Shinka no Mi Chapter 108

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The Brewing Storm in Terveil and The Other Scheme

「Really… why would anyone hold a conference in such a place.」 

「GYAAHAHAHA!! Don’t say it like that! If this plan succeeds, then we’re definitely one step closer to the revival of the Demon God, innit?」 

「…Exactly. In fact, it would be a lot easier since no big countries are involved.」 

In the woods in the vicinity of Terveil, there were three silhouettes of men.

「Rather, why are you guys here? I’m the only one who’s got handed this matter, ain’t I?」 

「…I’m sure you’re well aware of it, but this matter is crucial. No mistake is allowed.」 

「He’s right, ya know? Worst case, we all die, but… we must eliminate our target, no matter what.」 

「Well… I won’t complain if that means the odds are higher. But that being said, we’re three apostles here. To top it off, we got these monsters Kleis gave us. I’d say there’s no chance of failing.」 

One of the three said so with confidence, but another one coldly refuted.

「 …Unfortunately, that smells fishy.」 


「 …Demiolos just got done in.」 


Upon hearing these words, the other two showed their shock.

「Oi oi, that must be some kind of joke, right?」 

「It has to. I mean, that guy might be one of the battle corps, but he’s still an Apostle. And you’re saying he was defeated?」 

「 …I also didn’t believe it at first. However, it seems to be the case. And apparently, he was defeated at Barbadora Magic Academy」 

「Haah!? So he’s got beaten by brats!?」 

「 …I’m not updated on the details. But, Angelea’s in the same state.」 

「Angelea? …Aah, that pitiful woman. I don’t give a shit ‘bout her, what I can’t miss is Demiolos’ case…」 

「…Either way, events outside our plan are likely to happen. Be always on guard aboutthis.」  

「Gyahahaha! Just leave it to me!」 

「…You’re the one most worrying…」 

After their conversation concluded, as if they merged with the darkness, the three vanished.


「Long time no see, dear.」 


Terveil. Inside the castle, within the King’s private room, Ranze was meeting with a woman.

Her loose, wavy golden hair reached her waist, and she was donning a gorgeous armor dress enveloped with a pompous cloak. She was the Queen of the Wimburg Kingdom and another S Class adventurer… the one who bore the name the 『Thunder Empress』, Elmina Kisa Wimburg.

「I didn’t expect you to hold a meeting with the Demons.」 

「Aah. Even I don’t know how this will develop, but… I’ve grown tired coping up with those Superpower Countries. And the Demons are quite the good fellas, as well.」 

Elmina showed a smile as she heard Ranze said those words oh so lightly.

「You never change, dear… That’s what I love about you.」 

「 …Stop it, you’re making me blush.」 

Unusual for a monarch, Ranze didn’t have any concubine, and his relationship with his wife was as good as ever.

「Elmina my dear, you’re home to partake in guarding the conference, aren’t you?」 

「I am. I’m also this Kingdom’s queen, though on paper. It is thanks to you sweetie that I still can continue doing my adventuring. In times like these, I want to be the one who helps you.」 


As it had been a while for them to meet each other, they had so many things to talk about. However, as they were talking, the daughter of the Demon King was getting closer.

They both understood that. Thus, they filled it with just gazing into each other.

「 …Now then, it’s time to do some prep.」 

「 …You’re right. I’m off to meet up with other S Class adventurers.」 

As Elmina said so, she fluttered her cloak and set to leave the room.




As Elmina’s cloak stuck to a houseplant on a table, she stumbled to her back and fell. Pulled by her cloak, the houseplant rolled and fell directly on her face.


「……Haaaah. And you’re still as clumsy as ever… I beg you, please don’t show this front to the Demons, okay…」 

Embracing his wife who just made a bump on her head, Ranze whispered so.


「…So this is the Capital of the Wimburg Kingdom?」 


A group of demons was nearing the entrance gate to Terveil.

They were the party of the Demon Army who partook in the conference.

The one to lead this party was the daughter of the Demon King, Lutia Vyuth, and behind her were the executive members of the Demon Army, including the captain of the 3rd Demon corps, Leiyah Falza.

「Lutia-sama. Is it really a good idea to bring us all with you? Who shall protect Gran Boige now that we…」 

「…It is fine. The White Dragon God is protecting in our stead.」 

「I see, it is reassuring to know that the White Dragon God-sama is present… It will be fine, then.」 

Leiyah expressed her worry, but it soon vanished with Lutia’s words.

However, it was then Lutia who showed anxiety. Her gaze was down.

「 …It’s just, we left Kleis behind. Why didn’t we bring him with us? Will he be okay?」 

「…Lutia-sama. It is no use to worry over him. We should put our mind on the conference, then bring back a piece of shocking good news to him.」

「…Yes, you’re right.」 

As Lutia received Leiyah’s words, she gave herself a little nod, then recovered her gaze.

Observing their princess, the captain of the Demon’s 2nd Corps, Zorua Waltore, voiced his dissatisfaction.

「Hey, can’t I kill that shithead when we get back? Even before we departed, fucker had been on and on about human this and demon that and relationship what-has-he. A cur like that is better be dead than alive, don’t cha think so?」 

Dealing with Zorua and his dangerous opinion was the captain of the Demon’s 1st Corps, Zerros Albana.

「Calm down. I also hate his attitude, but you’re going too far.」 

「Ahn? Did you even hear what you said? …You’ve noticed too, haven’t you? That shit’s definitely up to no good.」 

「…We still have no proof for it, there’s nothing we can do. …In addition, I wouldn’t say it’s all fine, but I have my men watching Kleis’ every conduct.」 

「Hah! It sure is an easygoing job, observing one little cur. The strongest of all Demon Corps doing odd jobs, now that’s incredulous.」 

「What did you say?」 

As turbulent air began to stir between Zuroa and Zerros, Jade Leiven, the captain of Disciplinary Corps called out to them with a tired voice.

「Both of you… Being cheerful is good and all, but know your top priority okay?」 

「Hah? I’m just stating the fact.」  

「This bastard started it first.」 

With Zorua and Zerros talking almost at the same time, Jade did nothing but sighed.

「Haah… Why do you two get to be in one sync only in time like these… Mou, this is why you cookies are so kyute.」  


Jade’s casual remark made both of them speechless.

「…Zorua, Zeros, thank you for thinking of me. However, Kleis is one of our precious kin. It’ll be alright.」 

「… Roger.」 

「…By your will.」 

After Lutia told both of them so, they looked into each other then expressed their affirmation with a nod.

The captain of the 4th Demon Corps, Liaretta Barheim, who was silent during the whole ordeal, called out to the captain of the 5th Demon Corps, Uls Banyu. 

「Haah… I was worried they’d go all out even when we’re out here. What do you think, Uls?」 


「 …Uls? My goodness, he’s out cold!」 

As it turned out, Uls lost his consciousness due to the sheer tense atmosphere between Zuroa and Zerros.

Even during all this happened, Lutia and her followers kept advancing toward the gate.

「 …So this is… The capital, Terveil…」 

With a soft mumble, Lutia then tried to pass through the gate.

When she did so, a single guard, presumably the gatekeeper, stopped her on her track.

「Whoops there. You people, sorry to ruin your fun, but we gotta check your belongings before you can pass. 

The guard with nonchalant attitude was a soldier of the Wimburg Kingdom, 

Claude Schneizer.

Looking at Claude’s nonchalant attitude towards Lutia, Zuroa was ready to give him a lesson, before he was stopped by Lutia’s hand.

「 …It’s fine. What for?」 

Lutia’s 『What For?』 had the meaning of; 『We the Demon Army is going to visit this country, but that news hasn’t reached here?』 

「Hm? Ah, don’t get me wrong, but I hear some big fishes from the Demon race is coming. It gonna be ugly if something happened during their visit, so we escalated the guards around here. Or should I say, you guys are all Demon race people?」 

「 …Yes. We’re the supposed Demon Army.」 

「Hoo, I see I see………… EEEeeeEEEEeeeeeeh!?!?」 

It was simply the case of Claude didn’t recognize them.

「Ah, err… My deepest apologies! Oi, someone! Send a message to His Majesty,  the Demon Army is already here!」 


Claude bowed with great vigor, then gave a command to one of his peers.

And then he apologized again with the heaviest of heart.

「Err… I really have no excuse…」 

「…It matters not. Thanks to you, I can see just how high the people of this country are thinking about us. For all reasons, we should’ve given you our gratitude.」 


Claude couldn’t make any word as he was exposed to unexpected gratitude.

In the midst of this development, a carriage that was sent to pick up Lutia and her folks arrived.

Claude was still processing the event that just unfolded as he watched Lutia getting on the carriage, then snapped out and said his trademark with a smile.

「Ah, I forgot——Welcome to Terveil!」 

「…Un. Thank you.」 

And that was how various groups with their various ideals gathered in Terveil, the capital of the Wimburg Kingdom.


Kaizer Empire, the Monarch’s room.

The Emperor, Schelder Wohl Kaizer, sitting on his throne with one leg atop the other. In front of him was Helio Roban, the Empire’s Court Magician. Together, they were planning a scheme.

「——Your majesty. Apparently, along with the assembly of the S class adventures, the Demon Army has reached Terveil.」 

「I see.」 

Listening to Helio’s info, Schelder broke into a grin.

「Any update on our project?」 

「Sir. The units that are armed with Dungeon tools have been stationed. All we need is your command, and everything will be over.」 

「Kukuku… What about Zakir?」 

「He’s now being stationed in the Deol Kingdom. After which, he is to join the nearest team then go with them.」 

Upon hearing it, Schelder’s grin one deepened.

「That’s good. That is for the best. «The Emperor’s Sword» shall obey my every command, like how it should be! Helio, now with the absemce of Zakir, who will be guarding me?」 

「——It is I, your Majesty.」 

Along with those words, a creepy man with black full-body suit that hid his face.

His black hood covered everything but his sharp, sanpaku eyes.

「Hou? So it’s you, Rautice.」 

「Sir… The ones to guard you during Zakir’s absence will be us, the Assassination corps. With us being here, no assassin from any other countries can even imagine going near you, Your Majesty. 」

「Ha ha ha ha! I can be at ease knowing it’s your people guarding me! …Come to think of it, what’s the status of the «Twilight Assassin» that you sent to Wimburg?」 

Upon those words, the black-suit man named Rautice furrowed his brows.

「 …That beast woman has failed her mission. In the end, a beastman is nothing more than a beast, they can’t even accomplish a simple mission.」 

「Is that so… that’s shameful to hear. I heard you were the one who taught her…」 

「I am… However, we have many of more talented individuals in the Assassination corp. The only demerit I suffered is the loss of time I trained her, and outside of that… a slave like she doesn’t hold much information about our empire.」 

「Hmph… Whatever. For now, I’ll leave it to you to guard me.」 

「By your will.」 

After he said so, Rautice once again melted into the darkness. 

「Now, our preparation has completed. Under the flag of this Empire——we shall conquer.」 

「——Your wish is our command.」 

——Just as dramatic movements were happening in the heart of the Wimburg Kingdom, The Kaizer Empire had also made their move.

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