Shinka no Mi Chapter 115

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Spirited off to Terveil

「――――The appearance……of a dungeon?」


I had come to the Headmaster’s Office at Barna-san’s call.

And this was where I was informed of the appearance of a dungeon

…… Hmm …… If we’re talking about dungeons, then the only real experience I’ve had are with the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】, and the place where the Black Dragon God was ……

「Are dungeons something that can just suddenly spawn out of nowhere?」

「No, ‘tis something that would never happen。However, because of the strange power that the【Demon God Cult】’s Apostle used, it ended up spawning in the forest close to the academy」

Come to think of it, wasn’t Al deployed to investigate that forest at Barna-san’s instructions? To think that it would be because an Apostle of the 【Demon God Cult】

「If it’s only just appeared, then this must be a new dungeon, right?」

「No, that might not be the case……」


I tilted my head in puzzlement.

Since you said that a dungeon has appeared, then it should be a new dungeon right?

Or so I thought, but Barna-san politely corrected me.

「From the looks of things, it does not seem like you understand. When a dungeon appears, there are two things that can happen : Either it’s a new dungeon, or a new entrance has appeared to an already existing dungeon. If it’s a new dungeon then it’s simply a matter of capturing it, but it’s a different story if it’s a new entrance connected to an existing dungeon. Depending on the case, there might be dungeons that are large enough to span across more than one kingdom. In situations like those, early warning and accurate information gathering is necessary, for fear of its use as a passage in wars or otherwise.」

「I see……」

To think that a situation like new exits opening up in a different country could occur.

「With that being the reason, the appearance of a dungeon is not a matter that we can simply overlook」

「Then, the reason you’ve called me here today is to……」

When I said that, Barna turned to look at me with a serious expression on his face

「Umu。I would like to request that you, Seiichi, capture the dungeon」

「Me?Uh, while I am definitely an adventurer, I’ve hardly had any experience in dungeons, much less clearing them……」

「I am well aware of your power. Though I haven’t the faintest hint why you might be hiding it, I have at least caught a glimpse of it when you annihilated the army of monsters attacking Terveil’s walls。And what confirmed it for me was when the【Demon God Cult】came to attack us. I shudder to think of what would have happened if you weren’t there to help……」

Ah- …… Come to think of it, I haven’t really been paying attention to keeping my power hidden recently. No wait, did I even have the intention to keep them hidden from the start?

…… Looking back at what I’ve done in the past, I realised that my efforts to try and keep my power hidden haven’t exactly been much to speak of. I got one thing though. That I’m an idiot.

Well, then again, there really hasn’t been a need to hide it up till now.

「At any rate, the reason I want to deploy someone as powerful as you is because I need to gather information on the dungeon earlier than usual 。Because of the previous incident, I can’t really afford to step out of the academy after all……」

「I see……I understand your reason for doing this。If you’re okay with someone like me, then I’ll go」

「Oh! That would really help。Ah, because you don’t have much experience with Dungeons, feel free to take Altoria along with you, Seiichi。I’ll leave it to your discretion who else you bring along」

「Got it。I’ll head out as soon as I’m done with my preparation」

「My apologies for burdening you for this heavy task, but I’m counting on you」

…… It’s really been a long time hasn’t it? Since I’ve gone into a dungeon.

Ah, but…… I wonder if the 【Underworld】counts as a dungeon?

In any case, it is my first job as an adventurer after such a long while. Since it is a dungeon after all, I should get myself psyched for it.

After all, there was that situation where Al and I were separated in the Black Dragon God’s resting place, so I have to be on my guard this time.

The members I should bring along are …… Well, it’ll probably be them won’t it? Al is a given, and I should bring Saria, Rurune and Origa-chan along too. It should be okay if I asked Agnos and Beatrice and company to help too.

While I was thinking about all that stuff and walking down the hall, something really bright suddenly shone in my eye.


I had a rather stupid look on my face as I stared, shocked, at the fading brilliance, which revealed a certain Treasure Chest who was supposed to be travelling with my father.

「Eh?Huh?Wh、Why’s the Treasure chest……?」

「……Target identified。You, I will, bring along」

「Excuse me?」

Ignoring the fact that I was still in a daze trying to understand this incomprehensible situation, the Treasure Chest grabbed onto my arm.

「Then, we go」

「Eh、Wh、where exactly are we goi――――」


「What’s going on!? Hey, wait-……UEEEEEEEEEEEEE!?」

Unexpectedly, the treasure chest opened it’s lid, and stored me within itself.

And so, I was left in this completely dark space, still completely unaware of what was going on.


「Brought here」

「What exactly is going on!? Can I please get an explanation!」

I have no idea exactly how much time I spent there, when suddenly a burst of light filled the dark space, but before I could react, the Treasure Chest grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of itself. To think that treasure chests would have that kind of space inside them.

While I was thinking such escapist-like thoughts, I was suddenly brought out of it by a voice.

「Great, it seems like you’re doing fine, Seiichi」

「Eh?Wait, Ranze-san!? T-Then this must be……」

「Indeed, this is Terveil, capital of the Winburg Kingdom」

It seems that, while I was still confused about what was going on, I had been spirited off to Terveil

Taking another look around me, I spotted not just Zeanos and Lucius’ group, but I even spotted Florio and Louis nearby.

Hold up, what’s that? I’m even seeing a pair of familiar-looking gorillas…… Is it just my imagination?

「Erm……I don’t exactly know what’s going on here, so can anyone bring me up to speed?」

I wonder if it was something I did?

Thoughts inadvertently came to my mind about how gloomy the atmosphere of the room seemed

With an intense look on his face, Ranze spoke up.

「Seiichi。We have something to request of you」

「F-From me?」


Somehow, it feels like the whole of today has just been people asking me for help……

Well, I’m indebted to both Ranze and Barna, so if possible I’d like to help them.

While I did think that I wanted to help them, Ranze’s request turned out to be an even heavier responsibility than I expected

「――――The Demon King’s Daughter has been afflicted by a curse from a『Cursed Tool』。I’d like you to do something about that」

「The Demon King’s Daughter!? And she’s been cursed……」

When I was once again shocked by his words, Lucius came to explain the situation to me, but even though he had a smile on his face, Lucius wasn’t exactly controlling his inner bloodlust.

「Those pieces of garbage rolling around over there made a move against my precious comrades。What’s worse、they even resorted to using something like a 『Cursed Tool』」


Following Lucius’ gaze, when I turned my sight towards that direction, what greeted me was three bloodstained men rolling around on the floor。Eh …… What is this, some kind of murder scene? T-They’re alive, right? 

「Those things rolling about over there are Apostles of the【Demon God Cult】」


I was surprised to find out they were in the same organisation that recently caused trouble at Barbadora academy

「Those bastards over there, attacked the Demon King’s Daughter using a『Cursed Tool』。On top of that, the curse they used was the same type that was cast on me、something that no one in existence should have been able to break。But, you’ve already managed to break that cursed once。Using that power, I’d like you to help the Demon King’s Daughter」

To be completely honest, the situation is developing so rapid that I can’t quite keep up.

How the situation got to this point, why the 【Demon God Cult】Apostles came to attack …… In any case, even if I have plenty of things I still don’t understand, the safety of the Demon King’s Daughter comes first.

「I-I understand。I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do anything, but I’ll give it a shot」 

To think that I would once again have to use the Reversal Magic 『Get Well』again ……. !

No, this time I don’t have to say the name of the spell out loud. Nice!

My words seem to give Ranze and the others a little relief, as I moved towards a certain room.

「She’s sleeping in here。The ones around her are all her vassals, so don’t worry about them」


Just as Ranze said, the inside of the room was filled with what seemed to be Demons, with looks of worry and anxiety on their faces, as they wandered out with their bloodlust unchecked, causing the room to have an even heavier atmosphere than the one I just came from.

Seeming unaffected by it all, Ranze called out to everyone in the room.

「Oi, all of you。I’ve brought along someone who can break the『Curse』」



I let out a little squeak of surprise as they all simultaneously turned their eyes towards us. Y-You don’t have to look at me like that……。

Then, a beautiful lady, with a getup that was almost pornographic levels of exposure, asked Ranze.

「……That boy?You must be joking?」

「I understand why you might think this is a joke, but I’m telling the truth」

「……Even though I’d rather not admit it, you know this a『Curse』right?I’ve never heard of a『Curse』ever being dispelled before」

When the lady said so, one of the ones loitering around while releasing their bloodlust, a handsome white haired guy, turned his sharp gaze in my direction

「To think that you would make these kinds of jokes in front of us now…… I take it that you must really want to die, don’t you?」

I thought about this when I helped out Ranze before but, it’s really true that 『Curses』are something that this world has no solution for, huh?

Well, that aside……。

「I’m a friend of this kingdom’s ruler, Ranze。While it may impossible to ask you all to believe me completely right now, may I at least ask for a little bit of trust?」

「No chance. Hidin’ your face under that dubious hood pretty much marks ya as a suspicious person」

That’s a perfectly understandable reason!

Having realised that I forgot to remove my hood, I immediately pulled it down.

When I did, every one of the Demons’ eyes shot wide open. I don’t recall my face being that shocking though?

「Is this alright?」

「Eh? Ah……O-Oh……No, I mean I did tell him to show his face but……」

What the heck is that?! That response!

I get that letting someone strange close to the master you’re serving is bad but …… Ah whatever, can I just get on to using my magic?

While I was thinking of using a slightly forceful way to make some progress, Lucius stepped forwards from behind me

「There’s nothing to be worried about。I guarantee it」

That’s right! Lucius is the first generation Demon King after all, so they should listen to what he says!

「Eh!? Ah、that’s……I’ve been wondering about this for a while but……Who exactly are you?」

「Oops~、I forgot to introduce myself~」

「You can’t just go around and forget to introduce yourself!」

If you haven’t introduced yourself then you’re basically another stranger just like me!

「Ah, my bad my bad。I’m Lucius Arsahl. Founder of the Demon Country……Or in other words, the First Demon King」


Sounds of shock filled the room. Well, that’s to be expected. Even I’m surprised after all

「Did I just mishear what you said……」

「B-But still……Even if you say you’re the First Demon King……」

But, even the Demons would be troubled if you suddenly introduce yourself as the first Demon King

In truth, everyone wasn’t really sure how they should react.

「Hmmー……We don’t really have the time to do a Q&A here……Ah, I know!」

Said Lucious suddenly, as if he thought of something after a short moment where he looked like he was deep thought.

「You all, remember your fight, and that you would have died if I had not come along? In other words, I’m telling you to believe me since I’m your life’s savior。……Right?」

Lucius, that line of argument is too irrational!

It was faint, but I could tell that Demons had no choice but to nod their heads because of Lucius’ aura of intimidation bearing down on them.

In a certain sense, his actions were befitting that of a Demon King …… Or rather I should say they were straight out evil, but Lucius simply turned to me, smiling, as he said

「There, go ahead and do what you need to!」


I had no choice but to follow along and nod my head.

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