Shinka no Mi – Chapter 17

17:  Hitsuji-san



Saria and I were stunned by the sheep that suddenly appeared and introduced himself. By the way, Saria is already in her original state. Wait, seriously, from where did this guy appear?

“Yes, Hitsuji-san. This time, as the dungeon has been cleared, I appeared like this.”

This is bad, I don’t get it.

“Umm…… Then Hitsuji-san, why did you come?”

Because I didn’t understand the meaning from the sheep that had appeared in front of me, I asked him first.

Then, Hitsuji-san started explaining with his arms open. Why with open arms? Is there a meaning in that pose?

“Well… Before the explanation, let’s first talk about my existence.”


“Yes. I am one of this world’s many beings called managing administrator’s”

“That was what you told us at the beginning… Which means, Hitsuji-san made the dungeons?”

“It’s different.”


I want to be forgiven for the unintentional tsukkomi.

“The dungeon is land with a great concentration of magic power and residual thought. It’s a tremendous power and the strong ones will come and challenge the trials of this place. I, who have been given life by the world, keep managing this dungeon.”

Top difficulty! I can’t follow the story!?

“Well, you would be troubled from hearing this story out of nowhere.”

“Yes…… It’s very troubling. Saria doesn’t understand either, right?”

“Eh? I understand?”


What part Saria, just what part of this cryptic explanation have you understood!? Is it just me!? Am I the weird one!? While I was surprised, Hitsuji-san continued his story.

“To make it short, my work is to not let monsters get out of the dungeon. While I am talking to you now, there are other me’s managing the dungeon.”

“There are a lot of Hitsuji-san’s?”

“Yes, of course. Besides, apart from managing the dungeon, we peek at the world from time to time.”

“Wh-why do such a thing?”

“Because I am bored.”

“Go to work!”

“Yada naa, I am working. See – even now, I am doing stuff!”

What the hell is this sheep?! ……Well, it’s true that even though he appeared in front of us, he still appears to be doing work tentatively…

“……Huh? But why were you so slow to appear before us? Well, weren’t you aware that I cleared the dungeon? Then couldn’t you appear quicker?”

“Looking at your evolution, I was laughing too much.”

“Fuck you!”

“I was shy.”

So said the sheep while touching the back of his head. I want to punch hi~iim…….!

“I am against violence. I, in order to manage the dungeon have special privileges, but my normal battle power is trash.”

“Don’t read my mind!”

This sheep is good at controlling the pace!? ……Well, I am easy to lead.

“But it is true that we are so free that we can keep playing around. Because there aren’t a lot of people that come to this dungeon. And unexpectedly, there isn’t a lot of work to do to prevent demons from getting out of the dungeon.”

“Eh? There aren’t people that come to the dungeon? That, what does it mean?”

Usually, isn’t the daily life of adventurer-like people to try and clear the dungeon?

“Certainly, there are adventurers that try to clear the dungeon.”

“I told you not to read my miiiind!”

“Ah, by the way, my hobby is to peek at the everyday life of people. Observing people’s lives, makes me laugh so much.”

“I, as a humble person, don’t care!”

“No, no. I am a gentleman.”

This sheep, it’s wrong on so many levels!? As if there is a gentleman like this!

“Hitsuji-san, is so interesting!”

“No, no. It’s not that much.”

“Now you’re modest!”

Since Saria is smiling, regarding Saria’s smiling face, there is no choice but to forgive him here. More than that, Saria’s smile is so cute. It warms my heart. I am being healed by Saria’s smile.

“Then, to return to the story that we deviated from, which is your fault……”

“You deviated on your own!? It’s not my faauult!?”

This sheep is the one at fault for suddenly starting to speak about his hobby, no!? I, I am not the one at fault!

“We were speaking about the adventurers – they were trying to clear the dungeon?”

“Oh, ooh.”

“That isn’t wrong. Inside, there are a lot of humans disrupting the dungeon.”

“Eh? Then……”

“Listen to the story until the end. You can’t understand even that? That’s why monsters are……” (TL: Referring to the previous chapters status ‘Unnamed Monster’)

“You are a demon in sheep-skin! And don’t casually mutter about what people are minding!”

“Oops, sorry. Suddenly my real intentions……”

“I hate this guuuuuuuy!”

This bastard. He knows my job is unnamed monster and he said it as if it was unimportant! I will cry!?

“I am not interested in man tears.”

“Brute! Scum! Inhuman! I hate youuuuuuuu!!!”

“Wa wa wa! I am a sheep to begin with. So you aren’t exactly wrong.”

“Making fun of people……!”

Whatsmore, I didn’t mind it but isn’t he reading people’s minds a lot?! Furthemore, he seems to know that in my occupation column there is monster written……

“Again, because of you, we deviated from the conversation……”


Mou, I won’t tsukkomi again.

“…… Chi.”

“Don’t click your tongue so casually! Tte, ha!? ”

I made a tsukkomi without realising!? Just now, I decided that I wouldn’t make a tsukkomi anymore!

Aaa……… -The satisfied face of the sheep in front of my eyes pisses me off ~u~u~u~uuuuu!

“Leaving the jokes aside…… There were a lot of humans disrupting the dungeon, but that was to ‘Reach the deepest part of the dungeon and defeat the dungeon boss’, with that condition.

“Isn’t that normal?”

“No? That’s in a current dungeon.”

…… Just what the hell is he trying to say, this sheep……

“The time when I appear before people…… That is the time I explain the true meaning of the dungeon.”

“The true…… Meaning?”

The sheep started his explanation to Saria andn I, who tilted our necks .

“First of all, Let’s explain in simple terms that there are the conditions for a dungeon appearing – before I told you that residual thoughts are involved, no?”


“Residual thoughts are mainly the various strong feelings of people who have died at that place. Then, the dungeon emerges – a normal dungeon, that is. And just now you guys have achieved that – you have cleared the true meaning of the dungeon.”

“N? Nn?”

I don’t get it. No, rather than not getting, what to say…… It’s a feeling of something lurking.

“Well, there is no reason to think so deeply. To clear the dungeon in the true meaning, there is no-one that aims for it. But, if you are aiming to clear the true meaning of the dungeon, let me give you one piece of advice.”


“Yes. In the dungeon that emerged due to the residual thoughts of people, the last boss is usually the owner that became a demon.”

“I understand…… This dungeon was from Zeanosu’s feelings?”

“That thinking is not wrong. But, if you want to clear the true meaning of the dungeon, then it’s best to clear the resentment left in the boss room. I will say it again, isn’t it impossible to aim for it? Don’t forget that!”

Fuuun…… – That wasn’t in the other-world knowledge that God gave me…… Well, the knowledge we received was the bare minimum, after all.

“Then, this story has returned to the point where I appeared before you.”

That’s true. I forgot the first question. Why has this sheep appeared before us.

“The reason I appeared is because you have cleared this dungeons, [The Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow]’s, true meaning, I have come to give you your travel recompense.”

“Travel recompense?”

“Yes. If it’s cleared normally, then I won’t appear – the drop item from the dungeon boss and recovering items from treasure boxes is enough. But, as the true meaning has been cleared, I have to give another reward!”

“He~e….. Can that reward be gotten many times from the same dungeon?”

“Impossible. That’s because when the true meaning has been cleared, the dungeon will be destroyed.”


It was said so suddenly that I raised my voice unintentionally.

“Destroyed. As I said earlier, the defeat of the dungeon boss in the true meaning leads to the destruction of the dungeon in the true meaning of the words. Of course, no matter which dungeon boss it is, I don’t think they’d speak the real meaning. But, when the dungeon boss’ true meaning is defeated, the dungeon will lose its purpose. Whatsmore, the dungeon will be destroyed.”

“I, I see……”

“Meaning you can get the dungeon reward only once. Because two people are able to receive it, you may be proud? I’ll permit it. ”

“Why would we need your permission!?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Because I am a sheep!”

“Shit! The story is not advancing……!”

While ignoring me who is frustrated on my own, the sheep speaks while thinking.

“Un…… Originally, I was supposed to give you a predetermined thing but…… This dungeon being cleared is something I didn’t think of – So the reward isn’t decided. “

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Well, there are some things that are decided – why don’t I give you the last thing I thought of……”

“Well let’s hear it; the decided things are?”

“They are {A cultivation set of the ‘Seed of evolution’} or a {10 day travel set}.”


At the sheeps words, I let out my voice unintentionally. Eh? Is it possible to cultivate the ‘Shinka no Mi’!?

“Yes, of course.”

“If you have the booklet with the way to cultivate them, it’s possible to produce many ‘Shinka no Mi’. It’s 10 days worth of food, to prepare with the task of moving because of the collapse of this dungeon.”

“Th-that so……?”

After I answered so, I ask something that was troubling me.

“Huh? Speaking of this, you said the dungeon is collapsing – then what will happen to the Clever Monkeys and this forest? If Hitsuji-san is not suppressing them, won’t they attack humans?”

“Well that’s not a problem. Even If I say the dungeon is collapsing, it’s not like the land will be destroyed. It just means that the function as a dungeon is lost. That’s why the ample forest will stay just like it is and to begin with, there are no towns or cities close to this dungeon.”

“Eh? Wai…… Then what should we do from now on!?”

There is no close town!? Seriously!? I try to check easily with knowledge obtained from Zeanosu.

…… Yep, there is nothing. If we walk normally, it’ll take a week to reach the closest one……

What’s more, Zeanosu’s knowledge is from 1500 years ago – I don’t know how much it will be correct.

“I told you? That you should think of provisions for the travel. Of course, water too. There is a tent so with this, the travel will be easy.”

“…… Thanks.”

“No no. After receiving the reward from me, I thought it would be useful to the people that will travel outside the forest.”

“It’s a lie!”

To think so much in advance, I don’t think so. After all, this guy has a terrible personality!

“Well, the two sets I am giving now, I will add another one……. 3 sets if you decide now. Then, what will you decide……? ”

Saying so, the sheep observes me and Saria lightly.

“Well. For the time being, let’s include underwear and clothes for Saria ojousama” When he said this, the sheep clapped his hands.

Then, from a space where nothing was, suddenly a lot of clothes and underwear appeared.

“Regarding Saria ojousama’s clothes, I gave them the power to change sizes. I decided that this ability is the most important in the clothes.”

“Hitsuji-san, Good Job!” (TL: Said in English) (ED: Just watch it)

I am sorry, Hitsuji-san. I didn’t understand you. Yes, I was troubled by the loss of Saria’s clothes……! With this, when we’ve made it to the city we won’t trouble the soldier-san’s!

Then, even thinking about the size of the clothes….. A capable sheep!

“Then Saria ojousama, change please. Let’s get ready here.”

When Hitsuji-san clapped again, what looks to be a curtain has emerged between me and Saria.

“Thank you, Hitsuji-san!”

Behind the curtain, I heard Saria’s happy voice.

“Now, while Saria osoujama is changing to the clothes and underwear I gave her, I will leave the rest of the clothes with you.”

Saying so, Hitsuji-san passed me the rest of Saria’s clothes.

……Certainly, it’s true that I got the item box? But, holding onto women’s clothes, won’t I be treated as a hentai?

Well, If I’m not found out then it’s not a crime? Go with this positive mentality?

“Even if it’s not found it’s a crime, Seiichi-sama.”

“……Don’t joke with me”

Good kids don’t imitate me! My important way of life!

“More importantly than that….. What should we do about your reward?”

“It’s that difficult?”

“Yes, a lot. If it was when you just reached this dungeon, then giving a reward was easy – I was planning on giving you a strong aphrodisiac that would make you popular.”

“That sounds so suspicious!? But I want it!”

“But the current you doesn’t need it. Even if I gave it to you, it’d be useless.”


Why say it so flatly? Did my face get better that I don’t need the popularity drug anymore, or on the other hand, it became so bad that it wouldn’t be effective.

“But it’s fine. Popularity drug – I want to experience at least once what it’s like to be popular!”

I lost weight. I feel like I became taller. But, until now, I haven’t confirmed my face…… I am so curious.

“And the equipment – all the weapons are a huge cheat……”

There is no words to return. I’m surprised that he knew the word cheat.

“What about armour?”


Yes, armour. The proof of a magician is that jet-black robe, and the knights equipment is full-face armour.”

“True, I have a lot of accessories and weapons, but I don’t have armour……”

“See? That’s why, I just thought of the perfect armour for you.”

“Oh? What is that?”



A balaclava… The thing that bank robbers use to hide their face in manga or movies!?

“It is no good?”

“Obviously it’s no good! Try entering a town with that thing! Soldier-san’s will come flying!?”

“Seeing that will be so fun -desu ne.”

“Grrr, die already!”

I retract everything! This guy is a lost cause!”

“Then what about a full face helmet?”

“I am the headless rider!? Or is it that? Kamen teacher!?” (TL: Durarara reference. I seriously don’t know who this kamen teacher is.) (ED: Simple ← that guy.)

….. Kamen teacher is slightly wrong.

“Both wrong. I thought that using a simple full-faced helmet would be fun. Oops, that now was a secret.”

“Hide your real intentions! Wait, do you know the headless rider!?”

“Yes, of course.”

Yada, this sheep is scary.

“More importantly, why are all the items following this pattern – can’t you recommend another thing!? What’s more, all are items made to make it difficult to see other people! I don’t matter!?”

“No this is seriously thinking about Seiichi-sama’s future.”

“The future?”

“Yes. Seiichi-sama’s current appearance – it’s the skill that you received this time ‘Disguises’ fault, as the charm became 10. It’s not a very attractive number, a status of 10. Let’s be clear, it’s shit.”

“Ah, the parenthesis beside the unbelievable status, the effect of ‘Disguise’ is that it hides the true status and shows that to the enemies. That’s horrible.”

“…… Hey, why do you know that I got the skill [Disguise]? You knew that I got the stat of 10 in charm, too. “

“Because I am a sheep.”

Grrr, I won’t make a tsukkomi.

“Anyway, desu ne, when [Disguise] is activated, except for people like me that trust Seiichi-sama, people will see [Disguise]’s numerical value. In other words, a charm of 10, is quite the terrible appearance you will have.”

Before when I boasted a status of all 1’s it was worse! Cry!

“So that Seiichi-sama wouldn’t fall into trouble, I recommended an equipment that will hide the whole face.”

“No, there is no need to do such a troublesome thing – I just have to stop using [Disguise] …”

Ah, it’s possible that using [Disguise] will make your face worse…… I still couldn’t confirm my face, though.”

“Naive desu ne.”


When I was thinking such a thing, I had a stupid voice in protest.

“Deactivating [Disguise] means letting the whole world know your true ability? Do you understand what this means?”

“No, not a bit……”

“In short, you could get mixed up in the stupid conflict between countries, get treated as a monster and situations that will lead to the death of people close to you are possible.”

“I don’t want that……”

Putting aside Saria, what about Shouta and co that came to this world.

Looking at my appearance that completely changed, I wonder what they would think? I who has a monster class status. It’s possible I’d scare them. That……. I don’t want to think about it.

“Well, being frank, the main reason is I think it’s fun.”

“I won’t believe in you again!”

What the hell!? Even though there was a serious atmosphere!

“But it’s true that it will cause trouble.”

“No, I don’t want a balaclava. I don’t want a full face helmet. If I put them on, I’ll look like a hentai.”

“What are you saying? Aren’t you one?”

“Shut up!”

This sheep is too sly……!

“It can’t be helped desu ne. Then is a full face helmet fine? “

“Nee, it can’t be helped? Can you tell me the details!?”

“Of course, it won’t only be a full face helmet. It will have a special power installed.”

“For example?”

“Even if a dragon stomps on it, I am confident there won’t be a scratch, not even a little.”

“That’s not a helmet!”

“No matter how scorching the earth or in the extreme cold, in the helmet will be a comfortable space.”

“Only the face!? If I went to such a hell like place, can’t you do something about the body!?”

“The last function, when it’s the time to eat, the mouth-part will open.”

“Last function! Is there another feature!?”

“It’s decided desu ne. Let’s go with the full face helmet.”

“Listen to me~e~e~e~e~e~e~eeeeeeeeeeee!”

Why is it decided!? No one said it was okay!?

But the sheep ignored me and pulled a black full face helmet out of nowhere.

“Yes, please.”

“I am telling you I don’t need it!?”

“There is no reason to hold back. I don’t need it.”

“Then I do not need it even more!”

To the me that desperately rejecting, the sheep suddenly tossed it in the air and hit it with one hand.

When I was stunned by the sudden action, something was put on my face.

“Wait! When did?!”

I confirm with my hands – what I am wearing now is a full face helmet.

“This is also a sheep’s accomplishment.”

“What is a sheep’s!?”

I tried desperately to take it off, but it didn’t budge.

“Eh, I can’t take it off though.”

“Yes. It’s made that way.”

“Get it o~o~o~o~o~o~o~ooooooof!”

“Hahahaha, if the situation arises.”

That’s a line that should never be said!? It has the same credibility as ‘From tomorrow onwards, I will go all out”!

“Be at ease. You can’t take it off when I’m close. When I’m not present, a trusted person can take it off. Conversely speaking, if there are only strangers close then it’s impossible to remove.”

“Useless high-spec!?”

Does the helmet judge a trustworthy person!? Shocking!

“Ah, then Saria will be okay, no?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Then when we are separated from you, I can take it off immediately!”

I am so smart!

“Ah, that helmet, if an untrustworthy stranger is close it will be worn automatically. Avoiding it is impossible.”

“Shiiit! This is not high-spec anymoreeeee, it’s a curse! Fuuuuuuuck! “

“Human, it’s essential to know when to give up, Monster-san.”

“Don’t follow up with a contradictory teeeerm!”

“When some time passes it’ll come off. Then, couldn’t you do it by force?”

Grrr, I hate this guy. What by force? Wasn’t it impossible for even a dragon to do it? I am not confident.

When I was having this exchange with the sheep, I felt I only had 1 HP left. Saria finished changing and her face peeked from behind the curtain.

“Oya, Saria ojousama. Are you already finished changing?”

“Un, I finished!”

“I see. But……”

The sheep once again hits his hand together, and like a little while ago, the curtain between Saria and me was gone in an instant.

When the curtain was removed, the one that appeared was Saria wearing a pure white one-piece dress.

“Seiichi…… How is it? It fits me?”

“Eh? A, yes……”

I was not able to answer the words of Saria.

Right now, the clothes match the current Saria.

The crimson hair shines as well because of her pure white one-piece dress.

“Ehehehe. I am so happy!”


It’s dangerous – Saria is so cute……. Sorry for cursing you.

“True desu ne. So disgusting……”

“Ne~e, how about you choose your words better!?

This sheep is too merciless…… When it comes to reading my mind, I gave up on tsukkomis to it. I am tired.

“Then, I’ll give you the things that were supposed to be given. It’s time for you to go.”

“Yes, I am forced though.”

“Then let’s proceed with the transition.”

“Are you not gonna hear me until the very end!?”

Even though I said so, the sheep is absolutely not hearing me out and ignoring my words, he started the transition.

“Well, if you have a complaint when we meet again, at that time, I will hear you out.”

“Didn’t you say it’s impossible to clear the real meaning!? Furthermore, I don’t want to see you agaiiin!”

“It’s fine. I understand your feelings. You like me, no?”

“Let me hit you!”

“Oops, the transition has begun.”

“Wha!? Wai—-”

Because of the last words from the sheep, I couldn’t hit him and just like that the transition started.

That’s because, suddenly particles of light were appearing from my body and it was disappearing.

When my body was about to disappear completely, I shouted in the end.

“Bastaaaaard…… When we meet again, remember iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!”

“Hitsuji-san, see you~!”

“Yes, goodbye.”

Then, to both Saria’s and my surprise, we were transported outside of the [Forest Of Endless Love and Sorrow]. Are the last lines bad?…… I am the one that know’s it best!


“They went……”

I, Hitsuji-san, who was seeing the two get transferred, say so.

“But…… ‘Bastaaaard….. When we meet again, remember iiiiiiiiit!”

Saying the last words of Seiichi-sama again, a smile appeared involuntary.

“Next time…… Seiichi-sama has the intention to meet me again.”

Even though he said it that complicatedly…..

But these words, to me who hasn’t had a conversation with people for many years, made me very happy.

“Fufu, but. [Bastard]….. I am not, I am a sheep.”

Didn’t I tell you? It’s no good. To think about me, who should normally be someone that you don’t get involved with.

“Well, this dungeon is collapsing soon…… I will wait until a new dungeon could be made.”

And then—-

“I will be waiting, ey? Seiichi-sama.”

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