Shinka no Mi – Chapter 142

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「——Barnabas. Today is the promised day. I hope you’ve done your preparations.」(Zakir)


I——Zakir Gilford had come to the Barbadora Magic Academy for the second time.

Barbadora Magic Academy had been running on neutral ground as it was supported both in financial matters and human resources by every country in the world.

Of course, even so, it was hard to be perfectly neutral, as status-based human relationships were still happening behind closed doors.

Nevertheless, the neutrality stayed true.

This academy that could maintain its neutral position was truly a rarity amongst rarity

…….However, that ended today.

Schelder Wohl Kaizer-sama, the King of the Kaizer Empire, my fatherland, had moved to put  the world under his rules.

At first, I was against it.

Not only it greatly deviated from what my benefactor, the previous King had wished, it was also simply unrealistic, both in military strength and resources.

That was why, when His Majesty enforced his plan to validate the world, I…. thought to strike him myself.

However——I failed.

I never thought that His Majesty had…. No, the Royal Family had such a trump card up their sleeves——

「…If I close this Academy, then will the students really be allowed to go home safely?」 (Barnabas)

While I was sinking into a sea of thoughts, Barnabas, the school’s principal, asked me with a grim look. 

「Yes. You have my words. We won’t touch any of the students until they safely reach home. In fact, there’s only a few of them left in the campus ground, isn’t there?」(Zakir)

「…Hmph. If it wasn’t you… I wouldn’t trust this negotiation…」(Barnabas)

…By no means this implied that Barnabas trusted me.

What he believed was that any other commanders would have nasty plans in their mind.

And he was correct.

If the one who stood here wasn’t me, then the Academy would’ve been invaded and taken under control without any negotiation, and the students would be taken hostage as negotiation pawns for the Empire’s sake.

It only spoke of how much… war potential the current Kaizer Empire possessed.

「Very well. ——With this, the Magic Academy Barbadora will be under the jurisdiction of the Kaizer」(Zakir)



「Wha!? Se-, Seiichi-kun!?」(Barnabas)

Out of nowhere, the principal’s office received an intruder.

The man’s figure was suspicious with his face hidden behind a hood. ….Who is this man…?

Coming after him was a few bunch of other people, their breathing disarrayed.

「O-, oi… Se-, Seiichi…. Bastard… You… ran too fast…」(Altria)

「……Rather than that, this guy really did let himself in…」(Blued)

When I looked closely, there was the sight of His Majesty’s second son, Blued-sama amongst them.

One of my subordinates then called the intruder.

「Bastard… who are you!? Our commander is having a serious talk with the head of this academy! Do you even know what the consequence of intruding is!?」

「I don’t! But I’ll get fired today anyway, so I’ve come to say my complaints!」(Seiichi)

「C-, complaints!?」

「You sure announce that clearly, oi!」(Altria)

My platoon and I were taken aback with how refreshing he said so.

Then, the hooded man suddenly turned his head and pointed at me.

「Okay, you! You’re the one who looks self-important the most, so I’ll say it to you! You’re bothersome! I got fired here, fired! être viré! Do you understand!? If I had to choose, I’d rather experience getting dropped out of school first and getting fired second, and yet… What a rare experience this is!」(Seiichi)

「U-, umu?」(Zakir)

What’s with this man? What is he trying to say?

「I don’t care if it was conquering the world or whatever, but can’t you do it somewhere else? I really wish you didn’t bring us into this! Try thinking about the small citizens who get swayed by your top brasses! We’re powerless here!」(Seiichi)

「Calling yourself powerless would be a fraud!」(Altria)

「Isn’t that a bit too harsh!?」(Seiichi)

The mysterious man and the brown-skinned woman who followed him were exchanging a comedic skit, leaving us who still couldn’t catch up with the situation aside. No, what are they showing to us?

We, who should’ve completely dominated the situation just a while ago——found ourselves swept up by a single man.


I——Hiiragi Seiichi, who stormed into the Headmaster’s office just to complain without any plan whatsoever, intruded the talk between Barna-san and some macho men in armor right in the middle. Oh man, I did charge in without thinking, but sure is lucky that the object of my complaint is there! Now I have more gusto than usual!

And now, I was in the middle of venting out my mind to the most self-important looking person. 

「In the first place! This Blued here! The Heroes and the other kids from the Kaizer Empire had been brought home already, but why did you guys leave him behind!?」(Seiichi)

「C-, come to think of it……!」(Blued)

Blued nodded to my statement then turned his head to the man in front of me, who I assumed to be some kind of top brass, as the latter awkwardly diverted his eyes away.

「W-, we forgot……」(Zakir)

「I was forgotten!?」(Blued)

What a surprising truth! Isn’t he a Prince!? I’m just amazed now at every little thing the Kaizer Empire does!

After the man, whom I pointed my finger to, cleared his throat, he gave me a sharp glare.

「I have been listening to you in silence, but…. who even are you? Sorry for this, but outsiders should leave.」(Zakir)

Aah… right, I haven’t named myself. And he’s someone in a higher social position than mine, too.

I know I’m here to complain, but manners and such have to be kept, right! …Well, I’ve been using casual languages with Gassur and his peers, though, since I’ve known a LOT about them. Sorry!

「Ahem! Erm, I am someone hired by the headmaster Barnabas to teach here, Hiiragi Seiichi, an adventurer」 (Seiichi)

「An adventurer…?」 

「Oi oi, adventurer, you say…. Aren’t adventurers just some vagrant who don’t belong in any country?」 

「And by your name, you’re someone from the Country of the East?」 

The moment after I named myself, the soldiers buzzed out. Is my introduction that weird?

「Is that so. I am the commander of the Second Army of the Kaizer Empire, Zakir Wilford. I am here today to affirm the closure as well as the transfer of ownership of the Barbadora Magic Academy.」 (Zakir)

As I tilted my head, the most self-important guy——-Zakir-san named himself as well.

「And so, Seiichi. You proclaimed you came to say your complaints… After you’re done, what will you do?」(Zakir)

「Nothing. I’m just here to say my complaints, why?」(Seiichi)




For some reason, silence fell upon the Headmaster’s office.

Eh? Did I say something weird? Even Al and the girls look surprised, but didn’t I already tell them I’m going to say my complaints….?

「No, why are you making a face that says you’re the only one sane here!? The very act of going to complain itself is ridiculous, so of course anyone would think you have a plan after that!」(Altria)

Al slapped me with her truth-to-the-face retort.

After which, Zakir-san let out a sigh.

「Haa…. what a waste of time.」(Zakir)


「I don’t know who you are and how you’ve come here, but… just complaining won’t do anything. This matter is already decided by the Kaizer Empire, and nobody can reverse it.」(Zakir)

「No no no, isn’t that weird! I mean, it’s true that I’m complaining here for my own self-satisfaction!」(Seiichi)

「So it’s for that after all……」(Blued)

Blued sighed out of exasperation. Forgive me! I’m basically living-in-the-moment, you see!

「It is for my own self-satisfaction, but isn’t it weird that we have to accept what the Kaizer Empire has decided as absolute? And why does that lead to this Academy being shut down, in the first place?」(Seiichi)

「It’s simple. It’s because the emperor of the Kaizer Empire, Schelder Wohl Kaizer-sama, has moved to unify the world, and the war has broken.」(Zakir)

「No, who is that?」(Seiichi)

「W-, “who”!?」(Zakir)

I know about some guy being the emperor of the Kaizer Empire, but I don’t know who that guy is personally.

「Well, I know that the Emperor-sama is moving to unify the world and all that. But, is that necessary? Is it so essential that you need to wage war for it? You say it’s for world unification, so it’s not something done for the sake of your people, right?」(Seiichi)

「……Indeed, this war is not for the sake of the people. It is nothing but a war driven by the desires of his Majesty.」(Zakir)

「No way…Father……」(Blued)

Hearing Zakir-san’s words, Blued’s expression grew darker and darker.

Agnos was about to say something when he saw Blued’s current state, but he was stopped by Beatrice-san. Well, Agnos and the other students will only make the water get muddier here.

Eh, what, if I wasn’t here, things wouldn’t be so muddy, you said? ………That’s about right!   

「Haah… Um, then, how can such a thing get approved? Waging a war just for one man’s desire, and the people let that be? At least, personally, I won’t give an okay to that…」(Seiichi)

「His Majesty has decided it. And, in the first place, you are not a citizen of the Empire, and  so you have no right of veto.」(Zakir)

「Even strangers deny my human rights now!?」

Aren’t my human rights getting denied a lot!? Hey, species 【Human】 in the Status, are you alive? 

「Really, do you think you can win in terms of military strength? Isn’t it basically the Kaizer Empire vs the World?* And you guys approved that? To go to a war for someone’s selfish reasons.」(Seiichi)


「Eh, you didn’t approve it!? So you’re just going along with it even though you don’t approve it!?」(Seiichi)

That’s just weird no matter how you look at it!

If they don’t approve of it, shouldn’t they do that coup-what-its-name? Or the Demo thing?

It can’t be helped if all the people in their country vouched in for the war, but who will be happy for this war in its entirety?

Which is why, while I think it will raise a civil war or something, the coup will work out since there should be more naysayers than the supporters.

I didn’t know if I had my point across, but Zakir-san just shook his head at me.

「It’s impossible. There is nobody who can stop His Majesty, not anymore… His Majesty is now no longer a human, but the most powerful being in existence.」(Zakir)

「The most powerful being in existence?」(Seiichi)

What is that? Who is he talking about? If by the time I meet him he’s actually some kind of monstrosity, then I’ll get mad, you know?

I mean, from how Zakir-san said it, it’s like he’s become a monster or something like that.

As I tilted my neck involuntarily, Zakir-sann showed no more interest in talking more of it. How unfortunate.

「……In addition, it seems like you think that the Kaizer Empire can’t win against the world, but you’re wrong.」(Zakir)


Right at that instant, Zakir-san for some reason drew the sword he had on his waist.

Taking that as a cue, the other soldiers also pulled out their swords.

「——We have tens of thousands of soldiers as strong as I am or nearing my level.」(Zakir)


「Guh!? Wh-, what pressure….!」(Barnabas)

The moment their swords were drawn, Blued and the other students nearby, as well as Barna-san, had their faces turn blue.

「If you fold in just from this, then don’t even think about doing anything. ……I won’t blame you. Thinking that there are so many people standing in the same ground as this «King’s Sword»——-」(Zakir)

「No, I mean…. so what?」(Seiichi)



Exposed to my question, not only Zakir-san, but Barna-san, the students, and the soldiers of the second army, they all pulled out a moronic expression.

「Did you not hear what I said? There are tens of thousands of people as strong as me, the «King’s Sword», you know?」(Zakir)

「K-, kings sword? I’m not familiar with the term, so forgive me for that, but… are you someone famous? And then, there are a lot of famous people like you, Zakir-san? Nn?」(Seiichi)

「……Oi, Seiichi. Are you serious when saying that? ….Well, I wanted to say that too, though…」(Altoria)

In response to my confusion, Al put her hand on her forehead and muttered like such while looking up.

When I looked closely, Beatrice-san and the students seemed to be in pain when Zakir-san and his platoon pulled their sword, but the people who went to Zola’s dungeon such as I, Saria, Al, and Rurune seemed to be fine whatsoever. …Eh? Did Zakir-san do something?

「I-, impossible!? How could all of you be so calm!? Every single member of the Second Army here has stepped into the territory of the 『Transcendents』, you know!? 」(Zakir)

「Ah, so it’s the same as us.」 (Seiichi)**


Receiving my comment, not only Zakir-san, but Barna-san and the member of my class exclaimed. ……Come to think of it, is being a 『Transcendent』 considered great? Everyone around me is a 『Transcendent』, so I’m kinda numb by that status.  No, wait, I’m the one who’s enclosed with so many strong people. Like those people in the Guild Headquarter and Zeanos and his group.

「Etto, so you’re saying that you’ll win because you have so many 『Transcendents』…」(Seiichi)

「T-, that is so」(Zakir)

Eeh…? For real? ……in my head, I can only see the future where they’re one-sidedly getting beaten down in the most weird and embarrassing way though… 

And if the Kaizer Empire did wage war against the Wimburg Kingdom, there are Lucius-san and Zeanos there… are they really going to win? You’re a 『Transcendent』 when you pass the level 500 mark, right? Zeanos is originally level 1500, you know?

I stimulated the fight again in my head.


「My condolences……」(Seiichi)

「What the hell is your problem!?」(Zakir)

Oops, it slipped out of my mouth. I’m sorry.

The Kaizer Empire’s world unification thing that I had initially thought to be impossible now seemed more grim than ever… or rather, my prediction was the outcome.

「……From your words and their conduct, I can see that those women are 『Transcendents』.」(Zakir)


「But, what about you? I don’t see the atmosphere nor the manner of strength from you. It’s hard to think that the likes of you can win against me.」(Zakir)


The atmosphere of the strength? …Well, I’m just your everyday man after all, so I can’t produce the aura that’ll make people say 『This guy… he’s strong…!』 like a certain someone.  Well, I did learn how to feel Life Force, or rather, the ability to sense presence in the Netherworld to say 『You’re over there, aren’t you?』 like a certain someone.

That’s why, Al, please don’t give Zakir-san the 『Is this guy serious?』 look! Saria and the others too, don’t exchange faces like that! 

「I’m not very sure how someone who can’t even win against me could best His Majesty. If you can’t even win against His Majesty, then you won’t be able to say your complains to him. Let me be the one who teach you how powerlessness feel like.」(Zakir)

「Heh? Umm…. what do you mean?」(Seiichi)

As the affairs took a dubious turn, I asked Zakir-san fearfully, which he then replied matter-of-factly.

「It’s simple. You will fight me and learn that you have no power whatsoever.」(Zakir)

「What kind of logic working there!?」(Seiichi)

Be it the Demon Army and this person, is this world full of muscle-for-brains!?

Even though I was supposed to come here to say my complaints, I for some reason ended up having to have yet another mock battle.


*“Toki yo tomare!”

**“Oh, so it’s the same type of Stand as Star Platinum.”

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