Shinka no Mi Chapter 116

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Mysterious Invader

Finally given a chance to use my magic on the Demon King’s Daughter by Lucius, I immediately grabbed her hand, activating my Reversal Magic 『Get Well』

When I did so, light began to flow from my hands and was absorbed into her body.


All of the Demons who saw that were shocked, and in particular, the white haired hunk suddenly grabbed me by my collar.

「Oi, you bastard!What kinda magic are ya using on ‘er!?」

「Eh?I-Is is bad If I’d rather not say!?」

「Of course! I’m shocked ya can do it chantless、but using this kinda strange magic on Lutia-sama……Yer just askin’ to be taught a lesson!」

Not just the white-haired hunk, but all the other demons also unleashed their bloodlust

Eeeh …… Is there really no choice for me but to tell them!?

Why do I feel like they’d kill me regardless of whether I tell them or not!?

I tried to think of a way out of this, but was unable to come up with anything, and that, together with the pressure from the Demons, made me give in and confess……。

「…………well 」

「Huh? I can’t hear ya!」

「……I said it was……『Get Well』……」

「………Huh?Just now……What didja just say……?」

Ah, whatever! Now that it’s come down to this, I’ll just say it

「Like I said!I used the Reverse Magic『Get Well』!」


See, he’s angry now! Didn’t I already say so! That’s why I didn’t want to say the name out loud

Where the heck are you!? Whichever idiot named this spell!

 ――――That idiot was me!

「Keep it believable if ya tryna make fun of us!? There ain’t no way this kinda childish sounding magic would exi――――」

「……Hm……mm? This……Is……?」


The moment the Demon King’s Daughter awakened, and softly said something, the white-haired hunk immediately tossed me aside as he rushed to her side

The other Demons around her also rushed to her side

「Lutia-sama!Are you alright!? Does your body feel weird!?」

「……I’m fine。But……What’s going on……」

The Demon King’s Daughter seemed perfectly fine physically but was a little surprised as she had no idea what was going after because she had just awakened.

And so, the male Demon explained everything that happened to her, which led up to this strange set of circumstances.

「……Lutia-sama。Up till just now、you’ve been in a state of near death in your sleep, as you were inflicted with a curse because of the enemy’s underhanded use of a【Cursed Tool】」

「A curse!?」

「Yes。However, the curse has been dispelled by that boy over there。I’ve confirmed that his skill was used, so there’s no mistaking that。However……」

「……However?Did something happen?」

She tilted her head, puzzled by the male demon’s hesitation.

It seems like this male demon was the only one who confirmed that I used my skill, as the other demons once again directed their bloodlust at me when they heard that there might be something up with her body. Ah, just cut me a break already.

「……I’m not exactly sure how to say this but、in replacement of the『Curse』you had, a new『Blessing』called【Eternal Health】has been granted to you……」


All the Demons had an idiotic expression plastered on their faces.

Ah, so both Ranze and Lutia had been granted the same 『Blessing』. I’m not sure what kind of 『Curse』they were afflicted with, but it looks like everything turned out alright. After all, they’ve both had their lifespans extended by 10 years, don’t need to worry about illnesses for the rest of their lives, and are less likely to receive injuries.

When Lutia checked with the other demons on the effects of her 『Blessing』, she was once again shocked by it’s contents

「……W-What’s with these, ridiculous effects……」

Said one particularly beautiful female demon, and it was almost like she was speaking for everyone else in the room.

Then Lucius, who had been watching over the course of events, happily gripped onto my shoulder with one of his hands 

「Ah, just as amazing as ever I see!Even though it’s common sense that『Curses』can’t be dispelled、to think that you would not just dispel it but even turn it into a 『Blessing』!」

「……?You are?」

Asked Lutia curiously, intrigued as she finally noticed Lucius’ presence.

「Me?I’m Lucius Arsahl。We’re not related by blood, but……Maybe you’ll understand if I say that I’m the First Demon King?」


Miss Demon King’s Daughter’s eyes somehow managed to open even wider in shock.

「T-That name does indeed belong to the Founder of our Demon Country, the First Demon King but……could it be true?」

「Un、though you might not believe it, the very same Seiichi here who dispelled your curse, also brought me back from the underworld!」

『Brought back from the underworld!?』

The phrase “Brought back from the underworld” left everyone shocked. It can’t be helped though. I’d probably react the same way if I were on their side. But at same time I’m the cause of it all ……!

At this point, Lutia turned her gaze to face me

「……Are you the one who saved me?」

「Eh?Ah, yes。I suppose……that would be the case, wouldn’t it?」

When she heard my reply, Lutia got off her bed, and started walking towards me



When she finally was beside me, she stopped to stare intently at my face. What’s this? Some new form of teasing? It’s really embarrassing and uncomfortable though?

After staring at me for a bit, she started to move away from me.

「……I felt an absurd amount of power from you。You, are you really a human?」

「Yes, I’m a human」

Though, I’m not completely confident in my answer.

「……In any case, I’d like to thank you for saving me。If what everyone else said was true, then I should have been left for dead。I’d like to repay you for saving me。Is there anything that you might want?」

I also thought so back when I saved Ranze, but compared to us normals, the ones who carry the burden of ruling their countries really have so many responsibilities and obligations tied to everything that they do

But it’s not like I saved her because I wanted a reward or anything, so even if she asks me that, I don’t really have anything in mind……。

「Erm…I don’t need a rewa――――」

「You’re not going say that you won’t accept Lutia-sama gratitude, are you?」

What’s his problem? This white-haired hunk. He’s really freaking me out

So, I ended up telling the truth, that I couldn’t think of anything that I wanted

「I’m sorry……I really can’t think of anything on such short notice, so would it be possible to leave it up till later to decide?」

「……That’s……Hmm, I guess it can’t be helped。But, I definitely want to repay you somehow, so please do think it over」

「I understand」

I don’t particularly have anything I want right now, but I’d better think it through.

Various things have happened but, finally completing my mission of saving the Demon King’s Daughter, I decided to report the good news to Ranze.

「Ranze, I somehow managed to save her」

「Oh, seriously? No, you really are as ridiculous as I expected。Thank you」

「Isn’t your way of thanking me a little weird !?」

While we carried on with our little back and forth, Ranze and I turned to face where the three beat-up members of the 【Demon God Cult】were

「So……What should we do with them?」

「Ah……I had planned to just leave them restrained, and maybe hand them off to Lorna or someone else to interrogate but……」

Ah…… Now that he mentioned it, Louis had a subordinate named Lorna who was skilled at interrogations didn’t she.

I suddenly recalled a moment in the past.

「――――That would be troubling」


Sudden…… Without any signs at all, a creepy looking man with a faint smile on his face appeared, covering the the three unconscious Apostles

With the appearance of the mysterious intruder, all of the demons and adventurers around us all readied their weapons simultaneously.

「You bastard……Who the hell are you!」

Asked a dignified looking male demon, and the mysterious intruder replied.

「I’ll be troubled if they get caught。They’re precious and capable pawns that I’d regret to part with after all」

「Answer the question!」

This time, the white-haired hunk molded the darkness he was clad in into a spear, and tossed it at the intruder.

However, a snap from the intruder was all it took for the spear to disappear.


「No need to be so impatient, we’ll meet again soon。Well then, till next time――――」

With another snap of his fingers, the intruder disappeared along with the 3 apostles of the 【Demon God Cult】

…… Who was that? The fact that he took those 3 along, must mean that he’s one of their 【Demon God Cult】allies but……。

But before all of that, I was more concerned by the fact that my body did not react to his presence at all

 The way that he disappeared in that instant, made me think that he must have used a skill or some kind of magic but…… The fact that my ability to evolve didn’t react at all makes me think that it’s neither of those, but truly some kind of special power.

While I was still occupied by my thoughts of the intruder, Ranze quickly began sending out orders to his soldiers.

「Oi、I want every nook and cranny of the city search! And get in touch with the gatekeepers!」

「Sire!」Afterwards, we remained on alert for quite a while longer, but in the end, we were unable to find the intruder or the three【Demon God Cult】 Apostles

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