Shinka no Mi – Chapter 131

Taste Test

「Now, let’s make the menu for the Cafe.」 (Beatrice)


After we settled to hold a Cosplay Cafe for the program for the Academy Festival, we decided to make the sample dish for it under Beatrice-san’s suggestion..
For that reason, the whole class went to the Home Economics classroom.

「It’s the first time I’ve been to the Home Economics classroom, but it’s the same as an Earth’s school huh」 

To my surprise, there were sinks, stoves, and other appliances which made the ambiance not that different from the usual classroom back on Earth. I don’t know under what principle these appliances worked, but I guessed that it must be due to some mysterious magic power thingy. Much like the camera and projectors that were used in the Royal Cup back in Terveil. Really, magic is awesome.

「Uwaah! Seiichi, the kitchen here is big! I can make more delicious foods here compared to when I was in the forest!」 (Saria)
「F-, Forest!?」 (Agnos)

Agnos looked evidently shocked hearing Saria’s casual remark.

Now that I thought about it, the fact that Saria could make various high quality foods in the middle of a forest without any proper kitchen itself was proof how much higher her specs were.

「Okay, enough fooling around. Let’s go straight to testing your cooking skills and make something. …Let’s see, there’s so many ingredients here, so use that and make a dish for the cafe.」 (Beatrice)
「B-, Beatrice-sensei… that, um…. Do I have to cook too…? I can’t….」 (Helen)

It was rare for Helen to look so flustered as she spoke, but Beatrice-san cut her sentence in the middle with a smile.

「Of course!」 (Beatrice)

「…Just give up, Helen.」 (Blued)

「He’s right. Well, no one gives two shit even if you made cra——」 (Agnos)
「Shut up!」 (Helen)
「Guhoak!? Wh-, why…. I was just, try to cheer….」  (Agnos)

Helen’s sharp uppercut bore into Agnos’ abdomen, and just like that, Agnos fell down.

I don’t think that’s how you cheer people up, Agnos… 

There was some dispute before things even started, but Helen then began to cook, albeit seemingly very reluctant.

Then, even though only a few minutes had passed, clear differences between the students started to become apparent.

「Since this perfect me is the one cooking, the dish will surely turns out perfect.」  

Irene was using some very unusual ingredients and cooking appliances, making a dish that seemed like just came out from some palace somewhere.

「It’s a Cafe after all~ It should be cakes~」

Rachel was happily making cakes, with fluffy smiles decorating her own cheeks.

「Ooh, it turned out good! …sneaking some bites should be fine, right…?」

Flora started to eat the pancake she just made. Yeah, even if she can cook, she won’t be placed in the kitchen.

「Even raw like this… nom nom nom… is tasty… nom nom… doesn’t need… nom nom nom… to be cooked…. nom nom… right?」

Rurune, not an option.
While each of them was cooking with their own perks, Saria was——

「Seiichi. I put a lot of love in it. Eat lots.」

For some reason, became a Gorilla in an apron.

「Why!? Why aren’t you cooking with your human form!?」
「Eh? Because, this form is better to do delicate work?」
「With those toes for fingers!?」 

Isn’t that weird!? Gorillas’ fingers are obviously way fatter! But why are those fingers more dexterous!?

「Geez. Just because I’m cute in an apron… no need to shy.」
「What makes you think I was being shy!?」

Even a gorilla in naked shirt itself gave a huge impact, a gorilla in an apron over the uniform was a level of its own!
That being said, all the cakes and the sandwiches Saria made were truly delicious. Too good to be true.

Time flew by as we were checking on everyone. Finally, the time to taste test had come.

The one to judge was me, Beatrice-san, Olga-chan, Zola, then Lutia as well as Louis.

There was the discussion of how Lutia and Louis would join the mix, but for food handling, it was decided that it was better if the students at least cook by themselves. Hence, they didn’t join.

「Well then, let’s start the evaluation of the boys’ dish.」

Following Beatrice-san’s lead, we began to eat from Agnos’ side.

First, the food Agnos made…. 

「What a wild-looking dish…」 

The dish Agnos served was basically a roasted meat on the bone with a slightly fancy dressing. I don’t know if I could call this cooking at all.

However, the taste was good. That being said, it wasn’t something you’d serve in a Cafe.

Next was Blued’s dish. His was like an English afternoon tea party, very fancy to the letter t.

「Hmpf. This should serve well for a Cafe.」
「This is… amazing.」
「I can see this being sold in a popular shop back at Terveil.」
「This confection would also be popular amongst my nobles.」
「Fuwaah! So there’s food this tasty!」
「…Nn, it’s delicious. 」

Not only Beatrice-san, the rest of the judge favoured Blued’s dish as well. Yeah, Blued would definitely be positioned in the kitchen. That being said, Blued also had a cool profile, so I had hoped he’d serve the customers if possible…. Well, that wouldn’t be a problem since there were shifts in the kitchen.

Next up was Bead. His was just a normal breakfast set of toast and sunny-side up eggs. There was no problem with the taste department as well, so Bead would do fine standing in the kitchen.

Lastly was Leon’s dish, which was a pasta.

「I-, is a dish made by someone like me even worthy to be served…? Ah! I-, I’m so sorry! I’ll make it without talking back!」

Putting aside his character, his food was tasty and he’d do better in the kitchen.

Ultimately, all the boys would fill the kitchen slot except Agnos. No, Agnos could also make a decent meal if taught properly.

While the boys did better than expected, now we finally moved on towards the girls’.

「Behold, this perfect dish made by this perfect me!」
「O, ooh…」

The dish Irene brought out… was beyond my comprehension.

What is this? What is this crispy brown thin thingy? And why is it spiralling upwards?

And what’s this green sauce? I’ve never seen this kind of dish before, but this kind of arrangement is like the ones you’d only get from five star restaurants.

It tastes good, but I can’t tell what it tastes of. Eh, what is this? It’s scary.

Coming from a poor fellow with his poor taste buds, I couldn’t understand the greatness of Irene’s dish.

As opposed to me, Louis and the other judges groaned as if they just ate something luscious.

「This is… incredible….」
「Agreed…. Perhaps, even better than the foods served in the castle….」
「Why of course. This perfect me made it with my perfect cooking skill using only the most expensive ingredients of highest quality without caring about profit, after all.」
「You can’t disregard the profit. As such, you’re disqualified. 」

With a single word from Beatrice-san, Irene was disqualified. Yeah, disregarding the profit is a clear out. It’s not viable for the store.

「I, you see~ Made some cakes~」

Next on the table was a shortcake made by Rachel. Simple, but reliably delicious. Yeah, this would make a fine addition to the menu.

After Rachel’s dish was unanimously decided to be added, next up was Flora.

「Umm… when I came to, the parfait’s already gone…」
「Was it delicious?」

“EEH” my arse. Also, that lie is as clear as the day. I watched you eat that until the last bite.

「Milord! I——」
「Okay, next.」 

Knowing Rurune didn’t do any cooking, we completely ignored her.
After which was Saria, who had turned back to her human form, serving her dish with a smile.

「Here! I made an omelette rice!」  

What Saria made was a fluffy omelette rice with half cooked egg.

Moreover, she also drew a heart on it with a ketchup.

「Hmm!! This is delicious!」
「…Nn. Saria-oneechan’s cooking is delish.」 

I knew very well how good Saria’s cooking skills were, but she really was exceptional after all. It was still a mystery to me how she made this in her gorilla form.

Not only Zola and Olga-chan, but Saria also collected praises from all the other judges. And so, she also filled the cooking slot without any issue.

And lastly was Helen. The dish she presented was—— 

「…There, it’s done.」

―――― an empty plate.

「Where’s the food!?」
「Blown to oblivion.」
「Blown to WHAT!?」

What happened during the cooking!?

As not only me, but Beatrice-san as well showed a troubled expression when faced with this, Helen approached and pointed at a segment on the plate.

「Look, there’s still some left there!」
「Look, it’s there!」

At the end of her fingertips was a blackish grain, so small you’d need to strain your eyes to see it.

「Erm… what is this….?」
「A speck from my dish.」
「Can you not serve specks from your dish!?」 

That’s not even a dish anymore!
With a bitter smile hanging on her face, Beatrice-san tried to squeeze out some words for Helen at her unexpectedly worse than ever imagined inability to cook.

「Umm… everyone has their strengths and weaknesses! Helen-san, you can serve the customers and take orders! It’s alright! You can still live even if you can’t cook!」 


After being told the roundabout way that she really was hopeless, Helen silently shed tears. Sensei, that’s just putting the last nail on the coffin. 

Ultimately, the chosen cooking members were Blued, Bead, Leone, Rachel, and Saria.

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