Shinka no Mi Chapter 118

The Identity of the Demon God Cult 

After managing to force clothes on Saria’s parents, naked and in high tension they were, I thought I’d finally have room to breath, but a woman approached me right after.

「So, you are the rumored Seiichi-san?」 

「Eh? I am, but…」 

As I have no recollection of this woman whose hair was godly blonde and reached her waist, donning in a caped armor, my response to her question was quite stiff. Looking at me, the woman wore a gentle smile.

「Dear me, I’m sorry. My name is Elmina Kisa Wimburg. I’m also known as the S rank adventurer【Thunder Empress】, as well as Ranze’s wife.」 

「Ranze-san’s wife!?」 

Come to think of it, during the In-School Tournament, Robert from the S class was introduced as the son of an S rank adventurer… 

But, what business does such a person have with me?

「Umm, what do you want from me?」 

「Not that, I just heard you from my husband. I was in another country when he was having a big crisis, you see… But, when I heard you were there to help, I thought that I’m obliged to thank you in person. Thank you very much for saving Ranze.」 

「Please, raise your head! I am indebted to Ranze-san too, you see, and I also love this country, so…」 

「I’m glad to hear that, as the wife of this country’s King.」 

Said Elmina-san with her smile so gentle.

Suddenly, her occupation as an adventurer bugged my mind, so I decided to pry.

「Can I ask something?」 

「My, what is it?」 

「Why do you choose to be an adventurer? Ah, please take no offense, but… I’m simply curious.」 

Now that I think about it again, it was really a rude question. But since it was already spilled, I couldn’t take it back.

Despite that, Elmina-san showed no sign of anger, and told me.

「Indeed, it sure is peculiar for the spouse of a King to be an adventurer. I really can’t express enough gratitude to Ranze for letting me doing what I love, and I really love adventuring. That is why, as I do venture out to other countries, I also learn their state of affairs and technologies, harvesting what I can for this country. Other than that, I also deal with diplomatic affairs, but… lately, my attention is full with collecting informations about a certain matter.」  

「A certain matter?」 

So I pried, my neck twisting from curiosity. In return, Elmina-san answered as her expression darkened.

「Yes——about the 【Demon God Cult】.」 


Demon God Cult …  the people who attacked Barbadora Magic Academy and the organization behind the current attack to Terveil, huh… 

I had heard that names a few times already, but I had no idea of who they really are.

…That creepy man who appeared back then… I still don’t know what’s with his power… just what is happening…?

As I was trying to recall my encounter with the  【Demon God Cult】, frown showed on my face. Elmina-san then enlightened me of the informations I needed.

「On top of being Ranze’s benefactor, your power will certainly be a big help. For that reason, I’d like you to be more informed about the 【Demon God Cult】.」 

「I’m sorry for the trouble, please do so. I also have fought with someone from the 【Demon God Cult】 other than this time, but I don’t know the first thing about them…」 

Receiving those words, Elmina-san nodded.

「I understand. First, you should know that the 【Demon God Cult】 is an organization that worship a certain god. Do you know what god it is?」 

A god? Hmm… something like the Black Dragon God I fought last time?

Seeing me twisting my neck here and there, Elmina-san continued with her explanation.

「Looking at you, I can tell you don’t know about it… Then, are you familiar with this story? That the Gods have abandoned this world.」 

「Ah, that I do know. I heard that long, long ago, there was a war between a Pillar God and the other Gods, which then ended with the Pillar God being sealed, right?」 

It was something Beatrice-san told me.

And, the crystallization of the power of the gods during that war was——-the 『Fruit of Evolution』. 

「That’s right. Let’s get back to the topic. The one god 【Demon God Cult】 is worshipping is… that defeated Pillar God.」 


So, it’s not something like the Black Dragon God, but a real god like the one who sent us here to this world!?

I knew I’ve listened thus far, but the scale of the discussion is too big, I can’t wrap my head around.

「B, but, isn’t that God has been sealed? Then, how come they worship it?」 

「The 【Demon God Cult】’s ultimate objective is to resurrect that Pillar God, you see.」 

「Resurrect!? Is that even possible!?」 

Wait a minute there! Do humans like us even capable to lift the seal the Gods have placed!?

Seeing my surprised face, Elmina-san solemnly affirmed.

「Of course… but, the method is where the problem lays」  

「Resurrection method?」

「『Negative Emotions』 ——-Grief, Anger, Hatred… all those dark emotions from all over the world are needed to resurrect their god. And the agents who attacked us this time are called 『Apostles』, they are given special powers by their god in order to harvest negative emotions from all over the world.」

「Negative emotions…」 What’s with that easy-to-understand evil god? Rather, wasn’t that god, one of the Gods who spoiled mankind? Why is he collecting negative emotions from mankind, and now of all times? Has he fallen to the dark side? Or is he just sulking?

「For the time being, now I know what the 【Demon God Cult】 is to some degree. However, if that much is known, then why don’t every country just crack down on them?」

「It’s not that simple, you know. In addition, the 【Demon God Cult】has only appeared in public just recently, and as their very existence had been nothing but rumours before that, they were hard to grasp. Also, just like I said before, their 『Apostles』 are really troublesome… That creepy man who carried off the other 『Apostles』, with someone like that at large, we can’t exactly be careless when dealing with them.」

「I see…」 How to put it… what a really troublesome group, huh. In the first place, why are those 『Apostle』 bunch even partaking in the 【Demon God Cult】 stuff? I mean, since the god they’re trying to revive is seeking negative emotions, be it an 『Apostle』 who has received special power or not, in the end, they’re all the same…

「Urm, what do you think would happen if that God was resurrected?」

「Beats me… I haven’t learned that far, but with the current state of this Godless world, there is no mistake that you can’t take it lightly.」 

I’m now a bit more informed about the Demon God Cult from this, but it also gives me more question than answer… 

…Personally speaking, all I ever want is to have a laid back life with Saria and the other girls, but trouble keeps finding its way to me.

But, one thing become clear. Even if the God was spoiling human rotten long time ago, now he’s our enemy.

If they bring harm to Saria and the girls… then I won’t be as forgiving.

As I was making resolution in my heart, I saw Ranze-san came back from his search for the creepy man.

「Tch… they really went off hook.」 

「It can’t be helped. The powers of the 『Apostles』 are outside our knowledge.」 

「Yeah, but it hurts my pride that they took the captured bunch. I really wanted to wrung out information from them, one way or another, but…」 

After Ranze-san conversed with Elmina-san lightly, he directed his eyes to me.

「Seiichi, you saved our skin. It’s all thanks to you the Demon King’s daughter can be saved, and we’re also hugely indebted to the people you introduced us. Thank you.」 

「It’s nothing, I’m happy I can be of help! …Ah, about time for me to go back to the academy. I don’t want to worry Saria and the others, there’s also the thing Barna-san asked of me…」 

「Ou, is that so. I don’t want to jinx it, but… I’ll rely on you again if something does happen.」 

「It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll lend you my hand anytime.」 

Having said that to Ranze-san, I went to where my parents were to say my goodbyes before I went back to Barbadora Magic Academy. It was then.

「Seiichi. I want you to bring me with.」 


Lutia said something like that to me.

*Translator Note:

Seiichi uses the word ningen which means “human” while addressing the demons, implying that demons, humans, beastmen, and all other races are all the same. I don’t know if it’s intentionally or not, but for convenience’s sake, I’ll use “mankind” when it sounds fit. It’s either the Author sets Seiichi to see all races as equal, or he simply uses it as a convenient umbrella term.

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