we recommend request to the adventurers~! The other guilds are no good you know!?”

No matter how many times I watched his face, Gassur put a facial expression that’s says it’s really a shame. Why is it, I feel a great urge to hit Gassur.

“Such things, I don’t feel a bit interested in. I don’t have money problems. In the first place, even if I don’t register here, I will get the same benefits if I register at another guild”

“You just don’t understand! How great is this guild!”

“Un, not at all”

“Look! At the people that here!”

The direction Gassur pointed at, as expected is the hentai filled chaos space.

“Everyone has a vivid look!? Do you know why?”

“I do not even want to know.”

“It’s because they are faithful to their desire!”

“It might be so!”

If you say this is repressed, everyone else in this world would be clerics.

“Well, truly this guild is talented, seriously only the people in this guild go to work even to other countries” [TL: The OP hentais… I cry for the world)

“I am sure I heard that they are getting taken care by soldier-san regularly though”

There is no way these bastards can be excellent!

“That was, a collaboration with this country soldiers”

“A no good collaboration!”

“But, it is true they are excellent you know? The few S class adventurers in this world are all from this guild”

“I see, so S-class adventurers are all hentais”

For now, hentai = strongest to say, I understand.

“Don’t mind the small details. Saa, register, and get the same muscular body as me!”

“I refuse with all my being”

Is that so. When there is a person with high tension, naturally I calm down. I look at Gassur with cold eyes, but Gassur’s next words shock my mind.

“U ~umu……. But, in this guild you can get the information faster than any part of the world?”

“…… Why is this?”

“This guild, is not just any guild. It’s the [Guild headquarters ]”


At Gassur’s words my eyes spin surprised.

Such a thing…….

“The hentai are gathered, at the very core of the guild…… was it too late……”

“Gugh, you realise that you are saying very rude things?”

“Shut up, hentai”

“That is harsh!”

As if the words he said were wrong, for some reason Gassur started doing muscle poses with a smile. I knew it, he is a hentai.

“But, if this is the guild headquarters……”

What I wanted to know, is information regarding the heroes. That’s very important to me.

Speaking about the Guild, the quantity of information wouldn’t be small. Rather than collecting information myself, it would be more efficient.

In my head I know the benefits of registering but…….

“Getting the same treatment as the hentais……”

Ah, looking it from stats point, in some way I am abnormal as well. I am not human anymore.

“This choice is extremely important! What will you do?”

What I decided in the end is…….

When I was in deep thought. The until now silent Saria, pulled my robe.

“Ne~e, Seiichi”

“Hn? What’s wrong?”

“I thing is a good idea to register”


“Because, every ne is having so much fun. And, it will be handy, isn’t it better to register?”

I understand what Saria meant. It would be handy to register, that is because this is the guild headquarters, I am forced to believe it.

But, everyone having fun, if I say no is no! If this is misunderstood, then will it become a serious problem!?

“……Here at the guild Headquarters, I know you can get employed by others country, but isn’t it unfair to the people that register in branch offices?”

“Well yes. But, the people that register in the branch guild, come and register here, then can they receive the same treatment? Most adventures that come to this town, end up registering here”

“fu ~un……”

Its double effort, if you can make it doing it once…….

Then, it’s very regrettable, but it looks like a good idea to register here.

“Ha~a…… I understand. Let us register”

“It’s decided like I expected it! Eris-kun!”

Gassur laugh joyfully, and called the women in Bondage that had been whipping the leather clad old man. (TL: Wait wait wait! She was the receptionist!? What happened to the typical kind smiling oneesan beauty?)

“Ara? What is wrong?” (TL: She spoke politely!)

“I’m sorry, but it’s a new registrant. Do the procedures.”

“I understand”

Saying so, the bondage clad woman, accepting the request, turned around to see us.

“I am very sorry; this is not a very appropriate dress to receive you……”

Saying so, the bondage clad woman snapped her finger.

At that moment, the makeover from Bondage figure of a little while ago, was turned into clean set of clothes that was based on green and white.

“I’ve showed you an unsightly appearance. I am called Miss Ellis Macren. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance”

Ellis, finished the self-introduction with a beautiful bow.

Looking at Eris-san, I feel like I was looking at a beautiful blonde ojou-sama come from a manga, her eyes were of a clear blue colour. A bishoujo’s beautiful face, her skin is white, combined with a very pleasant atmosphere.

When she was wearing bondage, I confirmed that she had an above average womanly figure. [Ed: … aren’t you a pervert for looking at her like that?]

How to say it…… I am seriously getting the manga ojou-sama vibe. Even when bowing, she raised the hem of her skirt…….

While having that feeling, Gassur continued to introduce Eris-san.

“By the way Eris-kun is, the daughter of Count Makren ”

“She is a real ojou-sama!”

Hell, why is an ojousama working in a guild!? Furthermore, in a hentai filled guild! And using a whip in high spirits!

“Gassur-san. Speaking about women information is not polite you know? Or, would you want to be trained?”

“Just forgive me for that”

Gassur weak! Iya, Eris-san is strong? More important, trained…….

“That is fine. This time, you and that girl want to register is that it?”

“Ah, yes”

“Then, please fill this document”

Saying so while handing a paper, to fill out things like the name and birthplace.

“This, is it necessary to fill it all?”

“No. once you fill the name at the bottom, that is fine”

Easy! It is too easy to make an ID card! …… Well it’s not like I can write my hometown, so that this is easy is fine for me…….

For now, I pass the paper to Saria, and rapidly fill it. When Saria learned to speak human words, she learned to write as well, so there is no problem.

But when I finished filling it for the time being, I will check on Saria part. I will be troubled if in Hometown [Forest of endless love and sorrow] is written.

“Etto…… name is Saria, weapon is…… her own fist!?”

“Eeeh, Isn’t it cool?”

Certainly she is a fist fighter! But, can’t she chose better words to put in!?

Beside Saria weapon choice, there isn’t especially a thing that will found us out, so we give it to Eris-san just like that.

“Then, let me check it once. First, this woman is, Saria-san, weapon…… her own fist”

Are!? Passed!? Am I the weird one for being surprised!?

“…… Yes, in Saria-san part there is not a problem. Then, next is……”

Eris-san, puts down Saria’s registration form, and now picked up my paper.

“Seiichi-san, weapon is swords and magic. He~e…… so amazing”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. People that are able to use magic are very few you know? Well, coming here wearing that robe with the hood, I expected more or less that you could use magic”

“I see……”

As expected, in this world magic is very valuable.

But, I can’t be conspicuous like Claude said.

I wonder if wearing the Hood is bad……. Still, the heroes’ information should be low, so I don’t want to take it off.

“…… This is fine. we are a lot of people that don’t fill their hometown……. Your information is not lacking and you have registered”

It seems, we were able to register safely.

As I put my hand in my chest in relief, such a relief didn’t last long.

“That’s it! Then, Seiichi-kun and Saria-kun! I will have you both take a test!”

“…… Eh?”

I put on a stupid face at the words that were suddenly said.

“Umu, A test! If you want to register, you will get the various benefits I told you earlier. To get that benefits, it can’t be as easy as to just register”

“E ~eh…… isn’t it a fraud?……”

Why……and I thought the register was over with that paper ……. Explain it first…….

“Mā don’t be so depressed! Here, my muscles are exciting aren’t they!?”

“Iya, I don’t get it”

Showing me the muscles going mukimuki, there is no other answer.

“Either way! After finishing the Test, I will explain about the guild!”

“Ha~a…… what should I do for the test? Wait, what happens if you fail the test……”

“Be at ease there is no one that failed the test!”

“Then what is the meaning of the test!?”

Why make the test. There is no meaning.

After the surprise, Eris-san supplemented.

“Test is just a pretext. Saying it more clearly it is, a request to make sure you have the ability to work. Guild request are mainly subjugation, guard, harvesting, and chores. Among them, subjugation, and chore, are based on ability”

“I see……”

“Only, during the test, there is a need to be together with a test supervisor”

“Test supervisor?”

“Yes. What’s more, a B-class or more adventurer. Is there someone, an acquaintance that you can ask?”

“No, no one……”

“Then, let’s call the people of the guild. For the moment, let’s go see who is free at the moment”

“As expected, of Eris-kun! You work fast”

“Gassur-san, you are incompetent. This trash bastard”

“I am sorry”

Eris-san, the words you used are dirty.

After the exchange, Eris-san immediately tried to go to look for B-grade or more adventure for us.

“Hey, you.”

Suddenly, a voice saying that came from behind me.

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