Shinka no Mi Chapter 111

A Step Closer to the Coexistence of Humans and Demons

——【Arcshell Castle】, Terveil, the Kingdom of Winberg.

In this place, which was usually painted with peaceful demeanor and even became one of the tourist attractions, history was about to be made.

Perhaps in account to that, the high tension was straining the whole castle.

The usual chatter of the handmaidens and the stewards was nowhere to be heard, as they were busy with the arrival of the King’s guest.



And in the room especially designated for holding meetings, Ranze the current monarch of the Winberg Kingdom and Lutia the Princess as the Representative of the Demon Lord were sat and facing each other. Behind them were their loyal aides ready to protect their respective lord to the last of their blood.

And another party that wasn’t exactly affiliated to either of them whose job was to guard this meeting… all the people that was present in this room, S Class Adventurers, who took their job very seriously—-

「Mademoiselle, are you free tonight? Nay, why don’t we have a nice cup of tea right now——」 (Yurinne)

「Of course you don’t! Why are you thinking of turning back so easily!? Rather, don’t flirt with the maid!」 (Eusto)

「Gufu… gufufufu. Seeing from that butler’s profile… I can see that he’s an “Uke”. Oh dearie me, my delusions…!」 (Cornelia)

「You there! Don’t use the butler for your delusional material!」 (Eusto)

「Oh? That guy looks like he got quite the punchable face… let me introduce him to my fist.」 (Gargand)

「Why are you trying to hit our esteemed Demonkin guests!? Are you an idiot!? Are you!?」  

「Zzz……」 (Nemu)

「Nemu-san’s… sleeping already!?」 (Eusto)

「…Eusto, you sure have it hard…」  (Auburn)

「Why don’t we sympathise less and help me out more here, Auburn-san!?」 (Eusto)

——They took their job to guard very seriously. 

The one who was trying to take the reign of this set of perverts was yet another S Class Adventurer, Eusto Horace, who seemed like his spirit had already worn out before the battle even started.

「Really… come to think of it, Afros-san is rounding up the castle, isn’t he? Is it fine to leave him all alone?」 (Eusto)

「I’m sure it’s fine. At least, that way is manyfolds better than bringing anyone from this group with him.」 (Auburn)

「What’s the meaning of this guard quest then!?」 (Eusto)

「In addition, Elmina-sama is also patrolling the vicinity, though taking a different route. Well, it’ll all turn out fine.」 (Auburn)

「…Letting that personage on her own… and in this castle, to boot. Don’t say I haven’t told you when she flipped everything upside down, okay…」 (Eusto)

From an outsider’s perspective, they could only be seen as a group of misfits, but they were indeed the pinnacle of every adventurers in the world… those who are called the S Class Adventurers.

When it came to their competency, there should be nothing to be worried about… supposedly. Perhaps. I guess? Actually, they looked very worrying. 

Despite the fact that the whole castle was wrapped in high tension, these S Class Adventurer’s lot were anything but, only proving how much guts they had.

「…Err, what should I say about this… Please don’t mind the surrounding adventurers.」 (Ranze)

「…No, it’s fine. I like it merry.」 (Lutia)

With the adventurers acting the way they liked, Ranze hung his head inadvertently as he said those words, which was returned with a slight smile from the princess.

「——Now then, I’m sorry to say that pleasantries isn’t what I’m best at, so allow me to skip it and get to the question. …What do you want out of this? 」 (Ranze)

「…What do we want, is it?」 (Lutia)

That way of speaking was the usual Ranze’s, but the dignity behind those words was unmistakably of a King’s. 

Although Lutia, the one to receive those words, was not unaware of that dignity, her body felt the aura well enough.

After she closed her eyes solemnly, with her resolution shaping up, she made her declaration.

「…We want to coexist with the humans.」 (Lutia)


Her gaze was straight itself, gazing into Ranze’s eyes.

「…And you’d think we’ll believe those words??」  (Ranze)

「Hah? You bastard… Do you have a death wish?」  (Zuroa)

「…Zuroa, calm down.」 (Lutia)

Something about Ranze’s wording grinded Zuroa’s gear, but before anything happened, Lutia stopped him.

However, it wasn’t just Zuroa whose alarm tripped with those words.

Everyone from the Demon Army that attended the meeting, every last one of them held anger.

Furthermore, while he himself didn’t hold any particular feelings for that statement, the only demon S-Class Adventurer, Auburn, couldn’t understand why Ranze had to say it like that either.

Why, the whole point of this meeting was to tie a camaraderie in order to gain peace, after all.

Without even winching from the surrounding hate, Ranze continued on casually.

「Don’t get so riled up. Use your head a little, you’ll see what I mean. Putting aside how you guys really are, the surrounding countries are of the impression that you’re the baddies. In fact, that’s what lead to the discrimination and racism your people receive. And joining hands with you will be, well… wouldn’t that be quite the risk for us?」 (Ranze)


Ranze looked into Lutia’s eyes, piercing as it were.

Silence developed for both parties.

However, the silence expired soon enough.

「 …That… would be the same for us.」 (Lutia)

「Hm?」 (Ranze)

With a gaze not unlike Ranze’s, Lutia looked back, strong and resolute.

「…We, too, are afraid to come in contact with the humans. If I am to say it further, I personally still hate humans to this very second. Why, it’s because you humans… sealed my father.」 (Lutia)


「…However, we can’t afford to stay like this. Fearing each other and isolating ourselves will… eventually lead us to ruin. If that happened, we would have no future ahead of us.」 (Lutia)

「…You’re right.」 (Ranze)

「…However, I cannot let that happen. Currently, I am sitting as the head of my kin. I bear the burden of their fate and lead them to their future. Even if the road I tread is filled with thorn… If I don’t make a move… nothing will happen.」 (Lutia)

After Lutia was done with what she said, silence once again enveloped the room.

And then——.

「…Phew. My bad, I pulled a bad prank with that one.」 (Ranze)

「…Eh?」 (Lutia)

The air around Ranze returned to the easy-going and gentle one he usually donned with, as though the one he exhibited before was just a farce.

The party of the Demon Army was all but befuddled by this sudden change before one Florio Barzé, titled 【The Graceful Ice Devil】, who took post behind Ranze voiced his complain.

「Your Majesty… Please restrain yourself from joking around, it’s bad for my heart…」(Florio) 

「Hahaha! Don’t give me that! We still needed to see what they got, didn’t we?」(Ranze)

「That might be the case, but…」 (Florio)

A single question escaped Lutia’s mouth, as she was having a hard time catching up what the Kingdom was up to.

「…What does this mean?」 (Lutia)

「Hmm? Aah, I guess I didn’t make it clear enough. I——The King of Winberg, have decided to officially establish diplomatic relations with the Demon Race.」 (Ranze)


With these words, Lutia’s eyes were wide-opened.

「…Are you… really sure…?」 (Lutia)

「Sure or not, didn’t you come here for that?」  (Ranze)

「…I did, yes, but…」  (Lutia)

「Don’t sweat the small stuff! I got some excellent retainers under me, you see. Just some minor military attack from a country or two won’t give them as much as a budge.」 (Ranze)

『Undoubtedly. Let this jet black flame of mine scatter and burn them to ashes.』(Black Paladin) 

【Black Paladin】, an individual appeared to be a complete set of jet-black full body armor that stood behind Ranze, much like Florio, answered to his lord with a thump to his chestplate.

And next to him, the little sister of the Graceful Ice Devil and and the Kingdom’s Strongest Knight, rivaling even that Black Paladin… Louis Barzé, chimed in.

「Now that I have become a 『Transcended』, I won’t be falling behind the others.」 (Louis)

「…Hm? Wait, did you just say 『Transcended』!? It’s the first time I heard that!」 (Ranze)

「Yes. First time I said it too, after all.」 (Louis)

「Hey, I’m the King here, aren’t I!? Why aren’t you keeping things updated with me!?」 (Ranze)

Louis’ sudden news invited Ranze’s retort. 

「Good grief… Well anyway, although indeed they’re problem children, they won’t be defeated that easily. If anything, you should elevate your guard.」 (Ranze)

「…It’s okay, we will be fine. My retainers are… strong, too.」(Lutia)

With that simple statement Lutia gave, Leiyah and her peers were washed over with deep bliss beyond words.

「Good, why don’t we seal this friendship with a handshake then? We can discuss the specifics documents later.」 (Ranze)

「…Let’s.」 (Lutia)

Both stood from their seats, walking closer to each other.

「I hope the best for both of us.」  (Ranze)

「…Me too.」 (Lutia)

And as their hands were closing——.

「Whoopsies there~! That’s not allowed, yanno?」 


Suddenly, a 『Shadow』 emerged in the space between the two.

In that very second, Louis pulled Ranze back while Zeros jumped to the front of Lutia, protecting their respective lords from the 『Shadow』. 

「Cough!? O, oi… Louis… Couldn’t you treat me a bit gentler than that…」 (Ranze)

「My apologies, desperate times need desperate measures, after all.」 (Louis)

「Take example of our guest. They cleverly covered her behind their back.」 (Ranze)

「My apologies, that was too much trouble.」 (Louis)

「That’s your true motive, right!?」  (Ranze)

Ranze and Louis were as worry free as ever, even when there was an unidentified 『Shadow』 intruding their meeting.

Excluding them, however, the S-class Adventurers and the King’s other two retainers put their maximum wariness onto the 『Shadow』.

Then, from within the 『Shadow』, a single man stepped out. 

The man who appeared had red, ruffled hair that stood on its ends, along with his bulging, reptilian eyes, he gave off a pretty much creepy impression.

With a frivolous grin plastered on his face, the man looked around.

「Gyahahaha! Welp, my bad! Seems like I crashed your party!」 

「…Bastard, who are you?」 (Zeros)

Still covering Lutia behind his back, Zeros questioned the unknown individual whilst imposing his strongest coercion. 

However, as though that amount of pressure was nothing to him, that man instead laughed amusingly.

「I like that, very like that! You strong, aint’cha!?」 

「Answer! Who are you!」 (Zeros)

He just shrugged slightly when receiving Zeros’ inquiries, then proceed to open his mouth. 

「Don’t get so hot with me. It is I, an apostle of the 『Demon God Cult』, Lester…!」 

「The Demon God…?」 (Zeros)

Zeros stiffened his shoulder inadvertently when he heard the words of the man claimed to be Lester.

Then, Zuroa, the one who stood next by, took over the questioning.

「Sire. What might an apostle of such refined organization have to do with this meeting?」  (Zuroa)

「I thought I said it? You guys ain’t allowed. Why don’t we practice listening what others are saying? Gyahaha!」 (Lester)

「We’re not… allowed…?」  (Zuroa)

Looking that both the Kingdom’s royal escort and the Demon Army members were confused, Lester said with a tired look on his face.

「Oi, oi. I told ya this much, what’s so hard to process? In other words, you guys ain’t allowed to play around with these humans, is what I’m sayin’.」 (Lester)

『Hou? Which mouth that think they have the right over it, I wonder…』(Black Paladinn) 

「Hmm? What’s this, we got a talking iron!? Gyahahaha! This one’s fantastic!」 (Lester)

As though something hit his funny bone, Lester break into laughter once he saw the 『Black Paladin』’s figure.  

Done with his amusement, Lester shifted his glance back.

「You’re asking about rights? Well, since it’s for the Demon God-sama, who give a damn about rights!」  (Lester)

「For the Demon God, you said?」  (Zeros)

When Zeros questioned further, Lester spoke with a tinge of madness slipping out.

「Yeah…. exactly, it’s all for the Demon God-sama. We are harvesting all the 【Negative】 emotion from all over the world, for the revival of the Demon God-sama! For that purpose, we’ll be troubled if you guys got chummy. It’s because we want you to be more miserable, more cruel, be hostile and kill each other!」 (Lester)

「…I don’t know about your demon-whatever-god or his revival whatsoever,  but… I can tell that you’re up to something nasty, that much is clear.」 (Ranze)

Ranze said so with his glare daggering at him, but Lester was unaffected by it.

「You don’t need to know, y’see. Either way, I’ll have y’all killed here! Gyahahaha!」  (Lester)

「We sure are being taken lightly… Don’t you forget that not only there’s the strongest power holders of both Winberg Kingdom and the Demon Army here, but also the S-class Adventurers. What can a single man——」 (Florio)

「Oi, oi. You think I got nothing up my sleeve?」 (Lester)

「Nani?」 (Florio)

Lester showed a nasty grin as he intercepted Florio on his words.

At that very moment, the door of the room slammed open.

「I, I’m terribly sorry for my discourtesy! At the moment, in the vicinity of the town… there are hordes of monsters rushing over!」 

「What!? What’s the number!?」 

「About that… it’s several times larger than the last one…」 


The one who busted in was a soldier affiliated to the Kingdom. He brought in a message, like a bomb dropped onto the room.

Lester, looking at the speechless Ranze, began to immerse himself in chuckles and joy.

「Gyaahahahahaha! Aren’t that quite the excellent despair on your face! …Now, what will you do? Wanna have a dance with this lil ‘ol me, or do ya wanna get trampled by the monsters, choose…!」  


Ranze knew that the little amount of casualty during the last invasion was all thanks to Seiichi playing his hand.

Precisely because of that he could imagine just how terrible the outcome would be now that Seiichi was not around.

「『Black Paladin』! Lead your 【Abyss Schwarz (Black Knight of Hell)】 troop and sweep over the monsters! Louis! You too, bring your 【Valkyries (War Maiden)】 and subjugate the monsters! You two hold the highest command over the battlefield!」 

『By your orders.』  


「Florio! You and a handful of your Magic Division are to scatter around Magic Cameras! I’m sure the reconnaissance unit is already on their way, so you are to join them and sweep the parameter. And the rest is to help with the evacuation process! Anyway, just bring everyone here… within the walls of the 【Arcshell】Castle!」  

「Will that be alright? 」  

「Prioritize the people over me! I’ll make it out somehow!」 

「…By your will.」 

With great vigor, Ranze gave out his commands one after another, and the soldiers within the castle began to move accordingly.

「…King Ranze. Please let us help.」 

「Will that be alright?」 

「 …Of course. I have taken my steps, after all. I can’t have my road be blocked here.」 

「…I see. If so, I’ll leave it to you.」 

「…Yes. Zeros, Zuroa, Leiyah, Urs, Liaretta.」 


「…Subjugate the monsters along with the soldiers of this Kingdom. There is a chance that some of those monsters are capable of communication…」 

『Leave it to us!』 

「…Jade, I leave my protection to you.」 

「Understood, please leave it to me. Zuroa-chan, Zeros-chan, don’t fight with each other, okay?」 

「…… I’ll see what I can.」 

「Sure… You too, Jade. You better protect Lutia-sama till the end.」 

「I’ll do my best desuwa.」 

Members of the Demon Army, omitting Jade, had been deployed too to subjugate the monsters.

Lester, looking over the scenario, grinned wide and commented.

「Oi, oi, you think that many people are enough? Unlike last time, we only assemble S rank monsters this time, ya know? In addition, some apostles like me are amongst there too.」 

「! The last big invasion was you bastards’ fault…!」   

「Co~rrect~! Well, they all got killed and the plan went awry, tho.」 

So said Lester, peevish. In the middle of it, S class Adventurers had decided to make their move too.

「Your Majesty. We’re going to join the monster subjugation front. After all, that’s what we’re most used at.」 (possibly Auburn) 

「Personally, I’d prefer to plant my fist in that freak’s face. But, well, since it’s an emergency, I’ll head over there too.」 (Gargand)

「That sounds good. But, if everyone plans to go there, then I’ll stay to guard His Majesty and keep that bastard in check.」 (Eusto)

As Eusto casually threw a dagger gaze towards the still frivolous Lester, he was met with a laugh.

Watching over Esuto, Auburn nodded in approval.

「If Eusto is staying, then all’s gonna turn out well. I leave here to you.」 

「Sure! Auburn-san too, do your best! …at handling these guys.」 

When Auburn noticed that the one Eusto addressed with his distant gaze was the other S class adventurers, his eyes met them.

「……Actually, I don’t want to go……」 (Auburn)

「I, it’s okay! You can do it!」 (Eusto)

「…Aah, I got it already! Demons and humans are finally going to get together, of course I’ll lend my hand! Ora Nemu! You’re coming with me!」 (Auburn)

「…Nn? No~o~, let~ me~ g… Zzz.」  (Nemu)

「Don’t sleep while I’m dragging you!」 (Auburn)

「Ah, please pick up Elmina-sama and Afros-san on the way, okay!」 (Eusto)

Eusto said so to him as he was exiting, so Auburn turned and waved his hand.

Hence, the ones who stayed were Ranze and Lutia, and Eusto along with Jade as their respective protectors.

「Oi, oi. It sure is getting lonelier here. You sure it’s okay? With only this much people, I mean.」  (Lester)

「Ara? I think this much people is more than enough, though? Or should I say, me alone is all needed to massacre you desuwa.」 (Jade)

「Sounds about right. I also think the same. Rather, you think you have a chance to go two on one?」 (Eusto)

「…Now you said it.」 (Lester)

For the first time since his appearance, Lester showed a feral smile, as he was exposed to those words.

Then, ominous aura began to leaking out of his person.

「Well, whatever. Why don’t we begin… killing each other!」 (Lester)

The moment he said that, Lester became two.


That sight made Ranze and the other three gulped their breath.

「「Kyahahaha! That’s some good expression! Watch, I can still duplicate, you now?」」  (Lester)

Two became four, four became eight… like that, Lester was starting to flood the whole room with his copy at a tremendous speed.

『Now, it’s not two on one anymore, is it!?』 (Lester)

Ultimately, there were at least 30 copies of Lester.

And then——.

「Alright then? Then, I’ll handle you on my own desuwa.」 (Jade)

『Ah?』 (Lester)

Jade declared that he, alone, would face him.

「…Will you be okay?」  (Eusto)

When Eusto said that, Jade looked back at him, feverish.

「Oh dearie, are you worrying about me? I’m happy! But, it’s fine. I’m alone is enough if it’s just this much desu wa.」 (Jade)

「I, I see…」 (Eusto)

Rather than Lester, Eusto sensed danger ever more so present coming off of Jade.

Lester who didn’t think he would be ignored to this degree started to lash out.

『 …Oi, oi. You can’t read the situation? Save from thirty to two, you choose to fight thirty to one?』 (Lester)

「Of course I can desuwa. …You, too. You better have your resolve ready.」  (Jade)

『Ah?』 (Lester)

Suddenly, Jade’s atmosphere took a sharp turn.

From within his body, mana of questionable nature began to flow out.

That was the indication as to when Jade switched to his serious mode.

Still with his usual gentle voice, Jade voiced out to Lutia.

「Lutia-sama. I’m unleashing my power.」 (Jade)

「…Yes. Have a good one.」 (Lutia)

「——By your will.」 (Lester)

At that very moment, the whole room was draped with said mana.


「——【The Demon God Cult】, Huh… 」  (Elmina)

「Do you know about it?」 (Auburn)

With him still draggin the sleeping Nemu, Auburn took Eusto’s advice and met up with Afros and Elmina.

By now, their group was composed of both the S class Adventurers and the top brass of the Demon Army, and in order to share the information on their hand, they were briefly holding a conversation in the front of the castle.

When Elmina learned of the current situation, her face contorted for a slight while before returning to usual.

「Of course. You might know me as the Queen of this Kingdom, but I actually love adventuring. My meeting with my husband… Ranze, happened during one of my adventuring days. It’s all thanks to Ranze that I’m still allowed to be active duty despite bearing the title of a Queen. That is why, thinking that I want to help him with my own way, I’m investigating various subjects during my adventure outside. Among those subjects, there is one that always shows up in every country I visit. And that is——」 (Elmina)

「【The Demon God Cult】?」 

「Indeed. It’s not clear how many members they have, and for a while, nothing came up about them except that their goal is to resurrect the Demon God…」  (Elmina)

「You said for a while…」 

「Yes, apparently, their activity started to spike so suddenly these days, and their true nature started to be unveiled. Their goal to revive their god stayed the same. However, their means is… to harvest 【Negative】 emotion to catalyse it.」 (Elmina)

「…That bastard certainly said that…」  (Zeros)

Zeros was recalling Lester’s words.

「Sorrow, Anger, Hatred…By harvesting these 【Negative】 emotions, their Demon God would be resurrected, or so it seemed.」 (Elmina)

「In the first place, what is this Demon God in question? I’ve never heard of it, even for a demon like me. Does that have anything to do with our kin?」 (Zuroa)

When Zuroa questioned her so, Elmina shook her head.

「No, there shouldn’t be any. While it’s true that the head figure the Demons are titled the Demon Lord, the Demon God is something different altogether.」 (Elmina)

「Then, just what is that thing?」 (Zuroa)

「A God.」 (Elmina)

「Hah?」 (Zuroa)

Upon those casually spoken words, not only Zuroa, but everyone that was present showed their confusion.

「A god? Then, isn’t that something like our Black Dragon God-sama?」 (Zuroa)

「No, this one is different. I have read and listened about the tale of the Black Dragon God, but that personage is just an individual with status higher than humans and the other races, not a God in its truest sense.」 (Elmina)

「Truest… sense…?」 (Zuroa)

Their confusion spiralled even bigger, but Elmina continued her talk.

「It precedes even the tales of the Black Dragon God… the time when this planet was still under the Gods’ blessing. If I said so, I guess everyone knows for sure what I’m talking about, right?」 (Elmina)

「H, hold right there! You mean, the Demon God is…」 

「Exactly, that Pillar God who sparked the Ancient War of Gods——that, is the God the 【Demon God Cult】 is trying to revive.」 (Elmina)


Crushed by the scale of the conversation was taking, everyone including even the S class adventurers could only gulped in silence.

「Before that though, you all better be more alerted. We are talking about a cult that is trying to revive a true God, you know? I don’t think we can underestimate the power of one of its apostles. In that sense, are you okay leaving the side of your lord?」 (Elmina)

When Elmina addressed that question to the people of the Demon Army, Leiyah stepped in to answer.

「While indeed Zuroa and Zeros possess enough prowess to be of excellent guard, Urs, Liaretta, and I are not strong enough to fully protect Lutia-sama. In contrast, Jade, the one who stayed, is the strongest amongst all of us, with only Zeros and Zuroa under him. So, I believe… there is no need to worry.」 (Leiyah)

「She’s right. If he got done in, then that means we won’t have any chance either. In addition, those monsters seem to be a bigger threat.」 (Zuroa)

「…I’m of the same opinion.」 (Zeros)

「I see. It’s going to be alright, then.」 (Elmina)

At the end of their conversation, suddenly, a terrific rumble exploded outside the castle walls.

When they directed their attention there, what they saw was a tide of jet-black flame rising well over the 50 meters high wall.

「I’m glad that Terveil is a walled city. I can see clearly where our last line of defense is. …Now then, as it seems like the 『Black Paladin』 is breaking a leg or two, I’m heading over to him. Everyone, make into groups and head to all four directions. ——Everyone, come back safely, okay?」 (Elmina)


Satisfied with their response, Elmina then activated a certain magic.

「『True Thunder God’s Attire』」  (Elmina)

Then, her body was clad with an armour made of thunders.

This was the figure of Ranze’s wife and the mother of Robert and his two siblings, the S class Adventurer 『Thunder Empress』.

「Well, people, I take my leave now.」 (Elmina)

Done conveying her farewell, with the speed of a literal lightning, she jumped from one roof to another.

Looking at her like that, as though reminded of something, Leiyah raised a question.

「Come to think of it… We will be fine since we have Jade to guard Lutia-sama, but what about you people?」 (Leiyah)


When her words rang the air, every single S class Adventurer in that place turned their head.

「Look… This may be me overstepping some boundaries, but the guy, you guys left for guard don’t look that impressive… 」 (Leiyah)

「Aah, come to think of it… He doesn’t look like he’s a strong fellow, though, is it really okay to leave him alone?」 (Zuroa)

Listening to Leiyah and Zuroa’s words that sounded a little bit reproached, these adventurers then understood what was the root of their worry.

And then——.


They all started to burst into laughter, all at the same time.

「EH? Eh?」 (Leiyah)

Auburn, as he was trying to settle down his chuckles, explained to Leiyah and the other Demons about the reason behind their humour. 

「You’re wasting energy if you worry about him. I mean——」 (Auburn)

With the words he said, the Demons were nothing but bewildered itself.


「I… Impossible…!」 (Lester)

Lester was down, his face kissing the ground.

「Ara. You’re done already? How disappointing.」 (Jade)

In front of him was Jade, standing and uninjured as he was.

Dumbfounded, confused, Lester screamed as he voiced out his defense.

「Th, that’s impossible… just how many clones do you think I made!? One freaking thousand! And they’re not simple clones. They are all clones of me who have been granted the power of the Demon God-sama! And… you…!」 (Lester)

Having witnessed the one-sided violent massacre that just took place moments ago, differ to Lutia who had known it beforehand, Ranze who was oblivious to it displayed but a dry laugh.

「Both Louis and the 『Black Paladin』 from my place are tremendously strong, but your vassals are nothing to be scoff at either, huh… What’s with that, first time I’ve seen anyone fighting by manipulating 『Mana』 itself…」 (Ranze)

「…Both Zeros and Zuroa are just as strong, just so you know.」 (Lutia)

「Ha ha… Well, I’ll be. No wonder a certain major power is so at loss facing you guys… 」 (Ranze)

Jade was capable of materializing and manipulating Mana.

If that was all there was to it, then it might doesn’t sound so great, but one wouldn’t realize just how ridiculous it actually was.

First, let alone his own inner mana, he was capable of materializing and manipulating the mana that drifted all around the world.

In addition, as he was using the mana outside of his person, his own mana pool wouldn’t be consumed in the process, as it was, indeed, the world’s own mana. 

As the result, Jade was more than capable of attacking from any possible direction, with no blindspot whatsoever.

Of course, there were limitations to his ability, his limited range for example, but that mattered not if all he wanted was to kill all of Lester’s clones.

「Amazing… It’s the first time I’ve seen someone materializing mana. Looks so convenient.」 (Eusto)

Unlike Ranze, befitting his profile as an S class Adventurer who had gone through various dangers and fought against various tough opponents, Eusto’s assessment of Jade’s ability was quite light.

「Well, let’s leave it at that… Now, what should we do about this guy…?」 (Ranze)

「…I have lots to question, so let’s leave his life intact.」 (Lutia)

Whilst Ranze and Lutia were discussing the fate of Lester, the person in question suddenly started to chuckle.

「Ku… Kukuku… GYAAHAHAHAHA!!!」 (Lester)

「! …What’s so funny?」  (Lutia)

When Lutia asked him so, Lester looked back at her with his bulging eyes, then grinned.

「It’s because the last one to laugh… is us!」 (Lester)

「Wha!?」 (Lutia)

Suddenly, a 『Shadow』 emerged behind Lutia. 

Then, from within, a single man came out.

「——According to Kleis’ script, the demons should hold resentment against the humans. Well, all the same if I just kill her huh.」 

The one who said that was a man with unkempt hair and shabby clothing, and his face was dirty with a beard he was too lazy to shave. 

However, since he appeared behind Lutia out of nowhere, it was easy to deduce that he was an abnormal User

That man then, without any hesitation, shook his knife down towards Lutia.

「LUTIA-SAMAA!!」 (Jade)

Even if Jade hurriedly materialized mana, he wouldn’t make it.

Ranze, too, was shaken by the sudden emergence of this mysterious man. As things were, everyone in the room was sure that this would be the death of Lutia.

——Everyone, save for one person.

「I’ll be troubled if you say that.」 (Eusto)

Eusto drew his one-handed sword from his waist with a speed fast enough to be called godly, then, still in one move, threw it to the man’s knife.


「Sorry to say this, but I won’t let it happen.」 (Eusto)

Following it, with his movements flowing like water, he closed the distance between him and the man, slammed him down with an arm twist, then stationed his swordpoint to his neck.

「Okay, let’s be obedient, yes?」 (Eusto)

——S class Adventurer Eusto Horace

He was usually the one to hold the reins of the perverts surrounding him, acting as the worrying heart of the uncontrollable headquarters.

That very man was in possession of a certain title.


He was the one known as the Strongest S Class Adventurer.

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