Shinka no Mi – Chapter 14


I hurriedly ran toward Saria’s location.

Then, I carefully held Saria and I tried to wake her up.


I called out to Saria many times, but her eyes aren’t opening.

「why…why did you save me…!」

The welling up of emotions that I desperately endured leaked out.

Thereupon, Saria finally opened up her eyes and weakly laughed.

「Finally…you called me by my name」

「Saria! This recovery medicine…!」

While saying so, I tried to take out the highest class recovery medicine, but Saria quietly placed her hand on my hand to stop me.

「I’m alive in this situation because of my skill. Recovery medicine is for the living. So it won’t work」


「I died by the attack from a while ago. That is what I meant by being alive because of my skill」

With a mixture of surprise and despair in my eyes, Saria continued on.

「My species,『Kaiser Kong』peculiar skill…【Emperor’s Dignity】. The reason how I’m talking is due to this.

「【Emperor’s Dignity】…」

「Yes. The effect lasts for 1 hour, even in the state of dying, I can move. But, its not long」


So then…Saria is…

I despaired at once, but remembered immediately about the 『Elixir』that can revive the dead.

「O, oh yeah! If its the『Elixir』, I can possibly save you!? Just wait! I’ll make it right now――――」

「That’s also, useless. 『Elixir』 won’t have any effect on monsters」


I listened to Saria’s words and recalled the effect of the 『Elixir』.

Dead Clever monkeys can’t be revived, high class recovery potion’s don’t work on them either, it’s a wasted effort so they don’t even gather ingredients for them.

The elixir has absolutely no effect on monsters. The information was there…

The moment I realized that, the a wave of emotions knocked me about, and I unconsciously shouted at Saria with all my heart.


. 「If so…then why did you save a person like me! Why did you die to save me!? I certainly did say that I like you! Even if we are of an opposite sex, didn’t I say that I don’t see you as the same race!? I treated you harshly!? I treated you cruelly in various ways and didn’t I run away from you!? You got caught in this outcome, and this happened to you…! 」

While saying so myself, gradually my tears started flowing.

No matter how much I looked back on days spent living with Saria, there was never a time when I treated her nicely.


The hand on Saria’s shoulder is being filled with power.

Then, Saria gently wrapped both of her hands around my other hand that was not holding her.

「I love Seichi. Do I need any other reason? 」


Saria says she loves me…even for a person like me. Why would she?

「Even though you complain a lot, you still eat all the food I make for you.」

「That…that’s because it’s a waste not to eat it…!」

「Also, even though you feel that I disturb you, you don’t mind. You don’t worry and you forgive me. You don’t ignore me. You treat me normally. Also, it’s relaxing, being together. I feel calm」


「Even with the clever monkeys, I was being rowdy and complaining into the night, But you treated me as a person. That’s why, Seiichi, I love you.」

I’m starting to become miserable due to Saria’s words.

Saria a shitty gorilla? Definitely not. I’m the shitty one.

I…treated her badly until now.

As if the dam collapsed, it is not possible for me to me to stop the overflow of tears.

Saria slightly laughed as my face was in a mess by tears.

「I, really love Seiichi’s smile. The Seiichi now, is not like Seiichi. And, I’m already like this…so I want to see the smile of someone I love for the last time. Hey? Smile? 」

To the bitter end, Saria is…

Through Saria’s brave, single-minded thoughts, my sunken dark emotion lit up with fire…no, I felt the flames rise up.

Am I going to further become a scum? …Its impossible.

I nearly lost sight of one of the virtues that my parents taught me.

That is, 『Look forward wherever you are. Don’t lose heart. 』。

I desperately wipe my tears using my sleeve.

And, while there were still tears left, I somehow gave a smile.

「That’s right…I’m the noisy one!」


When I put on a smile, Saria seemed satisfied and nodded.

While this exchange was happening between Saria and me, darklord Zeanosu who had been silent until now, began to talk.

『…A ≪Love≫ between a gorilla and a human huh…』


By those words, I once again became aware of the existence of Zeanosu that I’ve forgotten until now.

“It’s truly foolish…human love becoming an unsightly distorted thing…. You’re going to nurture a love with a gorilla even though you are human.”
bracket(?) change when Zeanosu speak?『Zeanosu』, 「Others」)

“What’s wrong about a gorilla!”

I carried Saria in the form of a princess carry, took her directly to a corner of the room, and laid her there gently.

“Zeanosu was it…? Why weren’t you attacking so far?”

When I confronted Zeanosu, I was the first to speak.

“Well, it’s a simple thing. I found interest in the ≪Love≫ that exists between you and the gorilla… Well, it was as if I was watching a cheesy comedy though. You have no affection for the gorilla, so it was a one-way love that the gorilla has… If this isn’t comedy, then what is it? It spoils the fun really. Let’s end this.”

“Is that so?”

I quietly prepared the Ken Monkey Rod and the Water Spirit Ball Dagger.

And then――――

“But…sorry for you, it’s not going to end just yet.”


I moved at high speed as I activated the skill 『Moment』, and then jumped to strike towards Zeanosu’ rear.

However, Zeanosu avoided the attack by lightly twisting his body.

“Surprise attacks are unfair…”

“It’s unfair? That’s fine with me, idiot! 」

…Wait a second? But Zeanosu also surprise attacked me…

If I worry about it, I’ll lose!

I will once again use the skill 『Moment』on Zeanosu, and approach him.


As Zeanosu shouted so, I aimed with the narrow sword and pierced with all my might.

Instantly, the Monkey Ken Rod that I held was stopped, and in that moment, the Monkey Ken Rod shattered. My Monkey Ken Rod…I liked it! Heck, how did you even hit me while I was attacking using Moment!?

“Why, do you oppose me? Don’t you realize the difference in our ability?”

“Hahahahaha! You wouldn’t even understand!”

What’s this? It’s strange… It feels like I’m imitating Zeanosu, but…is that how it looks?…it pains me.

I seem to have taken some mental damage, while Zeanosu appears to have come to an understanding on his own.
“I see…there seems to have been a misunderstanding. You really love that gorilla don’t you? I thought it was just a cheap comedy that I could not bear to watch…If you also love that gorilla, this must be a genuine comedy!”
When saying so, Zeanosu started a loud laughter alone.
I wanted atonement for Saria.
And I wanted to convey the feelings that just arose to Saria.
Therefore, I decided to defeat the Zeanosu in front of me before Saria’s skill effect ends, and convey my thoughts.
That is —-
“That’s right! I… Love Saria! Do you have any problem with that!?”

I once again use Moment to rapidly approach, and wielded the Water Spirit Ball Dagger
Wasn’t my attack predictable this time? He didn’t avoid it, and managed to block it at the last second with a small sword.
“Argh ……”
Zeanosu blocked my attack and just like that, parried my dagger and put some distance between us.
Zeanosu took a stance without any openings that an amatuer could see, and I spoke to him.
“I’m an idiot and a f*king sht! My partner’s a gorilla? I did not accept Saria because of my bad way of thinking? Because of that Saria…. Crying is for later! Being sad is also for later! Giving my all to defeat you, I’m going to show Saria, who is the first to say that she loves me, a very cool side of me! It’s only that for now! I’ll go all out!

Somehow it made me…… desesperate~tsu! I cast everything aside for this!

Right now…… right now, the loud me that said he loves Saria…… for her sake lets throw away the negative thinking ~tsu!

As i shouted with determination, Saria muttered in a small voice as she lay to the side.


Her voice sounded faint, but I feel like there was a joyful feeling.

Zeanosu had received my shout, and it seemed he was taken aback for a bit, but soon a loud laugh started.

“Hahahahaha~tsu! Your love for that gorilla…… it seems its true!”

“Thats what I’ve been telling you! Its embarrasing so don’t make me say it!’

When I said so embarrassed, Zeanosu drew back for some reason. Oi, I’m going to cry here.

“Well it’s fine……. Either way, to you who truly love that gorilla, I will tell you something good”


Something good? Like something about my charm?…… In a situation like this, shouldn’t it be a different reaction?

“If you defeat me…… there is a chance that gorilla can survive”


I opened my eyes a lot from Zeanosu words.

“Is, is that true!?’

I shout without realizing, Zeanosu laughs fearlessly.

“Fufufu……. I do not tell boring lies. If you are strong enough to defeat me, that gorilla will [evolve] again. You and that gorilla already ate the [shinka no mi]……. Well, defeating me is probably impossible.”

“You……did you appraise us?”

“Fu~tsu…… well, thats it. So, what will you do?”

Is it possible, once again the “shinka no mi” will save me.

Then, Saria will recieve the effect of the evolution as well.

…… I appreciate it.

“There is no need to ask…… I will defeat you with my all~tsu!”

When i shout so, Zeanosu eyes without pupils shined, and he disappeared as if blending with the environment surprising me.



“I will respond……!”

Again in front of me Zeanosu appeared, and tried to pierce my heart with his sword.

But, I won’t make the same pathetic mistake again.

I forcefully bent my body, and stopped the sword with the water spirit dagger I held in my right hand.

“Ho ~u?”

“Rra ā ā ā a~tsu!”

Then, in that way I twist the water spirit dagger, and counterattacked.

“To dogde my attack…… something that could not be predicted happened, I won’t get bored”

“I have a lot of things that I am not happy about~tsu!”

With that ironic mouth, I activated skills in a chain, starting my attack.

“Cutting leg”,“Strong nails”,“moment”, “Cutting leg”,“Strong nails”,“moment”――――.

But, Zeanosu dodged all the attacks easily.

Skills are not good…… then what about magic!

I immediatly used water attribute magic, the one I used on Saria that time, but I increased the output.

“Ocean Impact~tsu!”

When I shout I pointed my right arm towards Zeanosu, and shoot out a small lump of water that has been compressed to the limit at high speed.

“Hō? The strongest magic from the water attribute…… interesting! I’m someone who has studied darkness magic, and the sword thoroughly during my lifetime!”

Zeanosu is looking at my attack with a happy smile, then the “Ocean Impact” I released was caught with his right arm.


“[Magic Hall]!”


While making an eerie rotation sound, suddenly a jet-black small mass emerged from the right palm of Zeanosu.

That mass, for some reason started spinning around, and gives off a terrible overwhelming feeling.

Then, my feeling was spot on, the “Ocean Impact” that was attacking Zeanosu was easily absorbed by the black mass, and eventually that mass dissapeared.

“I didnt think you could use the strongest magic from the water attribute, but if it’s not original magic then it will not work on me!”

What the hell!? Are you cheating!? Can you turn on easy mode!? Is this a Bug! That’s cheating, isn’t it!?

“Shit ~tsu!”

To such an abnormal strengh, I involuntarily cursed.

“Your love for the gorilla is only to that extent?”

Then Zeanosu, as if saying it was his turn now, came at me.

“U o~tsu!”

When I was about to receive the attack, I evade it but the sword of Zeanosu scratched me a little.


“Hō…… to evade this attack, even before I transformed into a demon there were only a few people capable of it.”

“Before becoming a demon!? You were human!?”

To the sudden news i tsukkomed without realizing. Well, in front of my eyes he’s definately a skeleton!

…… Ah, the corpses of humans become skeletons.

Heck Zeanosu’s appareance isn’t important, the fact that not even one of my attacks is hitting is the problem.

Saria’s skill wont last long.

While the effect of the skill continues, I must defeat him…….

First of all, i feel like i didn’t master the skills i got from the Clever monkey and the Aqua Wolf.

Acording to the knowledge that I got from god, Skills are something born from oneself, an existence that steals skills like me doesn’t exist.

That’s why, I who didn’t have his own skills, can’t master them.

…… In the end it’s the power of others…….

Without realizing it, such thoughts cross my mind, but I immediately discard them.

If the skills i got are from others, then I just have to make them my own.

Then, if I can make them my own ――――

“I will evolve even more……!”

Again, with all my strength, I approached Zeanosu.

However, approaching with a normal skill like “Moment” is useless.

Until now I was using it blindly, and he’s avoided it.

But, this time I thought I will give it a little different use.

While making a bet in my head, I gradually approach Zeanosu.

…… It’s at this late hour, but I wonder if I’ve really evolved. Now even if I run with my all I don’t get tired, and even if the speed is not from the skill “moment”, I am still moving with a terrible speed.

If I think about it, it’s strange that a level 1 can stand up to a level 1500? …… Isn’t it? …… or maybe it’s normal?…….

Well anyway, there is no doubt that I evolved. I mean, at the beginning all my stats were 1.

While thinking such a think and approaching, Zeanosu spoke with a bored voice.

“Have you lost your mind, Human? Did you think that you could match my speed without using skills?”

Zeanosu was, without even making a sign of dodging, standing there, without worrying about my approach.

――――But, That’s what I wanted.

Just a bit more…… Just a bit more …… Just a bit more ……!

Then, my desired moment arrived.

“Its a pity, Human. Your ≪love≫ was just that.”

Zeanosu speed is at a level when even I who repeatly evolved is barely able to keep up, and the thin sword is pointed to my heart.

To me who is currently rushing at full speed towards him, I don’t have the ability to dodge.

Thats why, I activated the skill “Moment” to my back.


I suddenly took a back step in a speed Zeanosu couldn’t percive, Zeanosu’s sword cut air.

Then, against the defenceless Zeanosu, this time i activated the skill “Moment” again forward.

“U ōo ōo ōo ōo o~tsu!”

This “Moment” too, I used it in a different way than before.

Thats it, a “Moment” used to attack, instead of moving to an attack position――――!

I use Moment, and the dagger of water spirit ball rushed directly at Zeanosu.

Whatsmore, in this time of evolution, I heard a voice in my head about a new skill being aquired.

“Secret art ≪ hayate ≫ has been learned”

Secret art!?What the hell is that!?

I was surprised at the words i had never heard before, but immediatly switched my thinking progress.

Right now ――――-In front of my face is Zeanosu~tsu!

I put my body and soul in this, the strongest attack that the me right now can make.

That attack, missing Zeanosu’s sword, with a speed that Zeanosu cannot follow, attacked his heart.

Then ――――



―――― the dagger of water spirit ball is, piercing into Zeanosu’s heart.



Silence dominates the surroundings.

My dagger of water spirits ball is deeply pierced into the heart of Zeanosu.

Even though he’s a skeleton, mysteriously the sensation that I feel is not different from cutting meat.

But, I can’t pull it out yet. Until the enemy is definetly dead――――.

A time when nothing can be said flowed between me and Zeanosu.


A dry sound echoed in the room.

It was the sound of the jet-black sword that fell to the ground from Zeanosu’s hands.

“………… Fufufufufu………… ahahahahahahahaha!”

Next, Zeanosu in a state where he has been pierced in the heart by me, started a loud laughter.

“I…… I was defeated!”


From Zeanosu’s words, I understood.

Then, Zeanosu’s body started producing particles of light ――――.

That is, the same effect that happens when I defeat a demon.

I ―――― Won.

I had a renewed understanding, and the feeling of success, as Zeanosu muttered in self ridicule.

“My mistake was…… being overconfident in my power eh?……”

But, Zeanosu immediately shook his skeleton head, and spoke in gentle voice that seemed unbelievableable since our first encounter.

“No ―――― I lost to your and the gorilla-dono’s ≪Love ≫”


etto…… what reactions should i have?

Suddenly saying gorilla-dono …… eh, who are you?

As i am thinking about it, Zeanosu continued on with his kind voice.

“When I was human, I had a hate for humans until I died. My feelings became a distorted ugly love……”


“But, in this way in the end I could see the true ≪Love≫ between you and gorilla-dono”

To the still stunned me, Zeanosu let a final conclusion.

“You, to show me the true ≪Love≫ in the end ―――― I thank you”

Looking at Zeanosu with his skeleton face, for some reason I feel a radiance from it.

“Marie…… I now, will go to your side ――――”

Zeanosu says so, and vanished from the spot becoming light particles.

Then a lot of drop ítems fell to the ground, in the end at the side of the fallen jet black sword a pure white sword also fell to the ground.

What to say I seriously don’t know, Zeanosu went with a somehow happy face. I will confirm it with the [Zeanosu life] included in the drop items later.

When I confirmed that Zeanosu disappeared in particles of light, I rushed immediately with full force to Saria.


I rushed fast, but when i saw Saria’s appareance, I lost my words.

“Sa, Saria. You’re body……”

So, Saria’s body, just like Zeanosu that disappeared now, was becoming particles of light.

I was stunned, Saria who has lost her energy lay there, and weakly says.

“Seiichi…… Thank you……”

“Sa, Saria……?”

“Seiichi, you were…… so cool.”

“It’s a lie right? Hey……”

Finally…… I finally defeated Zeanosu…….

Saria’s body, which should be recovering is instead becoming more and more particles of light.

“I dont want this…… I dont want this ……!”

To me who is shouting and shaking my head, Saria made a weak smile.

“Dont make that…… face. You will ruin, that cool face …… see?’


Again, my tears overflow.

I didn’t make it…….

I could only fall to despair at that sad truth.

Then, she gently put her hand on my cheek.

“I, am glad……..for meeting Seiichi”


“For being together with Seiichi, I am glad”


“Seiichi, to care for you ―――― I am glad”

To the smiling Saria, I have no words to respond.

This…… I don’t want to accept it. No…… absolutely no…….

But, destiny is cruel. Too cruel.

Even now, when Saria’s body is becoming more and more particles of light…….

To myself, who cant think of anything, Saria told her last request.

“You know? Seiichi……”


“I…… wanted to become, Seiichi’s wife……”


While saying so…… a tear falls from Saria’s eyes for the first time.

―――― Seriously, destiny and reality are unreasonable to us.

No matter how much we struggle, it doesn’t feel that the situation will get better…….

Besides, in this world God said he will not interfere.

Then, there is no such a thing as a miracle.

In this miracleless, cruel reality, I am waiting for fate.

But you know? When humans are cornered, there is no choice but to pray, right?

―――――――― for a miracle.


The only thing i can do now.

That’s it, nothing more than pray.

…… Only praying for a miracle.

But, I think only praying is not enough.

A miracle will not happen. To begin with, to not happen is normal.

If such a miracle happened, I wanted to realize Saria’s wish. If I doubt for even a second that a miracle will happen, that will become my life regret…….

Saria’s wish, to become my wife.

Even though there is no one that would want to marry a guy like me.

Futhermore, when Saria is in this state there’s not much I can do.

Without adding burden to Saria, and thinking about her wish.

Thinking that, I to Saria ――――




――――― Kissed her.

Its not a kiss between a man and a woman that are going out.

Only, kindly overlaping my lips with hers, only that.

Tenderly, lovingly…….

Overlaping our lips.

It feels like the kiss lasts for eternity, and I gently release her lips.

Then, slowly i left Saria on the ground.

Futhermore, Saria was in an emotional state, with tears overflowing, showing a smile.

“Thank you……!”

Then, as Saria said that.

Suddenly, Saria’s body started emiting an incredibly strong light.

This is, when I defeat a demon, the effect that happens when the demon disappears, it’s a completely different effect.

Eh, wait~tsu…… what is happening!?

Heck, more important than that ――――

“Eyes……-my eyeeeeeeees~tsu!”

I wasn’t prepared, so that intense light shone directly into my eyes!? Right now I can understand a certain captain’s feelings ……! (TL: Anyone know the reference? It’s the captains name: 今ならム○カ大佐の気持ちが分かる)

I was holding my eyes and rolling around the ground, but eventually my vision recover and I opened my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the light had already subsided.

“J,Just what happened……”

I say so without realizing, and I look to where Saria was.


I was speechless.



For some reason, in the place Saria was previosuly, a naked girl is sleeping there.

……………… What?

Eh, who? wait, why is she naked? Wait, saria is? Eh? Wa?

My head was in panic. I was confused, it might be a confusion state. W, what? Its weird…… I have [Confusion resistance] in my skills though~…….

“―― its not!?”

Seriously who!? Wait where did Saria dissapear!?

More importantly, why nude!!?…… Also, what kind of power is it that hides the important parts with hair and shadow so I can’t see anything at all….!

Just what the heck!?

Right now my head is not catching up with the sudden development of the events, I feel like my eyes are spinning around, suddenly the girl in front of my eyes opened her eyes, and slowly raised her body.



I dont know who she is but, if I suddenly get treated as a molester it wont be funny……!

I look at the eyes of the girl with my vigilance at MAX.

Extending to her waist, crimson hair reminiscent of sparkling flame, long eyelashes above crimson eyes like rubys. Below the pretty nose, wet lips of cherry colour. Small face, a terrifyingly beautiful face, that I didn’t see anything like on earth, a bishōjo that surpass 2D bishōjo.

Briefly speaking, super bishōjo. Frankly, dangerous.

Even in the school I went to, she’s top-class.

Her figure…… Un. Tremendous in a lot of ways. Even so, that a lot of parts are hidden by the hair…… I think it’s a shame.…… Un.

I, I am not a hentai! It couldn’t be helped right!?…… What are you doing alone. Don’t be confused be the sudden turn of events, I…….

However, I got the feeling we are of similar age …….

She got up without permission, and is calmy observing the situation, then the girls eyes captured mine.



Anyways, I should say something to the girl before my eyes.



I think I heard a low voice, so low that I didn’t hear it, so I asked involuntary ――――

“―――― ichi.―― I ichi…… Seiichi ī ī ī ī!”

“Gufu ~oa~tsu!?”

Suddenly the girl hugged me.…… She’s hugging me!? Wh, why!?

I am surprised and confused…… somehow there are a lot of things and my head is a mess, the girl with upturned eyes says with a lovely voice.

“I did it …… I did it, Seiichi! I…… I …… I became a me that can speak a lot! I can stay with Seiichi! Again…… I can tell you I love you again!”

“Wai~tsu…… hā!?”

What!? “I did it” what!? Whats wrong with this girl!?

In my confused head I desesperatly tried to think about that, realizing my feelings, the girl in front of me eyes asks with a hint of sadness in her face.

“Seiichi…… you can’t…… understand me?”

“Well, even if you say understand……”

It happened when I gave such an answer.

…… something…… I’m missing something.

That was, something very important…… the gears started moving. Something like that feeling.

When you realize you lack something, it’s the time you think about it.

The girl hugging me, with upturned teary eyes, a bit of worry, and with a voice as if she was determined about something says.

“I…… I like Seiichi! I love you! That’s why…… please make me your wife!”


With that, the gear that I lacked is now complete; I realized what I was forgetting.

No, I understood completly.

This is――――

“Saria……is it?”

With a great deal of effort, I squeezed out the words.

Then, the girl in front of my eyes ―――― Saria with upturned eyes, makes a smile from ear to ear.


I was, for a while lost for words.

In this world where there is no god, a miracle happened.

That was, the thing that has been saving me since I came to this world, the said miracle occurred because of the seed know as [shinka no mi] that exists in this word…… this is the benefit.

This seed, has saved me again.

This severe forest, the thing that it gave me is, this miracle.

I will never forget this debt. No matter what happens, absolutly…….

Now that I have once again reaffirmed it, now that I understood the new form of Saria in front of my eyes.

On top of that, I shouted. There was nothing to do but shout.


Saria is a bishōjo!? Eh, is this an evolution too!? Its weird right!? She just changed races!? What the hell happened!?

Ah, but if you look carefully there is a tail growing from her coxis…… Heck, this is poison for my eyes for a lot of reasons……! Don’t underestimate the libido of a high school boy who spent long years of solitude!…… its nothing.

Wait a moment. Consider my situation calmly now.

I am being hugged by Saria, right?

And, something soft is getting transmitted to my body.

…… Well, isn’t that it? Even if I don’t say it you understand it right? Kefiadesu ne. (TL note: Lol i forgot about that XD)

………… I, to reach nirvana will be impossible. From a bit ago a sweet smell is reaching me…….


This, is difficult in various ways. Well, truly. It is more difficult than my fight with Zeanosu. Seriously.

For now, I will represent my feelings in a single word.


My reason is big bang……!


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