Shinka no Mi – Chapter 103

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The Intruder is the Student Council President

While we were having a peaceful atmosphere and about to discuss about our future prospects, suddenly, the door slammed open.

「I smell Seiichi-kun!!」 

「As I said, what kind of nose do you have!?」 

The one who intruded in was one of the heroes and my childhood friend, Kannazuki-senpai.

Kannazuki-senpai rapidly came closer to me then started to thoroughly and intensely check my body that even I got taken aback.

「Are you okay!? Do you have any injuries!? Are you hurt anywhere!?」 

「I, I am fine! Please calm down!」 

Kannazuki-senpai’s sudden arrival made the students freeze in shock. Well, who wouldn’t be.

After I tried to soothe her down with all I could do, Kannazuki-senpai then gazed upon me with a face that was about to burst into tears.

「I was… I was really worried, you know… Even though we are called heroes, there was nothing we could do… and, despite that, you… 」 

「I am okay, so please rest assured.」 

「…No, I understand. I was really upset and my mind was at mess when you suddenly disappeared because of that guy’s ability or whatever it was. I also brought trouble to Shota and the rest… At any rate, as long as you’re here, I am fine with everything.」 


Kannazuki-senpai was really worried about me.

 It has been like this since long ago, I really can’t match her. 

While I was thinking so, Kannazuki-senpai told me thus with a dead serious face.

「However, the inspection here doesn’t give me any clue as to whether you really are uninjured or not. I need to examine you from your hair to your toe, so come to my room and take your clothes off. Of course, stark naked.」 

「Just what is this woman saying.」 

I can’t match her, but please, do something about your perversion. No, really!

「Oh my, isn’t it Karen-chan. Long time no see. You’ve became even prettier than before… 」 


Seeing our interactions, my parents said so heartily

When they did so, Kannazuki-senpai finally noticed them then lowered her head.

「Ah… Father in law, Mother in law. It has been a while since I heard from you two. …Hmm!? 」 

Right after she lowered her head, she finally realized just how impossible it was for my parents to be here, with surprise.

Rather, if I didn’t mishear it, it sounds like she was saying 『Father in law』 and 『Mother in law』 with a lot of different meanings?

「Wha… wha…!? Did you two get revived!?」 

At that question that could be said quite out of the blue, the two just smiled widely.

「Yeah. Thanks to Seiichi.」 


Kannazuki-senpai directed her surprised face to me, but she soon regained her composure then glanced back.

I was wrong, she wasn’t composed.

Since her uncanny words were spewn quite absurdly, I didn’t have enough time to think of a retort, however, Al who has been staying shut until now finally spoke.

「You little! What kind of joke are you saying!?」 

「Joke? I have never been more serious, though?」 

「That’s worse!」 

I was turning my brain inside out to think of a way to calm them down while watching their quarrel, until Rachel voiced her question to me timidly.

「Ano~… That person is a hero summoned from another world, right~? How could she be your acquaintance as well, Seiichi-sense~?」 

「Eh? Ah, aah. Come to think of it, I haven’t said it yet… I’m also a person who came from the same world as those heroes, you see.」 


In response to my remark, the whole class expressed their shock.

「Which means, Big bro is a hero too!?」 

「Hmm… It’ll take too long if I explain that part… Well, one thing I can say is my existence isn’t something as great as a hero, I think.」 

「Hn. And those pompous heroes-sama couldn’t do anything against that guy in labcoat, could they?」  

Helen’s referred her provocative gaze towards Kannazuki-senpai.

Kannazuki-senpai seemed like she was uncomfortable with Helen’s gaze.

「That’s not… No, let’s stop giving excuses. Even if we’re called Heroes, in the end, there was nothing we could do…」 

What’s with this atmosphere… 

I felt discomfort with this heavy mood that weighed the class, but then something came up in my head.

「Come to think of it… Kannazuki-senpai, what happened to you and the other heroes after that?」  

「Nn? What do you mean?」 

「No, putting aside how you are being treated by them, the heroes are something like the Kaizer Empire’s trump card, right? And if that very trump card cowered before that guy, I can only think that some kind of interference from the Kaizer Empire will come…」 

「I see… My mind is filled with thoughts about Seiichi-kun to the brim, but there was such a worry too, huh…」 

「No, shouldn’t you be worried about something like that before you think about me?」  

I am indeed grateful and happy that she thinks of me. But, she should first prioritize herself.

「For now, there hasn’t been any contact from the Kaizer Empire yet…」 

「But it’s better to not be too optimistic. Worst case scenario, the heroes might be forcefully brought home.」

Blued gave his advice without showing any interest. But, since he’s the second prince of the Kaizer Empire, it’s possible for that to happen.

「Kannazuki-senpai. He’s the second prince of Kaizer Empire. That’s why…」 

「Yeah. I know that, since I heard he fought against his biological older brother in the In-school Tournament. Let me engrave it deep in my mind.」 

「Hn… In the end, I am someone whose blood is mixed with a commoner’s blood. I’m not someone of high position to own a title.」 

Looking at Blued with his usual composed attitude, unwittingly my lips made a bitter smile.

「Now then, I wanted to spend more fun times with Seiichi-kun here, but it seems that can’t happen. After all, I fled from my classroom without saying anything.」 

「The heck are you doing!?」 

Since it was about Kannazuki-senpai, even if she didn’t tell the whole hero members, I thought she at least left some notification to Shota and the rest… Somehow, I feel like Kannazuki-senpai’s idiocy started to manifest ever since she came to this world.

Though I thought so, she was reliable in other more important aspects, so it was dirty of her.

「Well, don’t get too mad. It just shows how much I worry about you… Well then, everyone, I’m sorry I disturbed you. Father-in-law and Mother-in-law too, I am happy I can see you after a long time.」 

「It’s okay, we are happy we can see your face too, Karen-chan.」 

「Agreed. Come anytime as his bride, okay?」 

「Eh, really!? Then, I will bring him home now! It’s okay! I will confine him so nobody else may touch him nor see him ever again!」 

「Why did it come to that!?」 

As the exchange somehow went towards a really dangerous direction, I pushed Kannazuki-senpai’s back out of the classroom.

「Okay, okay, Shota and the rest is worry about you!」 

「Mu… Well, our pledge has been spoken. Next time, let’s hold the ceremony.」 

「Eh!? That one before wasn’t a joke!?」 

That’s weird… Why is she getting further from Kannazuki-senpai that I know?

「Can’t be helped, I’ll really go back this time. …Seiichi-kun, I’m really glad that you are safe.」 


「I’m still thinking, why won’t you get confined?」 

「Bloody why!?」 

When I unwittingly retorted her in Kansai dialect, Kannazuki-senpai finally returned to her classroom with a smile.

After making sure of that I returned to my own class, but there was a strange mood hung in the air.

「 …Seiichi-sensei」 


Blued called me with a serious face.

「Is every hero like that?」 

「They’re not, okay!?」  

It was hard to solve the misunderstanding they had.

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