Shinka no Mi Chapter 117

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Saria’s Parents

Because of the mysterious invader’s disappearance, Ranze got a lot busier dealing with things related to that, so I decided to head to where my dad and the others were.

It might be a little selfish of me, but there wasn’t much I could do with the situation still so unclear, and above all, since this was a rare opportunity for us to meet up, I’d like to have the time to sit down and have a nice chat.

It’s just that――――。

「……Erm……Why exactly are you following me?」

「……I can’t?」

「No, it’s not that you can’t, but……」

「……Then there’s no problem」

「I’m asking for the reason though!?」

That’s right. Ever since then, Lutia has been following me around from behind me.

「Erm。Wouldn’t it be better for you to be together with the other Demons, rather than following someone like me around?Look, up till just a bit ago, you were in grave danger, so for your own protection……」

「……If that’s the case, then I would be safest by your side。You’re the strongest one here after all」

What do I even say in response?

It’s strange…… Even though this place is supposed to be a gathering of the strongest people representing their various countries……!

Noticing that I was troubled, Lutia, feeling a little dissatisfied, continued.

「……Also, my name is Lutia。Please call me by my name」

「M-My bad……Erm、Lutia-san?」

「……Just Lutia is fine」

「No, I can’t exactly just refer to the Demon King’s Daughter without any honorifics……」





「……Un。That’s how it should be」

When I finally caved into the pressure, and called her by name alone, Lutia gave me a satisfied nod.

「……By the way, what’s your name?」

「Me?I’m Seiichi」

「Seiichi……Un。Also, no need for formal language with me。And no, you’re not allowed to refuse that」

「Aren’t we going through the formalities too quickly!?」

Well, it’s not like it really matters.

And so, without finding out why she was following along, I continued towards where my parents were

When I arrived, I found not just my parents, but even the Treasure Chest and the two people …… No, two bodies? Two heads? The pair? Of strangely familiar gorillas.

Noticing me, my dad called out to me, smiling.

「Seiichi!Have you been alright?」

「Un, I’m still the same as ever」

「I see, that’s good。How are Saria and the others doing?」

「They’re fine。Ah, speaking of which, those two gorillas over there are……」

Since my parents were with them, my parents must know something about their situation, but just as I was about to ask my them about it, someone from the gorilla’s direction called out to me

「Seiichi……So, you Saria’s――――Daughter’s mate」

「Eh!? Daughter!?」

What the gorilla said really surprised me

Ignoring my clear surprise, the two gorillas continued on talking.

「I, Saria’s mother,【Sunny】」

「I, father【Adramelech】」

「Hold on, my mind’s still trying to catch up!」

「……Speech capable monsters……How rare」

These two are Saria’s parents!? Seriously!?

No, I get that Saria was a gorilla, so her parents should be gorillas too, but still!

I was really only familiar with my allies in the human race, so I was truly surprised from the bottom of my heart, when I found out there were Saria’s parents.

Even Lutia, who was following me around me from behind, was a little surprised that Saria’s parents were capable of speech

「Ara, did you not realise, Seiichi?Look, Sunny’s eye wrinkles are exactly like Saria’s」

「How can you tell, mom!? I can’t see the resemblance at all!?」

I’ve always known my parents were a bit weird and lacked common sense, but this is on a whole other level……。

「Umu……Now I see with own eyes, Seiichi existence abnormally strong」

「Saria picked good mate。Bloodline guaranteed carry on」

While I was having my conversation with my mom, Saria’s parents were also having their own conversation in parallel

…… Well, I’ve already been quite impolite to them by this point, but I should still give my proper greetings to Saria’s parents.

「……My apologies for the late greeting, I’m Seiichi Hiragi, I’ve had the privilege of dating your daughter Saria」

「Oo、My my……So, when children coming?」

「Better fast。Because, who know what happen later」


Ah, these two are definitely Saria’s parents!

The way they think is almost exactly like hers!

While I was thinking that in my head, Sunny suddenly asked a question

「But……Daughter gorilla, Seiichi Human。Is there problem?」

「Ah……About that, right now Saria is living amongst us in a form that’s pretty indistinguishable from humans so that’s fine。But even she still looked like a gorilla, I would still love her……」

「I see……Hm?Indistinguishable from human?What mean?」

Ah, do these two not know of the existence of the 【Seed of Evolution】?

But it’s already existed in the【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 for a while already hasn’t it……。

I decided to tell them about Saria and I ate the 【Seeds of Evolution】, and her race evolved to the point where she could turn into human form

「……【Seed of Evolution】……Definitely feel like hear somewhere before……」

「But, cannot understand how turn into human。We want try eat, but……」

「Erm……I do happen to have some on hand, would you like to have one?」

That’s right, ever since I started to cultivate the 【Seed of Evolution】in my smartphone, they’ve managed to successfully bear fruit, and produce even more

It wasn’t something that I could eat any more of, but I could give them to others.

It’s effects are really potent, so I have to carefully choose who to give them to though…… But it should be fine if it’s Saria’s parents. Receiving a 【Seed of Evolution】from me, the two of them began inspecting it from various angles

「Oh……So this【Seed of Evolution】……」

「No special smell」

Seeing the two of them examine the seed, Lutia began pulling on the hem of my shirt


「……Give me one of those too」

「Eh, no……that’s ……」

While I was wonder what was with her, the two gorillas both took a bite out of the 【Seed of Evolution】at the same time

And then ――――。


They shrieked.

Yeah, I completely understand

It’s effects might be amazing, but the taste of the 【Seed of Evolution】is absolutely disgusting

After watching the two of them puking their guts out, Lutia had a serious expression as she said

「……On second thought, nevermind」

The fact that she gave up on it at the end is really helpful. Good job, Seed of Evolution!

Wiping away the remnants from her lips, Sunny’s voice was trembling a bit as she said

「D-Digusting……But with this, can turn human?」

「Ah、about that――――」

You can’t level after after consuming the 【Seed of Evolution】if you don’t defeat an enemy of a higher level than yourself

After watching them take the trouble to eat that disgusting thing, I kinda felt sorry to tell them that it wouldn’t just exhibit its effects just like that

『Skill,【Attunement】has activating。Begining to Empathise with surround beings』


Suddenly, one of the skills I had, 【Attunement】, activated

Eh, what what what!? What’s going on!?

Then, Sunny’s and Adramelech’s bodies both started glowing

「What this!?」

「What the heck is going on……!」

『Attunement complete。For the contents of this round of Attunement、using Seiichi’s state of【Post-Evolution】、assimilating with the two’s consumption of【Seed of Evolution】、the two’s state has been changed to【Post-Evolution】』

「You’ve gotta be kidding me!?」

This can happen!? My state of evolution can be shared!? Does anything go!? Or rather, why now of all times!

While I was in the middle of retorting to the what the announcer said, the two of them were wrapped in a veil of brilliant light, so bright that it forced the rest of us to inadvertently avert our eyes

When the light finally seemed to fade, I opened my eyes, only to be greeted by two human figures.

「Ooh, so this is a human body」

「What a strange feeling this is」

One was a beautiful woman, with extremely long, deep red hair like Saria’s, while the other was a hunk, also with deep red hair like Saria’s except it was swept up―――― And they were both completely naked


I reflexively retorted, with all my strength

Come to think of it, monsters end up naked after their evolutions don’t they! How did I forget that……!

While I was still extremely troubled the current situation, Saria’s mother, Sunny, decided to put her hands on her hips, making her look pointlessly dignified for the state she was in.

「For what?What’s wrong with being like this?」

「It might be fine for monsters……But you’re a human right now!」

「Ooh。It feels quite breezy without fur!」

「Adramelech too seems to be rather happy being completely naked!」

As monsters, they had no shame at all, as they stood there laughing happily. No wait, Saria has a sense of modesty, but only when she was in monster form …… Ah screw it, I don’t understand anything at all !

I somehow managed to find some clothes for the two of them to wear, but being curious of their new forms, the two of them decided to go around completely naked,

「I’m seriously begging you right now, please be more mature!」

In the end, they completely forgot about what I said, and the two of them ended up frolicking around naked, until I forcefully managed to get them to stop.

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