Shinka no Mi – Chapter 106

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The Assembly of S Class Adventurers, and Those who Act Under the Shadow

The Guild Headquarter of Terveil, Wimburg Kingdom.

Normally, it would be the place where the perverts were at large, giving headache to the soldiers of the Kingdom, but now, it was enveloped in silence.

And those adventurers who usually were making a ruckus inside the headquarters were silent, as they crowded over and locked their attention onto a certain group of people.

「 ——So? What’s the reason behind our assembly this time?」 

A woman in scarlet evening dress, showing glamour and elegance that was unbefitting for the rowdy place such as the Adventurer’s Guild, said so with a silky voice.

There was a folding fan in her hand, and her mouth was hidden behind it.

She was in her twenties, and her profile revealed that she was a woman of aristocracy. 

「Right what she says~. You even went as far as utilizing people who can use transfer magic to get us together. There should be an appropriate reason behind that, right~?」 

The one who chimed in next was a guy who sported a colossal afro on his head and wearing sunglasses, complementing them were Hawaiian shirts, jams shorts, and a pair of beach sandals. As if mocking the fact that it was a completely different world, his features were of that an African American male.

While his age would be in the late thirties, he and his appearance were gaudy.

「You’ve ruined my fun. Lest it be a worthless summon, I’ll turn your muscle into chopped meat… was what I would say, but since we have such lovely ladies here to spend time with, I’ll let off. By the way, ladies. How does spending a passionate night with me sound?」 

The person who started their line with a threat but ended up saying something unfortunate was a woman with a gallant figure resembling a swordswoman. Her hair so white it was transparent, while her sharp eyes sparked golden.

The sword that settled on her hip, even for a complete novice, anyone could tell it was by no means an average sword.

She seemed like in her twenties, like the aristocratic woman, and her dignified profile would be likely to attract young females.

「Do I really have to partake in this? Y’all should know my position. Even if there isn’t racism within this country, just how would other country perceive it…」 

The person who said so while showing a worried expression was a middle-aged male demon, one from a race you hardly could meet even in the Guild headquarter. 

He combed his purple hair to the back. His pupil was red. Other than the two horns that grew from his forehead, the feature that pictured the demon race, his overall appearance wasn’t that far from ordinary adventurers.

「Hoaam~ …sleepy… can I sleep~?」 

The one who had no shred of qualm in the midst of this, was a female young enough anybody would agree to refer her as a little girl.

She sported a pair of magician hat and robe and was already asleep with a bubble of snot.

「I’m fine with anything. As long as I can legally punch some faces.」 

The man in yellow tight-suit attire, enveloped by a fluttering red cape——Someone who bore the title 【Inevitable Beatdown】, Gargand, said so with a grin plastered on his face.

「Maa, maa. Let’s calm down.」 

The one to soothe down situation was a young man, which the word Mediocre appropriately fitted him to the letter. 

He, a man with indistinctive brown hair and was geared with traditional adventurers’ instruments, laughed as he was troubled.

The person who stood at the front of this distinctive bunch who shared almost no common point was Gassur, the Guildmaster of the headquarter. 

「HA HA HA!! It sure is assuring to see you guys are the same mishaps as ever!」 

「It’s not something to be laughed at, you bundle of muscle.」 

「Many thanks!」 

「I’m not even praising…」 

The one to the side of Gassur was the receptionist of the guild, Ellis.

After the usual comedic exchange, Gassur cleared his throat once before he shifted his gears into a serious one then started speaking.

「Well now, time to go into the main topic. I’ve summoned all of you for but one reason. A request has come.」 


Upon hearing his words, the people in the guild hall could only twist their neck in wonder.

「Hold right there… A request that required us to assembly here doesn’t sound that peaceful to me~」  

「Indeed… In addition, seeing this gathering of faces without that person included feels off, don’t you think?」 

「Now you mention it… calling us but not her is just weird.」 

The Afro man, the aristocrat woman, and the demonkin man voiced out their opinion. 

In response to that, Garrus explained.

「Aah, if it’s that person, then they’ll come soon enough. Why, I told them first before all of you. They’re just a little occupied by some other matter.」 

「That sounds like the usual.」  

「If so, then just what kind of request that required us to present? Honestly speaking, a large portion of us would rather not leave this country, me included…」 

「Hmm, just tell me the matter. If you’ve even summoned me… it’s a face-punching job then?」 

「No way it’s that sort of brute request… no way, right?」 

As the Knight-ish woman inquired Gassur further, Gargand let out his comments, upon which the mediocre youngster wearily retorted.

「Umu. Sorry to say this, Gargand, but it’s no punching business.」 

「I see. Farewell, then.」 

「You going back!? You can’t!」  

Gargand was going to leave his post, but the mediocre youngster stopped him in his track.

「I’ve no business in here. Off with your hand.」 

「Hoaam~~… Ah, Gargand, going home~? Then I’m going home too~」 

「You guys are too self-centred!」 

In line with Gargand, the magician girl said the same thing, which made the youngster retorted even stronger.

「Ha Ha ha! Maan, now this really feels like you guys!」 

「Don’t just laugh it off, Gassur-san! Help me stop them!」  

「Do your best!」 

「You’re the last person to say that, okay!」  

His words were the most correct.

「Well, let’s enough with the jokes… I’ll tell you the request, so Gargand, stay around for a while longer.」 

「…tch. Then say it already.」 

「Big thanks! Now then, the request that is addressed to you guys is… in the near future, the King of Wimburg, His Majesty Ranzel-sama and the King of the Demons… no, his daughter, Lutia-sama will hold a meeting in regard to Diplomatic affairs..」 

Upon hearing it, the assembled people had their faces changed colour.

Especially the demonkin man, he was the one who was most affected.

「I’m pretty sure you guys  have figured it out, since I’ve said that much, but let me be clear… I wish all of you to be the guards for when that meeting happens.」  

「…It seriously is a big request, isn’t it.」 

The aristocrat lady said so with a single sigh escaping her mouth.

「Umu. As you all know, our relationship with Demons is quite unstable. I won’t say which countries, but looking back into our history, Humans and Elves have always been at odds with Demons. It’s a controversial story to speak of, but even if there is no discrimination of race within the Kingdom of Wimburg, the same cannot be said for other countries.」 

「…I don’t disagree. No matter how much we, Demons, tried to compromise what they do to us, if the Major Powers say that we’re evil then even the smallest country will just swallow that conspiracy whole. And that becomes commonsense in this world…」 

With a delicate expression mirrored on his face, the Demon adventurer gazed at the Castle outside. Eyes straight without falter.

「That’s precisely why, we keep bringing troubles to a country like this, a country where us Demons aren’t being discriminated. Just the fact that Demons like us going through its border will agitate the Major Powers, after all. …But… I see… This country is willing to go at that length for us…」 

「Nothing to worry about! Mi Casa Es Su Casa! So what with the Major Powers, just come home to us! Country borders or even racial differences holds no meaning in front of the might of muscles! With that being said, let’s lift some weight with me together!」 

「Ah, no, I’ll pass on that.」  

「How cold!」  

Disregarding the fact that he just got turned down, Gassur showed his Double Front Biceps with wide grins decorated.

Disregarding the fact that he just turned someone down, the Demonkin man couldn’t help but show his smile by Gassur’s words.

「So… How is it? You people, will you accept this request?」 

Once again, Gassur reverted to his serious face, and for a few seconds, silence engulfed the hall.

And then——.

「I suppose there is no other way. …Very well, I—Cornelia Arnoldi shall accept this request.」 

The Aristocrat-like lady——Cornelia, stated so as she closed her folding fan.


「Oh, does Homon-sama partake in this request? You see, I’m a fan of their party, 『Paradise of Roses (BL)』… Oops, just by recalling their fabulous figures makes passion leaks from my nose…」 

「…It’s for the request, so I’ll summon them later.」 

「I see! Mufu… guhehehehe」 

「Cornelia-kun? You’re making faces unbefitting for a lady, you know?」 

She couldn’t keep it in, at the very end.

「I’ve no problem with that. I also got some Demonkin homies on me. If my help can bring smiles to their faces, then you can ask for as much as you want. So that’s said, count this Afros Dynowahl in.」 

「Ooh, Afros-kun! You save my hide!」 

The carefree afro-headed man——Afros showed his will to participate.

「That’s some request, no wonder you summoned me. In addition, frankly speaking, this “Major Powers” in question surely has touched my nerve. Thinking that countless Demonkin beauties have been harassed left and right… I… this Yurinne Rezy shall engage. Umu. Demonkin beauties are really the best! When it comes to the aesthetic of their bodies…! Mu? Ah, pardon. Seems like passion also escaped my nose…」 

「Umu, Yurinne-kun! I’m grateful that you choose to participate, but keep your carnal desires in when on the quest, okay!」 

The swordswoman——Yurinne decided to join in, with her nose bleeding from passion just like Cornelia was. 

「Hah! I don’t give shit about countries or racism or what have you… But, tentatively speaking, I do bear the cape of the Hero of Justice. Make one room for Gargand Luteax.」

「What are you saying, Gargand-kun! You are the very example of Heroes of Justice!」 

「There still can be a chance to bash some face, after all.」

「I take back my word!」

Putting aside his motive, Gargand showed his intention to participate. 

「Mnnng~… Honestly I’m sleepy so I don’t want to to, but~… If things are peaceful then I can sleep soundly, so~… Okay, Nemu Dreamiere is participating too~」

「Nemu-kun, so you’re participating for us!」


「And you’re sleeping already!?」

The Magician girl——Nemu, voiced her partake in the request whilst a snot bubble was decorating her face.

「Ahahaha… really, what a free bunch. Gassur-san, let me——Eusto Horace, in this one. I want to be friends with the Demonkins, too.」 

「Eusto-kun… With you in, we can say the request is completed already!」 

「That’s over the top.」 

The mediocre young man——-Eusto, stated his determination to participate, with the same mouth that just let out a bitter laugh.

And then——.

「Now then… all that is left is you, Auburn-kun!」 

「…As if I can just stay sit on my hand while everyone is saying they’ll help? Auburn Demira, in your great care!」 

The Demonkin male——Auburn decided to participate.

With that, everyone in the venue had received the request Gassur brought up.

At the end of the ordeal, Gassur washed over the room with his gaze then stated.

「People, I’m grateful for your cooperation! ——O 『S Class Adventurers』, let’s complete this request together!」 


The S Class Adventurers that gathered in the Guild Headquarters.

They swore to do their best for the bright future between the Demonkin and the Humans.

「Then, why aren’t you fast on your leg and call Homon-sama already?」 


………………They swore, supposedly.


——Inside a dark room where a crystal ball was there. 

One man——Kleis, the Demon King’s aide, spoke to the crystal ball.

「Nhi nhi nhi! How is it? Is it assembled yet?」 

『Sure. However… assembling such an amount is no small effort.』 

「…Nfuh. It’s all because the last fight… those monsters we sent to Terveil were massacred.」 

『Phew… Truth to be told, I really wanted to vent my anger on you, but that was my miscalculation too. To think that not only 【Man of Steel】 and 【Graceful Demon of Ice】 were there, but even the 【Saint of Magic】 too…  』 

The matter they were talking about was the one when they sent a large force of monsters to the Capital Terveil through transfer magic.

At that time, it wasn’t a big a disaster due to Seiichi’s play-in-hand, but in the original script, even with Barnabas the 『Saint of Magic』 interfering, the casualty wouldn’t be something to scoff at.

Taking everything into account, the reason the attack failed was due to Seiichi’s existence.

「Just when I thought I had to rework the plan… should I say, lady luck finally smiled upon us.」 

『…Are you talking about the meeting between the King of Wimburg and the daughter of the Demon Lord over diplomatic affairs?』 

「Nhi! Exactly.」 

Upon hearing the voice from the crystal ball, Kleis grinned eerily.

『I was able to gather some monsters again, but what are you planning? You want to send them to Terveil again? If so, then it would be more severe than before. Isn’t there the matter about the Demon King’s daughter going there for diplomatic affairs, consequently, the Wimburg Kingdom would hire S Class Adventurers to guard the city. You can tell just what will happen if you send monsters there. Despite so, what are you scheming?』 

「Aah… Indeed, I plan to send the monsters to Terveil once again. However, this time, we will send another person there——Edmund.」 

『Sending Edmund? He’s——Ah, so that’s what you mean.』 

There was doubt in the voice from the crystal ball for a moment, but it soon gained convincement.

「Do you see it now? Killing the people isn’t the only way to harvest despair.」 

『————Your aim is the princess?』 

「Nhi! Right on the money.」 

Kleis showed an obscene smile.

「The Daughter of the Demon King died in the hand of humans, in the very meeting that promised friendship between the two…」 

『The Demonkins will be infuriated, and their relationship with the Humans will be unrepairable… In addition, the large horde of monsters that keep advancing on…』 

「Not only they would be against the angered Demons, they would have to fight the monsters too. Just one life can bring down a river of blood… nhi nhi nhi! Fantastic… truly fantastic!」 

『So that’s why you asked Edmund? If it’s him, then it’ll be more than possible. Even if 【Saint of Magic】 was there. Should I lend yet another hand?』 

「Nhi~. That will suffice. Failure like before won’t happen again. Our existence, the 【Demon God’s Cult】, is steadily getting known by the world, after all…」 

『……You’re right. Well then, make sure there be no blunder…』 

「Of course——」 

——Everything is for the Demon God-sama——.

New characters! I really like how diverse the characters are in this novel. Anyway, about their namings.

Afros Dynowahl (Afurosu Dinowaaru) is, obviously, a direct address to his afro head.

Nemu Dreamiere (Nemu Dorimiiru) is taken from nemuru (sleep) and dream.

Yurinne Rezy (Yuriine rezi) is a reference to, well, Yuri. I was about to translate it to Jolynne since it pronounces all the same in katakana (and JoJo, because of course), but I take into account the chance of Seiichi meeting her and retorts about her name. 

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